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The DMG Winter 2023 USED CD Sale List


Howdy old

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who read the DMG weekly Newsletter, our many Friends, Family, Creative Musicians and Serious Listeners from your friends here at Downtown Music Gallery.

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DMG 31st Anniversary Concert


DMG 31 Celebration Concert

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In the Summer Time when the weather is fine..?!? Nope, too hot and humid! DMG is celebrating with a large CD Sale, some USED and some SALE CD’s.

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THE BIG VICTO CD SALE! 50 Titles all just $7 each as long you purchase at least 5!


That’s only $35 for 5 great avant/jazz/experimental/new music discs! 35 is the number of years that the Victo has been around. Imagine that! If you wish to purchase more than five titles, go right ahead. After you hit that 5 CD sale minimum, any other discs are also $7 each!

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It has been three years since I attended the New Music Festival - FIMAV up in Quebec, Canada, yet it seems even longer due to the stress, trials...

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The Great GARY LUCAS CD Bonanza Sale!


Recently, Mr. Lucas offered us some 20 titles, most at reduced prices. Only a third of these discs are in print: Tzadik Cuneiform and some on the newer Knit label. The rest are long out-of-print and hard to find. Hence, DMG is having a large GARY LUCAS CD Sale. We have from 1 to 5 copies of each title here so check your supply since many of these will disappear into ebay Hell after we sell out of any or all of what we have left. Gary Lucas is an old, dear friend and I am glad to support his efforts since he continues to music for Creative / Serious listeners worldwide.

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Mr. Perelman recently cleaned out his basement and decided to have a big sale. Listed below are 35 titles! Most are single CD’s at $10 (retail price is around $16-$17). There are a couple of double and triples as well.

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The wonderful Munoz family is now moving to Virginia and recently donated quite a bit of Munoz’s back-catalogue to us. So we are having a big sale and will do it in two parts, this week and next week. There are now upwards of 50 releases: LP’s, CD’s, cassettes and DVD’s.

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Here’s the deal for this list. Buy any 5 items The free item can’t be a 2 CD set, a DVD or the box set. All items are currently available although certain are down to the last 2 or 3. Some of these titles might be the Sunnyside (domestic) versions rather than the Owl (French) versions. Most of these items are nearly or completely out-of-print so he or she who snoozes, loses. There are a few reviews down below…

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LARGE DMG SALE CD LIST! 100 Plus Discs for Your Listening Pleasure!


Ever since the pandemic forced DMG to close for several months, all three employees, Frank, John & myself have been slowly going through all sorts of crates, shelves & drawers at the store and discovering discs that were long forgotten, misplaced or ripe for discovery. We’ve listed more than 1,000 LP’s, CD’s & even cassettes on Discogs & ebay over the past year alone. I’ve been working on a masterlist of CD’s & LP’s which we have multiple copies of so that all we be listed on Discogs, ebay and through our own database, but it it & will take some time to finish. The below is a list of around 100 Sale CD’s which we’ve collected over our long history. It is not complete yet but it is close. All of the below CD’s are unplayed and most are sealed. Eventually some of these unsold items will be part of the Future DMG Intergalactic Library/Museum that we hope to open in a few years, a meeting place for serious listeners worldwide with no help from the Collective Evil Fascist Forces: Google, Facebook, Amazon & Fox News.

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Sizzling Early Summer USED CD Sale! Biggest One Yet!


GREAT GOOGOOLEY MOOGOOLLY to all My FAVE BUBBIES/Serious Music Listeners out there everywhere! We haven’t done a large USED CD list in a long while so here we go one more time. Below is a long list of around 400 CD’s. We’ve gotten several collections over the past few months plus a recent trip to an indoor flea market which was really fun. The below list is pretty diverse: avant/jazz, rock, psych, klez, modern classical, some rare and some not -so-rare. PLEASE take your time and check out the list and hopefully order a bunch of gems. As is always, this sale is first come, first served. We have also listed several hundred LP’s, CD’s

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Happy 30th Anniversary to Downtown Music Gallery!


Saturday, May 1st was the actual anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery, 30 years to the day! I am immensely proud of all we’ve accomplished since we opened out doors on 211 East 5th St. in the East Village. Special thanks to all of the well-wishers who’ve written to us or come down in the past month, we do appreciate your kind words of support! We, here at DMG, are going to celebrate for the entire month with some live outdoor events, some in-store on-line events and a series of on-line episodes of donated videos from many of our musician friends, as well as several compilations of one minute excerpts from performances recorded at the store throughout our long history.

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THE BIG BAD VICTO Records CD Catalogue SALE!


Since 1988, I have been attending the annual Victoriaville New Music Festival (a/k/a FIMAV) in the countryside of Quebec. It is the one vacation I look forward to the most each

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2020 Best of/Recommendation List by 11 Journalists/Label Folks/Distributors


Special Winter Greetings to all DMG Newsletter Subscribers and other Serious Music Listeners worldwide. I decided to ask a dozen music journalists

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Bruce Lee Gallanter's Recommended Music Lists for the Year of the Plague - 2020


2020 was a year of extremes, a year that none of us who lived through it will ever forget. Starting at the end of March, practically all of us have had to stay at alone or with our family or friends or roommates. On one side it a year of fear, frustration, loneliness, confusion, anger misinformation and Fake News. On the other hand it was also a time when time slowed down and we actually had the time to look at our lives, contact old friends, family members and relatives to see how there were doing, dealing with life and death magnified. I have been living in the same apartment in NJ since 1982 and for the first time ever, I had the time to go through practically my entire collection of record albums, compact discs, cassettes, music magazines, books and DVDs. From March through June, since I was at home most of the time, I listened to more than 300 records that I owned but never heard! After that, I went through a hundred crates of CD’s, shelves of 7” singles, 3,000 cassettes of live recordings I made (currently being transferred/downloaded for a future streaming site) and watched DVD’s

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THE TZADIK LABEL 25th ANNIVERSARY SALE - 25% Off All CD’s, LP’s, Books and DVD’s!


It seems hard to believe that John Zorn’s TZADIK label started in 1995 and is celebrating their 25th anniversary this month! Even more incredible is that Tzadik now has some 860 plus items in their vast catalogue, a quarter of which are John Zorn titles of his myriad of different projects. Independent labels of experimental music rarely survive more than a few years and Tzadik has consistently presented challenging music from many different artists from the Downtown Scene and from around the world. This sale will run for the entire month of December, 2020 so you will have a chance to check your collections and order whatever you choose. The best way to do this is to cut & paste right from this list, please include the line with the price as well to help us save time. THE SALE PRICE IS BASED ON THE PRICE THAT IS LISTED ON THE TZADIK WEBSITE (which includes shipping), not the price listed in the DMG database (which doesn’t include shipping). We realize that we are taking a huge amount of work upon ourselves but I/we really believe in and support Tzadik for what they do. If you want to check reviews for any of the below items, you can check the Tzadik website at: or the DMG website: We have included all in-print CD’s, LP’s, DVD’s and Books. No t-shirts, benefit CD’s or signed items, though. As far as shipping goes, all domestic orders will ship Media Mail with tracking, unless you want us to ship priority or insured. We prefer to insure orders over $100, so let us know if you don’t want us to insure your large orders. Since this list is so big, most orders will take 1-2 weeks to ship. Please be patient, there are only 2-3 of us here on weekdays only but we may start working weekends just to keep up with mail-order. We will confirm all large orders with tracking but will probably not have enough time to confirm all single CD’s orders. We will keep all tracking number on file if need be. Approximate domestic shipping rates: 1 CD = $4 2 CD’s = $5 3 CD’s = $6 All orders over 1 pound will depend on weight. All orders outside of the US, will depend on where to & the weight of the order. 1 or 2 jewel case CD costs $15 - $20 each to ship! The cost of shipping per item goes down as the number of items increases, so please remember that when ordering your items. IF ANY OF YOU WANT TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER IN THE STORE, YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR LIST FIRST AND GIVE US A WEEK TO GET IT TOGETHER. We will contact you via e-mail or phone and let you know when it is ready. The store is now open Monday through Friday from around 1 to 6pm. On Mondays, we work on mail order & cleaning mostly, so please call 1st or just knock on the door when you get here.

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The Big ReR CD December, 2010 Sale!


ReR or originally Recommended Records, was and still is the best label for progressive, experimental and avant-garde music. It was founded by Chris Cutler (in 1978), drummer/composer for Henry Cow, the Art Bears

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SUN RA Discography Compiled by Bruce Lee Gallanter


SUN RA Discography Compiled by Bruce Lee Gallanter in October of 2020 Albums, Compact Discs, 7” Singles, Films

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Master percussionist, ADAM RUDOLPH, has been leading different ensembles for several decades. He grew up in Chicago, where he met fellow percussion great, Hamid Drake, when both were still in high school. Mr. Rudolph has been recording since 1973, lived

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Last Friday, May 1st, was the 29th anniversary of the modest beginning of Downtown Music Gallery. We opened our doors on May 1st of 1991! Our first store was at 211 East 5th St., around the corner from Cooper Union. Our rent was cheap ($750) and the store was not very big (750 sq ft). There were two owners, David Yamner & Steve Popkin, and I worked for them 6 days a week. Their plan was to sell Used CD’s and vinyl while I promoted Downtown/Progressive/Avant Jazz, what I dug the most. There were allegedly some 100 record stores in NYC at that point, each with its own specialty. We were there for 12 years until 2003, and started having weekly free concerts, an idea that started when I worked previously at Lunch For Yor Ears with Manny Maris.

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The Songlines label is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been around since 1992 and has released more than 100 discs of consistently creative music from an international cast of musicians & composers: Wayne Horvitz, Jerry Granelli, Jim Black, Chris Speed, Theo Bleckmann, Ben Monder, Michael Blake, Gordon Grdina, Patrick Zimmerli and many others. They also released a couple dozen Super-Audio CD’s (SA-CD), each of which has marvelous sound. Over the past couple of years, Songlines has reduced the price to more than three dozen CD’s to $10 or $12. The below list is all or most of the $10 CD’s. Only a handful are currently in stock but we should be able to get from our local distributor with 1-2 weeks. We list the same titles with reviews down below.bThe CD’s listed below as SA-CD or HSA-CD are Super Audio CD’s, they will play on regular CD players but do sound even better when played on Super-Audio CD systems. As far as recommendations go, there are those longtime Downtowners like Chris Speed, Brad Shepik, Michael Blake and Harris Eisenstadt, all of whom are great, as well as the following: Gordon Grdina, Francois Houle, Jerry Granelli and Equilibrium.

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Here is where we start to list New Music CD’s & Albums that have come in in the last week. Very little has come in, though. Most stores and many distributors are now closed and in hibernation. Hence, things are moving very slowly if at all. Instead of listing new things, we are having large CD sale. These are things that we have in some quantity. There are perhaps 100 items on this list, some we have listed previously and many we haven’t listed since we first got them in. Many rarities and many gems. Everything on this list is something I remember digging when I last heard it. PLEASE take some time and check out this list. Please order something so we can survive and keep going. This is what all of us serious listeners want. We are currently at the store just 2-3 days a week doing mail-order only so please be patient. If you can’t find something on this list, you can always check out items in the DMG database on-line or go through some of the old newsletters that you keep in a file somewhere, waiting for the time to check out those newsletters. You now have that time so do it! If you can’t find anything to purchase, you can always make a donation of any size. Totally up to you. We know that this newsletter goes out to 6,000 readers. And we often get lots of good wishes from those who read and are inspired by what they read. We do appreciate all of you, you are our family.

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The Independent Promoters Alliance - March, 2020 Gig Newsletter


The Independent Promoters Alliance is a loose-knit group of friends who attend many musical performances, organize shows and independently promote music that inspires them and hopefully others. Mostly we do word-of-mouth & relatively small e-mail lists. We have put together a monthly gig newsletter but time will tell if we can do this consistently. — Organized by Bruce Lee Gallanter, Eric & Chris Stern, Kevin Reilly, Sarah Vallee, Matt Vernon, Jessica Hallock and Kurt Gottschalk. You can often find us sitting upfront at The Stone, Jazz Gallery, I-Beam, etc. We are all friendly and opinionated and love to discuss music. Come join us. - BLG If you wish to be removed from this list, let us know. If you want to add any other names (e-mail addresses), let us know that as well. It is a free service so anyone can join.

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Winter Solstice Celebration, Saturday Dec 21st


The Independent Promoters Alliance invites you to join us for a musical winter solstice celebration featuring two ensembles on Saturday December 21, 2019 8PM 450 W 37th Manhattan!

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Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville - 35th Edition - May 16th - 19th, 2019


Wow! To say that that this edition of FIMAV (a/k/a Victo Fest) was the best one in several years, would not be an understatement. A dozen or so of my friends from different places would certainly agree. I have been attending the Victo Fest every year since 1987 and look forward to it every year for a variety of reasons. The main reason is to catch four long days (21 sets!) of challenging music from around the Creative Music World. The other big reason for going every year is being with our collective family, listening seriously, eating some fine food (no matter what Mr. Zorn says) and hanging out late at night at the Victorin bar with friends, fellow journalists and the many musicians who are playing at the fest. I am still reeling, smiling and thinking about how much i or we took in to soothe our souls and inspire our spirits.

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DMG/BLG Top 10-15 Recommended Recordings of 2018 from Six Selected Journalists


Greetings to Serious Music Listeners around the world! In January I asked a handful of my favorite journalists & label heads to submit their top 10 recommendations lists for 2018, plus another 5 of anything they would like to recommend: books, movies, plays, concerts, anything that occurred or was released in 2018. All formats and genres are welcome, whether new or reissued. I picked a diverse cast of my favorite journalists and serious listeners. Here is what they had to say ...

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Mike Panico Memorial Concert and Celebration


Will Take Place at Roulette in Brooklyn on Monday, November 12th from 7:30 to 9:30

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The Great Big ReR Label CD Sale! The Great Big ReR Label CD Sale!


The ReR label started out as Recommended Records and was/still is run by Chris Cutler, drummer & lyricist for Henry Cow, the Art Bears, News from Babel, Hail… As far as documenting the history of truly creative, progressive music, there are tow labels which have long done the great job: ReR and Cuneiform. As a longtime proghead myself (3 faves of all time: Mothers of Invention/Soft Machine/Henry Cow), I collect everything that both of these labels have released. We just got in a large bunch of CD’s from ReR which have been in storage for a while so we are having a big ReR sale. Everything below is essential listing for those who have demanding tastes. If you don’t know some of these artists, do some research and/or check out at least a CD or two from any… This is a first come, first served offer and we have perhaps a half dozen of each so you might want to list a few alternate titles.

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It seems hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the passing of the Great Thomas Chapin in February of 1998. Mr. Chapin was an incredible alto saxist, flute player, composer and bandleader, an unstoppable free spirit who touched anyone who met him or witnessed his music live or on record. I can whole-heartedly recommend anything from below since I dig each and every one of these gems. Besides CD’s, we are also listing a few albums, cassettes and even sheet music!?!

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Bruce Gallanter Receives JJA Jazz Hero Award


The Jazz Journalists Association recognized Bruce Gallanter as the 2018 Jazz Hero for New York City.

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Every winter seems to get longer and more difficult, so that when FIMAV, (Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville in Quebec) rolls around, we all seem to look forward to this vacation more and more every year! Considering that I’ve been attending this mighty fest every year since 1987, (thirty years!), I usually think I knew what to expect, but this is rarely the case. At least as far as the music is concerned. There are always surprises in store each year. In advance of this fest, their were six upcoming sets by performers that I knew little or nothing about. So who knows what would be… only the sole curator - Michel Levasseur. Michel is an old friend, someone whose taste I usually trust and who is a consistently positive spirit. He is has been the only MC for most of the sets at every FIMAV and always radiates good vibes from the stage.

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DMG 28th Anniversary Celebration (Part 1)


KALABALIK at The New School - Monday, June 4th at 8pm

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Spring Cleaning Vinyl Sale!


Hello Earthlings! Greetings from the Planet Vinyl where Records are still the preferred format! We recently got in several small album collections and have been working our way through cleaning, pricing and listening to as much as is possible. Here is our monthly list of Vinyl Goodies. We have only one copy of most of these so order what you want quickly, first come first served. Recently checking out early Duke Ellington & the Jungle Band (from the 1020’s, Joe Albany & Warne Marsh, Tim Buckley's 'Goodbye & Hello', The Nice, lots of Carla Bley & Mike Mantler and even more Sun Ra!

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Spring Cleaning Clean Feed Sale!



We are in the midst of Spring Cleaning here at DMG!
This sale will last 1 week: April 16th-April 23rd.
All CDs $9
Buy 10 or more and receive an additional 10% off.

Buy 5 or more and get free domestic shipping! (Reduced international rates). This only applies to anything ordered from this list, not any other outstanding orders.

There will be no backorders from this quick sale.

There are reviews for all or most of these titles in our database as well as to be found elsewhere…

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Mid-February USED LP Sale List: Sun Ra / Alice Coltrane / Jimi Hendrix / Archie Shepp..!


Last month, we lucked out by getting in a serious collection of rare vinyl treasures: original Sun Ra Saturn LPs, (about 25 of them and 20 went the first weekend!?!, Not too bad at around $200 each!?!?!) We still have a few left, so see below. We also got in a dozen Alice Coltrane LPs and another dozen Jimi Hendrix live rarities! Plus three dozen reggae records and numerous Far East & Middle-Eastern ethnic records. It has been a long process of cleaning, pricing, listening and compiling this list. We also get this boisterous record dealer who brings us a variety of rock, folk, reggae, blues & jazz. A large number of what we got in are not on this list but in our bins, especially those reggae records. Sooo, come on down and check out what we have and ask to see the buried treasures behind the counter! 

Listening at length to some of these records is a great thing since they do sound better than most CD’s. Here’s a list of some of the records we’ve been listening to: Sun Ra - ‘My Brother the Wind - Par2; (sounds better than any CD or Scorpio reissue), ‘Discipline 27-II’ (ditto, although the CvsD version does sound fine on CD), Fela Kuti, Quicksilver (1st album), Dizzy Gillespie Big Band, several Hendrix discs, World Experience Orchestra (super rare & it sold for $1,600), Gil Evans ‘Out of the Cool’,…

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The JOHN ZORN Fan-Blast Tri-Annual Newsletter - Upcoming Performances and Releases for 2018!


Since April of 2005 (nearly 13 years), The Stone performance space has been a home for live creative music, six days a week, 52 weeks a year. More than 4,000 nights of New Music, up until recently, two sets per night and now one set per night. Just think about how much great, challenging, cutting edge music has happened there time and again. The Stone was founded and is still managed by Visionary Composer/Musician/Tzadik Label head John Zorn. The policy that all of the performances are curated by other musicians and that the only thing served at The Stone is the music itself, is unique and has set a good example. No food, no drinks, no music played on the PA before or after the sets. And 100% of the door money goes to the musicians. It is run by unpaid volunteers whose only compensation keeping The Stone open and running. I have attended hundreds of shows and was a long time volunteer and continue to help out in any way I can.

It is not just the music and musicians that make The Stone so great, but the volunteers and audience who are there and feel that same sense of community. We are all there to get inspired and help us get through these difficult times. If you have never been to The Stone or haven’t been there in a while, please go soon. I caught the Frank London Shekhina Orquestra earlier this week doing their LES (Lower East Side) Elegy and was blown away. Mr. London will be there through this Sunday. Next week, Tuesday - Sunday, February 20th through the 25th will be a John Zorn Improv Fest with different musicians each night - this is where different combinations of musicians musicians will improvise perhaps for the one and only time. This where where the magic takes place so… go and become a part of history! I made a list of some of the hundreds of musicians who have played at The Stone throughout its history and it is at the end of this mailing. Check it out at your leisure, it is pretty incredible..!

Starting February 27th The New Stone at The New School (55 West 13th St near 6th Ave) will take over and have performances five night a week, Tuesday - Saturday. All concerts will take place at 8:30 and The New Stone has the same number of seats. Hence, the tradition of The Stone will continue…!

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Happy Holidays USED CD List!


Happy New Year to the DMG Faithful Newsletter subscribers!

Here is our monthly USED CD Sale List, It is pretty long, over 300 titles and more than 100 were added in the past month. It is a pretty diverse list with a handful of rare treasures thrown in for good measure. We need to sell as many as is possible so this is the deal for this sale:

3 - 5 CD’s take 10% off

6 - 9 CD’s take 25% off

10 or more CD’s take 40% off

If you wish to add any item from the USED Box Set List we sent out last week, let us know. You can still take 10% off any of those box sets (the ones that are still left) if you order any three items from either list.

In the US, you can save money on shipping by having us ship Media Mail with tracking.
Outside of the US you can save money by having us remove those generic jewels cases from the CDs that are packaged this way. Digipaks and thin spine CDs (like Clean Feed or Hatology) will stay the way they are.

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Happy Holidays USED BOX SET LIST December of 2017 (Updated 12/23/17)


Since Hanukah ended a few days ago and Christmas is almost here, we have decided to do a large Box Set Sale, mostly CD’s but a few LP’s boxes as well. Some of these boxes have arrived here recently and some have been collecting some dust but all are available as this list goes out. We have mainly 1 copy of each so it is first come, first served.

Buy 3 or more of these box sets and take 10% off of each:

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More than dozen great discs from the Tzadik label now on sale:

take 3 or more and get $1 of of each

Take 6 or more and get $2 off of each!

Original Downtown guitar great Bill Frisell recently moved back here so we will be seeing him play more often - hooray! Many folks don't know that he a member of the Gnostic Trio which plays the music of John Zorn. They play live very rarely. They now have six CDs and each one is worth checking out. Out Zorn/Tzadik sale begins with these:

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Tzadik celebrates its third decade of activity with a new look and an even more open and eclectic policy. Music from all over the map by the very best composer/performers working today. - John Zorn

The Tzadik Spectrum Series Sale: 15 wonderful discs from Tzadik’s great Spectrum Series are now on sale. Here’s the deal:

Take 3 - 5 CD’s and get $1.00 off of each one

Take 6 or more and get $2.00 off of each one

There are short blurbs for each of these listed below the skeletal list…

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DMG's Cyber Monday Used CD Sale! Over 300 titles!


After getting in a series of USED CD’s and LP’s, I have been spending time cleaning. listing and pricing a deluge of discs. This long list ahas over 300 CD’s and nearly 200 are all newly listed. Please take some time to look through this list are there are many buried treasures to be found here!

Here’s the deal:

3 - 5 CD’s - take 10% off
6 - 9 CD’s - take 25% off
10 & more cd’s - take 35% off

Feel free to browse our database for a complete listing of over 2,000 used CDs, all eligible for sale discounts, including box sets (which count as 1 item).

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 Over the past year or so, we have gotten a large number of donations or albums, compact discs, books and rare magazines. I just want to thank anyone who has sent us or dropped off boxes of varied treasures. I have spent the last couple of weeks cleaning and pricing a deluge of LP’s and CD’s! I just filled one entire row with around 100 USED Jazz LP’s so PLEASE come and visit to check out our buried treasures. I still have another hundred or so records to clean and price as well and will do this over the next week or two. 

Below is another long list of USED LP’s, half recently listed and some older items as well. Most older LP’s have had their prices reduced. The deal is the same as last time, take 3 or more items and get 10% off of each. In there US, we usually send these packages media mail with tracking. We also usually insure domestic packages over $100, unless instructed otherwise.  

Here’s a list of what I have been listing to on vinyl: Blodwyn Pig - 1st Album, Battered Ornaments - Mantle-Piece, Marion Brown’s ‘Afternoon of a Georgia Faun’ (sounds incredible!), Dwight Andrews - ‘Mmotia’, several LPs by Bobby Naughton, John Carter Quintet on Moers, Valdo Williams Trio (thanks to Ras Moshe for pointing it out),  Joseph Scianni & David Izenzon, Stephen McCraven - Wooley the Newt’… every day, another discovery! Thanks for listening and supporting one of the last record stores standing! - BLG

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The great drummer Michael Vatcher recently moved to NYC, which is wonderful for us local adventurous music listeners. Vatcher just left is with a stack of CDs from (mostly) the Ramboy label. The Ramboy label is run by Amsterdam-based reeds wiz Michael Moore, who is also a longtime member of the ICP Orchestra. Both the Ramboy label and everything I’ve heard from Mr. Vatcher is consistently great.

Most Ramboy CD’s sell for $16, but while our supply lasts, these will be $14 each. If you take 5 or more, you can take another $1 off if each. I will include a few reviews down below as well. There are also a few Ramboy titles the sell for $10 which are listed below, we can only take $1 off of each. Complete your Ramboy collection today!

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Early October USED LP List (updated October 5, 2017)


Happy Fall Greetings to all Vinyl Collectors out there!

We recently got in another collection of rare and not-so-rare vinyl goodies. We are also still going through piles of records from the back room, as well as cleaning and checking condition of this accumulated vinyl. Plus listening to favorites of free/jazz, progressive, jazz/rock and obscure psych.

Take 3 or more and get 10% off of each one. These are priced to move!

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Latest USED LP List - September, 2017 (Updated September 21, 2017


Greetings Vinyl Freaks!

Here is our monthly vinyl list. Yes, it is pretty long and yes, there is quite a few gems in there. We have been listening to mostly albums today and they sure do sound great! Just listening to Keith Tippett, John McLaughlin's 'Extrapolation', Soft Machine 'Four', and many more tasty audio gems!

Here's the deal this time, take 3 or more take 10% off. Everything is in stock as of this moment but once again it is first come, first serve. If you want to save on shipping in the USA, please request media mail with tracking. Thanks, happy hunting... Bruce at DMG

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RARE VINYL RECORD COLLECTION - Updated - August 3rd, 2017:


We just got in the first batch of a collection of rare Downtown, Avant/Jazz and Progressive vinyl. Before we list these albums in our database, on Discogs or through a newsletter, we though we would just put this list on our New Sale Section of our website. We hope to add more titles every week as we get more from this collection plus I keep finding more rarities all over the store! - BLG

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EXCELLENT USED CD SALE - August 1st, 2017


We just got in a large CD collection with all kinds of goodies. This list has over 100 new Used titles that were put into the our database over the past week or so. Take your time to check out this list of 300 discs as I’ve snuck in a few rarities and odd gems. Here’s the deal this time around:

Take 3 - 5 CDs and you get 10% off of each

take 6 - 9 CD’s and get 25% off of each

take 10 or more and get 40% off of each

This list is first come, first served so some titles will sell more quickly.
You should list alternative titles if you want to make that minimum to get your discount.
To save money on shipping for 3 or more CD’s, you can request to have the generic jewel cases take off and/or have your order sent media mail with delivery confirmation if you live far from New York but still in the US. Here’s that list. If you want to view this list on-line, it is also found on the home page of our website here it says: DMG News

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RELATIVE PITCH CD SALE - Nearly Half of Their Great Catalogue:
$10 each - July 26th - August 4th:

The Relative Pitch label is run by two close friends, Mike Panico and Kevin Reilly. While a number of labels and distributors have gone under over the past couple of years, Relative Pitch has thrived by releasing Creative Music that they believe in and promote. Both Kevin and Mike have their finger on the pulse of what makes Contemporary Creative Music important for our collective sanity in times of the many dark currents sweeping over us. I have reviewed practically all fifty plus releases in their distinguished catalogue. Those reviews are reprinted in the second part of this list below.

We celebrate the music, musicians and founders of Relative Pitch Records with a sale:
The 21 CDs list below are now $10 each for the next week (until August 4th, 2017). That’s $4 off of each one. All orders will ship in about 1 week when all of these listed sales disc are in stock.

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Movie Gold CD Sale!


Movie Gold is a rather mysterious reissue label based somewhere in Europe. They reissue rare LP, CD and other unofficial recordings that have fallen between the cracks of distribution. They release high quality CD-R's with high quality art-work. We never know what is in or out of print until we reorder again and see what we get.

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Spotlight on Downtown Music Gallery


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Bruce and Makigami at Victo 2017


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Very Nice USED CD List - DMG Spring Cleaning Sale!


Many New titles added in the past couple of months. Special thanks to those of you who have contributed collections to DMG! We do appreciate it. There is a little bit of everything here: jazz, avant, progressive, modern composer, rock and roots.

Here’s the deal ...

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DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY Turns 26 and Celebrates Longevity!


Monday, May 1st was the 26th Anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery! That’s right, you heard right! We opened our doors on May 1st of 1991 in the East Village at 211 East 5th (between 2nd & 3rd Aves), having no idea how long we would last considering that there were upwards of a hundred record stores in Manhattan alone at that time. Now there are less than a dozen!?! We are in our third location (13 Monroe St in Chinatown), for eight years now, struggling to survive but still providing creative music for serious listeners from around the world with New Sounds: on CDs, records, DVDs, magazines, T-shirts and even a few cassettes. This, our e-mail newsletter goes out to some 5,000 subscribers every week with an occasional sales update as well. We still get visitors from around the world and we are open 7 days a week, from noon til 6pm, later on Sundays when we have our free in-store series. See the schedule below. Thanks to all who have supported us through our long journey!

To help us celebrate our long & winding history, present and future, we are sponsoring a series of celebrations in the next few months. Please come visit us and help us usher in another era of Creative Music! Thanks to all of the musicians who are helping us to celebrate with their music. Here is the current schedule and we are working on even more events to come:

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Bruce Lee Gallanter's Recommended Disc Picks for 2016. Five main lists & three label lists!


2016. The year of Women as Heroes, Inspirations and Innovators. Although most of us will remember the painful, embarrassing and absurd moments of an election from hell, let's not forget the women who inspired us through the year: Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, are the two that come to my mind.

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5049 Records Podcast


Episode 89, Bruce Lee Gallanter

For this conversation, Bruce and I go back to his hometown roots in New Jersey to the early days at Studio Henry, all the way up to the present.

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