General Ordering Information

Our mailing address:

Downtown Music Gallery
POB 153
NY, NY, 10002-0153

Our phone:

(212) 473-0043

Our Email:

These are the credit cards we accept:

  • Visa
  • Discovery Mastercard 
  • American Express
  • And Paypal


Use the Wish List to send us your order by our secure order form. The wish list in lower the right hand side when you search our store. Click the button to place it in your list. Then, click “Place Order” and you’ll be automatically sent to our secure email order form.

In the form, make sure you fill in the following:
  1. All 3 number groups from your credit card info:
    (1) CC# (2) exp date (3) verification #
    (MC and VISA: The verification [CVV] # is the last 3 digits to the right on the back of the card where you sign your name; AMEX: it is the 4 digits printed above the CC # on the front; we cannot accept your order without this information)
  2. Your complete billing/shipping address.

When finished, your info should appear something like this - Address exactly as it should appear LINE BY LINE:

Joe Anybody
1234 Smith Pl. Apt. A1
Mytown, ZZ 54321

CC# 1234 1234 1234 1234 12/05 123

Overseas Customers- your info should appear something like this-

Joe Anybody
4321 Foreign Pl.
Foreign Town PostCode
Foreign Country

CC# 1234 1234 1234 1234 12/05 123

The above are just guidelines, please MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS AS IT SHOULD APPEAR on the package.


DMG accepts Paypal as payment for all mail-order sales
A 3% surcharge (which is about what it costs us) will be added at the time of the charge for domestic customers and a 5% surcharge will be added to customers outside of the US. Please request this if you want to pay this way and we will send you the total when the order is being processed.

First Time Customers:
For security reasons we can ONLY ship to your billing address - that is the address that your credit card company sends your bill to.

Repeat customers:
(...of longer than 3 months duration AND 2 sucessful transactions)
may have the option of specifying an alternate shipping address for their convenience (as long as we continue to have the correct billing address on file).

WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS, and WE NO LONGER ACCEPT MONEY ORDERS issued FROM ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE U.S. - NOT EVEN IF they are in US $$$s - our bank still charges a fee [read: penalty]!

PLEASE NOTE: There no longer is a voice mail box on our phone. Orders will only be accepted by phone during business hours AND not after 6PM on Sundays.


These are GENERAL and may be adjusted downward or upward depending on the exact item

  • Shipping charges (in the US) for CDs only, are $5 for the first disc, $1 ea. addl. disc (that's per disc - a 2CD set may count as 2 discs, etc.) Rates diminish for large packages.
  • Shipping (in the EAST COAST US) for any package that includes an LP or Small Book or oversized item, are a minimum of $12 for the first [vinyl] disc/item, $1 ea. addl. disc Rates diminish for large packages.
  • Shipping (in the WEST COAST US) for any package that includes an LP or Small Book or oversized item, are a minimum of $14 for the first [vinyl] disc/item, $1 ea. addl. disc Rates diminish for large packages.
  • CANADA: $12 for the 1st CD, $1 each additional. LPs and books are at a proportionately higher rate.
  • MEXICO : $15 for the 1st CD, $2 each additional. LPs and books are at a proportionately higher rate.

  • REST OF THE WORLD: Foreign rates for shipping are higher, naturally (begins at an average of $16 for the 1st CD, and $2 each additional, of course diminishing somewhat for larger packages), but are charged within $1 - $2 of actual cost, depending on size of order and packaging material.


Unless you specifically request insurance at the time of your order, we are not responsible for damage or loss of your package during shipping. However, we have experienced an overwhelmingly excellent rate of success with our shipments (less than 1 problem in every 2000 shipments, or .05% !) and find the in-country service of the USPS to be excellent without need for insurance.

For those countries for which insurance is not available, our only recourse in the event that you feel your countries' postal system has a poor rating is to ask us to Register your package, which will not cover you for loss, but will add immeasurably to the success rate of delivery.

WE RESERVE the right to insure large packages (generally about $100.00 and over) at your expense to whichever countries such service is available, UNLESS PARTICULARLY INSTRUCTED NOT TO at time of the order, in which case we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to package while in transit.

However, unless you yourselves have requested insurance [and/or other services], you cannot assume that we have automatically insured any package, regardless of size - we therefore cannot be held responsible.

Our customers know we make every effort, including follow-ups at our end, whenever a package is suspected to be a problem. Virtually all cases turn out to be inexplicably delayed deliveries.


We reserve the right to ship anything that has accumulated in your hold bin after 30 days without prior notification. It has become increasingly difficult to accommodate those who ask us to hold 2 or 3 items until they have collected together several requests for what they consider 'enough' to ship [8 items, 10 items etcetera].

As a result of our acquiescence to your requests, we are sometimes storing items for SEVERAL MONTHS, until those ordering give us the go-ahead. We can no longer do this!

We will, of course, continue to work with you, our good customers, in attempting to combine orders made at different times into less packages so you may save on the shipping.

Now the obverse of this issue is the fact that no matter how quickly some of you order after receiving our newsletter, there may often be items in your order that did not ship because of strong initial demand wiping out our stocks quickly. Which means that any items not shipped are placed on a BACKORDER STATUS in your name, and will be shipped up to 2 months afterwards without prior notification; generally, we will try to include them in packages of more recent orders, so that the shipping of them costs you no more than had you received them in the original order. If it is only 1 or 2 items, and you are an infrequent orderer, we will contact you first to see if you want to add anything to your package to make it cost effective shipping-wise.

After the 2 months period, if we receive an item[s] for you in backorder status, we will contact you to see if you still desire it [and/or wish to add anything] The upshot of this last part is that, UNLESS YOU CANCEL YOUR ORDER [via email or snail mail] FOR ANY OR ALL OF THE ITEMS BACKORDERD BY THE DATE WE SHIP, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCEPTING THEM UP TO 2 MONTHS AFTER THE INITIAL ORDER REQUEST DATE. After 2 months it is your option to accept or not after we contact you. We must be firm on this.

Finally, special accomodations that require time-consuming labor on our part, such as removing all price stickers from a large order or taking off all the jewel cases prior to shipment, may incur an additional surcharge in addition to our normal shipping/handling rates.