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DMG Newsletter for September 15th, 2017

DMG Newsletter for September 15th, 2017

While the Cat is Away, The Mice are Gonna Play
So Come on Down Today and Check the Sounds They We Will Play
Heading to the Guelph Jazz Fest, just northeast of Toronto
For a Short Vacation and Some Serious Listening Sessions
And Perhaps Some Fresh Cool Air for a New Perspective
See you on the Other Side of the Sun Far Up North…
Meanwhile some Wonderful CD’s and LP’s
Have or Will Soon Be Here at DMG, so check out The Sounds from…

Sky Music Tribute to Terje Rydal: Henry Kaiser/Nels Cline/Raoul Bjorkenheim/Jim O’Rourke/Bill Frisell/David Torn/Hedvig Mollestad..! Vijay Iyer New Sextet! Nate Wooley ‘Battle Pieces 2’: Ingrid Laubrock/Sylvie Courvoisier/Matt Moran! Mario Pavone / Matt Mitchell / Tyshawn Sorey! Jason Stein/Keefe Jackson/Joshua Abrams/Tom Rainey!

James Brandon Lewis Trio! Duo B: Lisa Mezzacappa & Jason Levis! Judi Silvano & Bruce Arnold! Roscoe Mitchell & Anthony Braxton Rare Reissue! Luc Ferrari 3 CD Set! Paul Bley Synth Show! Fugu! New Tony Williams Lifetime! John Hammond! The People Band! Lee “Scratch” Perry! Another Nimbus West CD Sale! And Lots More..!



Sunday, September 17th: No in-store...
Bruce up at Guelph Jazz Festival!

Sunday, September 24th:
6pm: KYOKO KITAMURA / KEN FILIANO / DAYEON SEOK - Vocals / ContraBass / Percussion
7pm: IRENE KEPL and DAVID GROLLMAN - Violin and Snare Drum

Sunday, October 1st:
6pm: JEREMY CARLSTEDT & RICK PARKER - Drums & Trombone/Electronics

Sunday, October 8th:

Sunday, October 15th:

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy


SKY MUSIC With HENRY KAISER / NELS CLINE / RAOUL BJORKENHEIM / JIM O’ROURKE / BILL FRISELL / DAVID TORN / HEDVIG MOLLESTAD / INGEBRIGT HAKER FLATEN / et al - Sky Music: A Tribute To Terje Rypdal (Rune Grammofon 2194; Norway) “Guitarist and composer Terje Rypdal (1947) is probably as close as one gets to a living legend in Norwegian music. He has received a number of awards, including three Norwegian Grammies (Spellemannpris), the last being the honorary award in 2005. Sky Music is a heartfelt celebration of an inspirational artist and truly unique guitarist who hasn't fully received the due credit and recognition he deserves for over 50 years of music making. Initiated by the experimental US guitarist and lifelong Rypdal fan Henry Kaiser, Rune Grammofon put together an all-star band including keyboardist and long-time Rypdal side-kick Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9, Supersilent), bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Scorch Trio, The Thing), drummer Gard Nilssen (Bushman's Revenge), guitarists Even H. Hermansen (Bushman´s Revenge) and Hedvig Mollestad, Finnish guitarist Raoul Björkenheim (Scorch Trio), and Swedish guitarist Reine Fiske (Dungen). Kaiser also played and produced while Hans Magnus Ryan (Motorpsycho) added bits and pieces and Jim O'Rourke beamed in his exquisite contributions to "Sunrise" from Tokyo. Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, and David Torn delivered their solo interpretations, Cline with the aid of cellist Erik Friedlander.”
CD $16

VIJAY IYER SEXTET With STEVE LEHMAN / MARK SHIM / GRAHAM HAYNES / STEPHAN CRUMP / TYSHAWN SOREY - Far from Over (ECM 2581; Germany) “There are any number of valid ways to describe Vijay Iyer's music over the course of his twenty-three albums. Analytical, angular, intricate, dissonant, and oddly lyrical; his two previous ECM releases, Break Stuff (2015) and the duo outing, A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke, with Wadada Leo Smith (2016), have been more widely accessible without forsaking complexity. Not merely an academic, Iyer is a perpetual student, absorbing information and disseminating his aggregate knowledge in new and inventive ways. On Far From Over, there is an overall level of energetic enthusiasm played out in funk, swing, hard bop, and the avant-garde, all with Iyer's idiosyncratic approach and often surprising in pure elation. Bassist Stephan Crump and the ubiquitous Tyshawn Sorey are a regular rhythm section for Iyer; Sorey occasionally trading off with Iyer's other drummer of choice, Marcus Gilmore. The sextet fills out with a stellar horn section; Graham Haynes on cornet, flugelhorn and electronics, the eclectic alto saxophonist Steve Lehman and Mark Shim on tenor saxophone add much of the punch on this album. "Poles" opens with Iyer's delicately cascading notes before the horns explode and take over. The piece rises to a fevered pitch and then descends on Haynes beautifully rounded flugelhorn. Iyer takes a more active role on the title track where the horns again engage in thorny interplay, setting up a boisterous solo for piano. When Haynes, Lehman and Shim rejoin, the effect is dramatic. "Nope" is more abstract with short bursts of soloing in close proximity, making for an attention-grabbing interlocking of sounds that would be very much at home on a Lehman recording. The brief "End of the Tunnel" is electric, mysterious and a fine lead-in to "Down To The Wire" with Iyer's bewilderingly fast playing stitching together the late arriving horns and pulling up just short of a free-for-all. Far From Over has its more reflective moments as well, "Wake" being other-worldly and "For Amiri Baraka" and "Threnody" affecting lamentations driven by Iyer's piano. Despite the caliber of musicians on Far From Over, this very much a group album, steeped in spontaneous improvisation. Iyer explains his methodology as looking to ..."build from the rhythm first, from the identity of the groove...." In doing so, there are often textural designs taking shape and dissolving at close intervals, making the listening experience something like watching an abstract painter work on canvas. The complexity of it all can make subsequent listening experiences seem to shift their emphasis. As always in Iyer's work, there is a lot going on and it's all intensely engaging.” - Karl Ackermann, AAJ
CD $16

NATE WOOLEY With INGRID LAUBROCK / SYLVIE COURVOISIER / MATT MORAN - Battle Pieces 2 (Relative Pitch 1058; USA) Featuring Nate Wooley on trumpet & composition, Ingrid Laubrock on tenor & soprano sax, Sylvie Courvoisier on piano and Matt Moran on vibes. This disc was recorded live at The Loft in Koln, Germany in January of 2016. Similar to Nate Wooley’s ongoing series of works known as ‘Seven Story Mountain’ (now up to 5 volumes), this is the second disc under the title of ‘Battle Pieces’. Whereas ’SSM’ increased in the number of players for each release, ‘Battle Pieces’ has remained with the same personnel, an impressive Downtown all-star quartet. Considering that Mr. Wooley has several ongoing bands/projects going on, he knows how to get the best from whomever he chooses in each project. The title for each work here are “Battles Pieces” with a number, “4 - 7”. The sound of this quartet is most impressive, the balance between all four members, just right. The first part (“BP 4”), is stark, cautious and chamber-like in sound. Mr. Wooley’s distinctive, slightly skewered trumpet is at the center, playing a long stream of restrained yet fractured notes while the rest of the quartet swirl slowly around him, a few notes at a time, until all four coalesce into careful flutters. On the second part (“BT 5”), Mr. Wooley repeats a solemn yet lovely phrase over and over, slowly while the others eventually join him in tender reverie, the vibes and piano shimmering at times. The quartet builds into well measured frenzy, which seems somehow directed. The third part (“BT 6”), begins with an incredible, long trumpet solo, in which Wooley pulls out every trick, his stream of notes a constant source of amazement as he shifts through every gear, before things settle down to a calm conclusion. The fourth part, unfolds organically, with each member of the quartet floating in from somewhere else yet ending up in a sympathetic blend: spacious, haunting, each note or sound selectively placed on a blank canvas. Since this is only my third time hearing this disc, time will tell if there is a more apparent direction involved. There were certainly sections where everything appears to come together as if someone had a hand in sculpting the overall shape of this magical endeavor. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $14

MARIO PAVONE DIALECT TRIO With MATT MITCHELL / TYSHAWN SOREY - Chrome (PLayscape 60316; USA) “Piano trios seeking a level of parity of instrumental input are common. Those who achieve a high level of piano/bass/drums democracy develop a group sound born of a melding of musical personalities. With strong personalities all around—as on the Mario Pavone Dialect Trio—a beautiful tumult is born.
‘Chrome’ is bassist Pavone's second Dialect Trio release, following 2015's Blue Dialect (Playscape Recordings). A big part of the allure of Chrome is the head-bumping and elbow throwing between the three free-spirited cohorts—Pavone, pianist Matt Mitchell and drummer Tyshawn Sorey. All leaders in their own rights—with Pavone sitting in the veteran's chair—the voices clash and clamber and somehow keep things coherent and approachable, from the bump and bounce of "Glass 10" to the sneaking-through-the-back-streets vibe of "Ancestors," and on into "The Lizards (for Jim Jarmusch)," with it thorny, rolling-through-a-thunderstorm groove.
Mitchell and Sorey aren't exactly rising stars anymore; they've been around and now can be counted as relative newcomers to the top tier of jazz artists—a level they've reached via, in Tyshawn Sorey's case, four sometimes challenging but always compelling releases on Pi Recordings, including 2017's marvelous Verisimilitude, the drummer's own brooding, individualistic take on the piano trio; and Matt Mitchell with his work on Tim Berne's high-and-outside Snake Oil recordings on ECM Records, and his put-it-in-the bank Best Release of 2017 spot for Forage (Pi Recordings, 2017), a vibrant, sometimes combustable solo piano exploration of the tunes of Tim Berne. A look at three three names on the CD's cover, pre-listening, said "dream team." That turned out to be true with Chrome.” - Dan McClenaghan, AllAboutJazz
CD $15

Two New Releases from Dave Rempis’ Aerophonics Records. Bruce reviews next week.

CD $14

DAVE REMPIS - Lattice (Aerophonics 015: USA)
CD $14

JASON STEIN QUARTET With KEEFE JACKSON / JOSHUA ABRAMS / TOM RAINEY - Lucille! (Delmark 5025; USA) ”Jason Stein continues to curve a niche in the jazz world, but it's not what you might assume. Listeners straightaway assume that he is an idiosyncratic outlier because his sole instrument is the bass clarinet. We've grown accustomed to saxophonists like Eric Dolphy and David Murray doubling on the bass clarinet. Stein's constancy to this one woodwind instrument, like Germany's Rudi Mahal, is unequivocal, yet the sound of the instrument doesn't define his trajectory.
Stein plots an unconventional and idiosyncratic path with his quartet. A path tread by the original voices of Thelonious Monk and Lennie Tristano. Like their previous release The Story This Time (Delmark, 2011), the music covers music by the aforementioned giants and their followers, plus three originals by Stein. Joining the bass clarinetist is saxophonist Keefe Jackson and fellow Chicago stalwart, bassist Joshua Abrams. Drummer Frank Rosaly (now living in Europe) is replaced here by Tom Rainey.
The Tristano connection is heard on two covers, "April" and "Wom," plus music by his disciple Warne Marsh, "Marshmallow." The Stein/Jackson combination recalls the Marsh/Lee Konitz adaptations. Stein's original composition "Halls And Rooms" uses that partnership as a jumping off point, before taking us down a twisting road, saxophone and bass clarinet incited by Rainey's chattering clatter. The combination of horns quickly sheds any inclinations of pretentiousness. Even Charlie Parker's "Dexterity," rendered with Jackson on contrabass clarinet, doesn't get swamped by the heaviness of the woodwinds. The pair perform a sort of sleight of hand, performing at an escape velocity not imagined by their instrument makers. What is unique here is just that, the quartet's expression is not limited by the choice of instrumentation, it is actually liberated by it. Monk's "Little Rootie Tootie" is given a whitewater rapids treatment with both clarinets barking and biting multi-phonic shouts. Same for "Roused About," Robert Hurst III's dedication to Monk's longtime saxophonist Charlie Rouse. Jackson (back on tenor) and Stein play a joyous cat-and-mouse game with the theme as Abrams and Rainey dance the night away. This is one dynamic session.” - Mark Corroto, AllAboutJazz
CD $15

PATRICK ZIMMERLI QUARTET With KEVIN HAYS/LARRY GRENADIER/TOM RAINEY/SATOSHI TAKEISHI - Shores Against Silence (Songlines ,Canada) “This 1992 studio recording of New York saxophonist-composer Zimmerli’s first quartet went unreleased at the time. His first released recording of avant jazz was with his Ensemble (Explosion, Songlines, 1995, followed by three other Songlines titles). Now he has returned to Shores and edited it for release in preparation for recording Clockworks, the suite of music for his new quartet featuring The Bad Plus’s Ethan Iverson (Songlines, 2017). The two sets of music speak to each other in a number of ways, and bookend a period during which Zimmerli stretched the jazz tradition in different directions while simultaneously creating a wide-ranging corpus of classical compositions.” -Songlines

JAMES BRANDON LEWIS TRIO With LUKE STEWART / WARREN G. CRUDUP P.SO THE EARTH TONE KING / NICHOLAS RYAN GANT / ANTHONY PIROG - No Filter (BNS 032; USA) Featuring James Brandon Lewis on tenor sax, Luke Stewart on bass and Warren G. Crudup on drums with guests Anthony Pirog on guitar, P.So The Earth Tone King and Nicholas Ryan Gant on vocals. After two infectious/spirit-world gems on the Okeh (Columbia offshoot?!?) label, young tenor sax master James Brandon Lewis is back yet another ass-kicking effort on the little known BNS label. The JB Lewis Trio is not bound by genre pigeon-holing hence, they are somewhere in between free/jazz, punk and funk/rock, sly and infectious. “Say What” kicks the door open with a slamming groove, I had to get up and dance around cause it felt so good to be alive after all of the bad news that surrounds us nowadays. Electric bassist Luke Stewart is at the center of the funk/rock storm revving up the trio, strumming furiously while the sax and drums spin an effective web around him. The title track, “No Filter”, has that gleeful grace and grit that makes them Fela Kuti albums so necessary to help lift us out of the everyday woes and wares. One of the things I like most about this is that this is a trio effort with no one member out front, all three integral to their sound. It is not about soloing, it is about the joy of music itself. Recently added to the trio is is prog rock guitarist Anthony Pirog from the under-rated duo Janel & Anthony (2 great discs on Cuneiform). Although Mr. Pirog has a tasty, Frippish sustained tone, he adds some swell sonic seasoning, melodic yet also hypnotic without soloing and fitting just right. While Mr. Lewis honks joyously on “Raise Up Off Me’, the rhythm team spins tightly underneath, increasing and decreasing the tempo over and over. Even when JBL lays out as he does a few times, the rhythm team stays locked together forever spinning their own uplifting rhythmic groove. The final song, “Bittersweet” is an aptly titled, laid back late night sort of lullaby that I used to hear at parties in the seventies when folks used to slow dance. It feels like a great way to brings things to somber close and kicking out butts. Mmmmm, so good! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14
LP $16

DUO B [LISA MEZZACAPPA / JASON LEVIS] - No Ins & Outs (Queen Be QB 003; USA) Featuring Lisa Mezzacappa on acoustic bass and Jason Levis on drums. Bay Area bassist/composer/multi-bandleader, Lisa Mezzacappa, is one of the most ambitious musicians I know. Besides a half dozen discs as a leader, Ms. Mezzacappa, has worked with folks like Vinny Golia, Darren Johnston, Ben Goldberg and lots more. This is the third disc from Duo B, which includes Bay Area drummer Jason Levis. Lisa told that the music on this disc was inspired by a solo piano album by Cecil Taylor. The music here sounds more thematic than free. Ms. Mezzacappa plays a somber, haunting phrase at the beginning of this long 40 minute piece, with Mr. Levis’ drums sympathetically embracing and embellishing the phrase as it is repeated and slowly expanded upon. The duo sounds like they have been working together for a long time, they are consistently connected, sounding like they are telling a story together as one force of nature. Considering that this disc is just a bass and drums duo, there is so much strong, spirited and focused interaction that is was at the edge of my seat for the entire 40 minutes. There is a strong, spirited dialogue going on here. I haven’t heard very many bass and drums duo offering is in there past, just a couple come to mind (Paul Rogers & Edward Perraud, John Edwards & Mark Sanders). This one is as good as it gets! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15 [LTD Edition of 100/custom made red envelope covers]

* JUDI SILVANO / BRUCE ARNOLD - Listen to This (Muse Eek MSK 303; USA) Featuring Judi Silvano on vocals & effects and Bruce Arnold on guitar & devices. There last time I reviewed a disc by Judi Silvano, was when she did a superb duo CD with the late Mal Waldron, somewhere around 2002, a long time ago. I’ve kept my eye and ear on guitarist Bruce Arnold since he collaborates with an odd selection of characters: Omar Tamez, Thomas Buckner, Roberta Piket and Ursel Schlict. So, I didn’t know what to expect when this disc appeared in out mail.
It turns out this these two have created their own weird world, altered guitar and vocal/ sounds. I really like the opening song, a otherworldly blues, spacy with Judi’s hip-notic vocals harmonized with subtle alien effects. A sort of fairy-tale like vibe, rather like a distant relative to J.A.’s “White Rabbit’. Ms. Silvano sounds a bit like Iva Bittova on the aptly titled “Space Lullaby”, charming and child-like at times. Mr. Arnold seems to be using some spacey devices which sound more like electric bowed strings or even birdcalls. Ms. Silvano sounds like a sorceress on “My Neighborhood”, making quietly disturbing observations about her neighborhood. Silvano’s voice/singing are coming more from the Joan LaBarbara/Cathy Berberian school of experimental vocals. Effects and devices are used selectively here, never too weird or alien. Mr. Arnold does a great job of providing sumptuous sonic soundscapes without playing any predictable single note jazz solos. Mr. Arnold’s guitar sounds like an army of chanting monks as he plays those dark floating chords in the background. There definitely some strange moments where the odd alien vocals and spaced out guitar sounds seem to come from somewhere else far away. Whatever you do, you got to check out this one, “Great Plains”, there is something special going on here, completely enchanting with that great sly groove. This is followed by “Journey to Be Free”, another stunner, with a rocking’ groove but no rhythm team, just the guitar and voice. I certainly didn’t expect this disc to be the most surprising, odd gem of the month but that is what it is. Check out this duo at DMG next month. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $10

* Judi Silvano & Bruce Arnold will perform here at DMG on Sunday, October 15th at 7pm for free after a set of solo sax from Roberto Ottaviano. Should be a great night!

FUGU [FUNG CHERN HWEI / NG CHOR GUAN KARL BERGER]- It’s You We Care About (Self-produced; USA) Featuring Fung Chern Hwei on electric violin and Ng Chor Guan on theremin with special guest Karl Berger on piano. This is certainly odd instrumentation for this unlikely local duo: electric violin and theremin. I can’t recall the last time I caught someone playing electric violin but it might’ve been Jean Luc Ponty playing with Frank Zappa or John McLaughlin in the seventies. No doubt I’ve seen/heard a number of violinists using all sorts of devices: Richard Greene, Jerry Goodman or David Cross. The theremin, an electronic instrument controlled by moving your hands without actual contact, is even rare still, although I have seen a few in New York throughout the years: Rob Schwimmer or Pamelia Kurston. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have come to know Fung Chern Hwei from his work with the Sirius String Quartet and Seven)Suns. This is a long disc (nearly 70 minutes with four long tracks).
The title track is first and features a lonely sounding violin sailing slowly above the hypnotic sounds of ghost-like specters. The theremin often sounds like disembodied voices howling in the distance. Since there is no attack, nothing touching the strings or skins, sounds just appear and then are slowly manipulated. For the epic-length piece, “Equilibrium”, the tempo increases for the violin and theremin, the intensity as well. Mr. Fung adds some wah-wah of his violin while Mr. Ng adds layers of electronic weirdness, bending and twisting his sounds into all sorts of weird shapes. The long pieces create different moods or vibes, at times haunting or at least filled with suspense. The last long track features some exquisite piano from the one and only Karl Berger. This piece is less out there do to the melodic fragments provided by Mr. Berger. The violin and piano dance gracefully together, eventually erupting into more disorienting moments and then fading into more serious detours. The music reminds me of a soundtrack for a strange dramatic farce not sure how things will end up. Fade to black and then to nothingness. Hmmm. - BLG/DMG
CD $12

ROSCOE MITCHELL / ANTHONY BRAXTON - Duets With Anthony Braxton (Sackville/Delmark 3016; USA) “Duets is just that, a series of duos with the two reed masters and old buddies from the AACM, with Mitchell composing the pieces on the first side of the vinyl issue and Braxton penning those on side B. Mitchell's run the gamut, beginning with the darkly gorgeous opener that features Braxton's contrabass clarinet nestling evocatively beneath the composer's earthy flute. On "Line Fine Lyon Seven," a composition Mitchell would return to often in the next couple of decades, Braxton chugs delightfully along the funky road on his totally unwieldy contrabass saxophone, sounding like a large, old truck. Mitchell's other pieces investigate the sparer, more abstract realm, as the duo's wide variety of reeds populate the sonic environment with scattered moans, squeaks, and pops. The Braxton pieces (titled in diagrammatic form on the album, listed below as indicated in Francesco Martinelli's Braxton discography) begin with one of his patented loony marches; one can imagine a high-school band careening into the stands while attempting to negotiate this number. This is followed by a lovely, lyrical duet for flutes, a work that belies Braxton's reputation as calculating and methodical; this is closer to birdsong. The final track is a knottier affair; much of the piece is structured as a single line in two parts, with Mitchell's soprano abutting and continuing Braxton's contrabass clarinet phrases in increasingly frenetic fashion, eventually reaching a truce at the end. Overall, this is a fine meeting between two of the most forward-looking thinkers and players in the music. Recommended.” - Brian Olewnick, AllMusicGuide
CD $15

LUC FERRARI - Complete Music For Films 1960-1984 (Sub Rosa SR 435; Belgium) Complete Music For Films 1960-1984 is a three-CD set that gathers Luc Ferrari's complete works for films from 1960-1984, including electronic pieces, concrete music made in GRM, and some hybrids including traditional instruments. Very rare pieces, most of which are unpublished (including collaborations with Jean Cocteau and Jean Tinguely), are presented here for the first time, offering a complete scope of the innovative 20th century composer's foray into film music. Complete Music For Films 1960-1984 is released as a part of Sub Rosa's Early Electronic series. Includes two texts by Philippe Langlois, author of Les Cloches d'Atlantis (2012), and Guillaume Contré, rare photograms from films, and some handwritten notes by Ferrari himself.
3 CD Set $21

PAUL BLEY - The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show (Bamboo 7020; UK) Bamboo present the first ever reissue of Paul Bley's The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show, originally released in 1971. This stunning album was recorded over three sessions in New York City on December 9th, 1970, January 21st, 1971, and March 9th, 1971. The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show produces new songs and tough translations of previous works from Mr. Joy while joining the likes of other seminal works in 1972's Dual Unity (BAM 7018CD/LP), 1971's Improvisie (BAM 7019CD/LP), and Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show's Revenge: The Greater The Love, The Bigger The Hate (1971). Featuring the songs of Annette Peacock, this collection sets another milestone in the abstract, free jazz spectrum and joins the above trilogy in celebrating an innovative and iconic figure. A classic piece of Paul Bley's work with synthesized free jazz in the 1970s -- an essential release for fans of free jazz, fusion, and progressive music. Includes liners with interviews, background notes, and rare archival photos. CD version comes with a full-color 12-page booklet.
CD $17

THE NEW TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME FEATURING ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Live At The Village Gate (Hi Hat 3088; UK) The New Tony Williams Lifetime, featuring Allan Holdsworth, live from the Village Gate, New York, September 22nd, 1976. In 1975, the groundbreaking drummer Tony Williams assembled a new version of Lifetime, this time featuring the visionary guitar of Allan Holdsworth, as well as Alan Pasqua's innovative keyboards and Tony Newton's funky bass. They collaborated on two albums, as well as playing acclaimed gigs. Their unique brand of fusion is perfectly captured on this remarkable set, originally broadcast on WRVR-FM in New York. The entire broadcast is presented here, digitally remastered, with background notes and images.
CD $17

THE PEOPLE BAND - The People Band (Prog Temple 0070; UK) Prog Temple present a reissue of The People Band's self-titled album, originally released in 1970. Containing musicians that also worked with Pete Brown, Mike Westbrook, Ian Dury, Soft Machine, and others, this musical collective coalesced in London in 1968, and soon came to the attention of jazz aficionado Charlie Watts, who financed and oversaw a recording session that October. Improvised, anarchic, and utterly original, the results are comparable to the contemporary work of Amalgam and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, and this self-titled makes a long-awaited return to CD here.
CD $17

JOHN HAMMOND - Walkin' Blues Live... Chicago & Toronto (Klondike 5068; UK)
John Hammond live at the Chicago Blues Festival, Chicago in 1991 and at Albert's Hall, Toronto in 1992. John Hammond, also known as John Hammond Jr. and John Paul Hammond, made his first album in 1962 aged 20. He was a part of the legendary New York City Village music scene of the 1960s and while his friends were out there revolutionizing rock music, he concentrated on the blues music that gave birth to it. A lifelong devotee of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, Hammond tells a story with every song and confirms that there is no better storyteller out there. Klondike present the entire WBEZ-FM broadcast of John Hammond's tribute performance at the Chicago Blues Festival, Grant Park on June 16th, 1991 and the entire CBC-FM broadcast of his legendary performance, live from Albert's Hall, Toronto in July 1992. Professionally re-mastered original FM recordings, with interviews, background liners, and rare archival photos.
CD $17

LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY & SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM - Super Ape Returns To Conquer (Subatomic Sound 033; USA) “Forty-one years after Lee 'Scratch' Perry defined dub music with his seminal 1976 Super Ape album, he returns with NYC's Subatomic Sound System to conquer again, reincarnating the magic of his Black Ark studio in Jamaica, heavy on Ethiopian horns and percussion, while reinvigorating it with the 21st century booming bass and beats that capture the energy of their innovative live electronic show."
CD $16

Nimbus West Restock Sale, All Prices reduced:

GARY BIAS With ROBERTO MIRANDA / JOHN HEARD / et al - East 101 (Nimbus West 802; USA) A beautiful, dreamlike expression of spiritual jazz recorded at a time when the idiom was completely out of vogue, Gary Bias' East 101 remains little known even by cult-classic standards, but its free-flowing approach demands attention from listeners who believe this kind of LP ceased to exist somewhere around the late 1970s. Recorded with a stellar supporting cast including vibist Rickey Kelly, bassist Roberto Mirando, and pianist David Tillman, Bias unspools a suite of deeply soulful and profoundly far-reaching original compositions that vividly evoke the blue skies of the record's Los Angeles origins. His flute and soprano saxophone somehow divine gravitas from weightlessness, creating music that challenges as much as it comforts.” - Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide
CD $12

CD $12

CD $12

CURTIS CLARK - Reach, Believe It & Play: Solo Piano (NimbusWest 3924 ,USA)This American-born, Amsterdam-based pianist, Curtis Clark's 7th disc for the Nimbus West label. After working with David Murray, Billy Bang and Charles Tyler over here, Mr. Clark moved to Amsterdam and has been working with mostly Dutch musicians ever since. Curtis has recorded duo, trio and quintet discs for Nimbus, this being his first solo piano effort. All of the songs are originals by Mr. Clark and show a wealth of ideas and influences. "Boogie Stomp" is dedicated to "Amos & Andy," an early American TV show that had an exaggerated view of black life in the US and was withdrawn due to the racial stereotypes. This piece has warm vibe and covers an early history of jazz and blues-oriented piano styles, with an eye to the future of freer styles. "Monk Me" does have a fine, slightly bent Monkisk style and I dig the way Curtis runs a couple of lines at the same time and then smashes a few more violent chords at certain points. "Renuphee" is an epic-length work that evolves through different sections from the melancholy yet majestic opening to the more silent movie/cinematic mid-section. This piece develops like a story unfolding and sets up a few different scenes as it flows. "Everlasting Love" has an elegant, sublime and haunting vibe and feels romantic in a more subdued way. The last three pieces are connected and sound as if they are part of a suite called, "Reach, Believe It and Play." "Reach" is quietly turbulent and leans towards a dramatic, melodic contour. "Believe It" has a more stark and slightly dark vibe and is enchanting in a way that is difficult to explain. "Play" brings thing to a close with a rich, older, bluesy style that sounds righteous and is a perfect way to bring this rich and historical sounding disc to a fine conclusion. - BLG
CD $12

CREATIVE ARTS ENSEMBLE - One Step Out (NimbusWest 913; USA)Featuring Kaeef Ruzadun on piano & compositions, Shaleethia B.J. Crowley on vocals, Wilbert "Jiggs" Helmsley on tenor sax, Gary Bias on alto & soprano saxes, Jeff Clayton on bari sax, Dadesi Komolafe on flute, George Bohannon on trombone, Al White on trumpet, Henry Franklin on bass and Sunship Theus on drums. Like another Nimbus artist, pianist Kaeef Ruzadun also encouraged and inspired by Horace Tapscott. And like the great pianist & bandleaders, Horace Tapscott and Sun Ra, Kaeef's great ten piece band embraces the history of jazz. The title piece is a powerful work which features the enchanting vocals of Shaleethia Crowley, the great McCoy-like piano of Kaeef and the tight, rambunctious playing of this superb little big band. The only players I am familiar with here are the rhythm team of Henry Franklin on bass and Woody "Sunship" Theus, who once played with in John McLaughlin's Electric Dreams band. The rhythm section play excitingly throughout and Kaeef's writing for the six horns is also a thing of great beauty and passion. Solos are kept relatively short, but no less engaging, especially George Bohannon's trombone, Jeff Clayton's bari sax and Jiggs Helmsley on tenor sax. Mr. Ruzadun's short snippets of lyrics and overall vibe is that of spiritual concerns and it all feels just right. In a blindfold test one might have pegged this for a long lost McCoy Tyner large group session from the early 70's, it is just as good!
CD $12

THE NIMBUS COLLECTIVE [NATE MORGAN/JESSE SHARPS/RICKEY KELLY/DANNY CORTEZ/JOEL ECTOR/DEREK ROBERTS] - Live In Lotusland [2 CD set] (NimbusWest 4257; USA) Featuring Nate Morgan on piano, Jesse Sharps on reeds, Danny Cortez on trumpet, Rickey Kelly on vibes, Joel Ector on bass and Derek Roberts on drums. This 2 disc set was recorded in Santa Barbara in July of 1987. Since the passing of the great pianist/composer/bandleader Horace Tapscott, the Nimbus West label has continued to document the underground L.A. jazz scene that Mr. Tapscott was once at the center of. A number of great musicians who once collaborated with Tapscott, like Jesse Sharps & Nate Morgan, have recorded discs as leaders on Nimbus West. The short liner notes state that "trying to play serious music in an area as shallow & fad-driven as Los Angeles, were too much for this band to deal with..." so they didn't last too long. No doubt. This disc is proof that this collective's music was strong, spirited, original and had a great deal to offer. I can't say that I've heard of any of the rhythm section players but all six members of the collective are excellent musicians nonetheless. Nate Morgan's "Retribution, Reparation" is first and it has one of those McCoy Tyner-like 70's ensemble vibes with spirited piano and Trane-ish tenor sax sailing on top. The entire sextet is in great form with impressive solos from trumpeter Danny Cortez, vibist Rickey Kelly and pianist Nate Morgan. How musicians as incredible as this escaped notice, I will never understand. The sextet is ultra-tight and swings furiously throughout. Bassist John Ector's "Big Spliff" has a most memorable theme that had me smiling all the way through. The long & inspired soprano solo by Jesse Sharps and that great piano interplay & solo makes this piece even more special. The only cover on this double disc is Monk's "Well You Needn't" and it too is done exuberantly. There are over 100 minutes of outstanding music on this wonderful two disc set. Another buried treasure to add to you collection of great gifts from the gods. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
2 CD Set $12

HORACE TAPSCOTT - Vol. 10: The Tapscott Sessions (NimbusWest 2370; USA)
CD $12

HORACE TAPSCOTT - Vol. 11: The Tapscott Sessions (NimbusWest 2581 ; SA) This is the newest of master pianist, composer and multi-bandleader - Horace Tapscott's ten volumes of solo piano offerings. The first seven sessions are album-only releases, while Volumes 8 - 11 are CD only releases. This one features eight originals and John Lewis' "April in Paris".
CD $12

HORACE TAPSCOTT - Vol. 1: Lighthouse '79 (NimbusWest 4035 ; USA) Never before released in any form! Part 1 of this amazing recording from pianist Horace Tapscott with Roberto Miranda and David Bryant basses, George Goldsmith drums; and student horns Gary Bias alto and Reggie Bullen trumpet [whose freshman solos have been edited out for this CD]. Recorded live at Rudy Onderwyzer's Lighthouse in 1979. "Horace Tapscott was an amazing pianist, composer, arranger, multi-bandleader and inspiration to many. The Nimbus West label continues to unearth unreleased gems from Tapscott's various bands. On the opening track, "Acirfa", both bassists and drummer playing powerfully underneath Tapscott's extraordinary two handed piano playing, numerous layers of lines converging. Both bassists and the drummer each take strong solos as well. The group sounds almost as if they are speeding at some superhuman level until the second bassist takes his fine arco solo. Mr. Tapscott plucks the strings inside the piano at the beginning of "Dem, Folks", adding some mystery to the sound. The theme and arrangement by Linda Hill, who worked with Tapscott, is thoughtfully written, engaging and well played with by the horns. Again, Horace's piano solo is astonishing, often weaving two or more lines at once. Eventually turning into a marvelous, majestic mostly unaccompanied piano solo, before the lovely muted horns return. Whomever the bowed bassist is (Miranda perhaps?) his solo here and elsewhere is another jewel in Tapscott's crown. The sextet do a poignant version of the standard, "I Remember Clifford" with some tasty trumpet, but it does feel a bit out of place with the high energy of the rest of this disc. Linda Hill provides another fine tune called, "Leland's Song", which has some memorable themes and go through some difficult alternating sections. Again, Tapscott's piano is a marvel of inventiveness as he weaves his way through different sections. Once again, we can thank the fine folks at Nimbus West for digging up another unheard gem from Horace Tapscott's treasure chest." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $12

HORACE TAPSCOTT - Vol. 2: Lighthouse '79 (NimbusWest 4046 ,USA) Never before released in any form! Part 2 of the amazing recording from pianist Horace Tapscott with Roberto Miranda and David Bryant basses, George Goldsmith drums and Tapscott's students Gary Bias alto sax & Reggie Bullen trumpet. The group plays one Tapscott original and a few standards. "Acirfa" opens this disc with some incredible, high flying piano and a burnin' bass solo. Tapscott's own "Niger's Theme" is a unique repeating melody which is solemn and haunting with some fine bowed bass featured. The old standard "Stella by Starlight" gets a fine, long reading with inspired solos from Gary Bias on alto sax, Tapscott on piano and one of the bassists. Billy Strayhorn's classic "Lush Life" also gets a heart warming rendition with some superb piano from Tapscott. This disc ends with a song called "Inspiration of Silence", another fine piece with great a Monk-like melody. Horace Tapscott was an incredible pianist, bandleader and composer. Both of these 'Lighthouse '79' discs show ample proof of his of his wonderful pianistic skills. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $12

Short list of great records we recently re-stocked or found extra copies sitting around:

PETER BROTZMANN / HEATHER LEIGH - Ears are Filled with Wonder (Not Two 940 ,Poland)
DEFIBRILLATOR & PETER BROTZMANN - Conversations About Not Eating Meat (Border of Silence 001 ,Switzerland)
JOHN BUTCHER / THOMAS LEHN / MATTHEW SHIPP - Tangle [Limited Edition of 500] (Fataka ,UK)
HANS REICHEL - Bonobo (CvsD 034 / FMP 280 ,USA)
HANS REICHEL - Wichlinghauser Blues: Guitar Solo (CvsD 033 / FMP 150 ,USA)

SEXMOB With STEVEN BERNSTEIN / BRIGGAN KRAUSS / TONY SCHERR / KENNY WOLLESEN - Cultural Capitol [LTD Edition / DMG Exclusive] (Rex Records 001 ,USA)
LP Section:

ENNIO MORRICONE - L'Alibi (Dagored 242; Italy) Dagored present a reissue of Ennio Morricone's soundtrack for the 1969 film L'Alibi. Written and directed by and starring Vittorio Gassman, Adolfo Celi, and Luciano Lucignani, L'Alibi is a 1969 comedy drama about a trio of friends who reunite after many years apart. The score brims with '60s cool, lots of cheerful tunes, pop arrangements, lounge jazz, and dazzling vocals, all of them featuring that unmistakable Morricone air. It's light music that is highly entertaining, listenable throughout, and full of delightful little touches. "Canzone Della Libertà'" is an unusual piece performed by the legendary Sergio Endrigo and the I Cantori Moderni Di Alessandro Alessandroni, which includes snippets from famous speeches about freedom; its moody, catchy main theme, with an unusual instrumentation and percussive accompaniment style, make a great combination. This marks the first time the complete score has appeared on vinyl. Green vinyl; Edition of 500.
LP $28

CRYS COLE & OREN AMBARCHI - Hotel Record (Black Truffle 029; Australia) Hotel Record is the second release from the duo/couple of crys cole and Oren Ambarchi, following on from Sonja Henies vei 31 (PLANAM 031LP, 2014). Where their debut recording presented a disquieting portrait of the erotic dimension of romantic intimacy, the follow-up continues to explore the pair's simultaneously musical and romantic relationship in a more subtle fashion, presenting four long-form pieces that touch on the variety of forms the life of this couple takes: as a musical duo, as a pair of travelers to exotic locations, as opponents in a game of cards... Each of the double LP's four sides presents a distinct sound-world, yet each manages to attain the same suspended, half-sleeping feeling, outlining a space where improbable combinations of the electronic and the acoustic, of extreme closeness and amorphous distance, occurring with the gentle insistence of a dream. The opening "Call Myself" calmly unfolds a fabric of long tones from electronic organ and guitar, combining the sliding, aleatoric effects of classic David Behrman with a more hands-on feel. Over the top of this slowly shifting tonal bed, cole's voice mutters unintelligibly into a Buchla synth, teasing the listener by suggesting a meaning that remains always out of the ear's reach. "Francis Debacle (Uno)" builds on the foundations of a heavily amplified session of the titular card game, overlaying vocal murmurs and exhalations and mysterious room-sounds to create an impossible aural environment. On "Burrata", a palette of vintage 1980s digital synthesizer sounds combined with guitars create an irregular texture of lush chords and bubbling melodic details, into which cole's voice processed by a vocoder, is interwoven, reading fragments of romantic correspondence. Finally, on "Pad Phet Gob", field recordings made in Thailand become an ambiguously acoustic/electronic rainforest, eventually giving way to a mysterious, wavering electronic tone-field punctuated by sibilant, popping mouth-sounds. Carving out an intimate and human sonic space across a diverse array of compositional approaches, sound sources, fidelities, and textures, Hotel Record is the latest dispatch from the continuing explorations of a unique duo. Ambarchi and cole reimagine electro-acoustic music, not simply as "abstract" sound, but as a diary, a love poem, a dream.
2 LP Set $30

DISSECTING TABLE - Zigoku (Nihilist Records 083; USA) "25th Anniversary reissue of Zigoku. Ichiro Tsuji is the brainchild behind Dissecting Table, who released his first 7" in 1986, and has been extremely proficient ever since. Essential Japanese industrial album, which was released in 1992 on CD only. Part horror movie soundtrack, part bombastic industrial. Edition of 300 copies black vinyl.
LP $21

CATHY BERBERIAN - Pop Art (Vinyl Ermitage 1303; Italy) Cathy Berberian turned toward this repertoire critically, but with love. And even if she maintained a certain dose of ironic distance, she never stooped to parody. It would be a mistake to think she had any similarity to Paolo Poli in La Nemica. She had a repertoire to explore according to the instructions of Proust, and she explored it with the same devotion that she had applied to the music of Berio or Bussotti. In this recital she explores the most varied vocal territories: from traditional songs to Berio and to . . . The Beatles. In addition to compositions by Kurt Weill, William Walton, and herself. In this labyrinthine voice is a release for all vocals lovers.
LP $20


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for September of 2017


FRIDAY SEPT 15—URI CAINE TRIO: Uri Caine (piano) Mark Helias (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)
SATURDAY SEPT 16—DUO: Uri Caine (piano) Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet)

9/15 Friday
830 pm - Jane Ira Bloom (soprano sax) Denman Maroney (piano) Michael Sarin (drums); Mark Dresser (bass, compositions)

9/16 Saturday
830 pm - Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoisseur (piano) Ned Rothenber (reeds) Mark Dresser (bass)

9/17 Sunday
830 pm - Hafez Modirzadeh (reeds) Diane Moser (piano) Vijay Anderson (drums) Mark Dresser (bass); Compositions by all the players.

9/18 Monday
830 pm - Sehnaoui/Atoui/Sharp/Chase/Coltun - Sharif Sehnaoui (guitar) Jad Atoui (electronics) Eliott Sharp (guitar) Brian Chase (drums) Michael Coltun (bass); A rare improv set with Eliott Sharp, Jad Atoui, Brian Chase, Michael Coltun and Sharif Sehnaoui, virtuoso guitarist and founder of “Irtijal” the oldest music festival in Beirut.


9/19 Tuesday
830 pm - Julian Lage (guitar) & Chris Eldridge (guitar)

9/20 Wednesday
830 pm - SOLO - Julian Lage (guitar)

9/21 Thursday
830 pm - Julian Lage (guitar) and Bill Frisell (guitar)

FRIDAY SEPT 22—Shakuhachi Summit with Riley Lee, Ralph Samuelson and Ned Rothenberg (shakuhachi flutes): including Rothenberg's compositions Arbor Vitae for shakuhachi and clarinet, Stand in Turn, for 1.8,2.4 and 2.7 shakuhachi trio and Cloud Hands, for 2.4 duo.
SATURDAY SEPT 23—Kudzu Oshitashi (guitar, daxophone) Shoko Nagai (piano, accordion) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion) Ned Rothenberg (woodwinds)

9/22 Friday
830 pm 0 Julian Lage (guitar), Jorge Roeder (bass) & Dave King (drums)

9/23 Saturday
8:30 pm - Quartet with Scott Colley, Dave King, Chris Potter
Julian Lage (guitar) Scott Colley (bass) Dave King (drums) Chris Potter (sax)

9/24 Sunday
830 pm - Julian Lage (guitar) and Steve Swallow (bass)

9/25 Monday
830 pm - M2duO-20th anniversary - Machiko Ozawa (violin, composition) Makia Matsumura (piano, composition); The 2duO is a duo of two Japanese girls who graduated from Juilliard and Tokyo Gei Dai and have a passion for tango music. This concert celebrates their 20 years in NYC!

All Sets start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Sep 15
8:35PM MICHAËL ATTIAS QUINTET - Michaël Attias, alto sax; Ralph Alessi, trumpet; Aruàn Ortiz, piano; Sean Conly, bass; Francisco Mela, drums

Saturday Sep 16
8:35PM DAYNA STEPHENS QUARTET - Dayna Stephens, tenor sax; Philip Dizack, trumpet; Aidan Carroll, bass; Kendrick Scott, drums

Sunday Sep 17
Chico Pinheiro, guitar, voice; Helio Alves, piano; Eduardo Belo, bass; Ari Hoenig, drums

Tues Sept 19th:
8:00PM CAMILA MEZA & NOAM WIESENBERG - Camila Meza, voice, guitar; Noam Wiesenberg, bass
9:30PM PEREGRINOS - Rodrigo Recabarren, drums, percussion; Raimundo Santander, guitar

Wednesday Sep 20
6:00PM ANDRÉ CARVALHO GROUP - Oskar Stenmark, trumpet; Shai Golan, sax; Yago Vázquez, piano; André Carvalho, double bass; Rodrigo Recabarren, drums
8:01PM SPECIAL EFFECTS - Dan Tepfer, keyboards, laptop, piano; Ryan Keberle, trombone; Jorge Roeder, bass

Thursday Sep 21
8:01PM SPECIAL EFFECTS - Dan Tepfer, keyboards, laptop, piano; Ryan Keberle, trombone; Jorge Roeder, bass

Friday Sep 22
Erica Mapp; Barbara Newsome; Peter Blaxill; Anthony Moscini
8:35PM GEORGE GARZONE TRIO - George Garzone, tenor sax; John Lockwood, bass; Francesco Mela, drums

Saturday Sep 23
6:00PM ZERO POINT FEAT. MANABU KITADA - Daniel Carter, reeds, trumpet, piano; Marius Duboule, electric guitar; Michael Bates, bass; Deric Dickens, drums; Manabu Kitada, clarinet, bass clarinet; James Carney, piano8:35PM GEORGE GARZONE FRINGE DUO - George Garzone, tenor sax; Bob Gullotti, dance

Sunday Sep 24
8:00PM ELV TRIO - Elias Stemeseder, piano; Jeonglim Yang, bass; Vinnie
9:30PM LIPPI/MINAIE/PILC - Jean-Michel Pilc, piano; Sam Minaie, bass; Jerad Lippi, drums


I-Beam Presents:

Thursday, September 21st 8:30 PM
8:30PM Mara Rosenbloom Trio (w/ special guest Michael Wimberly)
Sean Conly Bass
Michael Wimberly Drums
Mara Rosenbloom Piano & Composition
9:30PM Sean Conly Trio
Michael Attias Alto Saxophone
Jeff Davis Drums
Sean Conly Bass & Composition

Friday, September 22nd 8:30 PM $15 Suggested Donation
Javier Moreno: Bass and compositions
Michael Attias: Alto sax
Hery Paz: Tenor Sax, clarinet, flute
Santiago Leibson: Piano
Eden Bareket: Bass Clarinet, baritone Sax

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.


* New Revolution Arts

Saturday, September 16
8 pm--Devin Gray, Matt Nelson, Henry Fraser
8:30 pm--Lindsey Wilson and the Human Hearts Trio with special guest Daniel Carter
9 pm--Dan Kurfirst, Ras Moshe, Alexis Marcelo, On Kaa Davis, Nick Lyons, Jochem van Dijk
9:30 pm--Jamara Wakefield
10 pm--Aimee Allen & Francois Moutin

New Revolution Arts
7 Stanhope Street
Brooklyn (Bushwick)
J/M/L Trains
B38/B52/B54/B60/Q24 Buses

* New Revolution Arts is run by Cisco Bradley and this series is one of the best things happening in Bushwick as far as being a home for Creative Music and other Arts. This will be the last one in a series which will take a break for a while or perhaps forever, it still has to be determined. I urge you to check it out. thanks, BLG at DMG


Thursday, September 21st at Zurcher Gallery at 8pm:


Zürcher Gallery
33 Bleecker Street, just east of Lafayette
Tel: 212-777-0790


Ars Nova Workshop presents:

Saturday, September 16 - 8:00pm
with Tom Rainey, drums; Mary Halvorson, el. guitar; and Ingrid Laubrock, saxophones

Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 S. 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA
$20 General Admission

Ars Nova Workshop is pleased to present the return of the Tom Rainey Trio, led by the in-demand drummer and featuring two of the leading voices in modern jazz, guitarist Mary Halvorson and saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock.