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DMG Newsletter for July, 21, 2017

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Hot and Steamy or Cool and Dreamy,
Will Creative Music Save us from Alternative Facts?!?
Let’s Find Out…
Check Out New Music from:

Tyshawn Sorey / Cory Smythe / Chris Tordini! Simon Nabatov / Max Johnson / Michael Sarin!
Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan! Noah Kaplan / Joe Morris QT! Rarities from Einstein Records: Jim Staley With John Zorn, Joey Baron, William Parker, Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp, Shelley Hirsch,

The Long Lost KMB Jazz Label Sale: Joe Morris Solo! Sabir Mateen & William Hooker! Ideal Bread! Matt Lavelle & Ras Moshe! Super-Rare New Unplayed Vinyl from: Polly Bradfield & Eugene Chadbourne! Don Cherry & Krzysztof Penderecki! Michael Garrick Quartet! Half Japanese! Dollar Brand! Robin Holcomb and Butch Morris!



Sunday, July 23rd:

Sunday, July 30th:
6pm: PABLO DIAZ and PAULA SHOCRON - From the Argentinian Underground - New CD on HATology!
7pm: JESSE DULMAN - Solo Tuba

Sunday, August 6th:

Sunday, August 20th:

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy

TYSHAWN SOREY With CORY SMYTHE / CHRIS TORDINI - Verisimilitude (Pi Records 70; USA) Featuring Tyshawn Sorey on drums, percussion and composition, Cory Smythe on piano, toy piano & electronics and Chris Tordini on bass. Master drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Tyshawn Sorey has come a long way in a short amount of time. Each of his previous five discs as a leader has shown him to be an ever-evolving composer, too diverse to pin to any one style, idea or school. Plus Mr. Sorey is an ever in-demand drummer who has numerous collaborations going on simultaneously: Roscoe Mitchell, John Zorn and Steve Coleman, to name a few.
‘Versimilitude’ refers to the appearance of being true, not the truth itself but what we think is or might be the truth. Considering the proliferation of “fake news” (or untruths), this is something many of us are often bombarded with. “Cascade in Slow Motion” is filled with suspense and subtle tension. “Obsidian” sounds like planets revolving and resonating mysteriously. Sorey plays mallets masterfully on his toms, the piano sounds like it is being played at the bottom of the ocean (similar to Hugh Hopper’s “1983” on Soft Machine ’Six’. “Contemplating Tranquility”, the final piece, is sparse, spacious and filled with suspense-filled silence. I know that Mr. Sorey is a fan of New York School minimalist composer Morton Feldman and this piece deals with the same sense of austere, cautious, tranquility. It seems as if we have entered a calm, dreamworld, where time (or perhaps anxiety) has slowed down to a delicate crawl. Like a number of Downtown’s best musicians and composers, Tyshawn Sorey continues to refine his vision/palette with each release worthy of thoughtful scrutiny. I hear more ideas and connections with each listen. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

SIMON NABATOV / MAX JOHNSON / MICHAEL SARIN - Free Reservoir (Leo 800; UK) Featuring Simon Nabatov on piano, Max Johnson on contrabass and Michael Sarin on drums. Russian jazz pianist, Simon Nabatov, keeps busy playing and recording in solos, duos, trios and larger groups with some more then three dozen discs over the past decade or so, many of the Leo label. I’ve caught Mr. Nabatov play solo on a couple of occasions but his trios are something else - dig these two participants: Mark Helias & Tom Rainey or Ernst Reijseger and Michael Vatcher. For this disc Nabatov picked two of Downtown’s best: Max Johnson on bass and Michael Sarin on drums. Ever busy bassist, Max Johnson, also leads several bands and collaborations with: Kirk Knuffke, Chris Pitsiokos and a recent quartet with Susan Alcorn, Kris Davis and Mike Pride. Drum great, Michael Sarin, you no doubt know from his work in the Thomas Chapin Trio and bands of Dave Douglas, Mario Pavone and Erik Friedlander.
Right from the opening salvo, there seems to be some tight, intense spirits flowing. It sounds as if a tidal wave has been unleashed with several currents or waves crashing one upon another. Mr. Nabatov sounds like he has a theme in mind that he is tapping into as the he certain currents rise and fall, erupt and then sail down to just skeletal bass & drums sections. You can tell that there is some serious listening and reacting going on as the trio works their way through various tight currents or connections. “Maracatu Askew” sounds like an avant-funk tune of sorts and has an infectious groove, outlined by that greasy cowbell. “Tap Dance Inferno” erupts with some incredible blistered, bent bass and explosive drum interaction with some intense inside-the-piano tapestry entering as well. The last piece, “Short Story Long”, is one of those free pieces that really works since it flows so organically from section to section. There is some incredible tight, spirited interplay here which keeps shifting as it evolves. The more I listened to this disc the more fascinating exchange of ideas I heard going on. Time to listen again. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $15

BILL FRISELL / THOMAS MORGAN - Small Town (ECM 2525; Germany) “’Small Town’ presents guitarist Bill Frisell and bassist Thomas Morgan in a program of duets, the poetic chemistry of their playing captured live at New York’s hallowed Village Vanguard. Frisell made his debut as a leader for ECM in 1983 with the similarly intimate In Line. The guitarist’s rich history with the label also includes multiple recordings by his iconic cooperative trio with Paul Motian and Joe Lovano, culminating in Time and Time Again in 2007. Small Town begins with a tribute to Motian in the form of a searching, 11-minute interpretation of the late drummer’s composition “It Should’ve Happened a Long Time Ago,” the duo’s counterpoint yielding a hushed power. Morgan has appeared on several ECM albums of late, as bassist of choice for Tomasz Stanko, Jakob Bro, David Virelles, Giovanni Guidi and Masabumi Kikuchi. Small Town sees Frisell and Morgan pay homage to jazz elder Lee Konitz with his “Subconscious Lee,” and there are several country/blues-accented Frisell originals, including the hauntingly melodic title track. The duo caps the set with an inimitable treatment of John Barry’s famous James Bond theme “Goldfinger.”
CD $18 (In stock shortly)

NOAH KAPLAN QUARTET With JOE MORRIS / GIACOMO MEREGA / JASON NAZARY - Cluster Swerve (Hatology 716; Switzerland) “Saxophonist Noah Kaplan's second album for the Switzerland-based hatOLOGY label equates to a six-year gap, following his debut, Descendants (2011). But the artist has been productive by pushing the envelope via his multi-purposed activities with various ensembles amid his status as a PhD candidate in Music Composition at prestigious Princeton University. He skirts the free-zone here, along with revered improvising guitarist Joe Morris.
During Kaplan's studies at the New England Conservatory he learned some broad concepts under Joe Maneri, who was a significant and influential mentor to many new school type thinkers. With his quartet, Kaplan conveys his enviable chops but as one might anticipate, it's not solely about showmanship or technical gymnastics here.
The musicians show restraint and mix it up with several well-timed powerplays throughout the production. The leader occasionally squelches his notes within a series of dizzying solos and numerous reconstruction efforts, yet moderates the mutable flows with either forceful aplomb or subliminally stated melodic content.
"Entzauberung" is infused with drummer Jason Nazary's chiseled electronics effects, meshing with his steady hits, and paired with bassist Giacomo Merega's punctuated lines, followed by Kaplan's ravenous phrasings. Otherwise, the saxophonist cleverly merges the old with the new on the jazz standard "Body and Soul," as he reconfigures the famous theme into sub- components along with Morris' delicate plucking, leading to some dissonant choruses and compelling contrasts. They even sink the melodies into subterranean depths, creating an off-centered variation and dreamy interlude. Moreover, "Virago (blues)" is a slanted spin on Americana. It's airy, unrestricted and highlighted by Morris' nimble and speedy solo, accelerated by Kaplan's emphatic, vibrato-tinged notes.
On the final and lengthiest track "Exheaval," the quartet executes an intense blowout, so to speak. Although, they inject a few quiet moments into the grand schema with a consortium of mini-motifs and regenerative improvisational segments. No doubt, Kaplan's provocative compositional pen and the musicians' telepathic communications only add to the intriguing story-lines and multifarious frameworks exercised throughout.” - Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz
CD $15

Recent Clean Feed CD’s Highly Recommended by Yours Truly:

NATE WOOLEY With CHRIS PITSIOKOS / BRANDON LOPEZ / DRE HOCEVAR - Knknighgh - Minimal Poetry for Aram Saroyan (Clean Feed 434; Portugal) Personnel: Nate Wooley - trumpet, Chris Pitsiokos - alto sax, Brandon Lopez - bass and Dré Hočevar - drums. I’ve played this disc several times over the past week and I am still astonished at how extraordinary it is. The notes on this disc provided by Clean Feed mention that this date/group is a free/jazz quartet but there appears to be much more going on than being free. All four members of this new quartet come varied backgrounds and seem to know their avant/jazz history. The first track, “Knknighgh 3”, starts off with a short, tightly-wound written theme. Both Nate Wooley on trumpet and Chris Pitsiokos on alto sax start to exchange, quick, focused inter-connected lines, from quiet to explosive interplay as the rhythm team also responds with subtle yet intricate dialogue. Mr. Wooley and Mr. Pitsiokos are an amazing match, often responding to each other in a rapid fire pace, yet slowing down to equally impressive swirling lines, like bees buzzing around a highly active hive. The last time I played this disc in the store earlier this week, the main comparison I could think of was the ground-breaking Anthony Braxton Quartet from 1974 or 1975. It is that fresh in sound, not too bad for a debut disc! Each piece begins with a short written theme helping to focus of solidify the quartet’s sound and then they take off for a series of breath-taking exchanges. No doubt that this is the CD of the week, month or….?!? - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

MIND GAMES With ANGELIKA NIESCIER / DENMAN MARONEY / JAMES ILGENFRITZ / ANDREW DRURY - Ephemera Obscura (Clean Feed 432; Portugal) Mind Games features Swiss saxist Angelika Niescier with three of Downtown’s best: Denman Maroney on hyper-piano, James Ilgenfritz on contrabass and Andrew Drury on drums. Last year (2016), Intakt released the debut disc from saxist/composer Angelika Niescier, someone I hadn’t heard of previously aside from an obscure Denman Maroney Quartet disc on the OutNow label. Ms. Niescier’s debut on Intakt featured an impressive quintet with three Downtowners and was one of last year’s under-recognized treasures. Once again, Ms. Niescier has organized a quartet of Downtowners: Denman Maroney, James Ilgenfritz and Andrew Drury. Everyone in the quartet contributed 1 or 2 pieces plus we get a few group improvs. Since all of the members have different backgrounds or styles, this makes for a diverse and demanding disc. Mr. Ilgenfritz’s “Harkinish” has that tight Braxtonian opening theme with intricate lines for sax and piano to work their way through with the rhythm section also providing a maze to maneuver through. Mr. Maroney’s “Selonica” has a charming, slightly twisted Monkish melody that is infectious in its positive vibes. Ms. Niescier plays a wonderful Lee Konitz-like solo on this song, another delightful highlight. The quartet does a fine job of pushing each other and shaping their improvs on the freer pieces with different interactions going on different levels. Ms. Niescier’s warm tone and quick flurries show her to be somewhere in between cool and freer scenes or schools. It will take some time to absorb all of the great playing and ideas found within this disc so please give it a serious listen. Another jewel from the vast Clean Feed treasure chest. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

Rare Restocks:

JIM STALEY / JOEY BARON / WILLIAM PARKER - Scattered Thoughts (Einstein 020) ‘Scattered Thoughts’ is what happens when trombonist Jim Staley teams up with two of the biggest names in avant-jazz: William Parker and Joey Baron. Jim Staley is a trombonist occupying a unique position among the downtown New York scene. Besides performing and recording with such innovators as John Zorn, Elliot Sharp, Ikue Mori, and Shelley Hirsh, Staley is the driving force behind Roulette - the performance space in lower Manhattan that he founded and runs. A crossroads for all things experimental - modern classical, avant jazz, electronic music, etc - Roulette has been home to NYC and international experimentation for over 30 years. Nowhere is the diversity of Staley's curation and aesthetics more poignant than in the diversity of his playing - crossing genres freely between modern classical and avant-garde jazz with spectacular technique ranging from delicate to playful to brutally powerful. A bi-yearly tradition, Staley teams up with other staples of the Roulette community, with the 2008/09 season performances including collaborations with William Parker and Joey Baron. Disc One pairs Jim Staley with bassist William Parker for the performance of Six Mutes Dancing in the Fog, a composition by Parker recorded live at Roulette on April 11th, 2009. Fragmented snippets of radio intermingle with bursts of muted trombone and somber melodic bass licks. For two of the most virtuosic performers in New York, this performance is exquisitely delicate and evocative. Disc Two contains a series of improvisations by Staley and percussionist Joey Baron recorded at Roulette on December 14th 2008. Baron and Staley alternate solo and duo improvisations for an explosive 6 track CD.
2 CD Set $18

JIM STALEY With FRED FRITH / JOHN ZORN / WAYNE HORVITZ / ELLIOTT SHARP / SHELLEY HIRSCH / BILL FRISELL / IKUE MORI / SAMM BENNETT - Mumbo Jumbo (Einstein 019; USA) From 1986. Jim Staley & Co. conjure up " art damage, all trios, with Staley's expressive trombone as the common denominator", (Bill Tilland, Option Magazine). Featuring the improvisational talents of Elliot Sharp, Wayne Horvitz, Shelly Hirsch, Samm Bennet, Ikue Mori, Bill Frisell, Fred Frith & John Zorn. The result of a philosophy that wishes to extend the development of intuition from the matter of spontaneous musical decisions to the initial choice of the musicians themselves, Mumbo Jumbo explores the nature of improvisation.
2 CD Set $18

JIM STALEY With FRED FRITH / JOHN ZORN / WAYNE HORVITZ / ELLIOTT SHARP / SHELLEY HIRSCH / BILL FRISELL / IKUE MORI / SAMM BENNETT - Mumbo Jumbo (Einstein 019; USA) From 1986. Jim Staley & Co. conjure up " art damage, all trios, with Staley's expressive trombone as the common denominator", (Bill Tilland, Option Magazine). Featuring the improvisational talents of Elliot Sharp, Wayne Horvitz, Shelly Hirsch, Samm Bennet, Ikue Mori, Bill Frisell, Fred Frith & John Zorn. The result of a philosophy that wishes to extend the development of intuition from the matter of spontaneous musical decisions to the initial choice of the musicians themselves, Mumbo Jumbo explores the nature of improvisation.
2 LP Set $30 (covers slightly banged up & discolored but LPs are unplayed)

JIM STALEY with JOHN ZORN - OTB (Lumina 08; USA) Released 1984. Side A features Jim Staley on solo trombone and Side B features the duo: Jim Staley on trombone and John Zorn on alto sax, clarinet and game calls. Longtime founder of Roulette performance space, Jim Staley was/is an early member of the Downtown Scene. Mr. Staley is a gifted improviser who doesn’t sound like he was influenced the more inside traditions of jazz. His solo trombone improvs don’t quite sound like anyone else. The duo with John Zorn is something else: two young masters creating their own language together. At this point in time, Mr. Zorn was still playing game or bird calls and saxophone mouthpieces. A snapshot from another era. This album was never released on CD or as a Download. Just a few left - 7/20/17 - BLG
LP $25 (Still sealed, a half dozen left)

KMB Jazz Label Sale - Last Copies of this Great Limited Edition Label:
All of these discs are limited editions of 250 and all are numbered. Some of these are the last copies that exist. Here’s the deal, if you take all 9 of the below CDs, it will cost you $75. We only have 4 complete sets left so please don’t hesitate. All of these disc come highly recommended and you can read my reviews below…

JOE MORRIS - Atmo Sphere [LTD of 250 / numbered] (KMB Jazz 010; USA) Featuring Joe Morris on solo 5-string banjo and a 4-string banjouke, a ukulele with a drum resonator . This is rare, limited edition CD that I have never seen or heard of before now. It was recorded in March of 2008 in a studio in Guilford, CT. It was pretty rare for Mr. Morris to play banjo, although he did do this with a trio called Eloping with the Sun way back when and who reunited for a Joe Morris residency at The Stone in August of 2016. What I like about this disc is that Mr. Morris takes his time to explore the quieter side of reflective, acoustic music. Morris digs deep, speeding up, slowing down, picking up a theme and then embellishing it different lines. Notes slowly cascading or crisscrossing…. Although there is a calm center on the first few pieces, the tempo and intensity picks up as this discs evolves. There is balancing act going inhere between several opposites, ethnic sounding and more modern sounds, folky (somewhat familiar) themes and freer terrain as well. This might be one of the most low-key of all of Joe Morris’ many discs, so take some time to listen and let the soft ghosts out of the bottle into the air. The the tempo does pick up, the vibe starts to soar, the spirits sailing on the winds, the rapids becoming harder to navigate yet there is always something within to hold on to. Keep listening since eventually the fireworks will take place. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15 (last 10 copies left)

WILLIAM HOOKER & SABIR MATEEN - Dharma: Duets [LTD Edition of 250 / numbered] (KMBjazz 13; USA) Featuring William Hooker on drums & Sabir Mateen on alto & Tenors saxes, flute & clarinet. Recorded live in February of 2004. An immensely powerful duo performance from two downtown's best improvisers. A perfect of wits and extremes, well-recorded and with that in-your-face explosive intensity. William Hooker loved the challenge of one-on-one and here he is again kicking Sabir higher and higher. Reaching for the heavens and beyond! - BLG
CD $15 (last 5 copies left)

IDEAL BREAD [JOSH SINTON / KIRK KNUFFKE / REUBEN RADDING / TOMAS FUJIWARA]//STEVE LACY - Ideal Bread: Vol. 1 of The Music of Steve Lacy [LTD Edition of 250/numbered] (KMBjazz 15; USA) The Ideal Bread is a local quartet featuring Josh Sinton on baritone sax, Kirk Knuffle on trumpet, Reuben Radding on contrabass and Tomas Fujiwara on drums. "Ideal Bread" is also a tribute to the late saxist and composer Steve Lacy, with all eight pieces penned by Mr. Lacy. Since Steve Lacy only played the soprano sax for the length of his 50 year career, it is unusual to hear these pieces played on the baritone sax, from the other end of the sax's range/spectrum. "Trickles" opens and is the title piece from an old Black Saint Lacy Qt disc with Roswell Rudd on trombone. This piece is a bit tricky and is played at a relaxed pace with the bari sax playing some soft blusters of notes while the bass and drums play skeletally around him, the bass taking a long, calm solo during the second half, building into a powerful quartet conclusion. "Esteem" is again a title track from a rare Lacy album recorded in 1975 with his quintet and recently reissued on Atavistic. It is a most haunting work, with soft, dark harmonies for the dreamy bari sax, cautious trumpet, bowed bass and spacious mallets on the drums. I dig the way that Mr. Sinton stretches out his notes carefully on his bari sax, often playing with a hushed elegance. Reuben Radding's superb bowed bass is a perfect partner for both Josh's austere bari and Kirk's contemplative trumpet. "Capers" is yet another fine title piece from an out-of-print Lacy disc on Hat. The main theme has that Monkish oddball melody yet the quartet move into some strange free section in the middle with some ghosts floating in here and there. I am not sure where "Bud's Brother" is from, but it is a unique song with an odd structure. The sax and trumpet plays a series of quick, twisted lines together while the rhythm team plays tightly around them. When the bari sax finally gets a chance to erupt, the rhythm team spins faster and faster underneath. "Quirks" is another album title with an appropriately quirky structure. The theme is fractured and memorable while the mid-section if fast and furiously charged. "Kitty Malone" is a stunning yet calm work that goes back and forth between different dynamic sections. "The Uh Uh Uh" is taken from the 'Esteem' album and was originally dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. Trumpeter Kirk Knuffle takes a great, high-flying solo here while the rhythm section constantly shifts gears underneath. Considering the Steve Lacy is more known as a unique stylist on his soprano sax than as a composer, this CD presents eight of his compositions, all quite different and all challenging. A brilliant idea and very well done. - BLG
CD $10

EVIL EYE [JONATHAN MORITZ/NATE WOOLEY/MIKE PRIDE/KEN FILIANO] - Doin' It All For My Baby [LTD Edition of 250 / numbered] (KMBjazz 14; USA) This is the second disc from Evil Eye and the personnel still features Nate Wooley on trumpet, Jason Moritz on tenor sax, Ken Filiano on contrabass and Mike Pride on drums & vibes. Commencing with the near-punk energy of the first track, 2 & 1/2 minutes of intense, tight thrash jazz taken at quick pace. The second track is a sort of sluggish ballad that keeps changing tempos throughout, with Nate playing some fine muted trumpet. Each member except for Ken Filiano contributes compositions and each is challenging in their own ways. Ken's powerful contrabass is often featured on most of these pieces as he churns, pushes and probes and helps hold things together. Mike is featured on vibes on track 4 with Ken's fine bowed bass as Nate (on muted trumpet) and Jason provide dark harmonies for this most haunting piece. - BLG
CD $8

EYE CONTACT [MATT LAVELLE/MATT HEYNER/RYAN SAWYER] - War Rug [LTD Edition of 250/numbered](KMBjazz 06; USA) Featuring Matt Lavelle on trumpet & bass clarinet, Matt Heyner on bass and Ryan Sawyer on drums. Matt Lavelle is one the hippest cats I know and a defender of "free jazz". He argues with them jazz-snob knuckleheads that blow a lot of hot air and patronize close-minded critics like Stanley Grouch and listen to fake/jazz stations like WBGO and CD-101. I admire Matt Lavelle, because he practices what he preaches by living the life and playing the music he hears inside. Eye Contact is a particularly strong trio with Test & No Neck bassist Matt Heyner and mysterious drummer, Ryan Sawyer, who can be found on that great quartet date with Louie Belogenis & Tony Malaby. "Slave Graves" is pretty spooky with ritualistic percussion and ghost-like voices. This music has an earthy, organic quality, building from sparse space to burning focused freedom. Each piece evokes a different spirit or mood, many are filled with suspense and cosmic sounds that take us with them on a journey to the stars. What I dig about this is the way they have captured that fleeting moment in between different states of mind and body, when certain sounds and not just the notes free you from the routine of regular life that holds us all down. - BLG
CD $8

MATT LAVELLE - Cuica In The Third House [LTD Edition of 250/numbered] (KMBjazz 12; USA) This is the Matt Lavelle solo project with Matt on trumpet & bass clarinet as well as with everything else (vocals & percussion). A most delightful indulgence from our favorite local hipster, cool dude and jazzbo. Matt layers his trumpets, bass clarinets and voices to show his inner/outer world. Each piece comes with an explanation of the philosophy behind the music and words presented. I dig the way Matt layers the trumpet and bass clarinet into a new combination of sounds and harmonies. A most personal view of Matt Lavelle's world, up close and well transformed. - BLG
CD $8

MATT LAVELLE And MORCILLA With FRANCOIS GRILLOT - The Manifestation Drama [LTD Edition of 250/numbered](KMBjazz 18; USA) Featuring Matt Lavelle - trumpet, flugelhorn, bass clarinet & compositions, Andre Martinez - congas & cover paintings, Francois Grillot on bass and Chris Forbes on piano. Thanks to local photographer John Rogers, who took the pics here (, for introducing Matt to Ornette Coleman. Ornette has become a teacher and inspiration to Matt, the evidence is in the grooves. No doubt you know downtown bassist, Francois Grillot, from his work with Steve Swell, Marc Edwards and Michael Marcus. Both Francois and percussionist, Andre Martinez are members of the great Earth People ensemble. Pianist Chris Forbes also runs with the same crowd, has worked with Daniel Carter and other downtowners. Morcilla is a blood sausage which sounds fine if you are not a vegetarian. Their music is something else quite as fascinating to listen to. "god love sex" opens with a wonderful slow-burning quartet - bass clarinet, piano, acoustic bass and congas. Matt keeps getting better on bass clarinet as he reaches deeper into his soul to expose the muse within. After Matt's thoughtful solo, Chris takes off on the piano for the stratosphere with some inspired and intense free runs. Next Matt picks up the trumpet and explores the outer regions while the trio spins quickly underneath. "Synesthesia" begins with some exquisite, swirling piano and somber, lyrical bass clarinet. This followed by a short, lovely muted trumpet and conga duo that feels just right and is called "The Eternity Tree". The title track also simmers slowly with some haunting bass clarinet by Matt over some suspense-filled bowed bass and delicate piano and percussion. Completely sublime and quite lovely. "The Living Desire" has a most memorable, McCoyish melody played by Matt on bass clarinet and it had he humming along immediately. Chris Forbes' piano solo is just amazing on this fine piece as well. "OC DC BC" has a great, dark and repeating bass line with some inspired a great trumpet solo from Matt. As Matt Lavelle continues to mature as a musician and composer, his discs also get better and better. 'The Manifestation Drama' is filled with beauty, restraint and collective creativity. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $10 (Last 5 copies)

RAS MOSHE QUARTET With DAVE ROSS / SHAYNA DULBERGER / RASHID BAKR [CHARLES DOWNS] - Transcendence [LTD Edition of 250/numbered] (KMBjazz 07; USA) This the 7th disc as a leader from our good friend and local jazz historian, Ras Moshe, featuring Ras on tenor sax and flute, Dave Ross on guitar, Shayna Dulberger on contrabass and Rashid Bakr on drums. I am not familiar with the guitarist, Dave Ross, on this disc, but Ms. Dulberger has been playing with Ras for the last year and seems to be involved in a few other projects. Rashid Bakr is certainly one of downtown's best drummers, having played with Other Dimensions in Music and for Cecil Taylor. Recorded & mixed exactly 3 months ago today (January 4th of this year), with pieces by Ras, two by Dave and one by Shayna. The title piece opens this disc and has a fine jazz melody that is easy to remember, quite a bit straighter than most discs by Mr. Moshe. Dave Ross takes a most impressive, free guitar solo that is overflowing with ideas. Ras has matured through the years and has made a most impressive free/jazz quartet effort that sounds powerful and inspired throughout. "Sun Room" has a warm and sunny melody with Dave playing some strong, hypnotic chords that build as Ras takes a powerful tenor solo. "Flute Piece for Charles Lloyd" begins with everyone playing bells, cymbals and small percussion as Ras plays some somber flute. "All Flow" features a most haunting melody with a fine bass solo from Shayna, a superb tenor solo from Ras and superb swirling drums from Rashid. Considering that I hadn't heard of guitarist Dave Ross before this disc, I must admit that he is one the best avant/jazz guitarists I've heard in a while. Both he and Ras work so well together, swirling their lines of notes around one another in an amazing well-connected tapestry. Acoustic bassist, Shayna Dulberger, is another important new musician to watch, she takes a number amazing solos on this disc that show her to be a new force to be reckoned with. What more can I say about the great Rashid Bakr, except that he is sadly under-recorded and plays wonderfully throughout this entire great disc. An excellent offering, from beginning to the righteous end. - BLG
CD $8

TRIO CAVEAT [JONATHAN MORITZ/JAMES ILGENFRITZ/JOHN McLELLAN] - Compliments Of The Season [LTD Edition of 250/numbered] (KMBjazz 16; USA) Featuring Jonathan Moritz on tenor & soprano sax, James Ilgenfritz on bass and John McLellan on drums. This is the second disc by Trio Caveat, the personnel is the same and it is nice to have bassist James Ilgenfritz back with us since his move to San Diego to study with Mark Dresser. I still haven't heard much from saxist, Jonathan Moritz, but drummer John McLellan can be heard playing with the Maneri's, Joe McPhee, Keith Yaun and Daniel Carter. Although this disc was recorded in a studio in April of 2006, the song titles deal with a Christmas theme. "Open Gifts" is slow moving, cautious and free. "Sleigh Ride" also uses a minimum of notes, softly unfolding like wisps of smoke from cigarette sitting in an ashtray. James' contrabass is often at the center of the activity here and he has a strong though relaxed sound. Even more calm is Jonathan's sax that seems to unfurl is slow-motion with a warm, round and haunting tone. Patience is required to enjoy this music since it does take its time unfold, a few notes at a time. The thing that works best is that warm, wooden tone of the tenor sax, James' selective contrabass and John's minimal drums, all come from the same place and move together, cautiously through a ghost-like landscape. - BLG
CD $8

Rare Mostly Sealed or Unplayed Vinyl - Last Few Copies Found:

POLLY BRADFIELD With EUGENE CHADBOURNE - Torture Time: Live In Belgium April 2 1981, Pt 1 (Parachute 16; USA) Featuring Polly Bradfield on violin with toothbrush & comb and Eugene Chadbourne on guitar & balloons. Early Downtown improv weirdness at its best! Nobody played violin quite like Polly Bradfield (with a comb & toothbrush). Ms. Bradfield’s one and only solo offering, ’Solo Violin Improvisations’, remains the Holy Grail for avant violin explorations and after leaving us with a wheelbarrow filled with copies in 1991, she disappeared for good as did all of the copies we once had.
LP $20 (vinyl is unplayed but covers are pretty worn, a handful left)

LP $26

MICHAEL GARRICK QUARTET With PETER SHADE/PAUL HEMMINGS/BRIAN BARNES - Silhouette (Gearbox 1504; UK) Recorded live at the Music Room in the University of London, circa 1958. Never released before, Silhouette is a 1958 mono recording of great British pianist Michael Garrick's first ever band, an enterprising quartet comprised of Josephine Stahl (vocals), Paul Hemmings (bass), Brian Barnes (drums) and Peter Shade (vibraphone). Produced for release by Darrel Sheinman. Curated, analogue mastered and cut with care at Gearbox Studio.
LP $25

HALF JAPANESE - Music to Strip By (50 Skadillion Watts Half 2; USA) “Music To Strip By is all love, albeit furious, fumbled and furtive. If the cover is like a pubescent scrawl on a school notebook, then the blues music contained within is also a rule breaking scribble. 'Thick & Thin' is John Lee Hooker playing Etta James 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You', while 'Diary' might as well be Elvis' 'Trouble'. These songs are elevated and enervated by Jad's irascible but inspired lyrics. Lines like "write it in my diary what you did to me and leave it on the table for all to see", or "Her sister gave me heaven and her father gave me hell" from 'Point/Counterpoint' may seem simplistic or naïve but they paint a picture that you can complete in your own imagination. You provide the context, you make your own conclusions or provide your own punch lines. While you're doing it the band have hurled you headlong into the next song, ranging from the sleaze of 'Sex At Your Parents House' to the banal description of watching Terminator to the tune of Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues’.” - The
LP $20 (unplayed promo copies with a cut corner)

ROBIN HOLCOMB With MARTY EHRLICH/DOUG WIESELMAN/WAYNE HORVITZ/DAVID HOFSTRA /BOBBY PREVITE - Larks, They Crazy (Sound Aspects 026; EEC) Actual 1st Holcomb album (pre-Nonesuch/Elektra) is instrumental with Robin on piano except vocal on title track; w/ Wayne Horvitz (also prod.), Marty Ehrlich, Robert [Bobby] Previte, Dave Hofstra, Doug Wieselman. "A graduate of the University of Santa Cruz, Robin moved to New York with her husband, Wayne Horvitz, and co-founded Studio Henry ca. 1980, a performance outlet where she gave poetry readings and concerts. She also wrote big band pieces for the New York Composers Orchestra, which she co-founded with Horvitz. This recording marks a venture into composed and improvised creative music for Holcomb. Her musical ideas are for the most part solemnly focused, but there is a big difference in the approach, which is much more expansive and developmental. While her acoustic piano playing is center stage, she is surrounded by some brilliant improvisers, including multi-reedists Marty Ehrlich and Doug Wieselman, electric keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, tubaist/bassist David Hofstra, and drummer Bobby Previte. High drama is the basis for Holcomb's 11 compositions, only one of which she vocalizes on. At its most extreme, "Silence in the Square" is hardly quiet, with wistful piano and Horvitz's keyboard dementia contrasting pining dirge horns. "Continuity" has so many elements that it's difficult to describe the myriad of motifs present in the song's four-and-a-half minutes. Wieselman's ribald clarinet and Ehrlich's alto glide over march drums and tuba on "Dixie," which is entertaining and funny. The most intricate piece, "Thirds," goes from peaceful to squeaky to reverential, and the hilariously titled "Larks, They Crazy" features Holcomb's raspy vocal, a free mezzo piano section, and religious overtones. "The Natural World," with its slow, heavy piano in a funeral setting, showcases Ehrlich's lush soprano and Wieselman's soulful tenor. Holcomb's piano is more prominent on the Kurt Weill-like intro to "Tala/Davenport," with tuba oom-pah-pah leading to minimalistic piano and deeper bass clarinet motions by Ehrlich. Holcomb adopts a Cecil Taylor stance for her wild solo during "March," a hard-swinging, full-bodied ensemble chart, and goes it alone on the delicate "Solo." The first piece, "New," is perhaps her definitive work, featuring a challenging mix of call-and-response horns, swing rhythms, and an Irish/Scottish flavor. Graced by some truly ambitious music, this project deserves a lot of attention" - Michael G Nastos, AMG
LP $20 (Last handful of sealed copies)

LAWRENCE 'BUTCH' MORRIS With CURTIS CLARK/J A DEANE/VINCENT CHANCEY/SHELLY HIRSCH /PIERRE DORGE/DAVID WEINSTEIN / et al - Homeing (Sound Aspects 4015; EEC) Early and essential Butch Morris Conduction featuring a stellar cast: Butch Morris - cornet, J.A. Deane - trombone, electronics, Vincent Chancey - French horn, Daniel Werts - oboe, Shelley Hirsch - voice, David Weinstein - electronics, Jason Hwang - violin, Pierre Dørge - guitar, Eli Fountain - vibraphone, Curtis Clark - piano, Jean-Jacques Avenel - bass and Oliver Johnson - drums.
CD $20

ABDULLAH IBRAHIM [DOLLAR BRAND] With BEA BENJAMIN - Boswil Concert 1973 (SAKB 473; Switzerland) SUPER-RARE 60-minute album from pianist Dollar Brand [solo flute for the 5 minute cut 'Air'] Brand's vocalist wife Bea Benjamin joins him for a 16 minute song medley, otherwise the rest of the album is completely solo piano. This is a Swiss-only LP, never released on CD. Some young guy comes in off the street and leaves us with a handful of copies of this delightful treasure. It starts with a great flute solo from the great Abdullah Ibrahim, formerly known as Dollar Brand. This is followed by a gorgeous Duke Ellington medley sung by Ibrahim's wife, the great jazz singer Bea Benjamin. Poignant, stunning versions of "Sophisticated Lady" and "Come Sunday", as well as "Motherless Child", a traditional gem done with tender grace. The rest of this disc features a long (40 minutes) medley of original solo piano songs inspired by Ibrahim's homeland in South Africa. Abdullah Ibrahim presents a handful of heartfelt melodies, drawing from a variety of sources, like gospel, South African grooves, exquisite flourishes, each one grand, tasty, touching and directly from the heart and soul. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
LP $20

More Rare Vinyl:

CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - Arpeggiated Bosendorfer Falsetto Voice (Alga Marghen 155; Italy) In 1974, Ileana Sonnabend commissioned Charlemagne Palestine to create a limited edition, double LP in conjunction with a performance to celebrate the opening of her new Soho gallery at 420 West Broadway. Charlemagne made several recording attempts, first at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania where they had a Bösendorfer Imperial Piano in their theater. He recorded "Bösendorfer Voice", "Voice Piece" as well as some Bösendorfer tests, with Mayo Thompson as producer and Kurt Munkacsi as sound engineer. These ecstatic Swarthmore recordings, recorded late at night in the big empty theater space, represented the original elements on which Charlemagne Palestine later created the piano pieces for Four Manifestations on Six Elements (ALGAMARS 004LP, MAGNE 008LP). For more than 40 years since these recordings were made, Palestine never went back to listen to them, but recently on re-listening to these Swarthmore recordings with Alga Marghen, he found several blissful, arpeggiated piano and falsetto voice studies which he feels now deserve to be heard. Included in the Alga Marghen VocSon series, this LP of two previously unreleased 1974 recordings finally see the light of day. Edition of 405.
LP $25

JOHN BUTCHER - Resonant Spaces (Blume 006LP; Italy) Blume present the first vinyl issue of John Butcher's Resonant Spaces, originally released on CD in 2008. More than a half century into its development, free improvisation remains nearly impossible to define. Of course there are concrete definitions, canons, and well-trod paths -- familiar idioms, structures, relationships, textures, and tones, but by its very nature -- something free, when practiced with faith, it is elusive, constantly shifting, and reforming in the hands of those who call the art form their own. Of the improvisers emerging from the remarkable European contexts over the last four decades, few demand the respect, or have plumbed the depths of the English saxophonist John Butcher. An entirely singular voice, since appearing on the scene during the late 1970s and early '80s, Butcher has continuously defied and shattered standing presumptions of his form. Exemplifying this, there may be no better example than a series of solo performances recorded on a lonely tour of remote areas of Scotland with Akio Susuki during 2006. Entitled Resonant Spaces, the album stands as one of his most ambitious, radical, and revelatory bodies of work. Across the '80s and '90s, he performed with the lion's share of Britain's leading lights: Derek Bailey, Phil Minton, John Russell, Phil Durrant, Steve Beresford, and countless others. It was during this period that he began to develop the trajectories for which he is often most recognized: solo performances, capitalizing on resonance, overtone, and space. Resonant Spaces is the fruit born of decades of work; a rare product of artistry, seeming to have simply appeared -- an organic disembodied form. Astounding on nearly every count -- miles from the social unrest from which this idiom was born -- an uncharted meditative realm -- a towering body of creativity and tone. Recorded in the wilds of Scotland against Neolithic standing stones, within an emptied oil storage tank, and caves, like all free improvisations, Resonant Spaces is a conversation, but one unlike others before. Where musicians working in ensembles and groups, shift, adapt, and respond to those with whom they share the stage, Butcher's conversation is with the unexpected responses of a given space and the returned transmogrified body of his creative self. A shimmering world of resonance, ambience, structure, and craft. Comes in full-color cover with printed inner sleeve housing a Nagaoka anti-static record sleeve; Includes original insert that functions as Obi; Blue-colored vinyl; Edition of 250.

STEVE REICH & ENSEMBLE MODERN & SYNERGY VOCALS - Music For 18 Musicians: Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo, Japan, May 21st, 2008 (Victory 14510LP; Italy) A stunning version of Steve Reich's masterpiece of musical minimalism Music For 18 Musicians (1974-1976), performed live at Tokyo Opera House in 2008 by Ensemble Modern and Synergy Vocals, featuring the composer as guest performer. LP housed in a deluxe die cut jacket with printed insert. In the 1960s, with Terry Riley and Philip Glass, Reich gave pulse back to experimental music. He discovered the tape-based techniques of looping and phasing, using recordings of fragments of speech, and then molecules of musical material.
" (...) When Steve Reich released Music For 18 Musicians (ECM, 1978), it was a consolidation and major leap forward in the pulse-based music that the minimalist progenitor had been exploring on earlier compositions including 'Four Organs' (1969), a piece that relied on nothing more than a six-note chord, yet was a near flat-out sonic assault. 18 Musicians was an altogether more complex and sophisticated work, with a broader textural palette based largely on tuned percussion -- piano, vibraphone, marimba and xylophone -- but also working with maracas, voice, strings, and clarinets to create a sweeping, hour-plus long suite that was hypnotic, melodic, and eminently accessible. With the mathematical precision by which its eleven sections and wrapping 'Pulses' develop, it's a demanding suite to play (...)" --John Kelman, All About Jazz, 2008
LP $25

GRATEFUL DEAD - It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN 1966-1968 - Volume 1: Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 11/19/66 (Go! Bop! 1005LP; Germany) A recording of a cult event: The Grateful Dead, live at the Fillmore Auditorium on November 19th, 1966. Recorded before their first album came out (1967), this record features three primeval versions of tunes from their debut record and eight goodies, standards and originals, that were not featured on any official studio and live recording up to 1970's Workingman's Dead. This recording brings you right there, on a magic night in November 1966, when psychedelic rock was still something fresh and exciting and the emerging hippie movement had not exploded yet. That came half a year later with the invasion of Haight-Ashbury. But these recordings are not only of historical importance, their musical value is amazing. The band smokes on stage throughout the performance. The sound is muggy for sure, but each instrument comes through as it should and the simmering duels of guitar and organ make your head swirl. This album will certainly make the young generation of '60s music aficionados go crazy. A new beautiful cover artwork and great overall sound quality restoration make this album a joyful experience. And be sure that something like this 17 minute version of "In The Midnight Hour" will have rarely hit your turntable. The overall atmosphere is just haunting. Even their official Live/Dead album (1969) doesn't reach this intensity.
LP $25

In Stock Next Week (Pre-orders taken now)

MIKE WESTBROOK CONCERT BAND With JOHN SURMAN/MIKE OSBORNE/KENNY WHEELER /MICHAEL GIBBS/HARRY MILLER / et al - Marching Song Volume 1 & Volume 2 Plus Bonus (Turtle; UK) Following the successful release on RPM of the Turtle Records box set in 2016, chronicling producer Peter Eden's early 1970's modern jazz label, we're pleased to announce a new series of modern jazz releases on the relaunched Turtle Records label. We begin with one of the most highly respected and collectable modern jazz figures today; composer, musician and band-leader Mike Westbrook. A pioneer of British Jazz since the early 1960s and still creating today. Our first release is a box set of Mike's 1969 work Marching Song. Underlining his collectable status, the original Deram LP of Marching Song is currently worth around £80. Ironically, the only previous CD reissue is just as expensive!Marching Song began as a one-off nine minute composition for a shelved album, recorded by Mike with a Sextet in 1966, previously unissued, it is included here as a bonus track on Disc 3. An expanded 15 piece Concert Band performance of the composition, by then developed into a 2 hour anti-war epic, first took place in 1967 at Plymouth's Athenaeum. The full piece was finally recorded in early 1969 and released by Decca Records in the UK on their Deram imprint on two separate single LP volumes. In 1970 the LPs were combined for a 2-LP release in the US. The recordings were produced by Peter Eden, then in the prime of his modern jazz producing tenure with Deram, capturing the cream of the British Jazz scene which had steadily risen from the mid 1960's onwards. This box set also features on Disc 3 both sides of a single produced by Peter of Mike's Concert Band with Norma Winstone for a one-off single in 1970, never before reissued. Two further bonus tracks are on disc 3, a 16 minute piece entitled 'When Young' and a ten minute piece called 'But It Must Get Better', both recorded as the Mike Westbrook Quartet in 1970, and previously unreleased. This box set of the two remastered Marching Song volumes, plus the bonus material mastered from the analogue tapes in Mike's archive, are packaged with a booklet containing rare photographs from the 60's live performances plus a major essay on Mike, and these compositions, by noted jazz critic and writer Duncan Heining. The recording career of Mike Westbrook between 1967-1975, with 12 albums released, is detailed in a major Record Collector magazine article by Colin Harper published in April 2017.
3 CD Set $25

SUN RA and His ARKESTRA - Thunder of the Gods (Modern Harmonic 21; EEC) A New Sun Ra LP touches ground in the earthly bins, 50 years after it's creation! Sun Ra is still trying to get our attention 50 years after dispatching this transmission. Humanity's path since then makes his message even more urgent today. Years after Herman Poole "LeSony'r Ra" Blount "left the planet" he's still trying to reach us, to wake us up and to change our destiny. Sun Ra and the Arkestra weren't a traditional studio band, and every star in the vast galaxy of their discography reflects this. The origins of these records can be hard to pinpoint at times, but when it comes to Thunder Of The Gods, it's a bit easier. "Calling Planet Earth - We'll Wait For You" was discovered on tapes from Ra's, Universe In Blue, believed to be recorded in '71. The raucous title track and "Moonshots Across the Sky" are unearthed from the '66 Strange Strings sessions. Modern Harmonic has once again paired Ra's sonic art with the visual art of "The Father of Modern Space Art," Chesley Bonestell, whose 1952 work "Formation of the Earth's Continents" sprawls across the front and back covers.
CD $16

PATTO With OLLIE HALSALL - Hold Your Fire: Expanded Edition (Esoteric 5043364; UK) Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the classic 1971 album Hold Your Fire by the legendary Patto. One of the truly great bands of the early 1970s, Patto featured a line-up comprising Mike Patto (vocals), Ollie Halsall (guitar, vibes, keyboards, vocals), Clive Griffiths (bass) and John Halsey (drums). The band arose from the ashes of the group Timebox and recorded their self-titled debut album in 1970. Patto were graced by the presence of the stunning guitar playing of Ollie Halsall and a highly original and unique musical style that set them aside from their progressive rock contemporaries of the era. Hold Your Fire was the band's second album and includes such classics as 'You, You Point Your Finger', 'Hold Your Fire' and 'Air Raid Shelter'. This Esoteric Recordings remastered and expanded edition has been fully sanctioned by all members of Patto and their representatives (for the first time ever) and is now a two CD set with thirteen bonus tracks including five out-takes from the album recording sessions (two previously unreleased) and eight previously unreleased BBC session recordings from 1971 including a legendary session for the BBC Radio One In Concert series in March 1971 (featuring guest guitarist Bernie Holland) and a session for Sounds of the Seventies from June 1971.
2 CD Set $23

GRATEFUL DEAD - Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Grateful Dead Records 557478 / WEA; USA) Digitally remastered and expanded deluxe 50th Anniversary two CD edition. Includes the original album remastered as well as the full unreleased show from P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 29th, 1966. Also includes four additional tracks from the subsequent night at same venue. Rock's longest, strangest trip, Grateful Dead, was the psychedelic era's most beloved musical ambassadors as well as it's most enduring survivors. They spread their message of peace, love, and mind-expansion across the globe throughout three decades.
This is the very first Grateful Dead (studio) album from 1967 and the original Dead members were not so happy with the results since they had so little time in the studios and were not used to the restrictive atmosphere. The first time I took a serious listen to this album was the summer of 1969 and one of the first times I ever got stoned. It completely blew my mind then and it has been my favorite Dead album ever since. Unlike their more popular records from 1970 (‘Workingman’s Dead’ & ‘American Beauty’) which were more laid back, roots rock, ‘Grateful Dead’ sounds like a band an uptempo, speedy/garage/psych band about to explode. Besides their rocking’ covers of blues tankards like “Sitting on Top of the World” and “Good Morning Little School Girl”, they did folk/rock chestnuts like “Cold Rain and Snow” (uptempo!) and “Morning Dew” (a staple throughout their life). My two favorites remain, “Cream Puff War”, which was the only song that Jerry Garcia wrote with no help from Robert Hunter and a long version of “Viola Lee Blues”, which starts out at a moderate pace and slowly accelerates until it nearly explodes. The second disc here contains 17 bonus tracks and captures them smokin’ live (in 1966) before that album was released. This is a must for psych/garage/blues/folk/rock fans that haven’t given the Grateful Dead the recognition they well deserved! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
2 CD Set $18


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for July of 2017


JULY 21—Vadim Neselovskyi plays John Zorn: Vadim Neselovskyi (piano)
JULY 22—Duos: Vadim Neselovskyi (piano) Sara Serpa (voice) Tammy Sheffer (voice) Dan Loomis (bass)

7/21 Friday
8:30 pm - Kevin Norton (drums, vibraphone, percussion) Erik Friedlander (cello) Peter Zummo (trombone)

7/22 Saturday
8:30 pm - Love for Connie: A Concert for the Memory of Connie Crothers = Kevin Norton (drums, vibraphone) Ken Filiano (bass) Jim Pugliese (drums, percussion); A tribute to Connie Crothers (1941–2016)

7/23 Sunday
8:30 pm - Kevin Norton (drums) Kazzrie Jaxen (piano, voice) Steve LaSpina (bass)


7/25 Tuesday
Peter Apfelbaum (piano) Daniel Moreno (percussion)

In collaboration with National Sawdust The Stone presents a series of World Premieres the last Wednesday of every month through 2017.
7pm at National Sawdust in Williamsburg. For details check - $25

7/26 Wednesday
830 pm - BI TYRANT with Peter Apfelbaum
Brittany Anjou (vox) Jackie Coleman (bass) Laura Cromwell (drums) special guest Peter Apfelbaum (saxophone)

ONE SET AT 8PM—ADMISSION FREE! = The Stone is proud to present music at Russ and Daughters Cafe at 127 Orchard Street the last Thursday of every month! Drop by for smoked fish, pickles and great music!

7/27 Thursday
830 pm - PETER APFELBAUM, AARON JOHNSTON with BILL LASWELL - Peter Apfelbaum (woodwinds, keyboards, percussion) Bill Laswell (bass) Aaron Johnston (drums)

JULY 28—Ken Vandermark (reeds) Joe McPhee (reeds, brass)
JULY 29—Ken Vandermark (reeds) C. Spencer Yeh (violin, voice, electronics)

7/28 Friday (
Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax, piano) Will Bernard (guitar) Brian Drye (trombone) Mike McGinnis (clarinet) Ellen Gronningen (violin) Devin Hoff (bass) Michael Sarin (drums)

7/29 Saturday
830 pm - PETER APFELBAUM, MARK GUILIANA & SAHR NGAUJAH - Peter Apfelbaum (woodwinds, keyboards, percussion) Sahr Ngaujah (vocals/spoken word) Mark Guiliana (drums, electronics)

7/30 Sunday
830 pm - PETER APFELBAUM & THE NEW YORK HIEROGLYPHICS - Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax, piano, percussion) Abdoulaye Diabate (vocals) Peck Allmond (trumpet, tenor sax, flute) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Josh Roseman (trombone) Natalie Cressman (trombone) Tony Jones (tenor sax) Norbert Stachel (baritone sax, flute) Charlie Burnham (violin) Will Bernard (guitar) Brad Jones (bass) JT Lewis (drums)

All Sets start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Jul 21
6:00PM DANIEL MERON TRIO - Daniel Meron, piano; Pablo Menares, upright bass; Felix Lecaros, drums
9:00PM & 10:30PM HUSH POINT - Jeremy Udden, alto sax; John McNeil, trumpet; Aryeh Kobrinsky, bass; Anthony Pinciotti, drums

Saturday Jul 22
6:00PM MARIUS DUBOULE TRIO - Marius Duboule, guitar; Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone; Billy Mintz, drums
9:00PM & 10:30PM THE CHOPIN PROJECT WITH NOAH PREMINGER & ROB GARCIA Noah Preminger, tenor sax; Nate Radley, guitar; Kim Cass, bass; Rob Garcia, drums

Sunday Jul 23
8:35PM DJANGO AT CORNELIA STREET, ANOUMAN - Peter Sparacino, saxophones; Koran Agan, guitar; Josh Kaye, guitar; Eduardo Belo, bass

Mon July 24
8:30PM OSCAR PEREZ SPECIAL QUINTET - Oscar Perez, piano; Anthony Perez, bass; Darrell Green, drums; Ted Chubb, trumpet; Bruce Williams, sax

Tuesday Jul 25
8:00PM SERGEJ AVANESOV QUARTET - Sergej Avanesov, tenor, soprano sax; tba, piano; Boris Kozlov, bass; Samvel Sarkisyan, drums
9:30PM JONATHAN SARAGA SEXTET - Jonathan Saraga, trumpet, flugelhorn, comp.; Remy Le Boeuf, alto sax; Jeff Miles, guitar; Julian Shore, piano; tba, bass; Kenneth Salters, drums

Wed July 26th:
6:00PM NICK BRUST AND NEW FIRE - Nick Brust, sax; Ben Eunson, guitar; Matt Clohesy, bass; Jay Sawyer, drums
8:00PM EUGENIA CHOE TRIO - Eugenia Choe, piano; Danny Weller, bass; Alex Wyatt, drums
9:30PM SONG YI JEON QUINTET - Song Yi Jeon, voice, comp.; Kenji Herbert, guitar; Vitor Gonçalves, piano; Matt Aronoff, bass; Jongkuk Kim, drums

Thursday Jul 27
8:00PM EMI MAKABE QUARTET - Vitor Gonçalves, piano, accordion; Thomas Morgan, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums; Emi Makabe, voice, shamisen, comp.
9:30PM TOMOKO OMURA ROOTS QUINTET - Tomoko Omura, violin, comp.; Jeff Miles, guitar; Glenn Zaleski, piano; Pablo Menares, bass; Jay Sawyer, drums

Friday Jul 28
6:00PM DONGFENG LIU TRIO - Dongfeng Liu, piano; John Benitez, bass; Francis Benitez, drums

Saturday Jul 29
9:00PM & 10:30PM BRIAN LANDRUS ORCHESTRA, CD RELEASE: GENERATIONS - Brian Landrus, baritone sax, bass clarinet; Igmar Thomas, trumpet; Alan Ferber, trombone; Brandee Younger, harp; Frank Carlberg, piano; Jay Anderson, bass; Billy Hart, drums

Sunday Jul 30
8:30PM 'CIRCLE OF COLLUSION' - Marty Ehrlich, alto sax; Michael Blake, tenor sax; Michael Bates, bass; Alex Ritz, drums
10:00PM JAKOB DREYER QUARTET - Jason Rigby, tenor sax; Vitor Goncalves, piano; Jakob Dreyer, bass; Jochen Rueckert, drums


Shapeshifter July, 2017:

Jul 21 -
7pm: Grant Stinnett

July 25
EMERGENCE Free Improvisation
7pm : Solo Piano ( special guests)
8.15pm: Piano & Flute Duo ( special guests)
Frédérique Trunk piano / Sylvain Leroux Flutes

July 27:
7:30 - Cassidy Andrews
8:15 - Akie Bermiss
9:00 - Jared Saltiel

July 28 -
Will Sacks double bill

July 30
7p - Andy Hunter
8:15p - The Billy Mintz Quintet
John Gross- tenor sax, Tony Malaby- tenor sax, Roberta Piket- piano and organ, Hilliard Greene- bass, Billy Mintz- Drums

Shapeshifter is located at
18 Whitwell Place in Brooklyn, NY
R train to Union stop


I-Beam Presents:

Friday, July 21st 8:30 PM
Jake Leckie Quartet
Jake K. Leckie – bass and compositions
Nathan Ellman-Bell – drums
Sebastien Ammann – piano
Kenny Warren – trumpet

Saturday, July 29th 8:30 PM
Sean Moran’s Sun Tiger
Sean Moran – Guitar
Hank Roberts – Cello
Vinnie Sperrazza – Drums

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.