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DMG Newsletter for June 9th, 2017

Bodo Skadeetandotten Wada Kachoo!

The Vision Fest was an Essential Gathering of Creative Music Making
And Community Building Connections and Vibrations!
Inspiration Burns Brightly and Sets our Spirits Aflame!
For those Hoping to Hold on to those Inner Spirits,
Check Out the Special Sounds from:

The Willem Breuker Boxes Have Finally Arrived! Steve Coleman’s Natal Eclipse! Tim Hagans & NDR Big Band Tribute to John Cassavetes! Gordon Grdina / Francois Houle / Benoit Delbecq Qt! Hear in Now: Mazz Swift / Tomeka Reid / Silvia Bolognesi! Leap of Faith Orchestra!

Four from Tani Tabbal! Evan Parker / Wolfgang Fuchs / Hans Koch / Louis Sclavis CD Rarity Returns! Four Books from Buddy’s Knife: Silent Solos! William Parker / Henry Grimes / Noah Howard / Roy Nathanson! Plus Essential Vinyl from Terry Riley! Faust! Had Fair & Kramer! Arve Henriksen and More..!


The Legend of Downtown Music Gallery on film! DMG turned 26 years this month! Check out our history:


Sunday, June 11th:
6pm: ITALIAN SODA: CODY PUTNAM / MOLLY PEASE / MILLER WREN / JACOB RICHARDS - Bassoon /Voice / Upright Bass / Drums & Electronics!
7pm: ROBBIE LEE / HAMPUS OHMAN-FROLUND - Woodwinds / Drums!

Sunday, June 18th:
6pm: KYLE MOTL & TREVOR DUNN - Bass Duo!
7pm: PAUL GIALLORENZO / JAIMIE BRANCH / ANTON HATWICH - Synth / Trumpet / Double Bass!

Monday, June 19th at THE STONE (NW corner of Ave C & 2nd St):
Bruce’s Birthday Celebration & Concert of Spiritual Jazz!
July, 2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the Passing of John Coltrane - We Embrace his Spirit /Music on This Night! Admission: $25 for both sets!

Sunday, June 25th:
6pm: THOMAS HEBERER / FRANK KARTOVSKY - European Trumpet & Sax Duo
7pm: JOHN McCOWEN - Solo B-flat & ContraBass Clarinet

Sunday July 2nd:
BRITT CIAMPA - Acoustic Bass / Sax / Drums!

Saturday, July 15th at DMG: Super Rare Solo Performance by:
6pm: HENRY KAISER - Solo Electric Guitar!

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Cosy


Our Second Batch of Willem Breuker Boxes are Now here and Shipping ASAP!

WILLEM BREUKER KOLLEKTIEF - Out of the Box [11 CD Set 84 page Book] (Bvhaast 12016; Netherlands) Discs: CD 01 - Big Chunks; CD 02 - Songs and More; CD 03: Plays and Movies; CD 04: Heibel / Fuss; CD 05:Strings - Zaanse Pegels; CD 06: Umea 1978; CD 07: Angouleme 1980; CD 8 & 9: Faust; CD 11: Happy End. Produced and compiled by Bernard Hunnekink and Arjen Gorter for BVHAAST and the Willem Breuker Foundation.
For over 45 years, Willem Breuker played a large part in the musical life of the Netherlands, as a musician, composer, arranger and organizer.
Between 1974 and 2012, the Willem Breuker Kollektief presented an adventurous and innovative mix of jazz, free improvisation, contemporary classical and theatre and circus music, often enlivened by a personal sense of humor.
From this huge body of work, original Kollektief members Arjen Gorter and Bernard Hunnekink have now compiled an anthology, to be found on these 11 beautifully remastered CD’s. Themes such as music for film, theatre and strings are featured, as well as songs and longer, more complex pieces. Many of the pieces presented here are either no longer available elsewhere, or are now released for the first time, including the complete sound track for the film Faust and the farewell concert Happy End. -
11 CD Set $90

STEVE COLEMAN’S NATAL ECLIPSE With JONATHAN FINLAYSON / MARIA GRAND / JEN SHYU / MATT MITCHELL / et al - Morphogenesis (Pi Records 69; USA) After organizing an expanded ensemble (21 musicians) for his last release on Pi, leading saxist & influential composer Steve Coleman has slimmed down his current unit to around nine players. The music is no less ambitious and Mr. Coleman has continued the refine and expand his vision/music. The ensemble includes three reeds, trumpet, violin, piano, bass, voice and percussion on half of the tracks but for the first time in Coleman’s long recording history, no drummer. Aside from a few members of his previous ensembles: Jonathan Finlayson, Maria Grand & Jen Shyu, Mr. Coleman has added a number of fresh faces: Rane Moore (clarinet), Kristin Lee (violin) and Neeraj Mehta (percussion). The method or magic that Mr. Coleman has long worked on is taking fragments or kernels and then adding different layers or lines. Coleman states that half of these pieces were inspired by boxing maneuvers. Hmmm. At first it seems as if the melodies are simple or at least streamlined yet slowly Coleman adds other ingredients as the lines shift in different ways. The center of this music is often the sax (Coleman’s alto or Maria Grand’s tenor) with the other instruments doubled or tripled harmonically on top. Jen Shyu, longtime Coleman collaborator, uses her enchanting voice to enhance several repeating lines but rarely solos. Even when Coleman slows things down a somber, dream-like pace on “Noh”, he still twists the strands the holds things together in unexpected ways. The longest and most impressive piece is called “Morphing”. I dig the way that several lines or layers continually repeat, shift and are altered in different groups. Bassist Greg Chudzik also provides that central rhythm groove, holding things together while the others spin their tight lines around one another. What I like most about this disc is that it breathes and has a calm, calculated center. It sounds as if we are sailing down a river, which is placid at times and then hits some rapids. Things flow superbly throughout without giving in to needless anxiety or distraction. On the final piece, “Horda”, the ensemble goes into overdrive and the intensity is exhilarating! Even with more than thirty releases under his belt, Steve Coleman has continued to work wonders with each and every release. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

TIM HAGANS / NDR BIG BAND With CHRISTOF LAUER / et al - Faces Under the Influence / A Jazz Tribute to John Cassavetes (Studio Hamburg; Germany) There are a number of Downtown jazz musicians whose names or recordings I know, but have yet to hear them live. Trumpeter Tim Hagans is one such player although I have hear him on recordings by the UMO & Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestras, Bob Belden and his Animation project. This disc is a tribute to American film director John Cassavetes and each piece was inspired by a different character from a Cassavetes film, as well as one piece dedicated to Cassavetes himself. Mr. Hagans composed and arranged all of the music and wisely utilized the talents of the NDR Big Band a/k/a the Hamburg Radio Jazz Orchestra. The NDR Big Band have a long history of working with great jazz composers/musicians like Chet Baker, Michael Gibbs, Dollar Brand and Gebhard Ullmann. I had a similar reaction to watching my first John Cassavetes movies in the mid-seventies that Mr. Hagans mentions: disturbed and confused yet somehow impressed at how well Cassavetes captured the difficult lives of his subjects. The informative liner notes illustrate the unique methods that Cassavetes used to finance and film his movies, not playing by the usual Hollywood rules. His films always involved a good deal of improvisations from his actors so he was often taking chances. Each of the seven long pieces captures the feeling a different, complex character. Mr. Hagans himself is an extraordinary trumpet player and is featured on most of the tracks. A great of time has gone into the writing and recording of this work. A number of strong soloists are featured throughout, I especially dig the playing of alto saxist Fiete Felsch, who takes a number of great solos. The music is well written modern jazz big band and rarely goes very far outside. What does seem to appear throughout is/are bluesy solos and rich harmonies for the large horn sections. The melody to “Seymour Moskowitz” sounds rather familiar and does great job of capturing an infectious, somewhat funky vibe. The tenor solo by Christof Lauer is especially tasty. This disc is epic length, 78 minutes and is superb throughout. Don’t let one of this year’s best discs go unnoticed, it is yours for the asking! Consistently dynamite! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

GORDON GRDINA / FRANCOIS HOULE / BENOIT DELBECQ / KENTON LOEWEN - Ghost Lights (Songlines 1621; Canada) Featuring on guitar & electronics, Francois Houle on clarinet & electronics, Benoit Delbecq on piano & bass station and Kenton Loewen on drums. It is always a pleasure to see and hear two of the greatest musicians from Vancouver collaborating together again. This is the fourth disc that guitarist Gordon Grdina and clarinetist Francois Houle have worked on together. Drummer Kenton Loewen has also been involved with each of these previous discs. French pianist, Benoit Delbecq, has worked with Mr. Houle on a half dozen other discs previously but never with Mr. Grdina. Indeed my expectations were running high!
Right from the opening track, Houle’s “Soro”, we know something special is going on here. This piece has a sly, laid back, earthy groove simmering throughout, which is most hypnotic and will have you nodding your head and smiling instantly. The improvised cuts have a more tense, serious aura, with rubbed surfaces, inside the piano knottiness, bent-note clarinet fragments and suspense-filled percussion. There is a track called “Ghost Lights” which reminds me of one of those sublime yet spaced out Dead jams. It is quietly free and floating with some quaint clarinet drifting in midway. Rather than dealing with too much drama or rambunctiousness, the vibe is more about restrained reflection, yet it does move into some slow-burning sailing before it moves into the next track. The electronics, used by Grdina, Houle and Delbecq, are employed selectively to add a mysterious edge or semblance of suspenseful. Mr. Delbecq plays something known as a bass station, which looks like an ancient electric piano and sounds like an old organ at times. The transitions are completely organic. This disc is pretty long, nearly 71 minutes. If you are patient, the rewards are great and occasionally buried beneath the surface, where several ghosts or spirits dwell. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

HEAR IN NOW [MAZZ SWIFT / TOMEKA REID / SILVIA BOLOGNESI] - Not Living in Fear (International Anthem 0012; USA) Hear in Now features Mazz Swift on violin, Tomeka Reid on cello and Silvia Bolognesi on contrabass. This is the second release from this splendid international string trio that gets together only on rare occasions since each member hails from a different place: Mazz Swift (from Burnt Sugar in NYC), Tomeka Reid (Chicago to NYC) and Silvia Bolognesi (Italy). Each member of the trio contributes 3 or 4 songs plus there are a couple of group improvs. Since it has been a few years since their last disc was released on Rudi Records, the trio has had time to write material and evolve through all kinds of varied projects on their own. Opening with a trio improv, there is tight yet explosive eruption of ideas going on. An incredible display of talents going on here! The written pieces seem to come from the more austere side of chamber music with modest yet rich arrangements. There is poignant ballad called, “Requiem for Charlie Haden”, the late, great bassist and composer which is most sublime and touching. I love the way the trio strips some of these pieces down to their bare essentials so that each note counts. This forces us to listen more closely so that we don’t miss anything. The title track, “Not Living in Fear”, features the charming voice of Ms. Dee Alexander, another modest gem to savor. Another tasty tribute is called, “Prayer for Wadud”, written by Tomeka Reid for the legendary cellist Abdul Wadud who has been missing in action for many years and word is that Ms. Reid met him recently at a concert. Mr. Wadud’s playing was an integral part of several albums by Julius Hemphill some forty years ago, his influence remains intact and can be heard in Ms. Reid’s own strong, spirited sound. This is the second string trio release in the past month, along with ‘In the Sea’ (w/ Tristan Honsinger on Relative Pitch. Both of these discs are outstanding examples of the incredible abilities of modern string trios at their best! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $14 (In stock shortly)

LEAP OF FAITH ORCHESTRA With PEK/GLYNIS LOMON/ANDRIA NICODEMOU/SYD SMART/ et al - Possible Universes (Evil Clown 9144; USA) It seemed hard to believe at first, but Dave PEK, leader of Leap of Faith, has continued to expand his long running ensemble by adding personnel and keeping his various ensembles playing live in & around Boston (and occasionally in New York), as well as recording them in his home/studio. Word is that PEK’s Evil Clown label has passed the point of 100 releases, many in there past few years. The Leap of Faith Orchestra has played their first few gigs in the past year and this disc captured one on May 28th of this year (2017). There are some 24 musicians involved including a few longtime cohorts like Eric Zinman (piano), Jonathan LaMaster (violin) and Syd Smart (drums). What is even more impressive is that Mr. PEK has learned how to organize/lead this massive ensemble so that it doesn’t sound consistently like chaos. The core members of Leap of Faith, PEK on multi-reeds, Glynis Lomon on cello and Yuri Zbitnov on drums are often at the center with various layers of strings, reeds, brass, guitars, basses and percussion surrounding them. It is hard to believe that there are so many musicians involved since certain sections are stripped down to silence of spaciousness. Unlike some of the other more out-there excursions by Leap of Faith, this one is more balanced and unfolds in a most organic and magical way. Everyone takes their time and sounds completely focused. I know that Mr. PEK has been employing a timer of clock to help keeps things more balanced and the results are indeed phenomenal. This could be the best Leap of Faith release so far, which is pretty amazing considering that I’ve reviewed some two dozen plus discs so far. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $10

Recently, in a collection of used CDs & promos that we received were two discs from former Chicago drummer Tani Tabbal. I had no idea that Mr. Tabbal had his own label and released a number of discs. I contacted the label and got four different titles, each one is strong in different ways. Here are some reviews:

From Drummer & Composer, TANI TABBAL:

TANI TABBAL / JARIBU SHAHID / RASUL SIDDIK / JAYNA NELSON - Wizards (Tabbalia Sound 0204; USA) Featuring Tani Tabbal on drums & compositions, Rasul Siddik on trumpet & wooden flutes, Jayna Nelson on flutes & percussion and Jaribu Shahid on bass & percussion. I’ve caught the Tani Tabbal/Jaribu Shahid rhythm team several times throughout the years, most often with Roscoe Mitchell (in the Note Factory), James Carter and Craig Taborn. I know of flutist Jayna Nelson from her work with pianist John Esposito, a couple of her discs are out on Esposito’s label Sunjump. Expatriate American trumpeter living in Paris, Rasul Siddik, is one of those great yet mostly under-recognized players who was worked with Lester Bowie, David Murray and Henry Threadgill.
Mr. Tabal wrote all but one of the pieces here, with one cover by the mighty Sun Ra. This session was recorded in Sertso Studio in Woodstock, where Karl Berger often records. Hence, the sound is superb. All four members of the quartet play percussion and this is what we hear when this disc begins. Soon a couple of flutes float in, the overall sound most mesmerizing. It sounds as if someone is playing a balafon (a African xylophone), most sublime. “Knusenaton” is next and features an enchanting flute and muted trumpet frontline over an infectious groove. Mr. Tabbal’s excellent mallet playing is often what makes this music special since it is both melodic and rhythmic, a perfect blend. This music often has that ‘ancient to the future’, Art Ensemble of Chicago like vibe. There is one long pice here, called “The Spell” which does cast a spell and featured some an outstanding, furiously paced trumpet solo, which soars without out ever going above a whisper. The final song is a lovely cover of Sun Ra’s classic “Enlightenment”, a favorite of many Ra fans and a perfect way to to bring this great disc to a close. The flute solo by Ms. Nelson is yet another standout amongst many great moments on this wonderful disc. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

TANI TABBAL/ BEN NEWSOME / ADAM SIEGEL / LEW SCOTT - Mixed Motion (Tabbalia Sound 0205; USA) Featuring Tani Tabbal on drums & compositions, Ben Newsome on tenor sax, Adam Siegel on alto sax and Lew Scott on bass. Considering that I hadn’t heard of any of the members of this quartet, aside from the leader, before receiving this disc, I was even more amazed by the dynamic music found here. Beginning with “March for Gloria”, the quartet are locked into an infectious groove with some inspired solos from both saxists. The title track is a superbly recorded and dynamic drum solo which works just right in between two quartet pieces. Mr. Tabbal has written modest, thoughtful arrangements for this unit. There is one piece which sounds free and is quite intense called, “Thin Mid Fat Mid Thin”, at first a slow burning quartet exchange which erupts more intensely as it unfolds. There is a great piece called, “Inky Bud”, which all stoners, Dead-heads & Rastas know about. This piece has an infectious, hard-swinging groove with strong solos from both saxists, taking their time to build into a more restrained side of inner ascensions. This disc sends with an especially tasty rendition of Ornette Coleman’s signature song, “Lonely Woman”. Touching, sublime with lush harmonies for both saxes and lovely mallet work from Tani Tabbal. So nice to hear four very different discs from Mr. Tabbal and his crew. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

TANI TABBAL With MICHAEL BISIO / ADAM SIEGEL - Triptych (Tabbalia Sound 0204; USA) “Hot-off the inky-bud of last years “Mixed Motion” disk, Tani Tabbal douses more fuel on his growing spate of creative commotions as a leader, producing, for me, the best of his excellent yearly recordings – Triptych. Tabbal is most identified for his long-standing creative/recording partnership with Roscoe Mitchell/Sound Ensemble but has been expounding his releases repertoire with these three recent additions. Triptych exemplifies traditional, character-rich Bop/Jazz/Blues amalgams with progressive alternities (non four-four rhythms), fleeting compositional group syncopation & of course – ambi-avant-garde, from roof-melting howlers to slow, edgy, asymmetric agitations & ruminatory expansions. The program is diverse & uncompromising, demonstrating a massive deck of approaches & wildly varying material structures. On this record, Tabbal has fashioned a trio (one less than his two previous albums), reprising saxophonist Adam Siegel on alto & recruiting Michael Biso on double-bass. The same studio & sound engineer (Ted Orr) have also been stationed once again, securing an extremely attractive sound & finish. There are seven cuts on Triptych encompassing about 42 minutes worth of matter. It’s a great set through & through, but tracks that really protruded for me were “Lhassa And The Buddha” which starts formal (but great) before collapsing in on itself with delicious decomposition. “Rare Thought” is a provokingly atmospheric piece of hyper estranged slow-creep Avant-garde. Adam Siegel ends-up exorcising some excruciating, drawn-out cries & wailings from his instrument, like a grieving phantom mourning her drowned lover in the dead of night. “Red End” is probably the wildest & most astatic piece…a just beneath four-minute flailing of unbidden amok & rut. “Il Kthunk” is another choppy, clashing high-energy poly-cycle of shifting perplexities playing out goodness-knows-what? over a flaming back-drop of Tabbal’s raucous tumbling…like watching a man fall down four miles of staircase…crumpling this way & that, but always maintaining the same direction. Great playing from everyone, with huge scope on the remit. Tabbal again brings the traditions into new scenarios, shares & expands on the embers/essence & wallops/incants in the full-spectrum of the Avant-garde.” - Rekd: 2016
CD $14

Rare Discs Re-Discovered:

EVAN PARKER / WOLFGANG FUCHS / HANS KOCH / LOUIS SCLAVIS - Duets, Dithyramnisch (FMP 19/20; Germany) The is a super-rare early FMP CD-only release featuring Evan Parker on soprano & tenor saxes, Wolfgang Fuchs on sopranino sax, bass & contrabass clarinets, Hans Koch on soprano & tenor sax & bass clarinet and Louis Sclavis soprano sax, clarinet & bass clarinet.
2 CD Set $30

Buddy’s knife Book Restock:

WILLIAM PARKER - Who Owns Music? [Book] (Buddy’s Knife; Germany) William Parker is not only one of the most important composers and bassists in the creative music world, he also occupies an influential role as an integral figure in contemporary US avant-jazz, for example through his association with the annual New Yorker Vision Festival. This jazz festival is the successor of the Sound Unity Festival, which he initiated in 1984 together with Peter Kowald. In the 1970s he led his own groups such as "Centering Music And Dance Ensemble", "The Aumie Orchestra", and was a member of groups lead by Cecil Taylor, Frank Lowe, and Don Cherry. In the 1980's he played with Bill Dixon, Peter Brotzmann, David S. Ware and Matthew Shipp. In 1993 he started his quartet called In Order To Survive and the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra in 1994 and more recently, "The William Parker Quartet", and quintet "Raining On The Moon" as well as other special projects including the inside songs of Curtis Mayfield "Music And The Shadow People" and many others. "who owns music?" assembles William Parker's political thoughts, his musicological essays and his poems. He writes as musician, as teacher, as son, as father, but primarily as a human being, to whom it is important to contribute to shaping the world according to his spirit. The texts are both statements and dreams, just as many of his improvisations in their own right.
BOOK $22

SILENT SOLOS / RENATE DA RIN, ed // HARRISON BANKHEAD/NICOLE MITCHELL/BERN NIX/LEE KONITZ /WARREN SMITH/JOELLE LEANDRE/MATTHEW SHIPP/ et al - Improvisers Speak [Book] (Buddy's Knife; Germany)silent solos - improvisers speak presents the creative expressions - prose and poetry - of 50 accomplished and internationally known avant-garde jazz musicians: David Amram, Harrison Bankhead, Lewis Barnes, David Budbill, Katie Bull, Chris Chalfant, Jay Clayton, Leena Conquest, Cooper-Moore, Jayne Cortez, Connie Crothers, Marc Edwards, Bruce Eisenbeil, Avram Fefer, Floros Floridis, Joel Futterman, Charles Gayle, Alan Bernard Glover, Doug Hammond, Gunter Hampel, Jason Kao Hwang, Joseph Jarman, Terry Jenoure, Lee Konitz, Peter Kowald, Oliver Lake, Yusef Lateef, Joelle Leandre, Elliott Levin, David Liebman, Joe Maneri, Sabir Mateen, Nicole Mitchell, Ras Moshe, Roy Nathanson, Bern Nix, William Parker, Matana Roberts, Larry Roland, Matthew Shipp, Catherine Sikora, Warren Smith, Lisa Sokolov, Steve Swell, John Tchicai, Ijeoma Thomas, Oluyemi Thomas, Assif Tsahar, David S. Ware, and Henry P. Warner. The book is prefaced with an incisive foreword by George E. Lewis. Within, are spiritual expressions, sensuous encounters, homage to and remembrance of past heroes, homespun homilies, and pithy manifestos from several of our most creative artists sharing a common characteristic: dedication to their craft. In addition, his beautiful edition is dynamically illustrated by Wuppertal's fine artist, Jorgo Schafer, with his blueprint #1.
BOOK $20

HENRY GRIMES - Signs Along The Road: Poetry [Book](Buddy’s Knife; Germany) In the '50s and '60s, Henry Grimes played with the giants of jazz of that time: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Roy Haynes, McCoy Tyner, Don Cherry, Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, Roswell Rudd, Bill Dixon, Frank Wright, and many more. Then he suddenly disappeared from the music world without a trace... only to surface again thirty years later (in spite of the obits in various jazz magazines) with a musical presence more intense and imaginative than ever. His return to the limelight of the New York clubs was THE event in the jazz world. "All about Jazz"/New York nominated him "Musician of the Year" in 2003. For two decades the master bassist had not touched an instrument. Instead he wrote. Henry Grimes' poems express his links with the world when his own world was marked by painful break-ups. His poems express his inner musical cosmos when he found it impossible to play the bass: the testimony of a musician without an instrument....But always a musician!
BOOK $20

NOAH HOWARD//Dr. LIEVE FRANSEN, author - Music In My Soul: The Posthumous Autobiography Of Noah Howard [Book] (Buddy's Knife; Germany) Alto saxophonist Noah Howard completed this poignant documentation of his life in music, his proudest solo, just before he passed: music in my soul. Over several years, Noah and his wife, Dr Lieve Fransen, sought to capture and artfully organize his nurturing experiences with family, candid impressions of fellow musicians, disdain for the music industry and most importantly his singular relationship with sound creation. Noah's sudden passing not only left a chasm in Black Classical music, but presented Lieve with the towering task of identifying a publisher with whom she could collaborate to bring her husband's work to light. Cologne's Buddy's Knife Jazzedition, fresh off of its successful 2010 publication of the anthology, 'silent solos - improvisers speak, was her choice. There, the team of Founder and Editor, Renate Da Rin; Editor, Guy N. Fraser; and Artist, Jorgo Schaefer synthesize their skills to showcase the literary achievements of our most innovative musicians. Noah's professional life was one of great contrast. On one hand, his musical accomplishments were truly unsung. Much of Howard's work was esoteric, poorly promoted, and his being an expatriate complicated his direct involvement with US distribution. Conversely, his lifelong dream of traveling the world and musically interpreting these experiences, in all their mysteries and vibrant colors, was fulfilled. music in my soul is Noah's story, replete with photos, an extensive discography and his vibe that makes it sing.
BOOK $20

ROY NATHANSON - Subway Moon: Poetry [Book] (Buddy's Knife; Germany)Roy Nathanson is an internationally acclaimed jazz composer and saxophonist whose music is inconceivable without his poetry. His career began in the mid 70's playing with R&B luminaries like Shirley Alston of the Shirelles, to Charles Earland's band, to The Lounge Lizards, to The Jazz Passengers which he co-founded with Curtis Fowlkes in 1987. The Passengers have made eight CDs and have done extensive touring over the years. He has been the principle composer of the band and has written songs for Elvis Costello, Jeff Buckley, Deborah Harry, Jimmy Scott and many others in that capacity. Subway Moon his first full book of poetry was written on Brooklyn's Q train and explores the oddly spiritual and intensely public underground space of the New York City Subway through his own internal lens. His words are sounds that he bends and stretches, twists and tucks, until they give up their meanings, until they become notes. As Judith Volmer says, "Rails vibrate the street, window glass splinters a lover's reverie, and these poems tune us into a thousand mysterious sounds, with heart and lyrical muscle." Or says Jeff Friedman, "His is an ancient voice crying out in the wilderness, and his wilderness is the subway."
BOOK $20

Small Yet Colorful LP Only Section:

TERRY RILEY - Persian Surgery Dervishes (Aguirre Records 004; Belgium) The classic minimal music album is now available again on vinyl for the first time since the '70s. During the 1970s, Californian composer Terry Riley concentrated on solo keyboard performances, continuing to make music yet writing down almost nothing. Riley selected a mode, chose a few motifs or basic patterns and then, seated on the floor in front of his audience, improvised on electronic keyboard. The electric organ, superseded at later concerts by a synthesizer, was portable and consistent. By the early '70s, Riley had come to feel that scores were a distraction. Faithful interpretation of an already written piece was a deviation from the true purpose of making music, which was spiritual quest. Fortunately, some of those live performances were captured on tape. Persian Surgery Dervishes, issued initially on the French label Shandar in 1972, features two such concerts for electric organ and reel-to-reel delay, one recorded in Los Angeles on April 18th, 1971, the other in Paris on May 24th, 1972. At the start of that decade, Riley became a dedicated student of the great Hindustani singer Pandit Pran Nath. Looking into North Indian classical tradition, he found correspondences to modal and cyclic ideas that he was already working on. In 1971, Riley started teaching Indian music at Mills College, in Oakland. That experience fed directly into his solo keyboard performances, but other influences were also shaping his music. Personal research into ancient Persian culture and the poetry of Rumi lit up his imagination, while the repetitive swirling of Sufi devotional music from North Africa and jazz, an enduring source of inspiration, reverberate through these performances. The Californian version of Persian Surgery Dervishes starts with low dark tones, dense and brooding like a huddled human figure, deep in introspection. But as the improvisation unfolds Riley's buoyant spirit asserts itself, spiraling out in ecstatic coils. The Parisian concert conveys a different mood, brighter and more open in texture, more relaxed from the outset and breathing with greater freedom as it takes flight. Persian Surgery Dervishes is a mesmerizing record of a vital stage in Riley's ongoing quest for connection with the universal mind and sublime music. "Music is my spiritual path. It's my way of finding out who I am." --Terry Riley, 1976 Includes insert with liner notes by Julian Cowley; Lacquer cut by Rashad Becker; Layout by Jeroen Wille; Remastered by Equusl; Licensed from FGL Productions; Edition of 1000.
2 LP Set $36

FAUST - Od Serca Do Duszy (Dprom 036; UK) Od Serca Do Duszy originally appeared as a double CD set, joint-released by Lumberton Trading Company and AudioTONG in 2007 (LUMB 008CD). Long out of print, this album documents a professionally recorded live show at Krakow's Loch Ness Club. As anybody who has seen Faust live, in their countless different yet always wonderful forms, can testify, they are such a musical high, all other stimulants aren't necessary. This remastered reissue once again illuminates the residual experience of a Faust concert in all its expectation-scrunching glory. Comprising the thirteen songs that constituted the original show, this set was produced by founders Jean-Herve Peron and Zappi Diermaier, plus Amaury Cambuzat. Together they dovetail perfectly with one of Peron's mantras during the occasion, "Od Serca Do Duszy". This translates from Polish to, "From heart to soul", which just about covers one of the many facets to Faust's incredible music.
2 LP Set $32

JAD FAIR & KRAMER - The History Of Crying (Shimmy 500 5001; USA) Jad Fair and Kramer's third collaboration, and their first in almost 20 years; 12 brand new songs produced by Kramer at his Florida studio, Noise Miami. Longtime fans of Jad Fair will be stunned by how he sings on The History Of Crying. No other album in Jad's storied career features him singing complex melodies in the manner he does here. From a life in music spanning over 40 years, it is unlike anything he has ever done before, and it is a wondrous thing to behold. This LP also features guitar solos by Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), whose contributions cannot be overestimated. BS fans will go hog wild.
LP $22

ARVE HENRIKSEN With JAN BANG / EIVIND OPSVIK - Towards Language (Rune Grammofon 3192; Norway) LP version. With Towards Language, trumpeter Arve Henriksen is back with his trusted long-time musical partners Jan Bang and Erik Honoré. Also, an important part of the line-up is Eivind Aarset, the ECM associated guitarist extraordinaire. Towards Language is Arve's ninth album (eight on Rune Grammofon and one on ECM) under his own name. Asked to comment on his new album, and its title, here's what he has to say: "To express something on your own can be quite challenging at times. I have, for years, been in creative collaborations with musicians and producers that have encouraged and inspired me. Music that has a connection to 'Places of Worship', but this time recorded 'live' in the studio in a chamber music like approach inspired by contemporary elements from composers like Toru Takemitsu and Manuel de Falla, to traditional organ music, and at the end of the album bringing in a traditional 'kven' (ancient Nordic song tradition) theme from the roots of my family from the North of Norway, sung by Anna Maria Friman of Trio Mediaeval."
LP $24

PIERRE MARIETAN - Rose Des Vents (Mana 001; UK) "First commissioned by the French Government in 1981, the LP Rose Des Vents evolved out of a six year project by Swiss composer Pierre Mariétan to document and musicalise the sound environment of urban landscapes within France, creating an inter-geographical auditory map of cities and townships located in the suburban reaches of Paris, including Bezons, Herblay, Montmagny and l'Isle Adam. Through a mix of field recording, interviews, vegetable market catcalls, braying animals and urban hubbub, Mariétan paints a broad, psycho-acoustically vivid and decentralised profile of metropolitan life from the period; carried to the ear through a coupling with musical studio performance and serialist compositional technique. Over an hour and forty minutes, the recording provides an intersectional and ambient passage through environmental and urban narratives, the radiophonic voice of Ana de Carvalho offering fleeting, poetic orientation with announcements of each titled scene, divining and evoking the sonorous qualities of each landscape as it comes into focus. Each scene tangible yet non-specific, the artist arranging and signalling the possibility of civic and pastoral space as a musical container for spontaneous, sonorous interactions. Mariétan's profile is of a rigorous yet open and exploratory composer, utilising principles of chance and curiosity in organising found sound and often negotiating or encouraging encounters with improvisatory gesture or incidental and occurring sound. In 1966 he established the outfit GERM, grouping composers and musicians dedicated to developing new meeting points between composition and improvisation. Members assist in contributing recordings and performances throughout Rose Des Vents, including musical passages on piano, synthesizer, horn and saxophone. These studio pieces, played on saxophone by Daniel Kientzy or piano by Gerard Fremy, recall and redeploy techniques developed over the lifespan of the project, where site-specific actions and concerts were performed within each of the towns. In many ways, the album is a folding of each facet of the author's life and work into a single representative culmination. A sympathy towards radiophonic or documentary production values is recognisable -- Mariétan produced two iterations of Rose Des Vents for Alain Trutat and Jean Tardieu's ground-breaking Atelier De Création Radiophonique on Radio France Culture ahead of this LP release -- alongside the influence of his work in urban acoustics and research into forms of sound ecology. So too is the obvious pleasure taken in introducing the sweetness of music to children, with notable samples from his educational workshops and sound installations helping to internalise and evoke a sense of inquisitive delight. It's these components, combined with themes and concerns about the acoustic environment that resonate thirty years later and establish Rose Des Vents as such an approachable, listenable and lovely piece of experimental sound art. The conjuration of an emotional or psychological plane through musical and metaphorical synthesis allows the listener to situate themselves within the montage in a near cinematic manner, discovering an underlying sonority embedded in the psychic atmospheres of communal life."
2 LP Set $26

WELCOME TO ZAMROCK! - Vol. 1: How Zambia's Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution (Now Again 5147; USA) Featuring Nogzi Family, Witch, Musi-O-Tunya, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Amanaz, Blackfoot, "and every important Zamrock band." "Explore Zambia's liberation and its impact on the country's rock revolution. The book, written by Eothen Alapatt and Leonard Koloko is the first investigation into the Zamrock scene, and is filled with original record artwork and rarely-seen photos of Zamrock's best ensembles. By the mid-1970s, the Southern African nation known as the Republic of Zambia had fallen on hard times. Though the country's first president Kenneth Kaunda had thrown off the yoke of British colonialism, the new federation found itself under his self-imposed, autocratic rule. Conflict loomed on all sides of this landlocked nation. Kaunda protected Zambia from war, but his country descended into isolation and poverty. This is the environment in which the '70s rock revolution that has come to be known as Zamrock flourished. Fuzz guitars were commonplace, as were driving rhythms as influenced by James Brown's funk as Jimi Hendrix's rock predominated. Musical themes, mainly sung in the country's constitutional language, English, were often bleak. In present day Zambia, Zamrock markers were few. Only a small number of the original Zamrock godfathers that remained in the country survived through the late '90s. AIDS decimated this country, and uncontrollable inflation forced the Zambian rockers that could afford to flee into something resembling exile. This was not a likely scene to survive -- but it did. Welcome To Zamrock!, presented in two volumes, is an overview of its most beloved ensembles, and a trace of its arc from its ascension, to its fall, to its resurgence." 103-page hard cover book with CD.
CD Book $26


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for June of 2017


6/9 Friday
830 pm - MAHLER - Uri Caine (piano) Joyce Hammann (violin) Ralph Alessi (trumpet) Chris Speed (reeds) Mark Helias (bass) Jim Black (drums)

6/10 Saturday
Uri Caine (piano) Mark Helias (bass) Clarence Penn (drums)

6/11 Sunday
830 pm - CHAMBER MUSIC - Uri Caine (piano) and many special guests


6/13 Tuesday
8:30pm: Dvorak’s String Quartet No. 12 in F Major, Op. 96 (“American”)
Yonatan Gat (guitar) Curt Syndor (organ) Michael Coltun (bass) Greg Saunier (drums) Raphael McGregor (lap steel); Rearrangement of Dvorak’s ‘American Quartet’ with members of Monotonix, Deerhoof and Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang.

6/14 Wednesday
8:30pm: Michael Coltun SOLO//Music For 7 Basketballs Electronics Pt.1: Performed By MOCREP; Michael Coltun (bass, electronics, tapes loops and controlled motors) Amanda Bailey, Lia Kohl, Nick Meryhew, Zach Moore, Isaac Stevenson, Christopher Wood, Ryan Zerna (basketballs)

6/15 Thursday
8:30pm: Les Rhinocéros - Michael Coltun (bass) Amit Peled (guitar) Jon Burrier (drums, percussion) - First New York performance in 2 years!

JUNE 16—Brandon Ross & Blazing Beauty: Brandon Ross (electric guitar, banjo) Charlie Burnham (violin) Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar) JT Lewis
JUNE 17—Phantom Station: Brandon Ross (electric guitar, banjo) Sadiq Bey (voice, electronics) Hardedge (soundesign) JT Lewis (drums)

6/16 Friday
8:30pm: - Michael Coltun/Brian Chase DUO
Michael Coltun (bass, electronics) Brian Chase (drums)

6/17 Saturday
8:30pm: Cheick Hamala Diabaté & Mankan - Cheick Hamala Diabaté (n ' goni, vocals) Rob Coltun (guitar) Michael Coltun (bass, tapes, electronics) Cem Misirlioglu (drums, samples, prophet analog synth) plus special guests
Blending traditional Malian songs, whose origins can be traced to the 13th century, with modern sonic textures and soundscapes. Featuring griot, “king of the n’goni”, Cheick Hamala Diabaté.

6/18 Sunday
8:30pm: KOLTUN - Michael Coltun (bass, electronics) Cem Misirlioglu (percussion, samples) Jad Atoui (modular synths) Jacob Bergson (prophet synth, modular synths); KOLTUN is a new project led by Michael Coltun. The group synthesizes Jewish and Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies with noise washes and sonic textures. Based in New York, members of KOLTUN come from Turkey, Lebanon, and the U.S.

6/19 Monday
7pm - Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Birthday Celebration and Concert of Spiritual Jazz! Unbroken: Louie Belogenis (alto sax) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums) and the Franklin Kiermyer Quartet: Jovan Alexandre (tenor sax) Davis Whitfield (piano) Otto Gardner (bass) Franklin Kiermyer (drums)
From 7pm to 10pm! 7:30: Unbroken 8:30: Franklin Kiermyer Quartet. Next month, July 2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the Passing of John Coltrane. Tonight we Embrace his Spirit by Playing Music Inspired by the Great John Coltrane Quartet. - $25

All Sets start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Jun 09
9:00PM & 10:30PM MICHAEL BATES' NORTHERN SPY - Michael Bates, bass; Michael Blake, tenor sax; Jeremy ‘Bean’ Clemons, drums

Saturday Jun 10
9:00PM & 10:30PM MATT BREWER TRIO - Matt Brewer, bass; Mark Shim, tenor sax; Damion Reid, drums

Sunday Jun 11
8:00PM ALHAMBRA - Jenny Luna, vocals; Adam Good, oud, guitar; Marandi Hostetter, violin; Isabelle Ganz, vocals, flute, shawm; Rami El Aasser, percussion
9:30PM KRIS ALLEN QUARTET - Kris Allen, alto sax; Frank Kozyra, tenor sax; Dezron Douglass, bass; Kush Abadey, drums

Mon June 12th
8:30PM ANIMALS IN MY EAR - Adam Fisher, cello, vocals, compositions; plus special guests

Tues June 13th:
8:00PM JESSE ELDER, BLANCA CECILIA GONZÁLEZ DUO - Blanca Cecilia González, violin; Jesse Elder, piano Jesse Elder, Blanca Cecilia González Duo
9:30PM JESSE ELDER TRIO - Jesse Elder, piano; Rashaan Carter, bass; Nasheet Waits, drums

Wednesday Jun 14
8:01PM ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO - Eri Yamamoto, piano; David Ambrosio, bass; Ikuo Takeuchi, drums

Thursday Jun 15
8:01PM TOM CHANG QUARTET - Tom Chang, guitar, comp.; Quinsin Nachoff, tenor sax; Matt Aronoff, bass; Kenny Grohowski, drums

Friday Jun 16
9:00PM & 10:30PM YOTAM SILBERSTEIN & LA FAMILIA - Yotam Silberstein, guitar, comp.; Glenn Zaleski, piano; Rick Rosato, bass; Daniel Dor , drums

Saturday Jun 17
9:00PM & 10:30PM MATT PAVOLKA BAND - Ben Monder, guitar; Pete Rende, piano; Matt Pavolka, bass; Nate Wood, drums

Sunday Jun 18
8:30PM NEW BRAZILIAN PERSPECTIVES: EDUARDO BELO GROUP - Eduardo Belo, bass; Alejandro Avilés, alto sax, flute; Lívio Almeida, tenor sax, flute; Ari Hoenig, drums
10:00PM NEW BRAZILIAN PERSPECTIVES: RICHARD MILLER TRIO - Richard Miller, guitar; Itaiguara Brandao, bass; Sergio Krakowski, pandiero


Shapeshifter June, 2017:

Jun 10
4pm - "Lights Living in the Dark"
Hannah L. Barnard - Creative Director/Choreographer
Molly Aronson - Cello/Instrumental Composition
Sonia Szajnberg - Electronics/Vocal Composition
Kate Koenig - Trumpet/Guitar
Kristen McGuire - Flute
Harmonnia Junus - Violin
Kyle P. Walker - Piano
Robert Guilford - Percussion
Catherine Murcek - Dance
Emily Pope - Dance

Jun 12
7pm: Om Shalom Trio Album release
Abhik Mukherjee , Jessie Reagen Mann and Ranendra Das
8:15p - Birth of a City, Steve Swell and Chamber Orchestra, Music by David Haney - Steve Swell, Jason Kao Hwang, Sarah Berstein, Adam Lane, Jim Pugliese, James Illgenfritz, Jorge Hernaez, David Bajda and others.

Jun 13
7p - Shawn Lovato Quintet
Loren Stillman - Alto Saxophone
Brad Shepik - Guitar
Santiago Leibson - Piano
Shawn Lovato - Bass
Chris Carroll - Drums
?pm: Marko Djordjevic & Sveti
Julian Pollack piano, keys, Evan Marien - bass, Marko Djordjevic - drums and compositions

Jun 15
7p - Mammal Dap is adventurous, psych-fusion from Northampton, Massachusetts, comprised of Killian Karlsson (guitar), Zack Cross (synths), Reed Sutherland (bass, synth bass), and Colin Jalbert (drums, samples).
8:15p - The Corban Nation Quartet
Larry Corban - guitar, tunes / Harvie S - upright bass
James Weidman - piano / Steve Johns - drums

Jun 16 -
7p - Rich Bomzer Projects
Rich Bomzer-sax
Evan Sundquist- keys
Jack Redsecker-Keys
TJ Adorno- Guitar
Alex Aitken- drums
Colin Dooman- bass
Annie McLean- vocals
Alex Slomka - bone
Jesse Klirsfield- trumpet

Jun 16
8:15p - Stephan Haluska - Harpist (processed harp and electronics)

Jun 20
7pm: Nani - Special guests: Michael Winograd (Clarinet) & Dan Nadel (Guitar)
8:15p CD Release Party! Ben Sher Tempestade
Ben Sher New Organ Trio with Sylvia Cuenca and Gary Fisher
Jun 20 Dongfeng Liu Quintet
John Benitez: Bass
Francis Benitez: Drums
Feifei Yang:Erhu
Lin Ma : Pipa
Dongfeng Liu: Piano

Shapeshifter is located at
18 Whitwell Place in Brooklyn, NY
R train to Union stop


I-Beam Presents:

Friday, June 9th 9:00 PM
Eva Novoa Trio
Novoa / Gress / Gray
Eva Novoa, piano & compositions
Drew Gress, bass
Devin Gray, drums
Novoa / Kamaguchi / Takeishi

Saturday, June 10th 8:00 PM
Eva Novoa, piano & gongs
Masatoshi Kamaguchi, bass
Satoshi Takeishi, drums
8pm & 9pm (2sets)

Saturday, June 17th 8:30 PM
Gregorio/Giallorenzo Duo & Jaimie Branch Trio
Gregorio/Giallorenzo Duo
Guillermo Gregorio – clarinet
Paul Giallorenzo – piano
Jaimie Branch Trio
Jaimie Branch – trumpet
Brandon Lopez – bass
Mike Pride – drums

Friday, June 23rd 8:30 PM
Satoko Fujii KAZE
Kappa Maki – trumpet
Christian Bezos - trumpet
Satoko Fujii – piano
Peter Ménard – drums

Thursday, June 29th 8:30 PM
Aaron Irwin Trio / New Nemesis Trio
Aaron Irwin Trio
Aaron Irwin – Saxophone
Mike Baggetta – guitar
Jeff Hirshfield – drums
New Nemesis Trio
Brian Drye – trombone
Justin Carroll – piano/synths
Jeff Davis – drums

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.