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DMG Newsletter for Friday, September 27th, 2019

“21st Century Schizoid Man”
By King Crimson, Lyrics by Peter Sinfield
Released September, 1969

Cat's foot, iron claw
Neuro-surgeons scream for more
At paranoia's poison door
Twenty-first century schizoid man

Blood rack, barbed wire
Politician's funeral pyre
Innocents raped with napalm fire
Twenty-first century schizoid man

Death seed, blind man's greed
Poets starving, children bleed
Nothing he's got he really needs
Twenty-first century schizoid man

The first album by King Crimson, ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’ was released 50 years ago last month in September of 1969. There was nothing quite like that debut and I remember how much it completely blew the minds of anyone who checked it out back then. It still rings true today! 1969 was the year of the Woodstock and Altamont music festivals/concerts. One had a more positive influence (Woodstock) and the other, pretty negative vibes. The Manson murders also took place that summer. 1969 was also the last year of the 1960’s, the end of one era and the beginning of the next. That first King Crimson blasted open the door of what would be called Progressive Rock. The blend of rock, jazz, psych, funk, ethnic, modern classical and experimental all erupted into a new hybrid, paving the way for a fascinating future. Many bands were experimenting, going beyond expectations: Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, the Mothers of Invention… This was also the beginning of jazz/rock: Miles Davis, Tony Williams Lifetime, early John McLaughlin, Nucleus, If…

When I first heard the above song of FM radio, “21st Century Schizoid Man”, it scared the sh*t out of me with its nightmarish lyrics and brutal yet triumphant rock/jazz anthemic sound. Last Saturday (9/28/19), I caught King Crimson at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, on the 50th anniversary tour. They were just incredible live! The performed 4 of the 5 songs from their first album, as well as songs from a half dozen other seminal records in their catalogue. They were in peak form and I urge you to check them out if you can afford it. While singing along to “21st Century Schizoid Man”, it occurred to me that the title and words seem to describe our current Fake Prez and the sad situation we find ourselves in. Let’s hope that we find a way to get out of this mess and make the world a better place for ourselves and our children. Peace & Love, BLG at DMG


CONGRATULATIONS to MARY HALVORSON for winning the MacArthur Genius Award!!!!

Our own great guitarist, composer and multi-bandleader, MARY HALVORSON, has just won the prestigious MacArthur Genius Grant! Over the past year or so, Ms. Halvorson has been on the covers of both Downbeat and The Wire magazine, no small feat! Us Downtowners have been checking out Ms. Halvorson’s rise for the past decade plus and marveling at what she’s accomplished. She is a gifted guitarist with a distinctive style which is not bound by regular genres. Her ten or so discs on the Firehouse12 label feature different projects and each are worthy of exploration. Ms. Halvorson is also a busy collaborator, working in many bands: Tom Rainey Trio, Ingrid Laubrock projects, Anthony Braxton ensembles, Tomeka Reid Qt and many more. My favorite disc/project is her quartet with Miles Okazaki, Drew Gress & Tomas Fujiwara, whose CD of John Zorn’s Masada Book of Angels Series, called ‘Paimon’, is the best selling CD here at DMG for the past year-plus. If anyone of the vast Downtown Scene deserves to win this award, it is Mary Halvorson! We are all very proud of her!


The Downtown Music Gallery 28th Anniversary Celebrations began on May 1st & Continues!
Every In-store This Summer Helps Celebrate the Spirit of Creative Music Performed Live.

September 29th:
6pm: VINNIE SPERRAZZA / NOA FORT / SIMON JERMYN - Drums / Vocals / Guitar!
7pm: SAM NEWSOME / DANIEL CARTER - Soprano Sax / Woodwinds!

October 6th:
6pm: SAM OSPOVAT - Solo Drums!

Sunday, October 13th:
6pm: ROSS HAMMOND - Solo Resonator Guitar!
7pm: RAF VERTESSEN / HANS TAMMEN / KEISUKE MATSUNO - Drums / Buchla Synth / Guitar!

Sunday, October 27th:

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to  Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy. You can check the weekly in-store sets through our Instagram feed


DMG Recommended Gigs for this week:


This Sunday, October 6th at 3pm
The New School, 66 W 12th St
Admission Free!


Followed by the 35th Anniversary Performance of


Wendy Eisenberg, Matt Hollenberg & Taylor Levine on guitars
Brian Marsella, Nick Shellenberger & Uri Caine on keyboards
Simon Haines & Brandon Lopez on basses
Sae Hashimoto on vibes & percussion
Kenny Wollesen, Kenny Grohowski & Brian Cahse on drums & percussion
John Zorn - Prompter


Zürcher Gallery Presents:

Acoustic guitar and bass clarinet
Monday, September 30, 2019
at 8:00 PM
Admission: $20

Zürcher Gallery is located at
33 Bleecker St., just east of Lafayette
Subway stop at Broadway & Lafayette:
6, B, D, F & M trains



Next Thursday, October 3rd, 2019, 8pm
Blank Forms at Brooklyn Music School Theater
126 St Felix St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
One pair of free tickets will be given to the
first DMG customer who responds to this e-mail


This Week’s Gems Begin with This One:

THURSTON MOORE with DAVID TOOP / ALEX WARD / JAMES SEDWARDS / SUSAN STENGER / DEB GOOGE / et al - Spirit Counsel Daydream Library Series 004; UK) “A collection of three extended compositions by Thurston Moore recorded between 2018-19. This collection represents a period of reflection on spiritual matters, collective musical friendships, and a time and space universally, without words or languages to distract from meditation. "Alice Moki Jayne" is a new composition from noise guitar explorations honoring Alice Coltrane, Moki Cherry, and Jayne Cortez. These female partners of jazz musicians brought spirituality into the lives and music that has most inspired Thurston Moore. Recorded in Brussels in 2019; Personnel: Thurston Moore, James Sedwards, Jen Chochinov - 12-string electric guitar army; Deb Googe - Baritone bass, truth, and soul; Jem Doulton - Magick drums; Jon Leidecker - Electronic Wobbly love; Christophe Albertijn - Engineer. "8 Spring Street" is a personal homage to Glenn Branca, the title an address is in New York City, the apartment where Thurston first visited his mentor to rehearse. Recorded in London, UK in 2019; Personnel: Thurston Moore - Electric guitar; Syd Kemp - Engineer. "Galaxies" is an orchestral piece of music, with Moore as conductor and composer. Twelve guitarists are arranged as if one instrument, exploring the vast emotional depths present in twelve strings. Taking inspiration from a poem by Sun Ra, "Galaxies" ponders our place in the universe as we stare into imagery offered by satellites via space agencies. Recorded in London, UK in 2018; Personnel: Thurston Moore, David Toop, Susan Stenger, James Sedwards, Deb Googe, Alex Ward, Jen Chochinov, Jonah Falco, Rachel Aggs, Joseph Coward, Eugene Coyne, James McCartney - Guitar Army; Beetmol Troy and Matt Tag - Guitar technicians. Includes an artist book edited by Thurston Moore with photographs compiled during the process of creating the accompanying musical works and is available exclusively within this boxset; 20 pages.”
3 CD Set $27

Thanks to European labels like: Clean Feed, FMR, Leo, Creative Sources, Not Two, Listen! Foundation, ILK, Auand and Rudi, there is a tidal wave of free Euro improv still coming out and drawing from an ever-increasing number of creative musicians from: London, Portugal, France, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Slovenia, Serbia, all Scandinavian countries and with visiting Americans. This healthy and hopeful as the international language free music brings musicians & listeners together, helping each other to stay sane during the current apocalyptic scenery.

4 Fantastic CD’s from the Listen! Foundation Label:

JOE MORRIS & EVAN PARKER - The Village (Listen? Foundation FSR 13-2019; Poland) Featuring Joe Morris on guitar and Evan Parker on soprano & tenor saxes. This disc & set was recorded live at the Greenwich House in the West Village of NYC in September of 2014. Both of these men are master improvisers, who have long worked with many of the other master musicians from a variety of different scenes. Both also challenge themselves by teaching (Mr. Morris) or working with many younger musicians to inspire and engage them. Checking out Evan Parker sitting in with Master Musicians of Jajouka early this year at Roulette was an astonishing surprise, especially as he wasn’t listed to play in advance. Joe Morris teaches at New England Conservatory, wrote a great book on “Improvisation” and has inspired & worked with dozens of younger musicians. His last residency at The Stone featured a number of these up & coming players and every time I hear him play live, he knocks me out by taking chances and still inventing new sounds on his trusty guitar. Rack this one up as yet another outstanding effort! - BLG/DMG
CD $17

EVAN PARKER / LOTTE ANKER / TORBEN SNEKKESTAD - Inferences (Listen! Foundation FSR 14-2019; Poland) Featuring Evan Parker on soprano sax, Lotte Anker on soprano & tenor sax and Torben Snekkestad on soprano sax & trumpet. This disc was recorded live at Koncert Kirken in Copenhagen in September of 2016. Danish saxist Lotte Anker is currently in town and played with her marvelous trio (w/ Craig Taborn & Gerald Cleaver) last week and will be playing with the Fred Frith Trio this week at The Stone. If you don’t know her playing, you should check out any of her 3 dozen discs with Marilyn Crispell, Ikue Mori or Herb Robertson. The other horn player here, Torben Snekkestad, you should recall from his work with Barry Guy, Nate Wooley or Maja Ratkje. This is indeed a rare trio effort which includes three soprano saxes at times, not very many recordings of that. Ms. Anker plays tenor at first along with both soprano saxists, the trio is tight, bending their notes together and around one another. The music here is highly concentrated, the saxes weaving their way into ongoing patterns, creating a fascinating kaleidoscopic tapestry as they evolve. I like that things never get too busy here, Mr. Parker refrains from circular breathings for not very long. This keeps things changing more rapidly. This is an all acoustic effort and the sound is well-balanced throughout. A splendid trio effort that works on several levels simultaneously. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $17

ZLATKO KAUCIC QUINTET with MICHAEL MOORE / MARCO COLONNA / ALBERT CIRERA / SILVIA BOLEGNESI - Morning Patches (Listen! Foundation FSR 11-2019; Poland) Featuring Michael Moore on alto sax & clarinet, Marco Colonna on clarinets, Albert Cirera on tenor sax, Silvia Bolognesi on double bass and Zlatko Kaucic on ground/percussion. This set was recorded at St. Martin’s Church in Slovenia in September of 2018. When Not Two released a 5 CD set from Polish percussionist Zlatko Kaucic earlier this year, I wasn’t sure what to expect although it did have an all-star crew: Evan Parker, Lotte Anker, Johannes Bauer and Agusti Fernandez. Doing some research, I found out that Mr. Kaucic could be found on some dozen discs with a great cast of players: Steve Lacy, Joelle Leandre, Peter Brotzmann and Barry Guy.
For this disc, Mr. Kaucic has organized an impressive crew: Michael Moore from the ICP Orchestra, plus Italian players: Marco Colonna, Albert Cirera (both on reeds) and Silvia Bolognesi (on bass), each of whom can be found on a variety of dates from various labels: Clean Feed, FMR, Rudi and NuBop. From the picture inside the CD, it seems as if Mr. Kaucic is playing percussion & objects laid on a rug on the floor in front of the stage at a church. Why? Unsure but the music/sounds are well captured and balanced. Things start out quietly, with just some sparse improv, the quintet taking their time and building slowly as they go. Eventually the three reeds start to engage each other, bending their lines around one another. Three three reeds, humming bowed bass and simmering percussion create a hypnotic buzz, which is most uplifting at putting us in a nice, dream-like state. All three reeds work extremely well together, especially both clarinets with the tenor sax and bowed bass droning underneath. Sublime at times. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $17

SLD TRIO with PAULA SHOCRON / GERMAN LANONEGA / PABLO DIAZ - El Contorno Del Espacio (Listen! Foundation FSR 12-2019; Poland) The SLD Trio features Paula Shocron on piano, German Lamonega on double bass and Pablo Diaz on drums. “On this third outing of the SLD Trio, which features bassist German Lamonega along with Diaz and Shocron, the spirit of collaboration is strong and vibrant. From the opening solo bass intro on first track 'Jiwasa' to the precise and assured run of chords on the piano, and the intense but still airy interactions that follow, it's obvious that the trio has not lost any of it's energy since 2017's Tensegridad.
A series of tracks in the early middle part of the album provide a cross-section to examine the pulse and direction that the trio is pursuing. The intensity of the track 'Trascender' is a perfect example of the poise and balance of the trio. Wedged between the tracks 'Secreto 3' and 'Secreto 1', it begins with a patter of piano and rapidly bowed notes from the bass. The drums are approached somewhat scattershot through the opening moments, and as the track gathers more and more momentum, and the piano fill ever more space. Two-thirds of the way towards its end, the group reaches a peak and quickly backs off the volume, leaving the drums and bass to duet for a moment before coming to a stop. The book-ending, and out of order, 'Secreto 3' and 'Secreto 1' offer strong musical contrasts. The first one ('Secreto 3') focuses on Shocron as she builds up tension along with Diaz, who responds deftly to her volume and intensity. Then on 'Secreto 1', Shocron offers a take on minimalism, rapidly repeating notes over a sparse harmonic line as Lamonega accompanies with a deliberate bowed melody and Diaz offers up anguished sounds from the drums.
‘El Contorno Del Espacio’ is a wonderful recording that reveals more on every listen. The musical ideas pass by with vivaciousness and speed, the drumming is sympathetic and explorative, and the bass fits neatly between, connecting with Diaz's ideas and helping to shape Shocron's classically informed lines. - Paul Acquaro, FreeJazzBlog.Org
CD $17

Eight Great Discs from the Amazing FMR label:

PAUL DUNMALL / JOHN ETHERIDGE / PERCY PURSGLOVE / MARK SANDERS - Deps (FMR 544; UK) Featuring Paul Dunmall on soprano & tenor saxes & alto flute, John Etheridge on guitar, Percy Pursglove on bass & trumpet and Mark Sanders on drums. This was recorded at the Bristol Fringe Club in March of this year (2019). This is immensely exciting as two of my favorite British musicians join forces for the first time on a recording. Sax colossus Paul Dunmall was/is a longtime member of Keith Tippett’s Mujician ensemble and is the favorite living saxist of many out/sax freaks like Evan Parker & myself. John Etheridge replaced replaced Alan Holdsworth in Soft Machine at a week’s notice, when Holdsworth split to join Tony Williams’ New Lifetime in 1975. History repeated itself in the early aughts again when Mr. Etheridge replaced Holdsworth in Soft Works, turning them, into Soft Machine Legacy. They’ve been together ever since and last year (2018), they did a world tour and are called just Soft Machine. I caught 4 out of 5 sets at the Iridium and they were spectacular! This quartet also consists of trumpeter Percy Pursglove (doubling on bass) who has been working Dunmall for the last few years and Mark Sanders, the great drummer who has with worked Dunmall even longer as well as with Evan Parker, Jah Wobble and many others.
This is a monster quartet with all four members consistently engaged. What I find most interesting is this: I’ve heard Mr. Etheridge play mostly written music with both Soft Machine and earlier the Zappatistas (Frank Zappa UK tribute band). This disc consists of a full improv date so that all involved must work together to make this successful. Mr. Dunmall starts off on flute with some exquisite guitar buzzing underneath. Soon Dunmall switches to tenor with Mr. Pursglove on trumpet, Etheridge on guitar and Mr. Sanders with sprawling mallets on his drums and cymbals. The interplay between the tenor sax and guitar gets more heated and intense as each one solos, inspired by the interaction of the other members. Mr. Etheridge takes his first of several furious jazz/rock guitar solos, the intensity building as he starts bending certain notes with measured abandon. Mr. Pursglove tastes a great accompanied trumpet solo, twisting his notes in a Nate Wooley-like way. There is a particularly spirited sections where Etheridge slow down to some eerie, way way sounds while Dunmall sails on soprano above, the rest of the quartet providing waves below. This is a perfect, organic improv date with calm and bristling sections balanced out perfectly. Need I say more?!? - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

PAUL DUNMALL / STEVE SWELL / JAMES OWSTON / MARK SANDERS - So Perhaps (FMR 545; UK) Featuring Paul Dunmall on tenor & alto saxes, Steve Swell on trombone, James Owston on bass and Mark Sanders on drums. Recorded at Jubilee Center in Birmingham, UK in April of 2019. Ever since British sax colossus, Paul Dunmall, played at the Old Stone in December of 2006 (curated by yours truly), he has been coming to NY on rare occasion, working with different Downtown musicians both here and over there: Tony Malaby, Ellery Eskelin, Henry Grimes, Chris Corsano, William Parker & Hamid Drake. This seems to be the first time that Mr. Dunmall has worked with NY trombone master, Steve Swell. The bassist here, James Owston, is a newer name for me, having appeared on only one other previous disc with Mr. Dunmall. Ubiquitous drummer, Mark Sanders, has worked with Dunmall for many years and can be heard on dozens of recordings with Evan Parker, Jah Wobble and many others. One of things that I like about both Steve Swell and Paul Dunmall is their ability to work in a variety of styles and settings, from free to swinging hard, from quiet to explosive, always engaging each other no matter where they go. Right from the gitgo, the interplay is stunning, focused, spinning intensely… Mr. Sanders is the perfect choice as he balances an endless supply of cascading notes from both or either horn. When the horns drop out, the bass & drums remain connected, creating a web of activity with various lines tightly woven around one another. There moments when it sounds as if Mr.’s Dunmall and Swell are erupting together and completing each others lines. Mr. Dunmall switches to alto for the second piece and takes off on another intense flight with he & Mr. Swell soaring tightly together. Considering that this is the first time that Dunmall and Swell played together they sound like long lost partners on the same wavelength. This is one of the best free-jazz quartet dates I’ve heard this month so dug in and go along for the ride! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

PHIL GIBBS / NEIL METCALFE / ADRIAN NORTHOVER / MARCELLO MAGLIOCCHI - The Visitors (FMR 546; UK) Featuring Phil Gibbs on guitar, Neil Metcalfe on flute, Adrian Northover on soprano & alto saxes and Marcello Magliocchi on drums. Phil Gibbs has long been my favorite living UK improvising guitarist, thanks to the dozens of discs he’s done with longtime collaborator Paul Dunmall. Over the past few years, Mr. Gibbs has stepped out on his own appearing on a few discs in solo and with a couple of group improv situations. On this disc Mr. Gibbs works with another longtime Dunmall collaborator, flutist Neil Mefcalfe. The other two members of this quartet can be found working with the Remote Viewers (Northover) and the Runcible Quintet (both men). The first things I noticed here is the way that Mr. Gibbs taps on his guitar, softly but with immense speed. The soprano sax and flute swirl organically around him, delicately at first, with percussion added, the quartet take out soaring together tight yet free and consistently connected. Things soon hit boiling point as the quartet erupts in waves and then calm down to a more cerebral space. There is no actual leader here since all four members are integral to the group sound. There is some extraordinary group improv going on here, tight, intense and well-integrated. Superb! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

PHILLIP WACHSMANN / TREVOR TAYLOR / PAUL MEDLEY / MATTHEW HUTCHINSON - Old Dreams / New Horizons (FMR 538; UK) Featuring Phillip Wachsmann on violin & electronics, Paul Medley on alto sax & clarinets, Matthew Hutchinson on piano and Trevor Taylor on percussion & electronics. Both violinist, Phillip Wachsmann and percussionist, Trevor Taylor have worked together for many years, occasionally as a part of the Circuit Electro-Acoustic Ensemble or the Electro-Phonic Art Trio. Mr. Wachsmann is one of the British elders of free playing, having worked with Derek Bailey, Barry Guy and the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. Trevor Taylor runs this, the FMR label and is a longtime collaborator with Paul Dunmall. The other two members of this quartet look about the same age, although they don’t seem to appear on very many recordings, outside of one disc the Chris Burn Ensemble and a rare duo CD with Phil Wachsmann & Mr. Hutchinson. The sound here has that plinky sound of UK improv which is somewhere between jazz and chamber music, consistently focused and tightly woven together. The use of electronics is often selectively used and subtle. Mr. Taylor plays orchestral percussion like marimba, timpanist and small suspended cymbals. I love the way this quartet plays ultra quietly, carefully with every nuance so well-crafted. Things get a bit more boisterous on the last few tracks, from time to time. There are some sections which sound written or at least directed and those are some the best moments. Things get near magical in the last couple of pieces, as things come together into quaint eruptions. Much of this is mostly acoustic and it is superbly recorded. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

SONIFICATIONS With JOSE CANHA / TREVOR TAYLOR / DAN BANKS - The Anthropocene Epoch (FMR 420; UK) Featuring Dan Banks on piano, Jose Canha on contrabass and Trevor Taylor on drums & percussion. ’Sonifications’ is one of the most ambitious and impressive releases to emerge from the ever-engaging FMR label. On paper, this appears to be another jazz/piano trio but there is quite a bit more going on here. No matter what our current administration claims, climate change is a real threat to all living things on our planet. The lengthy enclosed booklet discusses climate change at length and the way humanity has caused much its destructive forces. The scientific data which plots these changes and their effects is illustrated in the booklet and that data has inspired the music on this two disc set. The first disc is a DVD video filmed at Voodoo Studio, while the second disc is a CD recorded at Visconti Studios. I know very little about pianist Dan Banks or bassist Jose Canha, although they have worked with Trevor Taylor on a couple of previous CD’s for the FMR label.
As I read through the booklet, I become more alarmed at what has been happening to our planet and what is most ignored by much of the media. The music is often lovely, sublime, elegant and consistently fascinating to hear. This is an extraordinary piano trio who work extreme well together. Even without know who these men are or were, this is a wonderful piano trio date, which is made even better by reading the harrowing information while we listen closely. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD DVD 36 Page Booklet $16

MONASH ART ENSEMBLE // PAUL GRABOWSKY / KATE NEAL / ANDREW FORD / MARC HANNAFORD / PAUL WILLIAMSON / SANDY EVANS - Here Now Hear (FMR 552-019; UK) The Monash Art Ensemble is an Australian student and faculty run ensemble within the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University in Melbourne Australia. Founded in 2012 and directed by Paul Grabowsky, the ensemble "is a polystylistic ensemble that aims to support the development of excellence in young Australian musicians, foster a culture of innovation amongst established Australian musicians, and encourage community engagement with the Australian music industry."
Previous releases have served as platform between outstanding student musicians, Australian composers, and American luminaries such as George Lewis (2014's "Hexis"), and Dave Douglas (2015's "Fabliaux"). Their latest release for FMR focuses on 8 original commissions from Australian composers Kate Neal, Andrew Ford, Robert Burke, Cat Hope, Marc Hannaford, Paul Williamson, Sandy Evans, and ensemble director Grabrowsky. Across 2 CDs, the ensemble has assembled a diverse array of music that refreshingly puts Third Stream ideals of blurring classical and jazz practices at the forefront, without lacking for musicality. The thesis here is to mobilize experimentalism towards results, and to engage students and professionals in a democratic process of expanding vocabularies.
It's pretty amazing to do some cursory research and see not only the cast of composers assembled, but the degree of playful risk they all embodied through the opportunity to work so openly with young musicians. Grabowsky's piece is a loving text setting of e.e. cummings poetry, thoughtfully embodying the fractured, otherworldliness of the poet. Kate Neal is a recipient of the 2016 Melbourne Prize whose "Fractured" is an ode to the 90s free music scene in Melbourne. Andrew Ford is 62 year old accomplished composer of chamber music, and his "Six Liverpool Lovesongs" is his self described "first foray writing for improvising ensemble". Burke's "Musician and Machine" is a standout that ranges from ASMR-like computer music textures to bombastic experimental big band. Tributes are paid to giants of polystylism Scott Walker and Tomasz Stanko by Hope and Williamson respectively. Hannaford and Evans both take the commission as an opportunity to expand across broad themes with kaleidoscopic suites exploring the influences of past collaborators and the role of randomness in improvisation.
Lots to be explored on this disc, it runs over two hours front to back. I'm looking forward to growing into it over the coming weeks, as each piece has a wide range of textural detail and inventive performances to showcase. I hope this ensemble keeps being supported in their mission by their country and community, because they are doing alot right. - Frank Meadows, DMG
2 CD Set $16

JOSE LENCASTRE / RAOUL VAN DER WEIDE / ONNO GOVAERT - Spirit in Spirit - Live at Zaal 100 (FMR 547; UK) Personnel: Jose Lencastre on alto sax, Raoul van der Weide on contrabass & objects and Onno Govaert on drums. This is the third CD from Portuguese saxist Jose Lencastre to be released on FMR. He originally worked with members of the RED Trio and for this disc he collocates with a Dutch rhythm team: bassist Raoul van der Weide, who has worked with Wolter Weirbos, Guus Janssen, Burton Greene and John Dikeman (all Dutch-based) and drummer Onno Govaert, who is a member of Cactus Truck, the Kaja Draksler Octet and Rodrigo Amado. This disc was recorded at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam in October of 2018. This trio have a fine, free-wheeling, restrained, stripped down sound. The drummer plays with sort, spinning brushes on the first piece. When Mr. Lencastre comes in on alto, he has a somber, warm, near-Ayler-ish tone that he rarely lets rip too much. Contrabassist, Van der Weide gets a chance to stretch out on bowed bass during a long early section. This is organic, free-improv that is unforced and rather enchanting as well. In some ways this is like a freer Thomas Chapin Trio, but without playing tunes. Considering that this trio is not that well recognized, this disc is still a classic of free music at its best! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

UDO SCHINDLER & ERIC ZWANG ERIKSSON - Poetry??? Ein Wurfelwurf (FMR 550; UK) Featuring: Udo Schindler on alto sax, bass clarinet & euphonium and Eric Zwang Eriksson on drums & percussion. Since 2015, I’ve been reviewing discs from German reeds player, Udo Schindler, mostly working in duos and trios, most of which are on the FMR label. For this disc, Mr. Schindler works with a percussionist named Eric Zwang Eriksson, someone with whom I hadn’t heard before now. This disc was recorded live in Munich in January of 2018. There is something special going on here, the duo take their time to explore the various nuances of their instruments, bit by bit. I like the way things are often stripped down to a more skeletal level.Mr. Schindler concentrates on one reed instrument at a time: alto sax, bass clarinet and euphonium (baritone-voiced brass instrument). Although this is a live recording, the sound is clean and warm, all acoustic and well-captured. There is no free/jazz screaming or anything screeching whatsoever here.
CD $14

CAROLINE DAVIS & ROB CLEARFIELD’S PERSONA with SAM WEBER / JAY SAWYER - Anthems (Sunnyside 1538; USA) “Mobile since her birth in Singapore, composer, saxophonist, and educator Caroline Davis now lives in Brooklyn, New York. After making her mark on the Chicago jazz community during her 8-year stint there, she moved to New York in 2013, and has proven to be an active leader and sidewoman in the national jazz scene.
Her debut album, Live Work & Play, was featured on All About Jazz’s best releases, and she was named one of JazzTimes’ Best New Artists in the 2012 Expanded Critics’ Poll. Her second album, Doors: Chicago Storylines, was just released as an audio documentary that uniquely sets stories from Chicago\'s jazz scene from the 80s and 90s alongside her original music. Doors has brought her much acclaim in recent issues of DownBeat and JazzTimes.
As an educator, Caroline brings her unique knowledge of music and psychology to her teaching, as she acquired a Ph.D. in Music Cognition at Northwestern University in 2010. She has been on the faculty at Litchfield Jazz Camp for the past 10 years, and has been a guest educator at Northwestern University, University of Colorado at Boulder, St. Xavier University, Columbia College, DePaul University, University of Texas at Arlington, Loyola University, Texas Tech, New Trier High School, Evanston Township High School, Denver School of the Arts, Newman Smith High School, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. She has also participated in several jazz mentorship programs, including IAJE’s Sisters in Jazz and the Kennedy Center’s Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program.” - Sunnyside
CD $15

The following three CD’s from Yoni Kretzmer’s OutNow label just showed up right before I left for the day on Tuesday. Hance, I haven’t had the time to listen and review them as of yet. I do dig anything that Mr. Kretzmer has released so far on this label and will review these for newt week’s newsletter.

TYSHAWN SOREY / NADAV REMEZ / ANTONIN TRI HOANG - ELK3 (OutNow Recordings 038; USA) Featuring Tyshawn Sorey on drums & piano, Nadav Remez on guitar and Antonin Tri Haong on alto sax & bass clarinet.
CD $14

YONI KRETZMER 2 BASS QUARTET with REUBEN RADDING / SEAN CONLY / MIKE PRIDE - Mis-Take (OutNow Recordings 036; USA) Featuring Yoni Kretzmer on tenor sax with a baritone reed, Reuben raiding & Sean Conly on basses and Mike Pride on drums.
CD $14

DANIEL SARID / YONI KRETZMER / MICHAEL EVANS - Bring (OutNow Recordings 040; USA) Featuring Daniel Sarid on piano, Yoni Kretzmer on tenor sax and Michael Evans on drums.
CD $14

KATHERINA BORNEFELD [from The Ex] - Angeltalk (Daydream Library Series 002; UK) The Daydream Library Series release Angeltalk by Katherina Bornefeld, best known as "Kat", the drummer of Holland's long-running and legendary anarcho-punk experimental noise n' rhythm rockers The Ex. Unbeknownst to most, Kat is a practicing sound healer of note and this album is a sonic meditation of spirit music where the mind and body embrace into sentient peace. A beautiful wholly other experience of listening where the essence of vibratory love comes to play.
"Releasing Katherina Bornefeld's debut recording Angeltalk is a dream come true for Eva and I at Daydream Library. As huge fans of Kat's band The Ex we were enchanted by the fact that she herself is a practicing sound healer. We asked her to present a recording of her work and she delivered a gorgeous and deep spirit musical meditation CD. Listen, soar, sleep, dream, awake into positive vibrations." - Thurston Moore
CD $15

KEIJI HAINO / JIM O'ROURKE / OREN AMBARCHI - In the past only geniuses were capable of staging the perfect crime (also known as a revolution) Today anybody can accomplish their aims... (Black Truffle 050; Australia) Full title: In the past only geniuses were capable of staging the perfect crime (also known as a revolution) Today anybody can accomplish their aims with the push of the button. For its 50th release, Black Truffle presents the ninth album from one of the label's core ensembles, the power trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, and Oren Ambarchi. Drawn from a November 2015 performance at Tokyo's now-defunct SuperDeluxe, the record's opening piece drops us immediately into the maelstrom, abruptly cutting into an extended episode of Ambarchi's pummeling drums, O'Rourke's fuzzed-out six-string bass, and Haino's roaring guitar and electronics. Eventually settling into a hypnotic bass and drum groove over which Haino unleashes some almost Ray Russell-eque skittering atonal screech, these opening 13 minutes act as a potent reminder of the trio's power. Alongside showcasing the steady development of a unique language for the guitar-bass-drums power trio, the group's succession of releases over the last decade has demonstrated a constant experimentation with new instruments, which continues here with O'Rourke use of Hammond organ (played at the same time as his roaming, sometimes knotty basslines). On the album's second piece, the organ plays a key role, furnishing a harmonically rich shimmer over O'Rourke's angular six-string bass chords, Haino's distant, chirping electronics and Ambarchi's crisp cymbal work; arriving somewhere halfway between Albert Marcoeur and Terje Rypdal, this piece is undoubtedly a highlight in the trio's catalog so far. The second and third sides are slow-burning, multi-part epics that range from spacious reflection to furious tumult. Where the trio's previous double-LP set -- This Dazzling, Genuine "Difference" Now Where Shall It Go? (BT 030LP, 2017) -- was primarily instrumental in focus, here you find Haino's voice taking the spotlight on the expansive third side, intoning, wailing. and exhorting in Japanese and English over a backdrop that moves from hushed bass and organ atmospherics to rolling toms and cymbal crashes before arriving at an ecstatic finale of searing guitar, tumbling drums and reverb-saturated bass. The fourth side returns to the hypnotic grooves of the opening piece, fixing on a relentless riff and riding it into oblivion under Haino's roaming psychedelic soloing and jagged chordal slashes. Cover image by Traianos Pakioufakis; Live action pics by Ujin Matsuo. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. LP design by Lasse Marhaug; gatefold sleeve.
CD $16

PATTY WATERS with BURTON GREENE / MARIO PAVONE / BARRY ALTSCHUL - Live (Blank Forms 009; USA) Patty Waters is a visionary avant-garde vocalist and composer, best known for he groundbreaking 1960s recordings for the legendary free jazz label ESP-Disk. Captivated by the music of Billie Holiday, she sang with Bill Evans, Charlie Mingus, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock before coming to the attention of Albert Ayler, who introduced her to ESP-Disk's Bernard Stollman. The rest is history. Recorded with pianist Burton Greene, Waters' haunting 1966 debut Sings (ESP-DISK 1025CD) juxtaposes a side of hushed self-composed jazz ballad miniatures with an iconoclastic take on the standard "Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair". Sharing Ayler's affinity for the deconstruction of folk idioms, Waters dismantles the tune through a series of anguished wails, moans, whispers, and screams that cemented her reputation as a vocal innovator, predating the extended techniques of Yoko Ono, Joan La Barbara, and Linda Sharrock, and cited as a direct influence to Diamanda Galas and Patti Smith's own freeform vocal excursions. The mythic side-long exposition stands as one of the 20th century's most harrowing expressions of madness and grief, its incantatory mutilation of the word "black" into a full-spectrum monochrome resounding with a particular potency at a time when battles for civil rights were erupting across the country. After recording a second ESP-Disk album in 1996 (ESP-DISK 1055CD/LP), Waters disappeared from the music scene, moving from New York to California to raise her son. Her Blank Forms concert on April 5th, 2018 -- with original pianist Burton Greene as well as bassist Mario Pavone and percussionist Barry Altschul, both veterans of Paul Bley's ensembles -- was Waters' first New York appearance since 2003. Dedicated to Cecil Taylor, who had passed away moments before she took the stage, Live preserves the mournful tension that was in the air that night. Her first new release on vinyl since 1966's College Tour, the record divides the session in the spirit of her debut. Side A features a set of desolate ballads, including Waters' own classic "Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight", while the B-side puts into stark relief the fact that the fight for civil rights that Waters invoked over 50 years ago is far from over. Beginning with her rendition of "Strange Fruit", a 1937 song written in protest of black lynching and American racism, the suite's form-bending contortions also features the second-ever recording of Waters' original, exceptional lyrical take on Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman."
CD $15

CHORUS GRANT - Vernacular Music (TambouRhinoceros 210; Denmark) Vernacular Music combines folk-rock with elements from chamber music creating a new and exciting Nordic sound. The classical guitar is the main element on Vernacular Music and it is complemented and accompanied by bass, drums, Rhodes, and electric guitars as well as new elements in Chorus Grant's universe such as recorder, saw, vibraphone, violin, clarinet, cello, and baritone saxophone. In the middle of the sonic universe, Kristian Finne's vocal serves as a guide into Chorus Grant's intimate world with its peculiar blend of being sing-able and catchy on one side and also being challenging and experimental another level. The album is guest by a group of prominent musicians, including the English drummer Sebastian Rochford (Polar Bear, Patti Smith, David Byrne/Brian Eno, among others), Danish CTM (Caecilie Trier), and violinist Nils Groendahl, among others. The music is recorded in Copenhagen with the band members Camilla Munck and Moogie Johnson and is produced in collaboration with Mads Brinch and Nis Bysted (who was recently awarded as Producer of the Year at the Danish critic's award Steppeulven). RIYL: Cass McCombs, Little Wings, Ryley Walker, M. Ward, David Sylvian.
CD $16

NERVOUS EATERS - Eaterville #1: The Lost Tapes, Mono Powered Oddities & Assorted Hot Junk from the Vaults, '73-'75 (Penniman Records 001; Spain) Remastered/improved reissue of Penniman Records' Nervous Eaters compilation, Eaterville #1, originally released in 2004. Ace of Hearts Records recently reissued their '86 classic Hot Steel and Acid. The band has released Record 10 in 2019 and is working on another album. To do true justice to the band and earn them the dues they deserve as one of the best R'n'R bands ever. This great compilation brings together rare stuff recorded between 1973 and 1975, from studio sessions and demos along with their official Rat singles -- "Just Head" and "Loretta" -- and their fans favorite anthems -- "Degenerate" and "You Smell Like Fish". Also included are demos like "You've Heard These Chords Before" or "Planet Fever" on which Steve Cataldo and company place themselves on the crucial dividing line between the best Stones and the Stooges. CD version includes 32-pages booklet.
CD $19


This week, British-born guitarist and founding member of Henry Cow, FRED FRITH has his residency at The Stone (Sept 24th-28th). I have attended a couple of nights so far and like the hundreds of previous sets I’ve heard from Mr. Frith, this week has been pretty amazing as well! We are going to celebrate this occasion with a FRED FRITH/TZADIK CD Sale. Here’s the deal:

1 or 2 CD’s are $14 each

3 - 4 CD’s are $13 each

5 & more CD’s are $12 each:

FRED FRITH / JOHN ZORN - Late Works (Tzadik 7634) Fred Frith and John Zorn have a close working relationship that's has been fruitful since they first met in 1978. Close friends and cohorts, veterans of many ensembles and bands, they are two of the downtown scene's founding fathers. Sharing a love for improvisation, composition and music from all over the map, they have developed a unique duo language that jumps from moment to moment with lightening speed and a near-endless imagination. Their yearly sold-out duo performances are some of the most anticipated events in New Music and while their previous releases have all been documents of these exciting concerts, here they enter the studio for the first time in a beautiful recording of improvisation at its very best. Two of the world's greatest experimental instrumentalists in wild telepathic interplay!
CD $14

FRED FRITH//STEPHEN DRURY/JOAN JEANRENAUD/WILLIAM WINANT / et al - Back To Life (Tzadik 8045) A new CD of classical chamber music by a contemporary master who has been redefining new music since 1972 with cutting edge bands like Henry Cow, Keep the Dog, Skeleton Crew, Massacre and Cosa Brava. Featuring the virtuoso cellist Joan Jeanrenaud (formerly of the Kronos Quartet), percussion madman William Winant (who has worked with everyone from Lou Harrison, Steve Reich and John Cage to Mr Bungle and Sonic Youth), pianist/conductor Stephen Drury with his remarkable Boston ensemble the Callithumpian Consort, and the Belgian virtuoso Daan Vandewalle, Back to Life presents a sparkling program of five major chamber works by this imaginative and courageous border crosser.
CD $14

FRED FRITH / /ROVA SAXOPHONE QUARTET - Freedom in Fragments (Tzadik 7076) Active since 1978, the dynamic Rova Saxophone quartet has collaborated with and commissioned from some of the world's greatest composers. Here they give a dynamic reading of Fred Frith's major composition Freedom in Fragments, which was written expressly for them and comprises a series of short compositions that can be played in whole or in part and in any given sequence. Rova has chosen the most rigorous of these, and the final sequence, created by the composer himself, gives a seamless flow to the overall listening experience. Messiaenic harmonic shifts, catchy folk melodies, complex dance rhythms and looping minimalism from one of new music's original border crossers. Bruce Ackley: soprano saxophone; Steve Adams: alto saxophone; Jon Raskin: baritone saxophone; Larry Ochs: tenor saxophone, sopranino
CD $14

FRED FRITH//PAOLO ANGELI/CLAUDIO LANTERI/FILOMENA FORLEONICOLA ZONCA - Pacifica (Tzadik 7034) Pacifica is a major new composition by the world-famous guitarist, improvisor and composer, Fred Frith. Over an hour in length and composed for a large ensemble of winds, strings and percussion, Pacifica sets the poetry of Pablo Neruda into a seductive and hypnotizing sound world that slowly metamorphoses into something altogether different. Lyrical written passages, inspired improvisations, sensual vocals and provocative sound effects all come together into a fascinating whole - one of Fred Frith's most brilliant orchestral creations.
CD $14

FRED FRITH With CARLA KIHLSTEDT / WU FEI / GINO ROBAIR / et al - Eye To Ear III [OST] (Tzadik 7521) Fred Frith continues to be one of the most important composer/performers of his generation - a groundbreaking, genre busting musical master whose work ranges from improvisation to rock, classical, folk and more. The third volume of his film soundtrack music is his most diverse and accomplished work to date, and includes studio work from the past six years. Features some of the greatest musicians in the Bay Area music scene.
CD $14

FRED FRITH With GAIL BRAND / WU FEI / HEATHER HEISE / ANNE HEGE - Eye To Ear II (Tzadik 7517) With a career spanning over three decades, Fred Frith continues his fruitful relationship on Tzadik with this, his, fifth release in as many years. Always breaking new ground, Eye to Ear II, the second volume dedicated to his work for films is an adventurous voyage into unexplored territory. Four amazing sound collages, improvisations and lyrical dance music from one of the most consistently original composer/performers working today. TZADIK FILM MUSIC SERIES Personnel: Gail Brand:Trombone Fred Frith:Guitars, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Violin, Accordion, Ocarina, Kalimba, Drum Samples, Mobius Instruments, Voice, Toys, Low-grade Sound Effects Anne Hege:Voice Heather Heise:Accordion & Fei Wu:Gu Zheng
CD $14

FRED FRITH With BORIS DENKER/MICHAELA DIETL/TILMAN MULLER/CHRISTIAN KAYA/WILLY WEBSTER - Eye To Ear [OST’s] (Tzadik 7503)Famous as an improviser and a rock guitarist (Henry Cow, Art Bears, Residents, Massacre, Skeleton Crew, French/Frith/Kaiser/Thompson), Fred Frith is still highly under-rated as a composer. Since relocating to Germany in the early '90s, Frith has composed soundtracks for a number of films and has chosen his finest for his first Tzadik release, Eye To Ear. Michaela Dietl: accordion Tilman Muller: trumpet Christian Kaya: clarinet Boris Denker: tenor sax Willy Webster: organ Fred Frith: all other instruments.
CD $14

FRED FRITH & EVELYN GLENNIE - The Sugar Factory (Tzadik 7623) Dynamic and astonishing music from two of the world's greatest musical pioneers, this is another special project from multi-instrumentalist/composer/improviser Fred Frith who has been bravely crossing musical borders since the early 1970's. These remarkable duo sessions were recorded during the filming of Thomas Riedelsheimer's exquisite documentary Touch the Sound about Scottish virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Combining the unpredictability of an improvised first encounter with the magic of studio composition, this is music of another dimension, highlighting the power and sensitivity of both players.
CD $14

FRED FRITH - To Sail, To Sail: Solo Acoustic Guitar (Tzadik 7625) One of the most profound solo statements to date from a musical master who has been crossing musical borders for over three decades! Concentrating exclusively on the acoustic guitar, Fred Frith stretches himself and the instrument like never before, performing with the eloquence and grace of a master in peak form. With a prodigious technique and elegant sense of maturity he draws upon a lifetime of study and experience to bring together influences as diverse as classical, blues, folk, gypsy and free improvisation, creating a fascinating new world of sound and feeling. Beautiful and absolutely essential.
CD $14

FRED FRITH - Clearing: Solo Guitar (Tzadik 7605) Fred Frith is one of the world's greatest originals on the guitar, a composer/performer who has been at the forefront of avant garde music since the early '70s. Clearing is his first solo guitar recording in over twenty years (since his classic Live In Japan of 1981) and his first solo studio recording since his groundbreaking Guitar Solos of 1974. Of the three existing solo recordings by this quirky musical master, Clearing is undoubtedly the most dynamic, the most direct and sonically the best recorded. An absolute must have for all fans of guitar music, improvisation and the avant garde. Fred Frith: solo guitar.
CD $14

DEATH AMBIENT [HIDEKI KATO/IKUE MORI/FRED FRITH] JIM PUGLIESE - Drunken Forest (Tzadik 7264) This best selling trio from Tzadik's New Japan Series returns with special guest percussionist Jim Pugliese for a spiritual exploration of sound and color. Beautifully orchestrated ambient music blending the acoustic world of violin, mandolin, ukulele, banjo and percussion with the electronic soundscapes of computer and guitar, this is their most evocative and mysterious creation to date. Six years in the making, Drunken Forest opens your ears to a striking new world. Ikue Mori: drum machines Kato Hideki: bass Fred Frith: guitar. Special Guest Jim Pugliese: Percussion
CD $14

DEATH AMBIENT [HIDEKI KATO/IKUE MORI/FRED FRITH] - Synaesthesia (Tzadik 7226) Death Ambient's eponymous debut CD was released in 1995 to great critical acclaim and continues to be one of Tzadik's best sellers. Synaesthesia is the long-awaited follow-up and it finds them exploring new territory. Thirteen powerful new compositions blending vivid colors and complicated textures both electric and acoustic. Dark moods, minimal beauty and exquisite noise from three of the world's leading instrumental innovators. Ikue Mori: drum machines Kato Hideki: bass Fred Frith: guitar.
CD $14

DEATH AMBIENT [HIDEKI KATO/IKUE MORI/FRED FRITH] - Death Ambient (Tzadik 7207) Death Ambient teams three of the world's most exciting improvisers in a fascinating album that blurs styles and smashes genres in a dark world of unusual sounds and unorthodox techniques. The talented young bassist Kato Hideki has performed in a variety of rock and improvisational groups - he was an original member of Ground Zero, has recorded with his own group Bass Army on Trigram, and is a frequent collaborator with Tenko, Haino Keiji and Zeena Parkins among others. Ikue Mori has developed a personal and innovative technique of playing samplers triggered by adapted drum machines. A member of the legendary No-Wave trio DNA (with Arto Lindsay), in recent years Mori has recorded with Death Praxis (with Tenko), Vibraslaps (with Catherine Jauniaux), Ursa's Door (with Zeena Parkins) and many others. 1995 has been a busy year for Mori, with the releases of Painted Desert (with Marc Ribot and Robert Quine) on Avant and Hex Kitchen on Tzadik. Fred Frith is one of the most important and influential guitarists in rock and improvisational music of the past three decades. A founder of Henry Cow and the Art Bears in the early '70s, a member of Skeleton Crew, Curlew, Cassiber, Aksak Maboul, Massacre, Material, the Golden Palominos, French Frith Kaiser & Thompson and Naked City, Frith has recorded with the Residents, collaborated with Henry Kaiser, John Zorn, Rene Lussier, Derek Bailey, Ferdinand Richard and Chris Cutler, and recorded numerous solo albums on ESD, SST, Ralph, Rift, Incus, Recommended, Rec Rec, Victo, Crammed Discs and Sub Rosa. Frith was the subject of the acclaimed documentary film, Step Across The Border.
CD $14

LP Section:

MALEEM MAHMOUD GHANIA WITH PHAROAH SANDERS - The Trance Of Seven Colors (Zehra 001; Germany) “Zehra present The Trance Of Seven Colors by master Gnawa musician Maleem Mahmoud Ghania and free jazz legend Pharoah Sanders, available on vinyl for the very first time. Originally released in 1994 on Bill Laswell's Axiom imprint, and produced by Bill Laswell, The Trance Of Seven Colors is the meeting of two true musical masters. Maleem Mahmoud Ghania (1951-2015), son of the master of Gnawa music Maleem Boubker Ghania and the famous clairvoyant and "moqaddema", A'isha Qabral, and a master of the traditional Gnawa style in his own right. Mahmoud learned this craft as a youth along with his brothers, walking from village to village, performing ceremonies with his father Boubker and was one of the few masters (Maleem) who continued to practice the Gnawa tradition strictly for healing (the central ritual of the Gnawa is the trance music ceremony -- with the purpose of healing or purification of the participants). With 30 cassette releases of music from the Gnawa repertoire with his own ensemble and performances at every major festival in Morocco, including performing for the King in various contexts, Mahmoud Ghania was also one of Morocco's most prominent professional musicians. In 1994, Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders went to Morocco equipped with just some mobile recording devices to record Ghania and a large ensemble of musicians (a good portion being family members) in a very intimate set-up at a private house. Sanders, the legendary free jazz musician, contributed the distinctive tenor saxophone sounds that gained him highest praise as a truly spiritual soul right from the days of playing with John Coltrane and his wife Alice and on seminal solo albums, like Karma (1969). The aptly titled The Trance Of Seven Colors ranks among the best Gnawa recordings ever released, making it onto The Vinyl Factory's list of "10 incredible percussive albums from around the world". 25 years after its original CD release, it is finally available on vinyl. Remastered for vinyl and vinyl cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. 180 gram vinyl; comes in gatefold sleeve; includes download code. "One of the most important albums of Gnawa trance music released in the '90s." --The Attic "first-hand access to Gnawa healing ceremonial music" - All Music Guide
2 LP Set $32

KONSTRUKT KEN VANDERMARK - Kozmik Bazaar (KarlRecords 065; Germany) “Turkish free jazzers Konstrukt continue their series of exciting collaborations with Ken Vandermark, one of the key figures of Chicago's vivid jazz scene. After two critically acclaimed albums with the Japanese avant-garde/noise icon, Keiji Haino, Konstrukt return with a new inspiring collaborative mind: Ken Vandermark, who for three decades now has been a highly prolific musician in contemporary jazz and free improvisation. With various groups like NRG Ensemble, Spaceways Inc., The Vandermark 5, Made To Break, or the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet (to name just a few) and various spontaneous collaborations the saxophone/clarinet player has created an impressive catalog and performed/recorded with the who-is-who of today's jazz/improv scene: Paal Nilssen-Love, Hamid Drake, Fred Anderson, Paul Lytton, Joe Morris, The Ex, Axel Dörner, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Zu, Peter Brötzmann, Paul Lovens, Lasse Marhaug, Yakuza, Kevin Drumm, and many more. Vandermark's enduring exploration and development of new paths in (free) jazz and improvisation not only made him a key figure of the vivid Chicago scene (since the days of AACM, a hotspot for musical creativity), but also gained the him the reputed Mac Arthur Fellowship in 1999. In November 2018, Konstrukt (who themselves can look back on a long list of class A collaborators like Joe McPhee, William Parker, Akira Sakata, Marshall Allen, Evan Parker, Thurston Moore, or Alexander Hawkins) met Vandermark in their homebase Istanbul for a recording session -- a match made in heaven that all musicians involved are extremely happy with. The resulting album, Kozmik Bazaar, starts with a reference to Ornette Coleman before turning more and more into a psychedelic trip that goes way beyond the "jazz idiom". But what else to expect from such a stellar constellation? Personnel: Kontstrukt: Korhan Futacı - alto saxophone, instant loops, vocal; Umut Çağlar - electric guitar, synthesizer, gralla, guimbri; Apostolos Sideris - double bass; and Berkan Tilavel - drums, electronic percussion; with Ken Vandermark - tenor saxophone, clarinet. Recorded by Ozan Öner at Pür Recording Studio, Istanbul. Mixed by Korhan Futacı and Umut Çağlar. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. 180 gram vinyl; includes download code.
LP $21

LP $22

IANNIS XENAKIS - Persepolis (KarlRecords 044; Germany) Limited 2019 repress. After La Légende d'Eer in 2016 (KR 024LP), the Perihel series presents one of the milestones of electroacoustic music: Iannis Xenakis's mind-blowing, 54-minutes oeuvre Persepolis. Persepolis is the longest electroacoustic composition by Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) who ranks among the most influential 20th century avant-garde composers. Commissioned by the Persian Shah, the piece was part of a multimedia performance -- Xenakis's so-called "polytopes" -- which premiered in 1971 in Shiraz-Persepolis (Iran) as a performance including light-tracks, laser beams, groups of children walking around with torches, and 59 loudspeakers to project the music in an open-air situation. Xenakis had realized Persepolis on 8-track analog tape in the Studio Acusti in Paris and released a stereo reduction on vinyl in the famous Philips series "Prospective 21e Siècle" in 1972, adding the new subtitle "We bear the light of the earth", his most hymnal title ever. Out of print for decades now, the LP became -- especially the Japanese edition from 1974 -- one of the most expensive collector's item of electroacoustic music. There were some later CD versions with different durations -- too long due to a wrong sample rate, others shortened by three minutes due to other reasons. The Perihel series now presents a new version: mixed from the original master 8-track tapes by longtime zeitkratzer sound engineer Martin Wurmnest and mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin -- the same experts who had already taken care of the 2016 Karlrecords release of La Légende d'Eer, another milestone composition among the works of the Greek-French avant-garde composer. Previous releases in the Perihel series, curated by Reinhold Friedl: Guy Reibel's Douze Inventions en Six Modes de Jeu (KR 028LP, 2015); Iannis Xenakis's La Légende d'Eer (KR 024LP, 2016), John Cage's Complete Song Books (KR 029LP, 2016). 180 gram vinyl; Includes insert and download code.
LP $21

ROY MONTGOMERY & EMMA JOHNSTON - After Nietzsche (Aguirre Records 062; Belgium) New album by New Zealand composer and guitarist Roy Montgomery in close collaboration with Emma Johnston. After Nietzsche is a response to Nietzsche's assertion in Twilight of the Idols (1889) that "Without music, life would be a mistake." Roy Montgomery and Emma Johnston recast this as "Life is a mistake set to music" and they take issue with one of Nietzsche's principal tenets concerning fate. After Nietzsche is in a way the sister-album to 2018's Suffuse, where Montgomery composes songs for guest vocalists. Only this time it's in close partnership with Emma Johnston. Montgomery's distinctive, interweaving guitar play is set as background for Emma Johnston's angelic vocals and experimentations. Swimming through the four tracks of the album, it's surprising to notice how different they are. The opening track could have been plucked from one of Montgomery's '80s projects, while the rest of the A side takes you into more shadowy territory. "Realm Of The Senses" with its slow strumming and echoing vocals evokes Grouper, and the title track, with dramatic vocals and strings, cleverly builds up to a climax that never happens. The last song clocking in at just over twenty minutes is a post-postmodern duet between the two musicians in a dark philosophical mood. Included insert with lyrics; Calligraphy by Liz Harris (Grouper); Cover by Trudi Cameron. Mastering by Kris Delacourt. Edition of 500.
Roy Montgomery is a composer, guitarist, and lecturer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Montgomery's mostly instrumental solo works have elements of post-rock, lo-fi, folk, and avant-garde experimentation. His signature sound might be described as atmospheric or cinematic, often featuring complex layers of chiming, echoing and/or droning guitar phrases. He is currently head of the Environmental Management department at Lincoln University in New Zealand. Montgomery has played in several New Zealand bands since 1980, most notably The Pin Group, Dadamah, Dissolve, and Hash Jar Tempo. He has also released solo albums on labels including Kranky and Drunken Fish.
Emma Johnston, a classically trained singer, she has developed a practice that explores experimental voice in theater. This led to her MA and then PhD theses, which explore her work in the context of experimental voice in avant-garde performance. Emma has also worked as a singer and actor with Silencio Ensemble, the Christchurch Symphony, and Corrupt Productions, and has premiered vocal works by composers Chris Reddington and Gao Ping. Alongside her ongoing Free Theatre work, she enjoys collaborating with artists such as Reuben Derrick and Roy Montgomery on a diversity of projects.
LP $24

MARCUS SCHMICKLER - Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy (Kompact 407; Germany) “Kompakt welcomes veteran contemporary experimental producer Marcus Schmickler with the release of his spectacular noise/techno fused medallion entitled Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy. Marcus Schmickler's fifty plus release discography is one of the most fascinating in his field. From his studies under Cologne-based Stockhausen collaborator Johannes Fritsch to his releases through legendary imprints a-Musik, Editions Mego, and Mille Plateaux, over the years Schmickler has been behind innumerable collaborations and sonic explorations. Be it through his ground-breaking indie/electronic band Pluramon or through his releases that have included collaborations with musicians such as John Tilbury, Thomas Lehn, Julee Cruise, or MIMEO, he has even had his works being performed by ensemble recherche, musikFabrik, or Paragon Ensemble. Beyond continuing to perform on the world stages, he authors theater and film and currently teaches at Institut für Musik und Medien in Dusseldorf. Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy, a 37-minute long piece (split into two parts on the LP version), explores the borders of a scientific universality of sonification towards something that becomes a singular experience -- sound. The pieces' foundational aim was to create an acoustic rendering of what it sounds like when two galaxies collide by gravitational forces. To avoid this one sheet getting lost in theory, the audible result of Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy is an incredibly, immersive work that is required listening from start to end. Contemporary experimental music and modern techno collide as waves of synths caress the listener through intense waves of frequency variables. The orchestral enormity of the piece is both discomforting yet embracing as the listener feels engulfed with its robotic caress.”
LP $26

BIG BLOOD - The Daughter's Union (feeding Tube Records 459; USA) "Recorded a bit before the last Big Blood slab we released -- Operate Spaceship Earth Properly (FTR 385CD/LP, 2018) -- The Daughter's Union represents the true introduction of Caleb and Colleen's daughter, Quinnisa as a full member of Big Blood. The Maine-based duo had been using Quinnisa as their secret hard rock weapon for quite a while, so it is gratifying as heck to see her finally get her due! In their new fully-fledges trio guise, Big Blood puff themselves up like a most splendid glam rock peacock, fairly bursting with readymade-riffs and inspirational high kicking energy bursts. Initially, this can seem a bit odd, given Big Blood's historical appreciation of bizarre folk-derived textural-psych. But heard in the context of their musical evolution, this move appears as just another roost along a trail that involves a whole lot of mountains and woods, with the occasional meadow-based rock festival stirred into the mix. By covering tunes by the Troggs and Silver Apples, Big Blood make it abundantly clear their interests are as far from catholic as their influences. Although it also seems that they are able to successfully transmute even the most thumpy-ass high-heel pumping into a move that is draped in moss and mystery. I can hardly wait to hear their track-by-track cover of Led Zeppelin II. I always thought those songs would sound better sung by an actual woman. Know what I mean?" --Byron Coley, 2019 Edition of 250.
LP $24


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for September of 2019:

Is Located at the New School’s Glass Box Theatre
55 West 13th street - just east of 6th ave


9/27 Friday
8:30 pm - Fred Frith Trio with special surprise guest - Fred Frith (guitar) Jason Hoopes (bass) Jordan Glenn (drums) plus special surprise guest

9/28 Saturday
8:30 pm - Fred Frith Trio with special guest Evelyn Davis and a special surprise guest - Fred Frith (guitar) Jason Hoopes (bass) Jordan Glenn (drums) Evelyn Davis (keyboards) and a special surprise guest

10/1 Tuesday
8:30 pm - Brian Marsella (piano, keys) & Jon Irabagon (saxes)

10/2 Wednesday
8:30 pm - Gatos do Sul - Brian Marsella (piano) Itai Kriss (flute) Mark Feldman (violin) Jon Irabagon (tenor sax, clarinet) Pablo Aslan (bass) Kenny Grohowski (drums) Cyro Baptista (percussion)

10/3 Thursday
8:30 pm - Brian Marsella (synths), Ikue Mori (electronics) & Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10/4 Friday
8:30 pm - Brian Marsella (piano) & Erik Friedlander (cello)

10/5 Saturday (RK)
8:30 pm - These are the Songs - Cyro Baptista (percussion) Brian Marsella (piano, keys)

THE (NEW) STONE is located in The New School’s Glass Box Theatre  
All Sets at The New Stone start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone. 
Only music. All ages are welcome. Cash Only at the door. 
A serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis

THE STONE SERIES at happylucky no. 1
The Stone Series: WILLIAM PARKER - Blues Evidence
Friday & Saturday, September 27th & 28th at 8pm
Blues Evidence: WILLIAM PARKER (bass)
with Ava Mendoza (guitar) and Gerald Cleaver (drums)

734 Nostrand Ave, near Sterling
easy access from the A/C/2/3/4 trains


Bushwick Improvised Music Series Continues:

Monday September 30th
7pm Alec Goldfarb - guitar
Yuma Uesaka - Tenor Sax, Clarinets
Caitlin Cawley - Percussion
Joanna Mattrey - Viola

8pm Stephen Gauci - tenor saxophone
Adam Lane - bass
Kevin Shea - drums

9pm Marco Cappelli - guitar
Matteo Liberatore - guitar
Ken Filiano - bass
Carlo Costa - drums

9:45pm Daniel Carter - woodwinds
Stelios Mihas - guitar
Kenneth Jimenez - bass
Matteo Liberatore - guitar
Aquiles Navarro - trumpet
Matt Mottel - keyboard
Kevin Shea - drums
Stephen Gauci - tenor saxophone

10:45pm Daniel Rorke - tenor saxophone
Simon Jermyn - bass guitar
Jeff Davis - drums

11:30pm Matt Bent ensemble

Downstairs @ Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn
(Across the street from M train Central Ave stop)


Upcoming Gig Information from CHUCK BETTIS!

October 20th
Pet Bottle Ningen (10th anniversary show!)
Nonoko Yoshida - sax
Dave Scanlon - guitar
Dave Miller - drums
Chuck Bettis - electronics throat
w/ Salt People, Tidal Channel, Ess

At Alphaville
140 Wilson Ave.
Ridgewood, NY 11237
L train to Halsey 


October 23rd at Nublu
151 Ave. C, NY, NY

Die Trommel Fatale
Brandon Seabrook - Guitar
Chuck Bettis - Voice/Electronics
Dave Treut - Drums
Sam Ospovat - Drums
Markia Hughes - Cello
Eivind Opsvik- Bass
John McCowen - Clarinet


KILL ALTERS MUTATIONS festival - 10/10 - 10/31
at Market Hotel

-Alex Epton modular set at doors and in between acts
-Sandy Smiles (artist performance by Frank Haines)
-Ikue Mori (Tzadik / Mego Records) / Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) / Hisham A. Bharoocha
-Bonnie Baxter QUARTET
-Orb Kill Alters / Bonnie Baxter / Jason Lindner (Now vs Now) / Chuck Bettis QUARTET
-Motion Graphics (Domino Records) / Greg Fox / Hisham A. Bharoocha TRIO
-Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto / New Optimism) / Victoria Shen / Bonnie Baxter TRIO
-Keith Fullerton Whitman (PAN / Editions Mego)

-Loka DJ set
-BKDG Audio (Okotopus formerly of Dälek)
-OrbKA / John Bemis (Murderpact) / GENG (King Vision Ultra) TRIO
-Jak Progresso
-Lust Sick Puppy
more tba

-Via App DJ set at doors and in between acts
-Bonnie Baxter / Hampton (Murderpact) DUO
-King Vision Ultra
-DRUM N' THROAT improvised performance feat: Bonnie Baxter, Matt (Machine Girl), Dreamcrusher, Danni (Deli Girls), GENG (King Vision Ultra), Chuck Bettis w/ drummers Hisham A. Bharoocha, Sean Kelly (Machine Girl) & Jon Bemis (Murderpact)
-Prolaps live set (Matt Machine Girl x Bonnie Baxter)
-Slauson Malone live set

-Nullbite DJ set doors and in between acts
-Channel 63
-Kill Alters
-Deli Girls
-Girl Pusher
-Machine Girl
DJs for post Halloween show rave
-Yung Mayne

Kill Alters Mutations festival
at Market Hotel
1140 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
J/M/Z to Myrtle (venue under the station)