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Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles
by Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band

I look at her and she looks at me
In her eyes I see the sea
I don't see what she sees in a man like me
She says she loves me
Her eyes, yeah her eyes
Her eyes are a blue million miles
Far as I can see
She loves me
Her eyes, her eyes
Yeah her eyes are a blue million miles

Far as I can see
She loves me
Yeah her eyes, yeah her eyes
Her eyes are a blue million miles
I look at her and she looks at me
In her eyes I see the sea
I can't see what she sees in a man like me
But she says she loves me
Yeah her eyes, yeah her eyes
Are a blue million miles

Yeah her eyes, yeah her eyes
Whoa her eyes are a blue million miles
Her eyes, yeah her eyes
Whoa her eyes are a blue million miles

A love song from the late Great Captain Beefheart? Yes and unlike any other one. This gem is from ‘Clear Spot’ which is perhaps my favorite Beefheart album. If you have never listened to one, this is a great place to start. Not Too weird but just weird enough. It closes with the anthemic “Big Eyed Beans from Venus”, which Beefheart & the Magic Band would close their concerts with. Probably not a good idea to start with his bizarre masterwork, ‘Trout Mask Replica’. Check out this line: “My arms are just two things in the way, until I can wrap them around you.” Wish I said that.

I am currently up at FIMAV, Festival International Musique de Victoriaville in Quebec. This is the 35th anniversary, which is most impressive considering how much challenging music is going on up there. Check out this line-up: Peter Brotzmann / Haino Keiji / Heather Leigh, The Ex, Barre Phillips Solo, Vijay Iyer Sextet, Tyshawn Sorey Trio… It will be so nice to get away and escape the American Nightmare for a week. Perhaps I will move up there and never come back. Only kidding. - Bruce Lee Gallanter at DMG


The Downtown Music Gallery 28th Anniversary Celebrations begins on May 1st!
Every In-store in May Helps Celebrate the Spirit of Creative Music Performed Live.

Sunday May 19th: No InStore
Bruce Lee Gallanter will be Attending FIMAV:
The International Festival Musique Actuelle Victoriaville!

Sunday, May 26th:
6pm: JONATHAN CHEN / GAMIN - Electronics / Korean Double Reeds!

Sunday, June 2nd:
7pm: URS LEIMGRUBER - Solo Sax!

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to  Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy. You can check the weekly in-store sets through our Instagram feed


BLG/DMG Recommended Gigs:

Monday, May 20th at 8pm:

BARRE PHILLIPS - Solo Contrabass

at Zurcher Gallery, 33 Bleecker St, just east of Lafayette
Super Rare Solo Set Celebrating the release of Barre’s new release
on ECM called, ‘End to End’


and ELLIOTT SHARP IrRational Music Reading & Performance

At TR Crandall Guitars - Wednesday May. 22 at 8pm

Admission is Free! - Location: 154-156 Ludlow Street, NYC

Elliott Sharp will read from his new book IrRational Music as well as present a short solo performance on the 8-string guitarbass built for him by luthier Saul Koll.  


Free Ticket Giveaway!




Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 8:00 PM
Blank Forms at Brooklyn Music School Theater
126 St Felix St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

The first person who responds to this via e-mail will receive a pair of tickets to this event. Do it now.


Important Information and Request from JOHN ZORN:

Hi everyone. The Book Beriah 11-cd box set was a labor of love, three years in the making, and we put a huge amount of Tzadik funding into making it happen. Sadly our distribution platform PLEDGE MUSIC ripped us (and hundreds of other artists) off and we will NOT be paid a single penny from their sales.

To help offset this HUGE loss for us we have initiated a limited edition vinyl series. Please help us by purchasing the collection – and spread the word to your friends! You can put your preorder in now at this address:

Thanks to you all for your continued support! — John Zorn

You can read more about this situation here:


3 New Discs from the Fine Folks at TZADIK:

JOHN ZORN // BRIAN MARSELLA / TREVOR DUNN / KENNY WOLLESEN - The Hierophant (Tzadik 8363; USA) The Hierophant is a spectacular new suite of Zorn compositions drawing inspiration from the mystic world of the Tarot. Scored for classic jazz piano trio, the music is powerful and varied, hitting upon a wide range of styles, emotions and moods. Passionately performed by three members of Zorn’s inner circle—Brian Marsella (piano) Trevor Dunn (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums) these magical and moving pieces are not like any piano trio you have ever heard. Thrilling and beautiful modern chamber music featuring three new music virtuosos at the very height of their powers!
CD $16

ABRAXAS with SHANIR BLUMENKRANZ / EYAL MAOZ / ARAM BAJAKIAN / KENNY GROHOWSKI // JOHN ZORN - The Book Beri'ah Vol 5 - Gevurah (Tzadik 5105; USA) “Blending a punk rock sensibility with Sephardic tribalism via a taste of North African Gnawa magic, Abraxas is one of the most primal and rocking ensembles in the Masada family. After extensive touring with music from the Book of Angels, they stormed into Bill Laswell’s studio to record an even more intense CD of Masada Book Three. Upheld by the pulsating sound of Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz’s gimbri and the dynamic drumming of Kenny Grohowski, Aram Bajakian and Eyal Maoz push their guitars to the limits. Hypnotic grooves and trance-inducing guitar solos with arrangements that stop on a dime create a CD of white hot intensity.”
CD $16

JOHN ZORN / THE DREAMERS - Pellucidar: A Dreamers Fantabula (Tzadik 6006; USA) “A beautiful vinyl pressing of Zorn’s most delightful and popular instrumental unit The Dreamers performing nine compositions inspired by the imaginary worlds of fantasy literature. Featuring some of Zorn’s catchiest hooks and plenty of fiery solos from Ribot, Saft and Wollesen, Pellucidar blends soul, surf, jazz, minimalism, rumba, tango, samba, exotica and more in classic Dreamers style. Bathed in a fabulous gatefold jacket filled with colorful original art by Tzadik’s exclusive designer Chippy, this long-awaited vinyl version of this modern exotica classic was lovingly remastered and is pressed on virgin vinyl.”
2 LP Set $30

DAVE DOUGLAS / URI CAINE / ANDREW CYRILLE* - Devotion (Greenleaf; USA) Featuring Dave Douglas and Uri Caine, and Andrew Cyrille,the album features new Douglas original compositions devoted to outstanding composers. This track is dedicated to the iconic pianist and composer including Carla Bley. Since I am leaving for the Victo Fest tomorrow, I won’t be able to review this new disc until after I get back. I did listen to it a couple of weeks ago and thought it was marvelous, like all things that Dave Douglas does. You can checkout a sample here:
CD $18

* ANDREW CYRILLE will be receiving a Lifetime of Achievement Award at the Annual Vision Fest on June 11th (at Roulette in Brooklyn)! Mr. Cyrille will be playing a series of sets that night with Peter Brotzmann, Kidd Jordan, Milford Graves, Tomeka Reid, Wadada Leo Smith, Brandon Ross & Haitian Fascination! A night not to be missed!!!

WHIRLPOOL [CAROLINE DAVIS / JEFF SWANSON / CHARLES RUMBACK] with RON MILES - Dancing on the Inside (Ears & Eyes Records 15-032; USA) Featuring Caroline Davis on alto sax & voice, Ron Miles on cornet, Jeff Swanson on guitar and Charles Rumback on drums. I recall reading great things about former Chicago saxist & composer, Caroline Davis, when her debut (?) disc came out of Sunnyside last year. When I finally heard that CD, ‘Heart Tonic’, I was knocked out by it since it took some of the best elements of sixties psych with ethnic elements and free-wheeling jazz all blended together. It turns out that Ms. Davis has a previous disc with a different quartet, recorded in June of 2014. The rest of the quartet features the great Ron Miles on cornet, who used to work with Bill Frisell. I don’t know guitarist Jeff Swanson but drummer Charles Rumback was/is in Colorlist, Stirrup w/ Fred Lonberg-Holm & he has own disc on Clean Feed. All three members of Whirlpool contributed from one to four pieces each. The title track is first and reminds me of the lovely, spacious, free-flowing vibe that Bill Frisell or Wayne Horvitz’s often embraces. The trumpet, sax and guitar swirl around one another like birds or bees, most organically. Instead of using a bassist, guitarist Swanson often plays the rhythmic bottom end, strumming elegantly with the calm yet crafty drummer. Ron Miles seems like a perfect choice for the frontline here, he has a warm, sweeping tone which blends righteously with Ms. Davis’ equally lush tone. Guitarist Jeff Swanson reminds me of Jim Hall at times, and is integral to the special magic of this quartet. He often plays chamber-like harmonies which make the tow horns sound even better, austere yet cerebral. On “Remedies”, the guitar plays harp-like flourishes underneath the tow horns as they trade lines back & forth, building to a strong conclusion. Strangely enough, Ms. Davis sings on one song called “Right Where”, and you know what, she has a lovely, quaint, tantalizing voice. The song is pretty short and appears near the end of the CD and it fits just right.
CD $14

SFEROS With JUANMA TRUJILLO / HERY PAZ / DAYEON SEOK - Set It Up As Silence (Falcon Gumba; South America) Sferos features Juanma Trujillo on guitar & compositions, Hery Paz on tenor sax and Dayeon Seok on drums. Over the year or so an Argentinian born, Brooklyn-based couple of Leonor Falcon (violin) and Juanma Trujillo (guitar) have played here at DMG on several occasions, leaving us with a few of their own CD’s. Eavch are leaders as well as having a fine trio disc under the name Chama. This is the second disc I’ve reviewed with Mr. Trujillo as the leader. I don’t know much about Korean drummer Dayeon Seok although she has worked with Kyoko Kitamura and played here at DMG. This is a studio effort and the sound is superb, perfectly captured & balanced. There is a dark, eerie quality to this music, stripped down and filled with suspense at times. Juanma creates suspense by strumming ever so slowly, spaciously, his tone buried in somber swirling echoes with also playing skeletal, the sax playing in circles in the distance. This music often moves slowly while the three instruments taking their time to carefully create late night, candlelight mood music. It will take some time to fully absorb all of this but I remain impressed all the same. Perhaps the trio will play here in the near future, I certainly ope so. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $10

In March of this year (2019), UK clarinetist & guitarist, ALEX WARD, toured with This is Not This Heat, playing at the Big Ears Fest in Tennessee and at Le Pousson Rouge (LPR) in NYC. I caught the set at LPR and it was awesome, one of the best (progressive) rock gigs I’ve heard in years! The following Sunday (3/24/19), Mr. Ward played a trio set here at DMG with Josh Sinton on bass clarinet and Ami Yamazaki on vocals. This was also an amazing set, I was so glad to have helped organize and present it. Alex Ward left us with three new CD’s from his own Copepod label, all mixed and mastered by him. They are now (or soon will be) in stock:

ALEX WARD ITEM 10 With GAIL BRAND / BENEDICT TAYLOR / MANDHIRA DE SARAM / ANDREW LISLE / et al - Volition [Live at Cafe Oto](Copepod 13; UK) Alex Ward’s Item 10 is in fact a 10 piece ensemble, live at Cafe Oto in September of 2017. Mr. Ward did the composing, mixing & mastering. I know of about 1/2 of the UK 10 piece: (Sarah) Gail Brand on trombone, Bendict Taylor on viola, Manhira De Saram on violin and Andrew Lisle on drums. All from different improv situations in London. Mr. Ward mentions in the notes that the music is partially notated, with sections of guided and (unguided or free) improvisations. Mr. Ward does a great job of directing while playing. Te first piece is led by the guitar with several layers (subgroups)revolving around him. Most of this disc features two long pieces: “Entreaty” (42 minutes) and “Volition” (33 min), both of which consist of a series of duos and trios, Each member of the 10tet gets a chance to stretch out in a duo or trio. In between the duos & trios are large, focused ensemble improvisations. All of the sections are connected with layers of expanding improv. Although this ensemble like to go all the way out, the central core is focused, tight, intense and never stepping on anyone’s toes. This disc is one of the best large (moderate?) sized ensemble discs I’ve heard. Alex ward did a great job of pulling this off and keeping it focused, spirited and directed just enough. OUTstanding! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

ALEX WARD / ANDREW LISLE - Doors (Copepod 11; UK) Featuring Alex Ward on clarinet & electric guitar and Andrew Lisle on drums. Mr. Ward has long excelled in the duo situation , having recorded duos with Derek Bailey, Lol Coxhill, Kay Grant (vocals) and more recently with Mike Gennaro (drums). I was not familiar with drummer Andrew Lisle although we do list him with the Kodian Trio (LP on Trost). This disc was recorded at the Barclay House in London, on two dates in August & September of 2016. Each of the four tracks are long, between 16 & 18 minutes each, with Mr. ward playing clarinet or guitar onto tracks each. “Front” opens with frantic clarinet and drums, pushing each other and nearly spinning out of control, then winding down to more cautious interplay, gliding down to nothingness for a short section. Mr. Ward concentrates on soft squeaks and careful note-bending while Mr. Lisle rubs his drums with suspense-filled space. Eventually erupting full throttle later in the long piece. “Back” features Mr. Ward on electric guitar, playing spacious, eerie, floating fragments, near calm yet somehow unnerving. The soon speeds up playing some fractured lightning licks with strong mallet support. Somewhere between Fred Frith and Haino Keiji, intense noise guitar immensely focused. Hard to believe that Mr. Ward is just as amazing & intense on the guitar as he is on the clarinet. Ward switches back to clarinet on “Open”, carefully spinning out notes, bending certain ones, spinning quicker and quicker, soaring tightly together with the drummer, gliding on a wave like a flock of birds and finally coming down for a quiet landing and settling on the ground. There is a section where it hard to tell the difference between the shifting clarinet and shimmering guitar lines, which is which?!? Does it matter?!? - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP IV With ALEX WARD & JEM DOULTON - DDBH (Copepod 12; UK) DDBH is Alex Ward on guitars and Jem Doulton on drums for one piece with guests: Benedict Taylor on violins & violas, Hannah Marshall on cellos and Santiago Horro on double bass on the other long piece. This is Mr. Ward’s third duo CD with a drummer, a situation he obviously excels in. Drummer Jem Doulton is a new name for me, aside from one previous CD on Relative Pitch label called Forebrace. I know of Benedict Taylor from a hanful of records he made with Keith Tippett, Evan Parker plus a solo record on Cram. I certainly know of UK cellist Hannah Marshall, from records she has with Alexander Hawkins, Veryan Weston and Trevor Watts. Starting off with what sounds like a circus calliope which soon fades out?!? The guitar & drums duo play tight punk/prog rock of sorts, which sounds written or at least directed somehow. The results are rather Minutemen-like without the vocals. This is a mighty duo, perhaps coming out of that Ruins/Lightning Bolt/Hella type of thing. I can hear how Alex Ward would fit perfectly (on guitar and clarinet) with This is Not This Heat, since it seems as if This Heat are another obvious influence. “IVPT0 1” is one long continuous 17 minute work which just keeps going, unfolding through connected sections. “IVPT2” is another 19 minute piece for the duo plays three guests: Hannah Marshall & Bendick Taylor on strings and Santiago Horro on double bass. Things slow down to near sludge, the feedback piling up until they break into rocking groove led by an organ (not listed on cover). The strings are used minimally, often to enhance the sound of the ever shifting guitar sometimes adding a melancholy chamber trio quality. There are quite a bit of odd, unexpected twists and turns as well. Pere Ubu, Battered Ornaments… The strangely cheesy organ and strings (together) sound like a mellotron (ancient prog sound). Very strange, very cool and unlike anything I’ve heard in recent memory. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

MAX GITECK DUYKERS // Members of ENSEMBLE IPSE - Folding Music (New World Records 80811; USA) “Max Giteck Duykers (b. 1972) stands out for his ongoing dedication to the sound worlds made possible by the Pierrot ensemble. Therefore it is fitting that the first recording devoted exclusively to Duykers’s music should feature two of the four “Pierrot sextets” he has composed this far, that the remaining four works on the disc are playable by P6/P6 subsets, and that everything here (except for the one vocal work which adds guest soprano Zen Wu) is performed by members of Ensemble Ipse, the P6 ensemble he co-founded in 2016 and for which he continues to serve as co-Artistic Director.
As such it is an excellent introduction to Duykers’s compositional aesthetic. While he has composed a great deal of multimedia work as well as orchestral music, chamber music forms the core of his catalog. Duykers’s music revels in hovering somewhere between graspable tonality and a chromatic tetrachordal harmonic vocabulary that is usually associated with atonal pitch organization, unisons between players as well as a kind of motivic heterophony where players play similarly contoured but different lines simultaneously, constant metric shifts that still somehow groove, trippy microtonal interludes that do not in any way seem theoretically systemic but serve a purpose that is much more than merely ornamental, cadential silences, and—what for lack of a more readily comprehensible term could be described as—“temporary ostinatos”: single notes or chords that repeat incessantly for a period of time but then unexpectedly veer off into something else. Most of Duykers’s pieces also exhibit a high degree of playfulness and exuberant joy. It is telling that Duykers concludes the program notes for several of them with an admonition to the players to “have fun” or “enjoy.”
Duykers’s music combines intellectual rigor with sheer physical pleasure as well as metaphysical transcendence. It is music that is deeply conscious of all the music that has come before it, but is very clearly music of our time while also offering some intriguing suggestions about where the music of the future might beckon.”
CD $15

IGOR WAKHEVITCH - Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird) (Transversales Disques 010; France) Transversales Disques presents Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird), a never released before recording by French avant-garde electronic composer Igor Wakhevitch. Wakhevitch composed a bunch of major experimental albums in the '70s, such as Logos (1970), Docteur Faust (1971), Hathor (1972), Les Fous D'or (1975), Nagual (1977), and Let's Start (1979). During this 10-year period, Wakhevitch was close to Jean-Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and legendary choreographer Maurice Bejart having with him many conversations around dance and music, human body and soul, spiritual path, collective life, new society, and human evolution. As a composer, Igor Wakhevitch collaborated with Salvador Dali, Carolyn Carlson, and Terry Riley, to name a few. He's considered as one of the first French composer using synthesizers like Synthi AKS, ARP2600, or Moog modular systems. After spending almost 30 years in India, Igor Wakhevitch dug in his archives this unreleased work recorded in 1999 on his "Mysterious Island 88" system. Esoteric, sacred, and cosmic, Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird) is the logical follow up of Igor's early works and a monumental piece of electronic music. A must! CD version includes a 16-page booklet.
CD $21

Back in stock:

KAORU ABE - What Beyond [a/k/a ‘Winter 1972’](King Harvest 206230608: Japan) Featuring the legendary Kaoru Abe on solo alto sax, recorded in Osaka on December 16th of 1972. Originally released sometime in 1973 or 1974 on the Sound Works label out of Osaka, this was a bootleg LP of Abe in full-flowing solo action. The original record came in a plain white sleeve, the label made no mention of Abe's name, and they came with a very high price tag for the time. Needless to say, this has since become an incredibly rare record, unseen by even the most dedicated of Abe collectors. Rarity aside, this is an utterly thrilling missive from Abe's most uncompromising and satisfying period. As yet a victim self-abuse, his utterly distinctive voice on alto rings swift, clear and true, scattering diamond shards of light in its wake. Stunningly concentrated and sure-footed -- it needs to be heard." -- Alan Cummings. "Kaoru Abe died at the early age of 29, living life fast and hard and burning out quickly. He was an uncompromising free/jazz saxist with an intense, completely focused and utterly distinctive sound. The DIW label in Japan once released an astonishing 10-CD set of solo sax which is now out-of-print, as well as a single solo CD and three strong duos with guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi. There are just two pieces on this disc totaling 46 & 1/2 minutes and this is all we need. By December of 1972, there were very few folks playing live or recording solo sax performances. Anthony Braxton's radical 'For Alto' was released in 1968 and Evan Parker was just beginning his journey of solo sax gigs. As a big fan of solo sax sets & records (like Lol Coxhill, Steve Lacy, John Zorn or Ned Rothenberg), this is disc is the holy grail. Mr. Abe ranges from shrieks to tenderness to explosive moments, making every note count. I have played this disc a half dozen times already and continue to be amazed by what I hear. Kaoru Abe is speaking directly to us through his alto sax and you best wake up and listen hard. The rewards are plentiful." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
Please note - this was released a while back on CD by PSF (as 'Winter 72'), and not from the master tape, and as it turns out, unauthorized, and now withdrawn. This CD on King Harvest is from the owner of the recording, and is transferred beautifully from the master tape!
CD $25 [Second LTD Edition of 200 & we now have 15 copies left, we sold the first 25 in a few hours]

FRED FRITH with LAURIE ANDERSON / EVAN PARKER / SYLVIE COURVOISIER / NATE WOOLEY / SHELLEY HIRSCH / IKUE MORI / PAULINE OLIVEROS / GYAN RILEY / et al - Personnel: Laurie Anderson, Anonymous; Amma Ateria, Sylvie Courvoisier, Nava Dunkelman, Fred Frith; Jordan Glenn, Shelley Hirsch, Jason Hoopes, Annie Lewandowski, Jessica Lurie, Miya Masaoka, Ikue Mori, Pauline Oliveros, Evan Parker, Gyan Riley, Else Olsen Storesund, Sudhu Tewari, Clara Weil, Theresa Wong and Nate Wooley. "Between 2006 and 2016, Fred Frith played 80 concerts at New York's unique space for experimental music, The Stone. A selection of his encounters with such powerful and creative personalities as Laurie Anderson, Pauline Oliveros, Sylvie Courvoisier, Evan Parker, Nate Wooley has been combined in this 3-album set comprising 23 fascinating tracks. It is a decade-long adventure in improvisation. The musician Theresa Wong writes: “I was struck by the musicality. What I mean by that is: there‘s this presence of songs and song forms – the music can be harmonic and melodic, there‘s noise, there‘s rhythm, a joyfulness, an exploration, a sensuality of sounds, but always underlining that is a musicality that feels to me like songs.“ There are handful of master musicians whose live sets in town I rarely miss: Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Steve Lacy, John Zorn and Fred Frith. I have checked out hundreds of sets from Mr. Zorn and Mr. Frith throughout the 40 years that I’ve know of these folks. I attended most of the sets that Fred Frith did at The Stone from the several sessions recorded between 2006 and 2016. This triple CD set has quite a bit of incredible, diverse improv. I am still working my way through it and it just keeps getting better. Beyond extraordinary! Fred Frith will return to The Stone for another weeks worth of sets from September 24th to September 28th, 2019. Don’t miss out! - BLG
3 CD Set $46

LP Section:

SPRING HEEL JACK AND WADADA LEO SMITH - The Sweetness of the Water (Treader 007; UK) "Featuring John Edwards, Mark Sanders and Evan Parker. The interventions of Spring Heel Jack -- sly repetitions, uncanny intrusions of feedback and melody, expansive organ chorales -- subtly transform the proceedings, focusing with microscopic precision on the dramatic power and lyrical poise of their collaborators and throwing the sonic complexities of the ensemble into vivid contrast."
LP $24

SIR RICHARD BISHOP & W. DAVID OLIPHANT - Beyond All Defects: Mount Meru Anthology Series Vol. 1 (21-82 Recording Company 1001; USA) Although Sir Richard Bishop (SRB) and W. David Oliphant (WDO) worked together periodically in the '80s through Sun City Girls and Maybe Mental, they never set out to simply work together as a duo. Fast forward to 2011, SRB, feeling the need to temporarily step out of his solo guitar zone, approached WDO with the idea of this joint collaboration... Beyond All Defects was composed and recorded live in the studio in Phoenix, Arizona in December of 2011 (remastered in 2018 by Mark Gergis) and presented on vinyl for the first time by Twenty One Eighty Two Recording Company. The sonic landscapes presented here find their origins in Tibet, and are heavily inspired by Tibetan Buddhism -- specifically the body of teachings known as Dzogchen. Many of the musical ideas for this project were literally derived from dreams the night before they were created. The remaining ideas were formed centuries ago. Sir Richard Bishop plays acoustic guitar throughout. Often detuned, bowed, and beaten, the guitar was "treated" by Oliphant during the live recording process. SRB also provided audio from field recordings he captured in India. WDO used a variety of computer software with a MIDI controller to create all the other sounds. All tracks were captured in real-time, direct to disk. Beyond All Defects is the first in a series celebrating the audio adventures created by Arizona sonic composers. Clear vinyl; Edition of 500.
LP $24

GRIOT GALAXY with FARUQ Z. BEY / ANTHONY HOLLAND / DAVID McMURRAY / TANI TABBAL / JAIBU SHAHID - Kins (Third Man Records 532; USA) "Griot Galaxy is a 'secret' jewel of Detroit's avant-garde jazz history -- until now. That is to say, they will always be a jewel of Detroit's avant-garde jazz history, their deeply passionate music a testament to experimentation, freedom, and blackness. But with the long-awaited reissue of their first album, the hard-to-find Kins, the secret is out. Griot Galaxy doesn't strictly begin with Kins. It begins with visionary bandleader and saxophonist Faruq Z. Bey's musical and political awakening in the late '60s, when the 1967 Detroit Rebellion was tearing Detroit apart and Coltrane's untimely death was devastating the jazz community. Kins, recorded in 1981 and originally released in 1982, is a masterstroke of creative Detroit jazz. The freeness of the playing is anchored by a serious propensity for rhythm, evident in the way its members layered their collective backgrounds in bebop, funk, reggae, and other styles within the expansive possibility of sonic expression. And all but 200 or so copies of the original 2000 pressed were unintentionally trashed. Griot Galaxy's willingness to push boundaries was as affectionate as it was fearless. Kins is Detroit's post-Coltrane, high-on-Sun-Ra bridge into the '80s. They certainly weren't the first to experiment with polyrhythms, odd meters, and tonal scales beyond the traditional concepts, but it was in part the combination of Shahid and Tabbal's previous experience with Sun Ra, as well as Tabbal's experience with one-time Arkestra trumpeter Phil Cohran, that allowed the group to blossom. Donning silver face paint and spouting poetry on stage, the group gained notoriety for both impressive musicianship and theatrical proto-Afrofuturist flourishes as they played all over town, including Cobb's Corner, a jazz bar in the Cass Corridor. We're lucky that lead engineer Ron DeCorte saved the original master tapes, from which these recordings came. Although most of the wider world didn't get a chance to experience the wonder of Griot Galaxy at the time, we will gloriously, happily, gratefully take what we can get now. Matte direct-to-board LP jacket, standard weight black vinyl."
LP $22


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for May of 2019:

Is Located at the New School’s Glass Box Theatre
55 West 13th street - just east of 6th ave


5/17 Friday
8:30 pm - Tomas Fujiwara (drums) Patricia Franceschy (vibes) Nicole Mitchell (flute)

5/18 Saturday
8:30 pm - Funkish - André 'Dré Gló Lassalle (guitar) Jared Nickerson (bass) Calvin Gantt (spoken word) Nicole Mitchell (flute)


5/21 Tuesday
8:30 pm - a&k and friends - Kathryn Schulmeister (bass) Wilfrido Terrazas (flutes) Alexandria Smith (trumpet) Wendy Eisenberg (guitar)

5/22 Wednesday
8:30 pm - a&k and friends - Kathryn Schulmeister (bass) Nina Rosalind Dante (voice) Madison Greenstone (clarinets) Felix Del Tredici (bass trombone) Alexandria Smith (trumpet)

5/23 Thursday
8:30 pm - BRASS - Caroline Miller (voice and sampler) David Aguila (trumpets) Annie Lemieux (trumpet) Alexandria Smith (trumpet) Kalun Leung (trombone) Dave Taylor (bass trombone) Felix Del Tredici (bass trombone)

5/24 Friday
8 pm - QUINTET - Matt Leece (electric guitar) Billy Martin (drums, percussion) Evan Strauss (electric bass) Alexandria Smith (trumpet) Caroline Miller (sample, voice)

THE (NEW) STONE is located in The New School’s Glass Box Theatre  
All Sets at The New Stone start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone. 
Only music. All ages are welcome. Cash Only at the door. 
A serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


JOHN ZORN Presents The STONE SERIES at Happy Lucky No. 1:

May 17-18
MARY HALVORSON - guitar with Gabriel Seymour - bass and Henry Mermer - drums

Happy Lucky No. 1: 734 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216
646 623 0414 /
by subway: Take 2, 4, or 5 trains to Franklin; Take 3 train to Nostrand Ave.
Take A or C to Nostrand Ave.


Bushwick Improvised Music Series Continues:

Monday May 20th
7pm Aron Namenwirth - guitar
Zach Swanson - bass
Michael Larocca - drums
Rodney Chapman - saxophone

8pm Stephen Gauci- tenor saxophone
Adam Lane- bass
William Hooker - drums

9pm Noa Fort - vocals
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums
Michaël Attias - alto saxophone
Kenneth Jimenez - bass
9:45pm David Leon - alto saxophone
Sam Weinberg - tenor saxophone
Henry Fraser - bass

10:45pm Michael Larocca - drums
David Tamura - tenor saxophone
Matt Gannon - guitar

11:30pm Eli Wallacee - keyboard/electronics
Andrew Smiley - guitar
Carlo Costa - drums

Downstairs @ Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue , Bushwick
(Across the street from M train Central Ave stop)
$10 suggested donation


I-BEAM Presents:

FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2019
8:30 PM 9:30 PM
Caleb Curtis - alto saxophone
Sebastien Ammann - piano
Michael Bates - bass
Jeff Davis - drums

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2019
8:00 PM 9:30 PM
Mike McGinnis - Clarinet / Saxophone
Peter Apfelbaum - Saxophone / Piano
Alan Mednard - Drums

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2019
8:30 PM 10:30 PM
Jeremy Viner - clarinets & tenor sax
Matt Mitchell - piano & Prophet 6
Kim Cass - acoustic & electric bass
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions

8:30 PM 10:30 PM
Jeremy Viner - clarinets & tenor sax
Matt Mitchell - piano & Prophet 6
Kim Cass - acoustic & electric bass
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2019
8:30 PM 10:30 PM
Jeremy Viner - clarinets & tenor sax
Matt Mitchell - piano & Prophet 6
Kim Cass - acoustic & electric bass
Kate Gentile - drums & compositions

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019
8:00 PM 10:00 PM

SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2019
8:00 PM 11:30 PM
8:00 pm
Barre Phillips - Bass
Emilie Lesbros - Vocals
Mat Maneri - Viola
Hank Roberts - Cello
9:30 pm
Hank Roberts Sextet
Hank Roberts - Cello
Mike McGinnis - Clarinet
Dana Lyn - Violin
Jacob Sacks - Piano
Vinnie Sperrazza - Drums
Brian Drye - Trombone



Jazz Habitat (at El Barrio Artspace, 215 E 99th St)
A bimonthly music series presenting Improvised Music and more,
(every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month)

5/19: Stephen Gauci, Cooper-Moore
Thomas Heberer, Terrence McManus, Michael Bates, Jeff Davis
6/2 Cora Wonderland // Ourida Songs


Thursday May 23
Dr. Odd presents Rhythmic Provocateurs.
Daniel Carter - trumpet and sax
On Davis - electric guitar
Damon Banks - electric bass
Dave Miller - drums

Thursday May 23rd
No cover event
1011 Manhattan Ave (between Huron and Green)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
tel: 347-889-6761