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DMG Newsletter for Friday, November 9th, 2018

The Blue Wave is Coming
And It’s Gonna Set Us Free
Free of Hate and Hypocracy
The BLUE WAVE is Coming
And We will be Singing Our Song
We can Feel it Coming, It won’t be that Long
When the Blue Waves Hit, It will Wash away the Sh*t
And we’ll get a chance to see clearly and feel a whole lot better
No More Lies, No More Greed,
Let’s Work Things Out, It is What we Really Need
Let’s Sing and Dance and Share What We have
Let’s chant Ommmmmm and say “Namaste”,
Over and Over, every day
We must do this Now and not wait until it’s too Late
The Time to Live is Now, The Time to Love is Now!

Check out These Wonderful New Discs from:

Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret: Liberty Ellman / Ron Miles / Stomu Takeishi / Tyshawn Sorey! Two Double Discs from Satoko Fujii! Two Gems from Phillip Johnston! Brandon Seabrook/Daniel Levin Trio! Gabriel Zucker Qt! New York Free Jazz Qt! Six More from FMR: Crux Trio!

The Runcible Quintet! Francois Carrier/Michel Lambert/John Edwards! Restocks from Amalgam! Alberto Cavenati! LP’s from: John Tchicai Strings! J Spaceman! Frederic Rzewski! Garrett List! Eliane Radigue! Moondog! Charley Patton and Much More..!



This Monday, November 12th at 7:30pm - 9:30

At Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Current Schedule of Musicians:

Kirk Knuffke Solo

John Zorn & Ned Rothenberg

Thollem McDonas / Nels Cline / William Parker

Joanna Mattrey

Michael Foster & Leila Bordreuil

Jessica Pavone

Matthew Shipp & Michael Bisio

Tom Rainey / Steve Swell / Brandon Lopez

John Blum - solo piano

Admission is free!
The evening will begin with friends & relatives of Mike reminiscing about him
All music sets will run around 10 minutes each
Please come down and help us to celebrate’s Mike Panico’s life and legacy

Friends of DMG, if you visited our store on the Bowery in the mid-2000’s on weekends or attended gigs at The Old Stone during this period, chances are you met our good friend Mike Panico. Check out his picture on the DMG, Relative Pitch or Roulette website to refresh your memory. Mike Panico was one of the nicest and most positive people that I’ve ever known, he improved many of our lives. His label, Relative Pitch Records, along with co-founded Kevin Reilly, encouraged & documented creative musicians worldwide. Please come to Roulette this Monday to help us celebrate Mike’s legacy. His passing is a great loss.


Upcoming Sets at Downtown Music Gallery - FREE, every Sunday at 6pm

November 11th:
7pm: SAM NEWSOME and SANDY EWEN - Soprano Sax and Guitar

November 18th:
6pm: THE BEYOND TRIO: MICHAEL EATON - Soprano Sax / CHERYL PYLE - C Alto Flutes /

November 25th, No In-store, Bruce in Florida

Sunday, December 2nd:
6pm: GUILLERMO GREGORIO & OMAR TAMEZ - Clarinet & Guitar

Sunday, December 9th:
8pm: GIACOMO MEREGA / KENT O’DOHERTY - Bass Guitar / Alto Sax!

Sunday, December 16th:

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to  Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy. You can check the weekly in-store sets through our Instagram feed


This Weeks' Sonic Treasures Start off with this Dynamite Disc:

MYRA MELFORD’S SNOWY EGRET With RON MILES / LIBERTY ELLMAN / STOMU TAKEISHI / TYSHAWN SOREY - The Other Side of Air (Firehouse12 04-01-029; USA) Featuring “When a smart musical original with a Guggenheim award and a raft of international poll-winnings to her credit calls a band something as fanciful as Snowy Egret, you suspect that it wasn’t out of sheer caprice. Considering the Bay Area composer/pianist Myra Melford’s music can turn from beguiling themes and inviting swing to dissonances and jagged anti-grooves in a blink, a snowy egret feels like too graceful and ghostly a creature to fit. But Wikipedia observes that snowy egrets (familiar sights in Melford’s California) “feed while standing, walking, running, or hopping”. At that, it all makes sense.
Melford, a pianist fascinated by improvisation from childhood, was drawn toward such key 1980s figures of the African American jazz avant garde as Anthony Braxton and Henry Threadgill, who showed her a world of new compositional principles often investigated by improv virtuosi just as happy with no structures at all. Those experiences (and a technique influenced by Cecil Tayloresque Charles Mingus pianist Don Pullen) has guided a true original’s spirit in Melford for over 25 years. The Other Side of Air, featuring sometime Bill Frisell partner Ron Miles on cornet and the articulate Liberty Ellman on guitar, is a musical slideshow of ducking-and-diving trumpet/guitar themes that the leader’s crisp piano rejoinders snap at the heels of, jostling improvised polyphonies, wistful, faintly Keith Jarrett-like piano meditations turning to brittle free-improv and percussive chord-themes that become bright, hoppy tunes. Visionary drummer Tyshawn Sorey is a vital force, Ellman’s lissom long lines and scurrying chords are constantly fresh, and the gentlest of closing codas reveals a complex venture with a shapely story arc, despite so many of its elements being left to chance. Melford always knows where she’s headed, but she doesn’t need to keep talented partners on a tight leash to get there.” - John Fordham, The Guardian
CD $14

Two More Discs from SATOKO FUJII’s 60 Birthday Celebration:

* SATOKO FUJII / NATSUKI TAMURA / MIZUKI WILDENHAHN / TAKASHI ITANI - Weave (Libra Records 204-051/052; Japan) Amu features Mizuki Wildenhahn on percussive dance, Natsuki Tamura on trumpet & percussion, Satoko Fujii on piano and Takashi Itani on percussion. Creative music pianist and composer, Satoko Fujii, never ceases to amaze me/us. Before 2018 began, Ms. Fujii had already had nearly 90 discs of solos, duos, trios, quartets and 4 different large ensembles. For her 60th birthday year (2018), which is a milestone in Japan, she decided to go even further by releasing one disc every month for the entire year!?! Closing in on the end of this monumental year, Ms Fujii has just released not one, but 2 disc sets, both are ambitious efforts and unlike anything else in her vast catalogue.
‘Amu’ is a new a new quartet which features the percussive dancing on Ms. Mizuki Wildenhahn, longtime couple & musical comrades Satoko & Natsuki plus drummer Takashi Itani. Mr. Takashi is currently Ms. Fujii’s percussionist of choice and can be heard on a handful of more recent releases. Although I was not familiar with Ms. Wildenhahn before now, it turns out that she has been working with Ms. Fujii for some 17 years, this is their first recorded effort. The sound on the live disc is superb: warm, clear, spacious, perfect. Although this music is completely improvised, it sounds as it is being directed, melodic and suspense-filled fragments flow organically from one episode to the next. Percussionist Itani is in particularly fine form here, playing hand percussion, pieces of metal, etc., balancing the rest of the trio/quartet just right throughout. Trumpet master, Natsuki Tamura, is often the secret weapon of any Satoko Fujii session and pulls off a number of incredible solos and extended sounds. The music on this disc is rather cinematic, like a series of scenes unfolding and telling a story. The entire 60 minute performance is consistently extraordinary. I haven’t watched the visor yet but will do so tonight. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
2 CD DVD Set $25

* SATOKO FUJII // YUKO YAMAOKA - Diary 2005-2105: Yuko Yamaoka Plays the Music of Satoko Fujii (Libra Records 201-053/054; Japan) Satoko Fujii has been playing piano for many years and recording since graduating from NEC, her debut disc was released in 1996. Since 2005, Ms Fujii begins her day by spending around 15 minutes playing, composing and writing down whatever she comes up with in her own music diary. Ms. Fujii says she considered playing some or all of these collected pieces but decided it would be too much work to record herself. Hence, Ms. Fujii met Yuko Yamaoka, a classical trained pianist who also graduated New England Conservatory, Satoko asked if Ms. Yamaoka was interested in recurring these pieces. She was and did them justice. Since many of these pieces are very short, each of these two discs has many tracks: 62 on Disk 1 and 56 on Disk 2. Considering that Ms. Fuji has upwards of 100 discs, all recorded since 1996, she is already immensely prolific, a gifted improviser and composer. Listening to to the first disc here, I am struck by how truly diverse Ms. Fujii really is. Each piece tells a little story or at least developed a theme or vibe. It would take way too long to begin to describe the many different ideas explored here. None of the pieces are named, just the dates of when they were written is included. Some pieces sound like fragments of larger works while some are complete by themselves. Certain pieces sound like they might accompany on old silent film just right. There is a wealth of great music here, although none of the pieces are very long. There are many gems amongst the vast batch. A consistently excellent endeavor. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
2 CD set $20

Plus a few Satoko Fujii Sale CD’s:

* Ms. Fujii recently sent us a box of the below discs as a gift to DMG. Here’s the deal: If you buy one the above Satoko Fujii CD’s, you can one of the three discs below for free! If you purchase both of the above Fujii CD’s, you can take 2 of the three discs below for free!

SATOKO FUJII ORCHESTRA With BRIGGAN KRAUSS/OSCAR NOREIGA/TONY MALABY/ANDY LASTER/HERB ROBERTSON/DAVE BALLO/ et al - South Wind (Libra 215-104; Japan) "Composer, arranger, and pianist Satoko Fujii leads her first big band on South Wind, a set that is as shocking as it is delightful. The reasons for the shock are the series of tonal and improvisational acrobatics she puts her 15-piece orchestra through and the montage technique she approaches harmony with. Her predecessors are clear -- many of them (Joe Maneri, Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, and George Russell) were her teachers at the New England Conservatory; but her method is her own. Creating backdrops from available sources -- brass, winds, reeds and rhythm -- is the backbone of her style. Not a solid surface for soloists to fly from and return to, but solid as a coloring tonal device on which to erect particular structures of harmonic and intervalic counterpoint. Using only her own and her husband's compositions (the trumpeter Natsuki Tamura), she can create a palette from which the lines between improvisation and written script blur, and then fade altogether. By equating microtonal strategies she attains a different approach to harmonic convergence and orchestral consonance -- though the sound to the listener may seem dissonant. Bravo." - Thom Jurek, AMG
CD $6

SATOKO FUJII - Indication (Libra 210-102; Japan) This is a warmly re-mastered reissue of Ms. Fujii's last solo piano effort from 1996 (out-of-print for many years) and it shows an often breathtaking side to Satoko's fine piano playing. On "Indication" she plays a traditional Japanese folk song, as well as a few ballads and appears to be in a relaxed and calm space on much of this special studio date.
CD $6

NATSUKI TAMURA / SATOKO FUJII - How Many? (Libra 102-103; Japan) Natsuki is an amazing trumpter, Satoko's husband and her most constant musical partner. He is on many of her releases, except for the solo and duos with Paul Bley and Mark Feldman and her downtown trio. This is a remastered reissue [originally issued on Leo and now out-of-print] of their duo effort that preceded "Clouds"!
CD $6

Two from Microscopics Co-Leader PHILLIP JOHNSTON:

PHILLIP JOHNSTON & THE COOLERATORS With ALISTER SPENCE / LLOYD SWANTON / NIC CECIRE - Diggin’ Bones (Asynchronous Records 003; Australia) Featuring Phillip Johnston on soprano & alto sax & compositions, Alister Spence organ, Lloyd Swanton on bass and Nic Cecire on drums. Phillip Johnston is the longtime co-founder of the Microscopic Septet, one of the oldest (circa 1980) of all Downtown ensembles. Mr. Johnston moved to Australia around the turn of the millennium and has been working with a number of fine musicians from Down Under ever since his move. Mr. Johnston formed the Coolerators in 2005, which includes keyboardist Alister Spence (who has worked with Myra Melford & Satoko Fujii) and bassist Lloyd Swanton, who is & remains a founding member of the Necks, an immensely well-regarded jazz/trance keyboard-led trio.
There is something gleeful going on in Phillip Johnston’s music, a blend of the silly and sad or poignant aspects of life. “Frankly” kicks things off with a funky riff which is led by Mr. Spence’s greasy, groovy organ. Johnston is a master creating of infectious riffs which abound throughout this entire disc. “What is Real?”, has one of those great (funky) grooves and really made me smile when I played here in my kitchen, even scatting along, something I rarely do. I’ve only heard Aussie keyboardist, Alister Spence play piano in the past but it turns out that he is a strong organ player, an integral part of what makes this disc so fine. His earthy sound is straight out of the 60’s or 70’s, somewhere between the Band or Procol Harum, yet with some swell licks to groove to. The Necks bassist, Lloyd Swanton, who often plays the same riff over and over for an entire set or session, is featured on a couple of these pieces and shows him to be a master bassist, as well as an inspired soloist. The mix of infectious riffs with crafty arranging is what makes this disc so savory. Do you need a ray of sunshine on a rainy day…? I’ll bet you do, well then check out this sonic medicine. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

PHILLIP JOHNSTON With JAMES GREENING / ALISTER SPENCE / CASEY GOLDEN / NIC CECIRE - The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Asynchronous Records 004; Australia) “Johnston’s soundtrack adds an extra dimension to the 2D-nature of the animation, with energetic jazz layered over the pre-recorded percussion track that builds up and flows through the film. While Johnston and Reineger’s compositions are each complex in their own ways, they come together simply and beautifully, stripping animation back to its abstract qualities of light, shadow, image and sound.” – Anna Madeleine, The Guardian,
“This enchanting album contains the music that Phillip Johnston composed as a soundtrack for The Adventures of Prince Achmed, a 1926 silent silhouette animation that is a landmark in cinema history – the world’s first feature-length animated film. Created by female film pioneer Charlotte “Lotte” Reiniger, the animated film is based upon One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales often referred to as The Arabian Nights.
To breathe Reiniger’s silhouettes to life, Johnston composed a continuous score of 65 minutes of music to be performed live with the film. For this recording of The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the music is broken by the composer into twelve individual tracks.”
CD $15

BRANDON SEABROOK TRIO With HENRY FRASER / DANIEL LEVIN - Convulsionaries (Astral Spirits 076/MF 1; USA) Featuring Brandon Seabrook on guitar & compositions, Henry Fraser on bass and Daniel Levin on cello. Since moving here in the mid-2000’s, guitarist Brandon Seabrook has kept a busy profile playing some four dozen disc with a diverse array of collaborators: Peter Evans, Andrew Drury, Jessica Lurie and Tomas Fujiwara, as well as handful of fine discs as a leader. Earlier this year, Mr. Seabrook was part of a trio with Chris Pitsiokos and Daniel Levin, which has a CD out on Dark Tree. Bassist Henry Fraser has turned up on discs from Dre Hocevar, Logan Strosahl and the CP Unit, all from recent times. Cellist Daniel Levin, the eldest member of this trio, can be heard on some three dozen discs, with nearly 20 as a leader.
This is mostly written music, yet it still uniquely twisted. The combination of guitar, cello and acoustic bass is an odd one yet it works so well. While Mr. Seabrook erupts with layers of fractured, lightning-like lines, the cello & bass provide a tight chamber-ish cushion underneath. “Groping at a Breakthrough” has dark, throbbing repeated line at the center, which later speeds up while Mr. Levin takes an inspired solo and ends with Seabrook taking another one his powerful, fractured guitar solos. Although this is a string trio (of sorts), they don’t quite sound like another else. Mr.’s Seabrook and Levin, do a great job of exchanging roles on “Crux Accumulator”, switching back and forth between solos and backing, with spirited interaction. Things slow down for “Qorikancha”, a sort of spooky lament with some eerie soloing from Levin’s cello and disorienting mutated chords from Seabrook’s guitar. There is sort-id Chadbourne-esque sped up guitar solo near the end which completely mind-blowing. On the last piece, “Mega Faunatic”, it is hard to tell exactly what is happening… is that a trumpet playing played through a guitar pick-up? While the cello and bass slow down, Seabrook’s guitar casts of several layers of twisted lines, some furious, some more moderate, hard to tell what will happen next. Brandon Seabrook obviously has his own way of organizing these pieces and soloing in his own strange way. It will take some time absorb the entire picture of what he is getting at. Are you up for the challenge?!? - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $12

GABRIEL ZUCKER With ERIC TRUDEL / ADAM O’FARRILL / TYSHAWN SOREY - Weighting (ESP-Disk 5027; USA) Featuring Gabriel Zucker on piano & compositions, Eric Trudel on tenor sax, Adam O’Farrill on trumpet and Tyshawn Sorey on drums. When Gabriel Zucker’s debut disc (a 2 CD set, yet), was released on ESP last year (2017), I had no idea what to expect since I hadn’t heard of him or many of the dozen musicians whom he was working with. It turned out to be an eclectic mix of styles or genres, from free to progressive, and was one of the long lost gems of the year. Mr. Zucker returns with just a quartet this time and an impressive one, nonetheless. I know well, trumpeter Adam O’Farrill, since it is a is part of the O’Farrill clan: bandleader Chico O’Farrill was his grandfather, his father is pianist Arturo O’Farrill. I’ve heard Mr. O’Farrill playing recspirited interaction. entry with Mary Halvorson and Rudresh Mahantappa. I still heard much from saxist Eric Trudel but drum master, composer and professor, Tyshawn Sorey, keeps very busy as a sideman (w/ Myra Melford, Salim Washington & John Zorn), as well as launching a 3 CD set recently as a leader/composer.
This disc is broken into three parts: “Soul”, “Appointments” and “Stones”. The liner notes discuss “souls” and the way they are viewed by different tribes. Commencing with just trumpet and sax, a well written intro for both, fascinating and somewhat cerebral. Eventually the the piano and drums kick in powerfully pushing the horns higher and higher. The piano and drums often play through the more thematic material together while the horns add layers of feisty interaction and/or solos. Midway through ‘Part 1’, Mr. Zucker plays a series of quick (morse code-like) lines with his right hand while adding dark chords slowly with his left hand. Both horns soon erupt together spinning their robust lines tightly around one another. Mr. Zucker does a good job of writing these skeletal pieces on “Part 2”, giving the trumpet, tenor and piano a chance to slowly stretch out their sounds in often suspense-filled ways, later evolving into more intense eruptions. Mr. Zucker has shown himself to be a formidable pianist who is is consistently balancing between playing certain themes and then adding waves of flourishes, directing the currents or flow as the pieces unfold. Although it would seem that Tyshawn Sorey is the perfect drummer for this quartet, it is the diverse and consistently inventive playing by Adam O’Farrill that it the real highlight here. Mr. Zucker has had an ongoing residency at the Spectrum performance place in Brooklyn recently so perhaps it is time to check out what he has been doing live. Either way, the disc is another treasure from the great ESP-Disk catalogue. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $12

THE NEW YORK FREE JAZZ QUARTET With MICHAEL MOSS / STEVE COHN / LARRY ROLAND / CHUCK FERTAL - Promotional Copy (M-2 Theory; USA) Featuring Michael Moss on tenor & soprano saxes, flue & clarinets, Steve Cohn on piano, shakuhachi & trombone, Larry Roland on bass & poetry and Chuck Fertal on drums & percussion. A few weeks ago (Oct, 2018), a reeds player named Michael Moss left us with a recent disc of his large ensemble, the Accidental Orchestra. I knew very little about Mr. Moss, other than his appearance on Annette Peacock’s legendary album, ‘I’m the One’ (from 1972) and an obscure duo effort with Billy Stein. Pianist Steve Cohn is another under-recognized figure who I remember from NYC Loft Jazz Days of the 1970’s. Mr. Cohn has a half dozen albums with folks like: Reggie Workman, Fred Hopkins and Tomas Ulrich. Although I recently discovered a legendary/mostly unknown large ensemble from the Boston area known as the World Experience Orchestra (mid-seventies) from which Larry Roland was once a member, I have heard Mr. Roland at the Vision Festival on several occasion (over the past few years) as a spoken word performer & bassist. I don’t know the drummer here very well, Chuck Fertal, but do see that he worked on a previous disc with Mr. Cohn.
Considering that all of the members of this quartet started playing free music in the 1970’s, this disc does have a fine, loft/free jazz vibe/sound. The first piece, “Monk Meets East Meets West” flows along sublimely with shakuhachi (Japanese wooden flute), clarinet, piano all floating above the swirling rhythm team. I love the way everything flows in almost dream-like, unforced organic way. The few times I’ve heard Mr. Roland live doing his poetry/spoken word, he has consistently knocked me out. His words/observations are usually modest yet most effective. He uses words selectively so that we get the idea about what he is talking about yet we can still add our our interpretation within. The quartet take off for the stratosphere on midway through this long piece which features some smoking’ tenor sax and intense piano trio support. All four members of this quartet play so well together, rarely soloing at length and never taking over completely. The balance of the elements, warm recording and and organic flow make this one the best free/jazz discs of recent memory. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $10

CECELLE CAPPOZZO TRIO With PATRICE GRENTE / ETIENNE ZIEMNIAK - Sub Rosa (Ayler 153; France) The French free improvising trio of pianist Cecile Cappozzo, double bassist Patrice Grente, and drummer Etienne Ziemniak are heard in performance at "la Maison en Bois" in Abbeville-la-Riviere in 2018, with trumpeter Jean-Luc Capozzo joining them on the title track, as they bring order to the 4 part "Chaos" through superb collective improvisation.
CD $17

UIVO ZEBRA With JORGE NUNO / HERNANI FAUSTINO / JOAO SOUSA - self/titled (Bocian Records BC-UZ; Portugal) Featuring Jorge Nuno on electric guitar, Hernani Faustino on electric bass and Joao Sousa on drums. Portuguese guitarist Jorge Nuno left us with a couple of LP’s from his duo Signs of the Silhouette last year, which I dug and reviewed when we got them in stock. Last month (10/18), Mr. Nuno left us with two other releases, both CD’s, a trio and a quartet (2 CD set). Uivo Zebra is Nuno’s trio with RED Trio’s Hennani Faustino on electric bass and Joao Sousa on drums. Besides the mighty RED Trio, Mr. Faustino plays bass for other Portuguese musicians like Rodrigo Amado and Sei Miguel. The sound of this trio is a strong blend the rock, jazz & psych streams. Both guitarist Nuno and bassist Faustino utilize a host of effects or devices. The opening track, “Sussurro-Murmurio”, opens with the simmering sounds of suspense, the guitar and el. bass humming with restrained distortion, the drummer throbbing along. The trio sounds closer to Neil Young’s Crazy Horse, than any other jazz/rock bands. The ominous electric guitar quietly howling as the intensity begins to escalate. Mr. Nuno selectively bends certain notes, the effect is most cerebral, gripping, adding slivers of sustain and bits of wah-wah. On “Caibra-Tumulto”, both the guitar and bass erupt with shards of bent-note power, starting and stopping with the drums outlining their spastic rhythmic eruptions tightly. Bassist Faustino, who usually plays acoustic in the RED Trio, sounds awesome on electric bass here, similar to Massimo Pupillo from Zu, an immensely improvisers with a powerful distinctive sound. There is a track here that actually recalls Neil Young’s classic song, “Cortex the Killer”, a favorite of many Young fans. This disc is rock/jazz/psych at it best and although it sounds more seventies-like most current releases, there is something about it that bridges the gap between the distant past and the present. Back in its heyday (mid-80’s), the great SST label might have released this transcendent treasure. Today, the little known Bocian label has done us a favor by unleashing this disc for those who still appreciate its strong, powerful, ritualistic vibe. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $12

DEAD VORTEX With JORGE NUNO / LUIS GUERREIRO / ANDRE CALVARIO / PEDRO SANTO - Event Horizon/Redshift (Abesta 034/035; Portugal) Dead Vortex is Luis Guerreiro on trumpets & synths & electronics, Jorge Nuno on electric guitar, Andre Calvario on bass guitar and Pedro Santo on drums. Portuguese guitarist Jorge Nuno is a member of Signs of the Silhouette, a duo & quartet, who left us with a couple of LP’s and a CD last year (2017). Mr. Nuno recently came to visit (November of 2108) and left us with two discs of different projects. Dead Vortex is a quartet with the above-mentioned personnel, none of whom I am previously familiar with except for Mr. Nuno. None of the songs here are named. The first piece starts out quietly with haunting, somber guitar, soft, sly muted trumpet and sublime skeletal drums & cymbals. The music has an early seventies rock/jazz sound, pre-fusion, before the excess of success set in. The drummer here, Pedro Santo, sounds like Jack DeJohnette, during the same period. Guitarist Nuno uses his effects selectively, with subtle distortion and spaciousness, while trumpeter Guerreiro, switches to the occasional synth insertions. Nuno sounds like he is just about to take a powerful rock/jazz guitar solo, when the first piece fades out, oh well. Mr. Nuno occasionally sounds as if he is channeling bits of Neil Young or Jimi Hendrix, rather than most electric jazz guitarists, never resorting to any fast licks. I find it interesting that a quartet would go back in sound to an era from nearly 40 years ago to explore what was fresh at that point in the history of electric jazz and rock. The results are exuberant, joyous, rocking powerfully at times without overdoing it. Plus just enough psychedelic effects on the trumpet and guitar to make it consistently head-nodding with a smile. Dead Vortex do not sound like any other contemporary ensemble, there is something to be said for this. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
2 CD Set $14

6 More New Discs from the FMR Label:

THE RUNCIBLE QUINTET - Four (FMR 489; UK) Featuring Adrian Northover on soprano sax, Neil Metcalfe on flute, Daniel Thompson on acoustic guitar, John Edwards on acoustic bass (for 2 tracks) and Marcello Magliocchi on drums. I recognize most of the members of the Runcible Quintet from previous sessions like: Neil Metcalfe (for Paul Dunmall, Olie Brice & SME), Daniel Thompson (Alex Ward, Francois Carrier & Michel Lambert) and John Edwards from way too many sessions (100 ) to name here, but I will mention: Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill & Decoy. It turns out that drummer Marcello Magliocchi can be found on at least a half dozen discs from: William Parker, Joelle Leandre and Steve Potts. Even Adrian Northover can be found with the Remote Viewers and DHA. This is the second disc from the Runcible Quintet on FMR, which is odd since the first disc was called ‘Five’ and this one is called ‘Four’. More recently two of these members, Northover & Magliocchi, worked with guitarist Phil Gibbs.
This disc was recorded live at Iklectik on two dates in October of 2017 and March of 2018. All of the instruments are acoustic (the guitar sounds softly amplified) and superbly recorded. The music doesn’t quite sound like the insect music of Company or SME, but it is superbly and subtly improvised, taking it time to coalesce, with different combinations of the players interacting distinctively throughout. There are a number of incredibly magic or fleeting moments when things take off and soar for a bit. The flute and the soprano sax work quite well together and at times it is hard to tell them apart when the quiet down… Guitarist Daniel Thompson, whose music I reviewed in the past, comes from the Derek Bailey school yet plays much less aggressively than Mr. Bailey often did. When I turned up the volume midway through the first long piece, I was able to hear even more textural and timbral explorations, with some exciting explosive moments selectively utilized. Spirited throughout yet ultra-subtle at times as well. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

CRUX TRIO 1 With MARK HANSLIP / COLIN SOMERVELL / BARRY EDWARDS / ED GAUDEN - Up and At ‘Em (FMR 482; UK) Featuring Mark Hanslip on tenor sax, Barry Edwards on guitar, Colin Somervell on bass and Ed Gauden on drums. This is the third CD from the Crux Trio on the FMR label, plus an earlier trio disc on the Slam label. We know saxist Mark Hanslip from his work with Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco. Guitarist Barry Edwards has also recorded with sax colossus Paul Dunmall on a couple of occasions. This disc was recorded live at the Hermon Chapel, somewhere in the UK, most likely. When this disc begins, there is layer of what sounds like radio transmissions or samples, while quartet plays quietly along. When the transmissions soon stop, the rest of the quartet softly erupt with speeding along at a mostly restrained volume. The quartet is riding on waves of slow-burning energy. This quartet reminds of King Crimson playing quietly without rocking too hard. They are often quite crafty yet I wish they would erupt further on occasion. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

JOSE LANCASTRE NAU QUARTET With RODRIGO PINHEIRO / HERNANI FAUSTINO  - Eudaimonia (FMR 505; UK) Featuring Jose Lencastre on alto sax, Rodrigo Pinheiro on piano, Hernani Faustino on bass and Joao Lencastre on drums. There appears to be an ever-growing scene fro creative music going in Portugal which is being documented by labels like Clean Feed, Craetive Sources, Shhpuma and FMR. The Lencastre brothers, Jose on alto sax and Joao on drums, both have discs out as leaders on other labels like: Auand and Tone of a Pitch. The RED Trio, whose members include Rodrigo Pinheiro & Hernani Faustino, are another Portuguese institution with some half dozen discs out on Clean Feed and NoBusiness labels.They’ve worked with both John Butcher, Nate Wooley & Rodrigo Amado on several discs.
This disc was recorded at a studio in Lisbon, Portugal in April of 2018. Considering that the instrumentation here is that of a regular jazz quartet: alto sax, piano, bass & drums, their sound is their own. Commencing with simmering, restraint, building ever so slowly, spacious and filled with suspense. This disc evolves through sections of intensely free-spirited jazz, the momentum building to great waves. Alto saxist, Jose Lencastre, has a sharp, bring tone similar to Thomas Chapin at times, the quartet having a more Trane-like classic avant/jazz sound. Pianist Pinheiro also has an intense tidal wave of sound going on here, with the rhythm team burning powerfully beneath both frontline players. Considering that none of the members of this quartet are very well known, the music here is still incredible, a virtual powerhouse quartet, explosive, riveting, almost too much! FMR Records remains one of the few labels that would release a disc as strong as this one, let’s hope that some of you/us will pick this gem up and be blown away! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
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FREE PANTONE TRIO - A Blink Of An Eye To The Nature Of Things (FMR 496; UK) The Free Pantone Trio features Manuel Guimaraes on piano, Rui Sousa on electric bass and Joao Valinho on drums plus guest Noel Taylor on clarinet. The Free Pantone Trio is yet another Portuguese unit, none of whose members I’ve heard of before now. This disc was completely improvised in a studio in Lisbon, the sound is superb. The trio sounds pretty strong, focused and free, with the crafty work of electric bassist, Rui Sousa, at the center. Clarinetist, Noel Taylor, sits in on a couple of tracks and plays modestly when he starts, his tone warm and free of too many bent notes, getting more expressive as the music unfolds. Bassist Sousa sounds as if he is playing a fretless bass, his tone warm and thoughtful without overplaying a bit, tapping quietly on the bass while the drummer bows a cymbal subtley. What I like most about this disc is this: the vibe is laid back, somber at times, the piano and electric bass weave melodically together, casting a calm spell over us. A refreshing departure from some of the more angst-ridden free/jazz blasts that are usually heard at DMG. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
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MARK ALLAWAY / MALCOLM BALL / PAUL DOWNING - Free Trio (FMR 503; UK) Featuring Mark Allaway on saxes, clarinets & flutes, Paul Downing on electric bass and Malcolm Ball on drums & percussion. The FMR label continues to find UK-based musicians who are often little known, even to us obscure music fanatics. I hadn’t heard of any of the members of this trio before now although it turns out that their drummer, Malcolm Ball, is a noted webmaster of an Olivier Messiaen website, compiling a rare Messiaen CD for the FMR label. This disc begins what sounds like a sample/drone from an Indian raga record, a shruti box perhaps? The trio enter quietly, tenor, bass & drums, playing with gentle grace, a most enchanting intro. The trio play with the utmost restraint in the earlier part of this disc, taking their time, stretching out certain notes carefully. It took some time for yours truly to calm down to the more restrained vibe that runs through this disc. It is hard to be patient when we are anxious for better days to finally appear. There is something special going on here, it just takes some time find the islands or rafts within the calm waters around us. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
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FRANCOIS CARRIER / MICHEL LAMBERT / JOHN EDWARDS - Elements (FMR 501; UK) Featuring Francois Carrier on alto sax, John Edwards on contrabass and Michel Lambert on drums. The Quebecois-based duo of Francois Carrier and Michel Lambert have a large number (20 ) of duos, trios & more discs out on assorted labels: Leo, Ayler, Not Two & FMR. The duo has worked with the British bassist John Edwards on a couple of previous discs. To say that they are prolific would be an understatement. UK bassist John Edwards is a wise choice since he works with many of the giants of improv: Evan Parker, Peter Brotzmann, Paul Dunmall and Decoy. Mr. Edwards is a powerful, consistently creative acoustic bassist and he adds a strong bond (his big sound) to this ever-exploring duo. The duo can often be introspection, taking their time to build into the occasionally frenetic moments. Mr. Edwards keeps them focused and willing to erupt time and again. There seems to an organic, thoughtful sense to the way this disc unfolds, exploring the different ways that this trio works together. Another strong concoction from the FMR brewery. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
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AMALGAM [TREVOR WATTS / JOHN STEVENS / JEFF CLYNE / BARRY GUY] - Prayer for Peace (FMR 96-402; UK) Outstanding early studio session from May of 1969 from an all-star SME offshoot trio featuring Trevor Watts on alto sax, John Stevens on drums, Jeff Clyne and Barry Guy (title piece only) on contrabasses. This is an aptly titled work - immensely spiritual, free flowing and sublimely cosmic. Trevor Watts has said of the title track, 'The mood of Prayer for Peace' is a very strong part of my musical personality. The theme came to me during an improvisation. Afterwards I remembered it because the feeling was so beautiful for me I wanted to recreate it, and give the feeling of peace and beauty to others’.
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AMALGAM [TREVOR WATTS / WILLIAM KUHNE / COLIN McKENZIE / LIAM GENOCKEY] - MAD (FMR 267-1008; UK)“‘Mad’ is a seriously killer album buy UK free-jazz guru Trevor Watts. Amalgam was a band name he used when he didn’t want his musicians to be chastised by pigeonholes and genre specifics. Amalgam seemed to be a community where likeminded musicians where let free to express their musical desires.
You can not under estimate the importance of Trevor Watts in the UK free-jazz scene, ok so Joe Harriott was the originator of the UK avant scene, but he was a real lone player, maybe a little ahead of his time, but Trevor Watts really became the godfather of this whole British sub-culture.
This album has unfairly been lumped under the jazz-rock banner, god knows how, but forget about banners and give it a go. Full-on don’t get much more full-on than this, you will be exhausted after sitting thorough the whole thing.” - SpaceSpiritual
CD $14

AMALGAM [TREVOR WATTS / DAVE COLE / HARRY MILLER / LIAM GENOCKEY] - Deep (FMR 127-603; UK) “7th album by the superb British Jazz / Improvised Music ensemble Amalgam, one of the precursors of British / European Free Jazz scene in the late 1960s and 1970s, founded by saxophonist Trevor Watts. On this album the lineup is a quartet, including guitarist Dave Cole, bassists Harry Miller and drummer Liam Genockey, which marks the second phase of Amalgam, characterized by the dual saxophone – guitar frontline. The music is written entirely by Watts. This album was originally released on the tiny German independent Vinyl label, and was unavailable for many years, which is now rectified by this CD issue. With the guitar and double electric bass the sound of the band becomes even more close to Fusion, but the extended improvisations and the virtuosity of the performers are still the same as always. This is again quite an accessible Amalgam album ever and easily enjoyed both by Jazz and Fusion adventurous music fans. This is still a classic and brilliant stuff as always!” - Jazzis
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TILTH With OTIS SANDSJO / ALBERTO CAVENATI / TILO WEBER - Zou No Jouro (Trouble in the East 004; EEC) Featuring Otis Sandsjo on tenor sax, Alberto Cavenati on electric guitar and Tilo Weber on drums. Italian guitarist Alberto Cavenati just left us with a half dozen discs from the Trouble in the East label, which is run by German trombonist Gerhard Gschloessl. I hadn’t heard any member of this trio before getting this disc. It sounds as if the trio are getting to know each other better as the disc unfolds. Although it appears to be an all improvised affair, there are some shrew sounding, intricate moments which occur and sound directed. What I find interesting here is that as with many improvised sessions, we never know which direction they will take. Hence there are a number of unexpected twists and turns, song fragments which appear out of nowhere, bring the trio to another surprising place. - BLG/DMG
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GERHARD GSCHLOESSL / ALBERTO CAVENATI / SUNK POSCHL - Bitte! (Trouble in the East 001; EEC) Featuring Gerhard Gschloessl on trombone & sousaphone, Alberto Cavenati on guitars and Sunk Poschl on drums & percussion. Italian guitarist Alberto Cavenati recently left us with a half dozen discs from the Trouble in the East label, run by German trombonist Gerhard Gschloessl. Thanks to the JazzWerkStatt & El Gallo Rojo labels, we’ve been introduced to this fine trombone player. The other two members of this trio are new names for me. This session was recorded in a Berlin studio in September of 2014 and appears to be an all improvised affair. Although this disc starts off quietly, by the second piece, the trio erupts: intense, free and filled with frantic interplay. On each piece the trio find a way of weaving their lines together, the interaction moves from tight to loose to explosive to contemplative, blurring any lines that keep it from staying in any one place for very long. This is high end improv at it best so dig in now! - BLG/DMG
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ALBERTO CAVENATI with RALPH ALESSI / GUIDO BOMBARIERI / MATTERO LORITO / VITTORIO MARINONI - Lo Spazio Margini (Unit 4394; Germany) Featuring Alberto Cavenati on electric & acoustic guitars & electronics, Ralph Alessi on trumpet, Guido Bombardieri on alto sax & clarinets, Matteo Lorito on double bass and Vittorio Marinoni on drums. It turns that Italian guitarist, Alberto Cavenati, currently lives in East Berlin and is involved with the Trouble in the East label. This disc, perhaps his only one as a leader, was released in 2013 and features mostly Italian musicians, most of whom I previously know little about. The drummer, Vittorio Martinoni, did work with the great pianist Giorgio Gaslini. The guest here is Downtown trumpeter Ralph Alessi, who has kept a high profile in recent years working with Tim Berne, Tomas Fujiwara’s Triple Double, Tom Rainey Obbligato plus a couple of great discs on ECM. Mr. Cavenati wrote all but two pieces here. The opening is Aa somber duo for trumpet and quietly fractured acoustic guitar, the vibe is uneasy. The muted mood continues with some superb, sublime soloing from Mr. Alessi while Mr. Cavenati plays in soft, spastic flourishes underneath. Cavenati does a great job of leading the tight, complex rhythm team while the trumpet or reeds (clarinets or alto sax) swirl tightly together up front. Cavenati’s guitar keeps shifting rhythmically, dynamically, adding tasty spice with different yet minimal effects. Both horns take separate strong solos or even solo together at times. Mr. Cavenati plays acoustic on several songs, often strumming moody melodies underneath the waves created by the horn players above. One of the things that makes this music special is that it is often stripped down & spacious without anyone ever playing too many notes. While the rhythm team plays skeletally underneath, both horns take their time to play quirky, inventive solos at a low volume. There are a number of unexpected surprises here, like when the guitar plays those spiky, jazz/rock lines in the middle of “Margen” or the M-Base-like way that the quintet often has two lines or themes moving together at the same time, connected by a central rhythmic scheme. According to Mr. Cavenati, this quintet no longer exists which is unfortunate but they did leave this superb disc which we can dig into time and again. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
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HARDY FOX - Rilla Contemplates Love (Klanggalerie 94; Austria) "Hardy Fox used to be composer for The Residents. He left the group when he didn't feel fit enough for touring. Since then, he has released many albums under the name Charles Bobuck, switching to his real name Hardy Fox when his albums became more personal. The first, self-titled and also known under the name Heart, is a study of the young Hardy Fox, an album about Love. The second, Nachtzug is about his last days touring with The Residents. After a break from recording, Hardy Fox is now back with a concept album about a gorilla: 'A few years ago a study was done by scientists who were really interested by the idea of how gorillas think. Work was being encouraged by the success of sign language with a gorilla named Koko, who unfortunately recently died. The new research was investigating if they could get information by working with computers directly taking information from the mind of a friendly gorilla. Rilla. Hardy Fox did not get the actual results, but did get inspired by his own mind as it was sent into the imagination of what a gorilla might think.'"
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KOSMOSE - First Time Out (Sub Rosa 437; Belgium) Something undoubtedly cosmic but with a DIY, home-made edge: a cosmos for sure, but dirtier than clean, noisier than technology-based. All songs are unreleased. Recorded and mixed in March 1975. After some years rather cosmic and raga-esque music, Kosmose slowly began to explore some more experimental and noisy sonic expression. At the time, the band only owned a few instruments and sound effects and, no drummer. They used to play long tracks in order to follow the trend of the alternative music of the period -- remember, this was 1975. The event was a total spectacle with an inventive light-show including a stroboscope and a frantic projection of strange abstract slides on a giant screen by Freddy Pourcel. Some incense was burnt time-to-time. Personnel: Alain Neffe - monophonic synthesizer, flute, primitive rhythm box, bell, clumsy voice, tarang; Francis Pourcel - bass, bass with violin bow, electric guitar; Daniel Malempré (aka MAL) - electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar.
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THE FREEKS - Crazy World (Heavy Psych Sounds 077; Italy) Los Angeles band The Freeks know that as the Earth revolves the Sun and the universe infinitely expands, it must be shared with as many different kinds of life as there are stars, a bold statement coming from a bunch of Freeks. This is not a new concept, however; it is an ever-recurring one dating back to Ezekiel's biblical account, and even further back with evidence from ancient Egypt and Mayan times. After 4000 years, the theory continues strong as we enter 2018. The Freeks also enter 2018 with the completion of Crazy World, their fourth album and second for Italian-based Heavy Psych Sounds Records. Crazy World is a studio record with eight songs that take you on a psychedelic journey from hidden moonlit distilleries all the way up to the mother ship and back down to Mother Earth. It could have happened in 2700 B.C. and it's definitely happening again now as The Freeks continue to ferment their ethanol-infused fuzz rock, their songwriting reflecting heavier content and extra-added amounts of psychoactive chemicals from the minds of their listeners. Ruben Romano (founding member of Fu Manchu and Nebula) returns at the helm supported by Bob Lee on drums (Claw Hammer, Mike Watt), Esteban Chavez on keys, Jonathan Hall on guitar (Backbiter) and introducing the latest Freek on bass, Ray Piller (Biblical Proof of U.F.O.'s). Crazy World also features some amazing musical guests that add to the insanity and continue The Freeks' 'All Are Welcome' legacy. It has ripping guitar leads by Ray Hanson (Thee Hypnotics), added keys and synth from returning Freek alumni Glenn Slater (The Walkabouts and Wellwater Conspiracy), added bass lines by Crazy World producer Rainer Fraenkel (The Miracle Mongers) plus backing vocals by singer/model Sara Loera.
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VOICES OF MISSISSIPPI - Artists and Musicians Documented by William Ferris (Dust-To-Digital 053; USA) Reprinted, new lower price. This watershed release represents the life's work of William Ferris, an audio recordist, filmmaker, folklorist, and teacher with an unwavering commitment to establish and to expand the study of the American South. William Ferris was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1942. Growing up on a working farm, Ferris began at a young age documenting the artwork, music, and lives of the people on the farm and in his local community. The archive of recordings that he created and the documentary films that he had a hand in producing have served as powerful tools in institutions of higher learning for decades. Dust-to-Digital present these films and recordings. The label's hope is that the enjoyment and educational value that has been received by Ferris's students over the years will be transmitted to listeners around the world and further the understanding of Southern culture. Voices of Mississippi: Artists and Musicians Documented by William Ferris includes: a 120-page hardcover book in full color edited by William Ferris Writings by Scott Barretta, David Evans, and Tom Rankin; three CDs -- two of the CDs feature blues and gospel recordings (1966-1978), and the final CD features interviews and storytelling (1968-1994); and one DVD featuring documentary films (1972-1980). Transcriptions and annotations are provided for each track. Comes in a cigar box.
In addition to being a groundbreaking documentarian of the American South, William Ferris is Joel R. Williamson Eminent Professor of History and senior associate director of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Ferris co-edited the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (1989) and is the author of multiple books. In 1991, Rolling Stone magazine named him among the top ten professors in the United States.
The recordings feature James "Son Ford" Thomas, Lovey Williams, Wallace "Pine-Top" Johnson, Maudie Shirley, and Jasper Love, Scott Dunbar, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Louis Dotson, Sonny Boy Watson, Sam Myers, Tom Dumas, Unidentified Musician with Mississippi Fred McDowell, Walter Lee Hood, Wash Heron and "Big" Jack Johnson, James Hughes, Leland Musician, Inmates at Parchman Farm, George Lee "Sun Bud" Spears, James "Son Ford" Thomas with Sonny Boy Watson, Mary and Amanda Gordon, The Southland Hummingbirds, Lovey Williams, Reverend Smith and Family, Liddle Hines, Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Church of God in Christ, Fannie Bell Chapman, Mary Alice and Alan Mcgowan, Reverend Ott and Family, Rose Hill Church, Lovey Williams and Family, Fannie Bell Chapman and Family, Reverend Isaac Thomas and Rose Hill Church, Barry Hannah, Alice Walker, Alex Haley, Ray Lum, Bobby Rush, Joe "Skeet" Skillet, Joe Cooper, Shelby "Poppa Jazz" Brown, B.B. King, Allen Ginsberg, James "Son Ford" Thomas, and Bill Ferris, Robert Penn Warren, Pecolia Warner, Victor Bobb and Pete Seeger.
3-CD/DVD/Book $46

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JOHN TCHICAI With STRINGS - John Tchicai With Strings (Treader TRD 004; UK) "'Afro-Danish saxophonist John Tchicai spent his youth playing alongside the greats- recording and performing in NYC with Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, Archie Shepp and Don Cherry amongst many others. Following a meeting at the Coimbra Jazz festival in 2004, he agreed to record with John Coxon and Ashley Wales. The beautiful resulting album sold out almost immediately on its release in 2005 and is available here for the first time on vinyl. Eloquently balanced between Eric Dolphy and Lee Konitz, his 'wise and lyrical' alto saxophone and bass clarinet playing make this 'one of his finest recordings' [Richard Williams in The Guardian] Essential."
LP $24

J SPACEMAN - Guitar Loops (Treader TRD 005; UK) "'J. Spaceman recorded this strange record at his own Amazing Grace Studio in June 2005. Hard to describe in words, it contains elements of systems musics with gamelan-like overtones. Looped cells are contained within longer improvisations, forcing the listener to engage with and make some order from the insistent chaos. Music without precedent or tradition- a perfect companion piece to the new Spiritualized LP.'"
LP $24

ABOUT GROUP With JOHN COXON / PAT THOMAS / SUSUMU MUKAI / RUPERT CLERVAUX - RAK (Treader 006; UK) "'The second About Group recording for Treader,this time replacing Charles Hayward with Rupert Clervaux. His elegant drumming takes the group into new territories which together with Coxon's simple and insistent guitar themes forms a regular backbone for four extended group compositions containing a surprising collision of sounds and influences. Pat Thomas, with his background in free jazz and improv, and Susumu Mukai, more commonly heard in the company of Floating Points, make strange bedfellows with Alexis Taylor's mooger-foogered rhodes, but somehow it all crystallizes perfectly. The clearest precedent for this engaging recording is Ege Bamyasi-era Can, but really it occupies a position of its own?'"
LP $24

FREDERIC RZEWSKI - Coming Together / Attica / Les Moutons De Panurge (Black Sweat BS 044; Italy) Black Sweat presents a reissue of Frederic Rzewski's Coming Together / Attica / Les Moutons De Panurge, originally issued in 1974. This milestone of avant-garde music, first published by Max Schubel's historic Opus One label, was a very significant political statement. With "Coming Together" and "Attica", Rzewski celebrates in music the famous revolt in the American prison in 1971. The texts of Sam Melville and Richard X. Clark make the invocations of the prisoners pulsating and alive. Full of pathos, these fragments of life oscillate between a confessional tone and a hymn to freedom, in a touching emblem of compassion. The fixity of the sound images is incisive, unnerving and melancholic, embroidering a solid minimalist repetition. The different combination of the verses produces a psychosis or obsession towards a cathartic experience, at the same time emotional, physical and mental. Together with great guests such as Alvin Curran, Jon Gibson, Garrett List, Steve Ben Israel and Karl Berger, Rzewski seems to merge his radical vocation with the most meditative and suffered plots of the spiritual jazz; sealing the package with "Les Moutons Des Panurge," an amazing suite for percussion, a timeless masterpiece of polyrhythmic expertise.
LP $26

GARRETT LIST - Your Own Self (Black Sweat BS 045; Italy) Black Sweat presents a reissue of Garrett List's Your Own Self, originally issued in 1972. Produced on Max Schubel's Opus One label, it was a remarkable creative effort, conceived like a celebration of a higher self-consciousness. The context is avant-garde minimalism, but the music is enriched by a deep spiritualism; it echoes the most meditative jazz of the age, taking also advantage from the mystic lesson of La Monte Young. Everything is solved in a free, moderate and brilliant language, pure and elegant. It's quintessential, in these rare moments of beauty, the instrumentation of the voices and the relative interpretation of the text. The sibilant female chant is lost in an intimate and ethereal recitation, wrapped by the drones of the horns and the dripping notes of the piano and vibraphone. It's the ideal atmosphere for an impalpable ecstatic way, the echo of a secret dialog with the inner cosmos. On this recording, List seems to condense perfectly all his emotional and transcendental sound universe, making Your Own Self not only a seminal work, but also a radiant message of total harmony.
LP $26

ISAK SUNDSTROM - Five Dramas Of Swollen Emotions (Black Sweat BS 047; Italy) The histrionic Swedish artist Isak Sundström (Pascal and Skriet) embraces the fascinating sound world of the "spoken word", infusing new expressive perspectives to this genre with original sensitivity. On Five Dramas Of Swollen Emotions, Sundström offers five vocal dramas based on the subtitles of some films by Douglas Sirk, texts that describe the sound effects, and events that occur outside the screen. But the result is rather that of a new dissolved narrative, of another space that explores the boundaries of emotional imagination. In this way, the poetic interest seems to fall on the totality of human existence, in an open dialectic between earthly and supernatural, profane and religious, nature and divinity, heaven and hell, light and darkness. The atmospheric frame is supported by an electronic carpet, drops of piano fall soft and slow, while the modulations of the voice are enriched and intensified by a colorful orchestra of percussion and wind instruments. The narrator's voice has something of the typical "black" vocal emphasis of American spiritual jazz, but which alternate with moments of pathos and ecstatic transcendence typically Nordic and European.
LP $25

ELIANE RADIGUE - Jouet Electronique/Elemental I (Alga Marghen 029; Italy) Alga Marghen presents the new edition of Eliane Radigue's "Jouet Electronique" (1967) for feedback on magnetic tape and "Elemental I" (1968) for feedback of natural sounds on magnetic tape. This LP was first issued in 2010, and it's now presented for the first time with its own specific artwork and layout. Both works were recorded at Pierre Henry's Studio Apsome in Paris. Between 1967 and 1968, Radigue was Henry's assistant, mainly for the editing of L'Apocalypse de Jean (1969). Henry also put her in charge of organizing his sound archive; Radigue enjoyed doing this work, even if it took a long time. She decided to set the machines of the studio to do some work of her own. "Jouet Electronique" and "Elemental I" were born this way during her time as an assistant; working with feedback is something that Radigue learned through Henry. Do you remember Henry's Voyage (1969)? There's that fluid part which is made of feedback constructed with a microphone. Everything had to be set at a precise distance from the loudspeakers because that is the specific problem with feedback; one has to be at the right distance. Afterwards, these high tone recordings were slowed down in order to discover the deeper character of their color. This work with feedback was in the end quite limited and the composer preferred working with two reel tape machines to produce sounds. The first was set on the recording mode while the other was playing and it was the accidents happening in this phase that made the feedback richer. Fine-tuning could yield beautiful results: low pulsations, high-pitched sounds (sometimes both at the same time), or long sounds. All of these could be slowed down or accelerated, which gave beautiful source material. With "Jouet Electronique", Radigue had a lot of fun, hence the title. As far as "Elemental I" is concerned, it was the first attempt at something which was important to her based on the theme of the basic elements: water, fire, air and earth. Eliane had the chance to record in open air thanks to a small Stella Vox that Arman gave her in the beginning of the 1960s. Using it, Radigue built a minimal sound library, consisting of not more than ten reel tapes. This was the starting point; in 1968 she used these recordings for her work with two reel tape machines. New edition of 200, with liners by Radigue and portrait photos by Arman.
LP $25

JEAN DUPUY - All Of The Time (Recital 053; Earth) All Of The Time is the first comprehensive album of Jean Dupuy's sound works, collecting recordings from 1969-2017. Dupuy started his artistic career as a painter but shifted his practice when he moved from France to New York in 1967. Dupuy experimented with new technologies, and soon became a prominent figure in the Art and Technology movement. In 1968 he participated with an inventive sound, light and color installation, Heart Beats Dust, in the landmark exhibition The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. In the early 1970s Dupuy started performing collectively with other New York artists, and his loft at 405 East 13th Street turned into a center for these performances. Dupuy also arranged similar events at the Whitney Museum, the Kitchen and the Judson Church. During his time in New York, which lasted until the early 1980s, Dupuy collaborated with over 200 artists, as an organizer of events and as an artist. Charlie Morrow poses the question: "But what about his sound art? Jean has a particular affinity for sound and vocalizing. The songs of his childhood, the French church tradition and the charming puzzlement of letter games and graphics. He has created an amplified heartbeat machine with blood red puffs of pigment, and short jingles, such as 'I like bananas; ain't no bone inside.'" In aligning this collection, a new piece came to be recorded specially for this LP, Concert of Seconds, a recording of a symphony of painted clocks that live in Jean's gallery in Nice, France. This LP was organized with the assistance of Christian Xatric and Charlie Morrow. 20-page insert with scores and texts, introduction sheet by Charlie Morrow. Edition of 220.
LP $24

FRANÇOIS DUFRENE - Cri-Rythmes (Recital 054; Earth) Recital presents a reissue of François Dufrêne's Cri-Rythmes, originally issued in 1977. A remastered vinyl issue of the impossible-to-find cassette by French sound poet Dufrêne (1930-1982), this LP holds tracks not available since then. Dufrêne swallows the microphone, gargles the capsule, then vomits up the cables. Claustrophobic, verbal seizures, revealing once more that Dufrêne is king and all the pages of poetic history now have his spit on them. Includes memorial/tribute written by Bernard Heidsieck in 1983. Edition of 250.
LP $24

SUNN TRIO - Fayrus (Unrock 011; Germany) More than ten years after the demise of Sun City Girls as an entity, something wild and weird has now surfaced, grown and ripened in the heat and dust of the same desert. Described as deep spirited, Arabic-music-tinged free jazz-punk and harsh exotica, Sunn Trio's ever-evolving ensemble digests a number of genres, spitting them back out in creative destruction. Carrying on a long tradition of sun-beaten Phoenix punk, Sunn Trio evokes the sweltering and hallucinatory Arizona desert. Echoes of Sonny Sharrock, John McLaughlin, and Sir Richard Bishop can be heard in Joel Robinson's fiery blurs of guitar. Imagine the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 in full force, echoing from behind a curtain of bitter haze. Founded by Robinson in 2010, the ever-changing band has been constantly recording and self-releasing material in the form of tapes, and now deliver, their first LP, Fayrus. Fayrus ("virus" in Arabic) will be released as a one-time edition.
Alan Bishop on Fayrus: "Wielding Indo-Arabian saz and white lightning six-string shrapnel amidst an alligator snapping turtle's rhythm section, this trio-quartet-sextet may also sprout horns, flutes, animal skins, or shadow gamelan to faithfully demolish that whiny and predictable listening experience of today's tepidly lazy, underachieving experimental music scene. Not a 'safe' environment." 180 gram vinyl pressing.
LP $24

MOONDOG - Snaketime Series (Wax Love 82091; Italy) Wax Love presents a reissue of Moondog's Snaketime Series, one of the earliest and rarest of Moondog's recordings, originally released in 1956. "Snaketime" is what Moondog himself referred to as his unique sense of time in music, what he called "a slithery rhythm". And indeed, almost nobody else was making music as unique as this in the 1950s. Drawing influence from city sounds, and working on many of his own instrumental inventions, Snaketime Series is truly cutting edge American avant-garde.
LP $17

CHARLEY PATTON - Lord I'm Discouraged: The Gennett Records Recording Session Richmond, IN June, 1929 (Wax Love 82076; Italy) Charley Patton was a pioneering Delta Blues singer and guitarist and is widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Though he only recorded around 50 tracks in his entire career, he was a popular touring performer and his legend has only grown in the nearly 100 years since his voice and guitar were first pressed on shellac. Patton performed with and at times mentored such blues legends as Robert Johnson, and Chester Burnett (aka Howlin' Wolf). On Lord I'm Discouraged: The Gennett Records Recording Session, Richmond, IN June 1929, Wax Love collects all the recordings Patton made for the legendary label, the same label that released early jazz from Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington and tons of classic old-time and blues sessions. In just one day, June 14, 1929, Patton recorded 14 of the most famous Delta Blues sides in history. An essential collection for any fan of early acoustic blues.
LP $17

CHARLEY PATTON - Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone: The Paramount Recording Session Grafton, WI May 1930 (Wax Love WLV 82077; Italy) Charley Patton was a pioneering Delta Blues singer and guitarist and is widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Though he only recorded around 50 tracks in his entire career, he was a popular touring performer and his legend has only grown in the nearly 100 years since his voice and guitar were first pressed on shellac. Patton performed with and at times mentored such blues legends as Robert Johnson, and Chester Burnett (aka Howlin' Wolf). On Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone: The Paramount Recording Session, Grafton, WI May 1930, Wax Love brings together 15 of Patton's most well regarded sides. Paramount released some of the most important blues of all-time and Charley Patton may be the absolute cream of the crop. Another essential blues piece on Wax Love.
LP $17

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - White Light/White Heat (Purple Vinyl)(Vinyl Lovers 990045; Italy) Vinyl Lovers present a reissue of the Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat, originally issued in 1968. While 1967's Velvet Underground & Nico was a part of Andy Warhol's global artistic vision, 1968's White Light/White Heat was free of all Warholian influence, so in a way it could be thought of as another debut album. Here the music was left to fester on its own, with no artistic visionary interfering or trying to create a soundtrack for his pop art, and the Velvets filled that void with an album that is an aural subway car full of drunkards, junkies and whores rumbling through the bowels of NYC with a one way ticket to oblivion. Purple vinyl.
LP $21

THE WHO - The Who Sell Out (Blue Vinyl)(Vinyl Lovers 990298; Italy) Vinyl Lovers present a reissue of The Who's The Who Sell Out, originally released in 1967. The Who's legendary third album, released in 1967, was a concept album of songs made into advertisements, with the cover art featuring members of the band pretending to endorse various products. The band actually was doing a few commercials at the time, so this album was intended to poke fun at that. This was the first pop album ever not to list the song titles on its cover. Clear blue vinyl.
LP $21

ELVIS PRESLEY - Elvis (Wax Love 82093; Italy) Wax Love present a reissue of Elvis Presley's Elvis, originally released in 1956. The very first rock and roll album to reach #1 on the charts and sell over a million copies, Elvis's debut LP is a classic piece of American music history, from the iconic cover to the unforgettable track listing. Recorded in Nashville, New York, and at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, this is The King's most famous moment, a debut LP that changed the course of music history.
LP $17

MICA LEVI & ELIZA McCARTHY - Slow Dark Green Murky Waterfall (Slip 036; UK) Mica Levi returns to Slip with six piano pieces played by Eliza McCarthy on Slow Dark Green Murky Waterfall. The album is a crepuscular suite riddled with Mica's inquisitive, conversational phrasing and smartly expanding upon their 7" track, "Riding Through Drinking Harpo Dine", a new recording of which also appears in this set. The culmination of three years of work between Mica and Eliza -- winner of the 2013 British Contemporary Piano Competition -- Slow Dark Green Murky Waterfall follows up their collaboration on the Oscar-nominated score for Pablo Larrain's Jackie (2016) with a finer-shaded, patient space for low-lit, smoky expression that's so intimate and personal it almost feels like eavesdropping a private recording. Ineffably bound by a sense of unreal poise, Eliza's interpretations are subtly, dynamically rendered in-the-mix by Mica to present the pieces as though in flux, like poignant, unresolved statements that occur in the flow of quiet, intent dialogue and linger in the air. It's testament to the pair's well-honed intuition that the results connote this feeling so naturally. And it's maybe our familiarity with Mica's work, from her earliest chopped 'n screwed orchestrations, to her Under The Skin (2014) score and her mutant pop pieces, that we keep expecting hers or Tirzah's voice to match her melodies with wordless vocals or harmonious limns throughout the six pieces. That's probably simply down to the fact that Mica writes with such a pop-wise appeal and soulful sensitivity that it prompts sub-vocalization in every listener; the hook of these instrumentals will be floating in one's head for days, weeks, or a lifetime after they're imbibed. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, artwork by Mica Levi and Eliza McCarthy. Edition of 500.
LP $24

Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for November of 2018:


11/9 Friday
8:30 pm - Tredici Baci - Covers and collaborations!

11/10 Saturday
8:30 pm - Tredici Baci plays originals! With special guest Ryan Power, Ruth Garbus, JG Thirlwell and Jennifer Charles. All new music!


11/13 Tuesday
8:30 pm - Marc Ribot Solo (guitar)

11/14 Wednesday
8:30 pm - Marc Ribot Solo (guitar)

11/15 Thursday
8:30 pm - Marc Ribot (guitar) and Anthony Coleman (piano)

11/16 Friday
8:30 pm - Marc Ribot Solo (guitar)

11/17 Saturday
8:30 pm - Marc Ribot (guitar) Nick Dunston (bass) Jay Rodriguez (sax) Nasheet Waits (drums)


THE (NEW) STONE is located in The New School’s Glass Box Theatre 
55 West 13th street - near 6th ave
All Sets at The New Stone start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome. Cash Only at the door.
A serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis

The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Nov 09
6:00PM PERIDOT DUO / BOX NOT FOUND - Rose Hegele, vocals; Stephanie Lamprea, vocals; Natalie Calma, violin; Kevin Price, clarinet
8:35PM DUANE EUBANKS 4TET - Duane Eubanks, trumpet; James Hurt, piano; Eric Wheeler, bass; Eric McPherson, drums

Saturday Nov 10
8:35PM GEORGE GARZONE QUARTET - George Garzone, tenor sax; Kenny Brooks, saxophone; Chris Crocco, guitar; Peter Slavov, bass; Francisco Mela, drums

Sunday Nov 11
8:00PM ISRAELI JAZZ SPOTLIGHT: MÄBūL - Itai Kriss, flute; Kazemde George, tenor sax; Yotam Ben Or, harmonica; Gabriel Chakarji, piano; Alon Near, bass;Alon Benjamini-drums
9:30PM ISRAELI JAZZ SPOTLIGHT: IDAN MORIM - Idan Morim, guitar; Adam O'Farill, trumpet; Micha Gilad, piano; Almog Sharvit, bass; Colin Stranahan, drums

Tues Nov 13th:
8:00PM THE DAVID ULLMANN GROUP - David Ullmann, guitar; Neel Murgai, sitar; Kevin Sun, sax; Brian Drye, trombone; Jeff Hermanson, trumpet; Paul Connors, organ; Vin Scialla, drums
9:30PM JAE YOUNG JEONG QUARTET - Jae young Jeong, guitar; Yonghyun Lee, piano; Hwansu Kang, bass; Jongkuk Kim, drums

Wed Nov 14th:
8:01PM JEFF DAVIS TRIO - Ben Monder, guitar; Eivind Opsvik, bass; Jeff Davis, drums, comp.

Thursday Nov 15
8:01PM KIND FOLK - John Raymond, trumpet, flugelhorn; Alex LoRe, saxophone; Noam Wiesenberg, bass; Jimmy Macbride, drums

Friday Nov 16
8:35PM STEPHAN CRUMP'S RHOMBAL - Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax; Adam O'Farrill, trumpet; Jeremy Dutton, drums; Stephan Crump, bass

8:35PM STEPHAN CRUMP'S RHOMBAL - Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax; Adam O"Farrill, trumpet; Jeremy Dutton, drums; Stephan Crump, bass

Sunday Nov 18
Sergio Pereira, acoustic guitar; Helio Alves, piano; Oriente Lopez, flute; Ariel Ramirez, bass; Mauricio Zottarelli, drums

I-Beam Presents:

8:00 PM 10:00 PM
Carol Liebowitz - piano
Bill Payne - clarinet
Mark Weber - poetry

8:30 PM 10:30 PM
Shoko Nagai, piano & electronics
Eva Novoa, piano & Chinese gongs
I-Beam is located at  168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY:  Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street.  Walk down 4th ave to 7th street.  Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave.  We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.

The Bushwick Improvised Music Series

Monday November 12th

7pm Patrick Brennan's Transparency Kestra
w/ Patrick Brennan - alto sax/composition
Eli Asher - trumpet
Sean Conly - bass
Haruna Fukazawa - flutes/piccolo
Brian Groder - trumpet
Lloyd Haber - percussion
Joe Hertenstein - percussion
Colin Avery Hinton - percussion
Patrick Holmes - clarinet
Aki Ishiguro - guitar
Jason Mears - sopranino saxophone
David Sidman - guitar

8pm Stephen Gauci - tenor saxophone
Adam Lane - bass
Sandy Ewen - guitar/electronics

9pm Thomas Helton - bass
Robert Boston - piano
Joe Hertenstein - drums

9:45pm Jeremy Carlstedt - drums
Anders Nilsson - guitar/electronics
Adam Lane - bass
Lior Milliger - tenor saxophone

10:45pm Yoni Kretzmer - tenor saxophone
Shayna Dulberger - bass
Jeff Davis - drums

11:30pm Adam Caine - guitar/electronics
Colin Fisher - saxophone

Downstairs @ Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue , Bushwick
(Across the street from M train Central Ave stop)

Shapeshifter Presents:

Nov 11
7pm: The Young Lions Jazz Orchestra
Bandleader/composer - Kira Daglio Fine
Alto saxophone - Aaron Kranzler, Matthew Schwartz
Tenor saxophone - Jay Karp, Alec Mauro
Bari saxophone - Joel Gardella
Trumpet - Anthony Hervey, John Otten, Jonah Moss, Max Boiko
Trombone - Jasim Perales, Timoteo Cruz, Kevin Jiang
Piano - Andrés Rovira
Bass - George Austin
Drums - Daniel Mesko

Nov 13
8:30p - Rob Paravonian: Live Album Recording
Victor Varnado: emcee, 10 minutes
Ophira Eisenberg: comedian, 10 minutes
Rob Paravonian

Nov 15:
7pm: David Dominique Ensemble
Flugabone/Compositions: David Dominique
Cornet: Victor Haskins
Saxes: Nathanael Clark
Winds/Saxes: Jasper Dütz
Guitar: Scott Burton
Bass: Matt Engle
Drums: Ian McColm
8:15 pm- 'David Bertrand Quartet with Special Guests’
David Bertrand - Flutes
Rafal Sarnecki - Guitar
Richard Mikel - Bass
Carter Bales - Drums
Chris Bacas - Soprano Saxophone (Guest)
Julia Chen - Piano (Guest)


Sound It Out Series @ Greenwich House —
Concerts, September-December 2018

Saturday Nov 10, 7:30pm — Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio the trio of Avram Fefer, Sean Conly & Michael Wimberly - Double-bill — Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio: Josh Sinton, baritone saxophone & bass clarinet; Chris Hoffman, cello; Tom Rainey, drums the trio of Avram Fefer, alto/tenor saxophones & bass clarinet; Sean Conly, double-bass; Michael Wimberly, drums

Thursday Nov 29, 7:30pm — Nick Millevoi’s Desertion Trio the duo of Anders Nilsson & Aaron Dugan - Double-bill — Nick Millevoi’s Desertion Trio: Nick Millevoi, electric guitar; Johnny DeBlase, bass guitar; Kevin Shea, drums the duo of Anders Nilsson, guitar & Aaron Dugan, guitar

Saturday Dec 1, 8pm — Devin Gray’s Dirigo Rataplan - Devin Gray, drums; Dave Ballou, trumpet; Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax; Michael Formanek, double-bass

Thursday Dec 6, 7:30pm — “The Afro-Cubism of Aruán Ortiz, from Avant-Jazz to Contemporary Chamber Music” - Aruán Ortiz, piano/composer

At the Greenwich House Music School: 46 Barrow Street, just west of 7th Avenue South in New York City’s West Village;, 212-242-4770.


Bill Laswell concerts

Nov. 11, 2018 (sun)
Nublu Jazz Festival
Peter Apfelbaum (keys, sax) Brandon Seabrook (gt) Bill Laswell (b)
Aaron Johnston (ds) @ Nublu, NYC

Uplift Europe tour
Dave Douglas (tp) Jon Irabagon (sax) Mary Halvorson (gt)
Rafiq Bhatia (gt) Bill Laswell (b) Ches Smith (ds)
Nov. 15 @ Centro Cultrual Vila Flor, Guimaraes, Portugal
Nov. 16 @ EFG London Jazz Festival, London, England
Nov. 17 @ Bielskie Centrum Kultury, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Nov. 18 @ Teatro Victoria Eugenia Antzokia, San Sebastián, Spain
Nov. 19 @ De Bijloke Muziekcentrum, Gent, Belgium

Dec. 14, 2018 (fri)
Peter Apfelbaum (keys, sax) Brandon Seabrook (gt)
Bill Laswell (b), Mark Guiliana (ds) @ Nublu, NYC


Sirius Quartet Presents:
2018 Progressive Chamber Music Festival
November 10th 11th, 2018

Sirius Quartet
Neue Vocalsolisten
David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg: Breath and Hammer
Erik Friedlander
String Noise
Richard Sussman
Rob Mosher's Brooklynburg

At The Spectrum /
70 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
46 Barrow St, New York, NY 10014


Friday, November 30th at 8pm:
At Michiko Studios, 149 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036
Check out video: