New Pandemic Schedule:

Open Tuesdays through Fridays, from noon til 6pm.
Please wear your masks, hand cleaning fluids supplied.
2 or 3 folks at a time only.
We are also at the store on Mondays, from 1 til 6pm, mostly cleaning, reorganizing and working on mail-order.
You can call first at 212-473-0043 or just knock when you get here.

13 Monroe Street // New York, NY 10002-7351 // (212) 473-0043 //

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THE BIG BAD VICTO Records CD Catalogue SALE!


Since 1988, I have been attending the annual Victoriaville New Music Festival (a/k/a FIMAV) in the countryside of Quebec. It is the one vacation I look forward to the most each

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2020 Best of/Recommendation List by 11 Journalists/Label Folks/Distributors

Special Winter Greetings to all DMG Newsletter Subscribers and other Serious Music Listeners worldwide. I decided to ask a dozen music journalists

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Bruce Lee Gallanter's Recommended Music Lists for the Year of the Plague - 2020

2020 was a year of extremes, a year that none of us who lived through it will ever forget. Starting at the end of March, practically all of us have had to stay at alone or with our family or friends or roommates. On one side it a year of fear, frustration, loneliness, confusion, anger misinformation and Fake News. On the other hand it was also a time when time slowed down and we actually had the time to look at our lives, contact old friends, family members and relatives to see how there were do

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Last Friday, May 1st, was the 29th anniversary of the modest beginning of Downtown Music Gallery. We opened our doors on May 1st of 1991! Our first store was at 211 East 5th St., around the corner from Cooper Union. Our rent was cheap ($750) and the store was not very big (750 sq ft). There were two owners, David Yamner & Steve Popkin, and I worked for them 6 days a week. Their plan was to sell Used CD’s and vinyl while I promoted Downtown/Progressive/Avant Jazz, what I dug the most. There wer

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Spotlight on Downtown Music Gallery

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DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY Turns 26 and Celebrates Longevity!

Monday, May 1st was the 26th Anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery! That’s right, you heard right! We opened our doors on May 1st of 1991 in the East Village at 211 East 5th (between 2nd & 3rd Aves), having no idea how long we would last considering that there were upwards of a hundred record stores in Manhattan alone at that time. Now there are less than a dozen!?! We are in our third location (13 Monroe St in Chinatown), for eight years now, struggling to survive but still providing creative

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