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DMG Newsletter for December 9th, 2016

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Musica Elletronica Viva 50 Year Annivserary Live Set! Heroes Are Gang Leaders! Three from Jeff Platz/Blaise Siwula/Dmitry Ishenko/Dave Miller! Carol Leiboowitz/Bill Payne/Nick Lyons/Eve Lindal! Pascal Comelade! Frederik Nordstrom! Iancu Dumitrescu/Either Or Ensemble! Salvatore Sciarrino! Paul Jacobs! Thollem McDonas & Mad King Edmund!

More Essential Classic Jazz from Enlightenment: Jackie McLean/Hank Mobley/Bud Powell & Donald Byrd! Rarities from Spirit! Mandrake Memorial! Pete Seeger & Big Bill Broonzy! Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers 1987! Tapper Zukie! And a Dynamite FRED FRITH sale!


MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA - Symphony No 106 (Victo 129; Canada) MEV features Frederic Rzewski on piano, Richard Teitelbaum on keyboard & sampler and Alvin Curren on keyboard, sampler and shofar. It is hard to believe that Musica Elettronica Viva has been around for half century, playing their first concerts in the mid-sixties in New York as well as in Rome where Alvin Curran still lives. When they started synthesizers were too expensive to purchase and were mostly found in institutions. Hence, they worked with home-made electronics and devices made from whatever they could find. They’ve collaborated with members of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Steve Lacy, Karl Berger and other like-minded experimental musicians but are now down to the three core members: Mr. Rzewski, Mr. Teitelbaum and Mr. Curran. Each of these men are composers, players and have taught at different colleges. Their performances are relatively rare, although I did have the opportunity to see them twice before, New Music America in New York in 1990 and at the Kitchen in 2012.
This disc captures their performance at the Victoriaville New Music Festival (FIMAV) from earlier this year and it was an extraordinary event. I attended this set and what I remember is how carefully each sound was created. Minimal piano, selective samples of different spoken word vocalists speaking in English, Italian & other invented languages, perhaps. Mysterious swirling synths, shrewd electric piano with an enchanting tapestry various layers expanding and contracting. Eventually, the sonic-scales become more dense and demanding. Mr. Rzewski is both a composer and pianist who has long worked with complex, demanding music. Here Rzewski sounds more melancholy or calm, taking his time to add his own restrained undertow to the more boisterous sections. Strangely enough there are sections sped up hip-hop vocal weirdness, many unexpected twists and turns. The music is consistently fascinating, leaving us with a riveting, edge-of-your-seat kind of joy or release. Certainly one of the most mind-blowing discs of the year! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

HEROES ARE GANG LEADERS With THOMAS SAYERS ELLIS / JAMES BRANDON LEWIS / DEVIN BRAHJA WALDMAN / et al - Flukum “Your Book Sucks” (Flat Langston’s Ark Eyes #3; USA) This is the third disc from the Heroes are Gang Leaders (HAGL) collective. The personnel features the voices of Thomas Sayers Ellis & Margaret Morris, the saxes of James Brandon Lewis & Devin Brahja Waldman, Ryan T. Frazer on trumpet & keyboard, Luke Stewart on bass and several others. This is another ambitious effort form the HAGL posse. “We Free Singers Be” has a swell, sly, infectious groove with two horns (sax & trumpet) swirling around one another, minimal chanted vocals but it feels just right. JB Lewis composed a dreamy, laid back piece called “Eth”, which features several layers of accusatory voices all telling it like it is, kinda like the Last Poets multiplied and updated. Sometimes the truth is too much to bare, the anger and frustration of current life is what is described here. My favorite piece is called, “Some of the Ones of Us Our Enemies Did Not Create”, and it reminds me of Burnt Sugar and a bit of Funkadelic with several layers of voices well-arranged, some talking, some singing but all connected and exploring similar themes. The second half of The Love Space Space Demands” is another highlight when that slamming funk/rock groove kicks in and poet Margaret Morris deal out some strong words to consider. This disc is more than 70 minutes in length and covers quite of a bit of observations with engaging arrangements. The groove balances between calm, hypnotic and infinitely funky. I dig the way the saxes, trumpet and keyboards snake around one another in a joyous way without ever soloing at length. Can this be sublime, rambunctious and thought-provoking at the same time? You bet you honky-tonky tush it is! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $10

Three from Boston Guitarist Jeff Platz:

JEFF PLATZ With DMITRY ISHENKO / DALIUS NAIJOKAITIS - Low Light Filter (Glitch 005; USA) “Jeff Platz’s music over the years has had a remarkable consistency to it, and none more so than his work within the trio format. In this instrumental configuration his guitar is centre stage making the fluidity, flexibility and excursive elements of his playing all the more prominent. It is a delight to bathe in the homogeneity of his music, which if viewed from either a compositional technique or improvisational language point of view holds firm as an honest and quality product. Whilst other creative or avant-garde guitarists may get more plaudits it seems that Mr. Platz tends to slip under the radar somewhat when compared to the likes of a Joe Morris or Raoul Bjorkenheim, not that I’m trying to equate their diverse styles with a similarity. However, regarding the consistency of his style and the interest within the music, his playing from my point of view is every bit as good as more recognised others in the sound world he has created for himself.
Some of the more prominent features of the album Low Light Filter include the slow dirge of ‘Continuo’ with it’s repeated bass motive, as the very aspect of the title suggests, which sets up a regular pattern for the guitar to weave in and out of with timbral and melodic regularity, that is at the very epicentre of his sound. This piece in itself can be seen on a micro level to reflect the global musical style of the guitarist’s work overall. The underlying skipping beat of ‘Daisuki’ creates a nice foil for the wandering melodic line that seems to be looking for something that it never quite finds, containing an introspective look at a ‘big love’, whilst the free flowing time of ‘Duration’ gathers pace and momentum due to the deviceful drumming of Dalius Nauokaitis. Also a nod to Dmitry Ishenko’s bass which starts ‘Semicircle’ with it’s African Kora-like intro and sees Mr. Platz abandoning his signature tone for a more distorted and bit-crushing sound. This piece also benefitting from some resourceful metric modulation from the drums, which suggests some fluid changes in background tempi offset against the lead line that stays the same.
Overall this is a strong set of pieces that sets out Mr. Platz’s music in an ingenuous way, and would be a very good place to start for anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of experiencing his guitar playing thus far. From the evidence on show Jeff Platz sounds very comfortable within his musical character, which not only distinguishes him from others but also aligns his creativity equally alongside theirs as well.” - Chris Haines, FreeJazzBlog
CD $12

JEFF PLATZ/BLAISE SIWULA/DMITRY ISHENKO/DAVE MILLER - Modular Systems (Setola Di Maiale 3150; Italy) Featuring Jeff Platz on guitar, Blaise Siwula on saxes, Dmitry Ishenko on bass and Dave Miller on drums. Boston-based guitarist Jeff Platz has become more prolific in recent years, leaving us with some five discs in the past year or so. He recently sent us three new ones with varying but related personnel. Saxist Blaise Siwula ran the ABC-No Rio free music series for many years and is even more prolific since starting his own No Frills label. Bassist Dmitry Ishenko worked with John Tchicai and Garrison Fewell. Drummer Dave Miller works here at DMG, plays in Marco Cappelli’s Surf Trio and keeps busy in many assorted projects.
This is a studio date and it is superbly recorded, warm and well-balanced. Mr. Siwula is playing tenor sax here and both he and Mr. Platz sound relaxed. Platz sounds like John Abercrombie at times without ever playing too quickly. The interaction between the sax & guitar, bass and drums is consistently tight and often riveting. You can tell that everyone is listening closely and reacting quickly and getting better as this disc evolves. There is a section where the guitar and sax trade lines, like a spirited conversation that just keeps getting better as it goes. The rhythm team is also consistently impressive and inventive, occasionally leading the way for the rest of the quartet to flow together. The music progresses and gets freer later on yet remains tight with many ideas flowing back and forth, the tempo increasing as the temperature rises higher. Sometimes my favorite improv dates come from musicians you least expect so here is a great example of an excellent date that shouldn’t be ignored. Yes! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $12

AYAKO KANDA With BLAISE SIWULA/JEFF PLATZ/DMITRY ISHENKO/DAVE MILLER - Anti Gravity Vacation (Glitch 004; USA) Featuring Ayako Kanda on vocals, Blaise Siwual on saxes, Jeff Platz on guitar, Dmitry Ishenko on bass and Dave Miller on drums. This is another studio date and it was recorded a month later (May of 2015) than the above mentioned quartet date (‘Modular Systems’). The main difference is the addition of vocalist Ayako Kanda. This disc is further out and still quite focused and spirited. Ms. Kanda is something else, reminding me at times of Kyoko Kitamura, one of my favorite out singers of all. Ms. Kanda is often at the center, using her voice like an instrument, not using words or lyrics yet still stretching her voice inside out. Eventually the guitar and soprano sax come in, all three tightly weaving their way around one another in a heated conversation, inn a most fascinating way. Some folks have a problem with so-called jazz vocalists but not myself. Of the three discs that Jeff Platz recently sent us, I played this one last. I shouldn’t be surprised but this one is an amazing as the other two. Similar to bizarre vocals of Phil Minton, Ms. Kanda consistently twists her voice in many ways without going too far in to cartoon-land like Minton often does. This session evolves in a most organic way with some more restrained duo and trio sections, voice & guitar and then adding some sax here & there. Occasionally, Ms Kanda does push rings further out without screaming, she inspires the rest of the unit to also dig deeper and soar with her. Mr. Siwula switches to tenor sax is a great match for the vocals and guitar, no matter where they go. There are so many great improv sessions that might go unnoticed or unrecognized, this one one being a perfect example. Take a chance and have your mind blown! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $12

A few months (august or 2016) ago we lost Connie Crothers, one of the best pianists to emerge from the NY scene in many years. Ms. Crothers moved to New York in the sixties to work and/or study with iconic pianist Lennie Tristano. Connie was a part of a collective of musicians who worked with or we inspired by Mr. Tristano. Ms. Crothers founded a label known as New Artists which featured a number of these players. Two of whom are pianist Carol Liebowitz and clarinetist Bill Payne. Ms. Liebowitz is a part of that scene along with Bill Payne and just left us two discs from her own label…

BILL PAYNE / EVA LINDAL / CAROL LIEBOWITZ - Payne/Lindal/Liebowitz (Line Art Records 1001; USA) “This trio is quite an original group. It is comprised of pianist Carol Liebowitz, clarinetist Bill Payne and violinist Eva Lindal. The drawing on the inside cover is by Jeff Schlanger, an artist with a unique style, whose work with many avant-garde jazz musicians has often appeared on their albums. The trio’s music does not assault the listener, but is rather poised in the realm of a highly communicative chamber music, in which pure improvisation reigns supreme. The instruments seek each other out, the warm sound of the clarinet confronting the violin and its heterodox techniques, while the pianist provides a base that gives the trio substance, a tangible quality as an entity of spontaneous dialogue. All three musicians demonstrate a mastery of their respective instruments, with an intention to maintain a collective compactness, preventing the music from going astray. There is no shortage of fascinating moments: Unspoken, in which the violin presents itself in pizzicato, or B/E a duo between Lindal and Payne, which could be reminiscent of certain academic avant-garde moments, if not for the fact that the two were improvising and searching for new modes of expression. The long What We Are Saying, over ten minutes of invention, is richly expressive, attentive to the unfolding of the event as it materializes in the studio. In addition to the instruments, Lindal’s voice also emerges, accompanying the evolutions of her violin. The clarinet, with a stupendous and warm sound, inserts itself perfectly in these moments. Completing the message of this album is Crossing the Mojave and Into the Highlands of Arizona, a poem by Mark Weber, which is printed inside the jacket. The avant-garde of these three musicians presents itself delicately, almost tiptoeing, further captivating the listener’s interest. It is an intense album that will not go unnoticed.” — Vittorio Lo Conte,, May 11, 2015
CD $10

CAROL LIEBOWITZ / NICK LYONS - First Set (Line Art Records 1002; USA) Featuring Carol Liebowitz on piano and Nick Lyons on alto sax. Mr. Lyons was a member of Louise Jensen’s Sax Quartet and played here at DMG last Sunday (12/4/16). I was not familiar with Nick Lyons before this in-store although he did play just fine. It turns out that Mr. Lyons has also worked with Connie Crothers, is a member of the Adam Laine Quartet and has his own trio. Most of this disc was recored live at Ms. Crothers’ loft series. All of the songs were written or improvised by the duo except for one song by Ms. Crothers. Commencing with “Carol’s Dream”, the duo do sound like they are emerging from a dream: elegant, warm, sublime and filled with subtle spirits. Mr. Lyons has a splendid, rich and compelling Lee Konitz-like tone. Although this music sounds improvised, the duo seem to know exactly where each other is going, matching many of their lines gracefully. They sound as if they are completing each others lines at times. They also stretch out reaching past established boundaries at times, balancing just right without falling in or over the edge. As these pieces progress, the duo go further out yet remain together as they weave their tight lines around one another. The set closer is Ms. Crothers’ song, “Roy’s Joy” which does have a a most uplifting, joyous vibe and reminds me of great vibes which often emanated trumpeter from Roy Campbell, another wonderful Downtown musicians passed away not that long ago. This is a great duo who work especially well together and sound as if they have been playing together for many years. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $10

FREDRIK NORDSTROM With JONAS OSTHOLM/TORBJORN ZETTERBERG/GERALD CLEAVER - Gentle Fire, Restless Dreams (Moserobie 106; EEC) Saxophonist Fredrik Nordstrom releases two sides of his music, the hard-hitting "Gentle Fire" and the more contemplative "Restless Dreams" in a 2 CD release with Gerald Cleaver on drums and Swedish jazz musicians Jonas Ostholm on piano and Torbjourn Zetterberg on double bass.
2 CD Set $21 (In stock next week)

PASCAL COMELADE - Rocanrolorama (1974-2016)(Because Music 5156515; France) Since the release of his first album in 1975, Pascal Comelade has worked profusely and participated in numerous collaborations with Richard Pinhas, PJ Harvey and Robert Wyatt. His compositions, depending on the period and their singular mixes, are reminiscent of MC5, Erik Satie, Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone and Suicide. Pascal Comelade has created a language, dancing on an indefinitely moving musical skeleton, from stripped-down sexiness to overly dressed orchestral sounds, by successive combinations, mixing both folklore, underground, repetitive and variety music, pataphysical riffs and toy-like instruments. He is a renowned artist, extensively supported by the general and musical press. Rocanrolorama (1974-2016) is the result of a process Pascal Comelade started in 2011, re-reading his repertoire which includes albums, cassettes, unreleased and exclusive material, live, alternative, re-recorded and re-worked versions. This self-revisited anthology is a six-CD box set, including an exclusive hand-numbered lithograph and a 72-page booklet with notes, credits, drawings; Edition of 1000. CD 1, My Degeneration (1974-1986), features: David Cunningham (Flying Lizards), Richard Pinhas (Heldon), Armand Miralles (Heriatus), Victor Nubla (Macromassa). CD 2, Slow Musics (1980-1997), features: Laurent Sinclair (Taxi-Girl), Mark Cunningham (Mars), members of the punk band from Montpellier OTH, General Alcazar. CD 3, Patafisiskal Polska (1992-1996), features: Toti Soler, Pierre Bastien, Jac Berrocal, Bel Canto Orquestra. CD 4, Musiques De Genre (1996-2000), features: PJ Harvey, Jean-Hervé Peron (Faust), Robert Wyatt, Miossec, Jac Berrocal, Jaki Liebezeit (Can), Bel Quanto Orquestra. CD 5, Espontex Sinfonia (2000-2008), features: Sergi Lopez, Bel Canto Orquestra, Cabo San Roque, The Liminanas, La Cobla Sant Jordi.
6 CD Box Set $45

IANCU DUMITRESCU//EITHER/OR ENSEMBLE - Live In New York w/ Either/Or (Edition Modern 1036; EEC) Iancu Dumitrescu premieres six new works of Spectral compositions performed by the 13 piece Either/Or Ensemble under the direction of Richard Carrick, presented in Columbia University's Miller Theater in 2016, an amazing album of microcosmic and macrocosmic sound.
“Iancu Dumitrescu, composer, conductor and musicologist, was born in Sibiu, Romania, in 1944. Between the ages of seven and 22, he pursued conventional musical studies leading to an M.A. in Composition at the National Conservatoire in Bucharest. Towards the end of this period he met Alfred Mendelsohn, who introduced him to the music—then forbidden in Romania—of Schoenberg and Webern. A slight liberalization of the Romanian regime beginning in 1968 catalyzed a move towards more personal work amongst a group of composers that included Dumitrescu, Niculescu, Stroe, Vieru, and Olah. In 1973, Dumitrescu met Sergiu Celibidache, who made a profound impression on him and who introduced him to the application of Husserlian phenomenology to music and composition.
From this moment Dumitrescu emerged as one of the leading personalities in European contemporary music—an artist whose significance and influence have embraced both composition and the interpretation and philosophy of music. Since 1976, Dumitrescu has directed the Hyperion Ensemble, based in Bucharest and performing throughout Europe. Hyperion was founded to explore a new aesthetic—hyper-spectral music, based on the radiant power of sound and its microcosmic complexity, all aspects of which are questioned, analyzed, and recomposed from a spectral perspective. Dumitrescu is also the founder and artistic director of the International Music Festivals of Computer Assisted Music, Acousmania, Musica Nova, Musica Viva, the International Spectral Music Festival, and Spectrum XXI, held annually in three European capitals. Edition Modern, a contemporary music recording label run by Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram in partnership with ReR MegaCorp, has released more than 40 CDs since its founding in 1990. His oeuvre includes more than 300 works, including chamber music, electroacoustic, orchestral music, and computer music.” - Miller Theatre
CD $17 (In stock next week)

PAUL JACOBS//BUSONI/IGOR STRAVINSKY/BELA BARTOK/OLIVIER MESSIAEN/ et al - The Legendary Busoni Recordings (Arbiter 124; USA) Originally released by Arbiter in 2000. Arbiter present The Legendary Busoni Recordings, a reprint of Paul Jacobs's Nonesuch recordings. The Legendary Busoni Recordings features interpretations of Busoni's Six Short Sketches and Six Sonatinas (1976, 1979), Etudes by Stravinsky, Bartók and Messiaen (1976) and Busoni's transcriptions of the Organ Chorale Preludes by Bach and Brahms (1979). Arbiter were assisted by the late Teresa Sterne who guided Nonesuch and introduced Jacobs and their Explorer series of world music. Jacobs was an ex-pat based in Paris until he returned to become the New York Philharmonic's pianist. A protégée of Boulez and Carter, and an acquaintance of Messiaen and Stravinsky, he was the first for artist to perish from the AIDS plague in 1983.
2 CD Set $24

New from Neos:

SALVATORE SCIARRINO - Musica Viva 26 (Neos 11626; Germany) To praise Salvatore Sciarrino as a famous European composer means carrying coals to Newcastle. Neos presents Volume 26 of their outstanding series, Musica Viva, featuring the music of Sciarrino played by one of the best orchestras of the world, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, together with internationally well-known soloists like Carolin Widmann and pianist Tamara Stefanovich. Personnel: Tamara Stefanovich on piano, Chorwerk Ruhr, conducted by Florian Helgath, and Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, conducted by Susanna Mälkki, for "Un'immagine di arpocrate"; Carolin Widmann on violin and Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, conducted by Jonathan Nott for "Giorno velato presso il lago nero".

CLAUS-STEFFEN MAHNKOPF//ENSEMBLE SURPLUS - Hommage a Daniel Libeskind (Neos 11616; Germany) Deeply impressed by the architecture of the Jewish museum in Berlin, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf started to compose his cycle Hommage à Daniel Libeskind in 2001. "As in each of my numerous tribute pieces, my aim was to find a point of intersection between the art of the dedicatee and my music. At the surface level, it is the deconstructive disposition: with Libeskind in an aesthetic of fragmentation, and with me in the 63-part form. Poetically speaking, it lies in the equivalent to the cool expressivity of Libeskind's ingenious edifice." Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, born in 1962 in Mannheim (Germany), studies in composition, music theory, piano, musicology, philosophy, and sociology with Brian Ferneyhough, Klaus Huber and Jürgen Habermas among others, obtaining a music degree and PhD. Since 1984, he has recieved international prizes and awards, including the Gaudeamus Prize, Stuttgart Composition Prize, Ernst von Siemens Music Grant, Villa Massimo. Since 2005, he has been the Professor of Composition at the Leipzig Academy of Music and Theater, Editor of the journal Musik & Ästhetik and the book series New Music And Aesthetics In The 21st Century, author of over 150 essays and numerous books (e.g. Kritische Theorie Der Musik (2006), Von Der Messianischen Freiheit (2016)). Extensive oeuvre in all genres, performed by renowned groups (e.g. Ensemble Modern), important commissions (e.g. Salzburger Festspiele) and numerous portrait concerts worldwide. Hommage à Daniel Libeskind, as presented here, is performed by Ensemble SurPlus. Personnel for Ensemble SurPlus: Martina Roth - flutes; Christian Kemper - oboe and cor anglais; Nicola Mioranda - clarinet and bass clarinet; Stefan Häussler - violin; Bodo Friedrich - viola; Beverley Ellis - violoncello; Peter Veale - conductor.
CD $16

GEORG FRIEDRICH HAAS/STEFAN PRINS/MARK ANDRE/ et al - Donaueschinger Musiktage 2015 (Neos 11611-12; Germany) Neos presents Donaueschinger Musiktage 2015. The German premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas's "Oktett" is a work commissioned by Trombone Unit Hannover, financed by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung; Trombone Unit Hannover is: Frederic Belli, Mateusz Dwulecki, Karol Gajda, Lars Karlin, Angelos Kritikos, Tobias Schiessler, Mateusz Sczendzina, Yuval Wolfson. The world premiere of Johannes Boris Borowski's "Sérac" is a work commissioned by SWR; played by Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg, conducted by Peter Eötvös. The world premiere of Stefan Prins's "Mirror Box Extensions" is a work commissioned by SWR; played by the Nadar Ensemble; Nadar Ensemble is: Elisa Medinilla - piano; Yves Goemaere - piano; Thomas Moore - trombone, stage manager, production; Bertel Schollaert - saxophone; Dries Tack, clarinet; Katrien Gaelens - flute; Marieke Berendsen - violin; Pieter Matthynssens - cello, artistic director; Kobe Van Cauwenberghe - guitar; Culture Crew (Vincent Jacobs) - video software; Wannes Gonnissen - sound, electronics; Stefan Prins - artistic director; Rebecca Diependaele, general manager. The world premiere of Mark Andre's "über" is a work commissioned by SWR; Features Jörg Widmann on clarinet and the Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg, conducted by François-Xavier Roth. The world premiere Francesco Filidei's "Killing Bach" is a work commissioned by SWR; Features Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg, conducted by François-Xavier Roth. The world premiere of Yoav Pasovsky's "Pulsus alternans" is a work commissioned by SWR; features Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg, conducted by Peter Eötvös and Gregor Mayrhofer.
2 CD/DVD Set $30

THOLLEM McDONAS & MAD KING EDMUND - Happening: A Movement In 12 Acts (ESP-Disk 5012; USA) Happening: A Movement In 12 Acts is a treatise with spoken and sung libretto by various artists about the current state of the U.S. and the impact the Occupy movement has had on our psyche. However, it is not about Occupy but rather the 99%. Personnel: Fay Victor, Walter Egan, Charles Walker, Suzy Bogguss, Freedy Johnston, Mary Gauthier, Cooper-Moore, Carmina Escobar, Matthew Ryan, Jennie Knaggs, Ed Pettersen, Thollem McDonas - vocals; Thollem McDonas - piano; Ed Pettersen - guitar and effects; Pete Abbott - drums; Jeff Lederer - saxophone. Libretto written by Ed Pettersen, arranged by Thollem McDonas. Liner notes by Janet Reno, 78th Attorney General of the United States of America. Artwork by Runar Drønen. "It is an important work that needs to be heard." -- Bernard Stollman, ESP-Disk founder.
CD $12

MARGARIDA GARCIA AND MANUEL MOTA - Crypt (Yew Records 006; USA) Crypt captures Margarida Garcia's and Manuel Mota's most intimate and profound work to date, digging through layers of filth and decay only to reveal an empty chamber where a body use to be. Key figures of the Lisbon experimental underground music scene, Margarida Garcia and Manuel Mota have worked together for over 20 years. Although their work has been consistent, through concerts and other collaborations in which both were involved, the only previous recordings of the duo dates back to 2001 and 1999. Crypt was recorded in Belgium and Portugal. Margarida's distinct lyrical and cavernous bass, as heard on her solo record The Leaden Echo (2012), has been present in concerts and recordings with blues master, Loren Connors, Thurston Moore, Marcia Bassett, Graindelavoix, Helena Espvall, Mattin, David Maranha, Barry Weisblat and Jeff Perkins, among others. Manuel's soulful guitar playing was praised by the late Derek Bailey, among others. He has an extensive solo output but often is found in various atmospheres like the Rodrigo Amado Wire Quartet, David Maranha's Osso Exotico, or Bjorn Schmelzer's early music ensemble Graindelavoix (also with Margarida).
CD $12

LAURA CANNELL & RHODRI DAVIES - Feathered Swing Of The Raven (Brawl 006; UK) On Feathered Swing Of The Raven, Laura Cannell and Rhodri Davies create a rich and minimalist sound, combining chords and drones on recorders and harps oscillating with different tones and harmonics. It is inspired by fragments of English renaissance music and Laura's native Norfolk landscape. The two performers only met twice before they felt that there could be a common ground to explore and the result has produced an exciting new collaborative duo. Feathered Swing Of The Raven is a collection of improvisations and semi-composed pieces that are strongly rooted in the depths of an early music sound world. Renaissance harmonies and harmonic dissonances are explored with breath and bow, bringing to life fragments of melodies and ghosts of an ancient sound world.
CD $14

LAURA CANNELL - Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth (Brawl 008; UK) Laura Cannell's inimitable style shines through as she steals fragments and melodies from the 5th-14th centuries on Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth. She embraces the lightness and dark, the dawn and dusk ("Dagian & Duske") that exist in the spaces between medieval, traditional and contemporary music. Recorded in a series of single takes in a small medieval church in rural Norfolk, the ten tracks feature atmospheric improvisations around tunes played on fiddle with a deconstructed bow (taken apart and wrapped around the violin) and double barreled recorders (two played at once and based on medieval paintings and sculptures). Inspiration for the textures and tones explored in the rasping fiddle and dissonant double recorders comes from the surrounding Norfolk marshes and broads as well as from traditional and medieval styles.

Another Half Dozen Essential Jazz Collections from the 50’s and 60’s on Enlightenment:

JACKIE McLEAN With DONALD BYRD/ELMO HOPE/MAL WALDRON/BILL HARDMAN/RED GARLAND/PAUL CHAMBERS/ et al - Complete Albums Collection 1955-1958 (Enlightenment 9102; EEC) This collection contains the entirety of Jackie McLean's early output as bandleader, featuring primarily his work for Prestige. Bringing together eight complete albums and over five hours of music, all in glorious remastered audio quality, this set provides both The Perfect Introduction To This Legendary Figure In Jazz, And A Welcome Reminder Of Jackie Mclean's Unique And Timeless Legacy.
4 CD Set $18

HANK MOBLEY With KENNY DORHAM/WYNTON KELLY/WALTER BISOP.PAUL CHAMBERS/ART BLAKEY - Classic Blue Note Collection: 1955-1961 (Enlightenment 9016; EEC) American hard bop and soul jazz tenor saxophonist and composer Hank Mobley was described by Leonard Feather as the "middleweight champion of the tenor saxophone", a metaphor used to describe his tone, that was neither as aggressive as John Coltrane nor as mellow as Stan Getz, and his style that was laid-back, subtle and melodic, especially in contrast with players like Sonny Rollins and Coltrane. The critic Stacia Proefrock claimed he is "one of the most underrated musicians of the bop era". At 19, he started to sit-in with local bands and subsequently worked for top musicians like Dizzy Gillespie and Max Roach. He took part in one of the earliest hard bop sessions, alongside Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Doug Watkins and trumpeter Kenny Dorham. The results of these sessions were released as Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers. They contrasted with the classical pretensions of cool jazz, with Mobley's rich lyricism being bluesier, alongside the funky approach of Horace Silver. When The Jazz Messengers split in 1956, Mobley continued to work with pianist Horace Silver. During the 1960s, he worked chiefly as a leader, recording over 20 albums for Blue Note Records between 1955 and 1970, including the remarkable Soul Station (1960), generally considered to be his finest recording, and Roll Call (1960). He performed with many other important hard bop players, such as Grant Green, Freddie Hubbard, Sonny Clark, Wynton Kelly and Philly Joe Jones, and formed a particularly productive partnership with trumpeter Lee Morgan. Mobley is widely recognized as one of the great composers of originals in the hard-bop era, with exceptional chord changes and room for soloists to stretch out. This compilation covers Hank Mobley's 'Golden Age', the albums he recorded for the Blue Note Label between 1955 and 1961. The five disc set includes 10 full albums which the great man released during the finest era for Jazz music that the world has ever witnessed.
5 CD Set $20

BUD POWELL - The Classic Recordings: 1949-1956 (Enlightenment 9096; EEC) A leading figure in the development of bebop piano, the story of Bud Powell is as tragic as it is inspirational. A renowned composer who "greatly extended the range of jazz harmony", Powell's career was marred by a host of mental and physical problems that severely hampered his work as the years progressed. However, his contributions to jazz will forever be remembered with awe, and for the countless major players - including Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea - who cited him as an important influence, ensuring his legacy remains as potent as that of any of the jazz greats. Born in Harlem, New York on 27th September 1924. Powell's father, an accomplished stride pianist, enrolled Bud in classical lessons at the age of five, which led to him taking an interest in swing-era jazz by the time he reached ten. He began to mimic Fats Waller's playing style, performing at rent parties in the local area, before joining his elder brother, trumpeter William's, band at 15. It was around this time that he discovered the musician who would become his biggest influence, Art Tatum, and it was Tatum's virtuoso piano style that Powell strove to emulate. He began to visit many of New York's famous jazz clubs when still underage, to catch performances by Tatum, Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk. The latter musician took the young Powell under his wing, and presented him as his protégée at Uptown House, while also introducing him to the group of musicians that gathered at Milton's Playhouse - pioneering venues on the early bebop scene. This period would have a profound effect on both pianists, and Monk composed the piece 'In Walked Bud' in tribute to their time together. This four disc set brings together the complete early LPs that Bud Powell released as leader or co-leader. Containing eight full albums in total, this set provides a fitting introduction to the music of the brilliant albeit troubled pianist, who so profoundly influenced further generations of jazz players.
4 CD Set $18

BUD POWELL With PAUL CHAMBERS/ART TAYLOR/CURTIS FULLER/SAM JONES/PHILLY JOE JONES/ et al - The Classic Recordings 1957-1959 (Enlightenment 9097; EEC) Albums include, ‘The Scene Changes’, ‘Bud!’, ’Time Waits’,
4 CD Set $18

DONALD BYRD - Early Years: 1955-1958 (Enlightenment 9026; EEC) Whilst still studying at Cass Technical High School Byrd had performed as part of Lionel Hampton's group, before enrolling in the United States Air Force and playing in the band there. He would later go on to receive a bachelor's degree in music from Wayne State University and a master's from the Manhattan School of Music, joining such other famous jazz alumni as Herbie Hancock, Max Roach and Yusef Lateef. Byrd's career as a recording artist truly began in 1955 with the release of his debut album as leader, Byrd Jazz, on the Transitions Records label. It was also around this time that Byrd joined Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, one of the most renowned collectives in jazz, which had already boast such famed trumpet-playing members as Clifford Brown and Kenny Dorham. He became heralded as the new leading light of the instrument; a position that came all the more profound upon Brown's tragically premature dead in a car accident in 1956. During this period of his career, Donald Byrd appeared alongside numerous iconic musicians on some of their most highly-regarded recordings. In addition to the aforementioned Blakey, Byrd also performed with the likes of Cannonball Adderley on his 1955 album Discoveries, Hank Mobley on The Jazz Message of Hank Mobley and Horace Silver on Silver's Blue in 1956, as well as several cuts made for a trio on John Coltrane albums in 1958. By far his most established working partner was alto saxophonist Gigi Gryce, and the two of them appeared together on no fewer than 11 albums during this time. Byrd would form his first regular quintet in 1958, which he co-led with baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams until 1961. This collection features, re-mastered and in their entirety, 11 classic albums from the very roots of Donald Byrd's career, including collaborations with such all-time greats as Gryce, Mobley, Silver and fellow trumpet player Art Farmer.
6 CD Set $20

DONALD BYRD With JACKIE McLEAN/HANK MOBLEY/WAYNE SHORTER/DUKE PEARSON/PEPPER ADAMS/HERBIE HANCOCK/BILLY HIGGINS/ et al - The Definitive Classic Blue Note Collection (Enlightenment 9021; EEC) Donald Byrd (December 9, 1932 - February 4, 2013) was among the very finest American jazz and rhythm and blues trumpeters. A sideman for many other musicians of his generation, Byrd was best known as one of the only bebop jazzmen to successfully pioneer the funk and soul genres while simultaneously remaining a jazz artist. As a bandleader, Byrd is also notable for his influential role in the early career of renowned keyboard player and composer Herbie Hancock. Byrd performed with Lionel Hampton before finishing high school and after playing in a military band during a term in the United States Air Force, he obtained a bachelor's degree in music from Wayne State University and a master's degree from Manhattan School of Music. While still at the Manhattan School, he joined Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, as a replacement for Clifford Brown. In 1955, he recorded with Jackie McLean and Mal Waldron. After leaving the Jazz Messengers in 1956, he performed with many leading jazz musicians of the day, including John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, and later Herbie Hancock. Byrd's first regular group was a quintet that he co-led from 1958-61 with baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams. In 1958 Donald signed with the Jazz label Blue Note, the most significant record label specialising in the form during the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s. He would remain as one of the label's most popular and respected artists until 1976 when he left to join Elektra. His tenure at Blue Note was highlighted early on and his first nine records for the label are generally considered by the Jazz community to be his golden age. This collection features these remarkable albums in their entirety. Byrd's 1961 LP Royal Flush marked the Blue Note debut for Herbie Hancock, who came to wider attention with Byrd's successful 1962 album Free Form, and these albums (both included in this set) also feature the first recordings of Hancock's original compositions.
5 CD Set $20

SPIRIT - Live At The Ash Grove, 1967 Volume 1 (Flashback 1009; UK) Flashback present a live recording from Spirit, titled Live At The Ash Grove, 1967 Volume 1. Lead vocalist Jay Ferguson talks about the recording: "The Ash Grove was a legendary venue for folk and early Los Angeles rock, and really the birthplace of Spirit. We brought in a younger, less inhibited crowd, a mixture of hippies and jazz freaks. Spirit, at its inception, was more of an improvisational jazz/blues group than anything else. Our first shows had very few structured songs, lots of free-form going on. We were constantly writing, trying out, and discarding songs. Getting to play in a major LA club, building a following, trying out new ideas, and forging what the group would become. It was a magical time for us."
CD $17

THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL - 3 Part Inventions (Flashback 1008; UK) Having made two (three actually) superb psychedelic albums and gigged with The Doors, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and many others, in June of 1969, The Mandrake Memorial came to London. The plan was to record with famed producer Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, Pentangle), but when that fell through, they persevered alone. Long thought to be lost, 3 Part Inventions anticipates the woozy, dream-like vibe of their 1970 masterpiece Puzzle, combining eerie vocals, trippy guitar and otherworldly electronics to create a unique whole. Transferred directly from the master tape, it's released here for the first time, together with a detailed band history, rare images, two previously unheard outtakes from a 1969 acetate, and a rare radio interview.
CD $17

PETE SEEGER/BIG BILL BROONZY - Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern University, Evanston, Chicago 1956 (Echoes 2077; UK) Pete Seeger and Big Bill Broonzy, live at Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern University, Evanston, Chicago on October 25th, 1956. American author, historian, actor, broadcaster and Pulitzer Prize winner Louis 'Studs' Terkel was the perfect point of communication between poet and people. The Studs Terkel Program was broadcast each weekday between 1952 and 1997 when he interviewed guests as diverse as Martin Luther King, Leonard Bernstein, Mort Sahl, Bob Dylan, Tennessee Williams and Big Bill Broonzy ("our land's most distinguished singer of 'undressed' blues"). Chicago's WFMT were invited to record Big Bill Broonzy's authentic, high octane blues alongside Pete Seeger's observational folksong for Stud Terkel's weekly "Almanac" broadcast in 1956. Broonzy and Seeger pair up on Lead Belly's "Midnight Special" to close the show with Terkel declaring, "Broonzy and Seeger are of disparate cultures, yet share the big common denominator: they are free in song." Studs Terkel also remarked, "The program was unplanned. We approached the WFMT mike, and let come what did." Echoes presents the entire original WFMT-FM broadcast of Pete Seeger and Big Bill Broonzy together in song at Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois in 1956. Professionally re-mastered original FM broadcast with expansive liners and rare archival photos.
2 CD Set $24

ART BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS With KENNY GARRETT/PHILIP HARPER/JAVON JACKSON/BENNY GREEN/PETER WASHINGTON - Chicago Jazz Festival 1987 (Hi Hat; UK) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers, live at the Ninth Annual Chicago Jazz Festival on September 5th, 1987. Art Blakey's band was unofficially known as the "finishing school of jazz", with celebrated players including Hank Mobley, Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, Chuck Mangione, Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett and Wynton Marsalis passing through its ranks over the decades. Blakey continued to play and tour right up to the end of his life. The superb sets here, one with The Jazz Messengers and another with The Reunion Jazz Messengers, were recorded at the Ninth Annual Chicago Jazz Festival on September 5th, 1987, and broadcast on NPR radio the following year. Presented here, digitally remastered and with notes and images.
2 CD Set $24

TAPPER ZUKIE - Escape From Hell (Jamaican Recordings 064; UK) Jamaican Recordings reissue Tapper Zukie's legendary Escape From Hell album, originally released in 1977 as a dub follow up to Tapper's exceptional 1976 release, In Dub (JRCD 044CD/JRLP 044LP). The In Dub album was cut using the great talents of engineer Philip Smart, but when the tracks were pulled together for its follow up Escape To Hell, Philip Smart had left Jamaica for New York and his replacement at the controls was Prince Jammy, who had just returned from Canada at the request of King Tubby himself. The purpose was to fill Mr. Smart's position. Tapper was definitely in good hands and at the time he could tell that Prince Jammy was soon to become King Jammy due to his outstanding studio work. The Escape From Hell set was initially overlooked more to the fact of the small numbers of its original pressing. The album makes great use of Tapper's extraordinary Channel One rhythms cut with Sly and Robbie's The Revolutionaries. Great rhythms matched the magic from King Tubby's studio at the hands of Prince Jammy. The CD version includes alternative dubs and tracks that seem to compliment this set.
CD $15

SRI LANKA - The Golden Era Of Sinhalese And Tamil Folk-Pop Music (Akuphone 1003; France) Sri Lanka still remained one of the rare South Asian countries whose folk-pop music from the 1960-70s had not yet been compiled abroad. This gap is now to be filled with Sri Lanka: The Golden Era Of Sinhalese And Tamil Folk-Pop Music. This compilation presents the diversity of Sri Lankan musical styles between 1967 and 1979 through 30 titles. It comes along with a booklet depicting the country's historical, cultural and musical context. Sri Lanka possesses a great variety of musical traditions and influences which have been shaped by centuries of regional and international exchanges. If Sri Lankan music is undeniably part of South Asian musical culture, its heritage is also a product of almost five centuries of European imperialism. Coming from an original form of creolization, as defined by Edouard Glissant, the baila bears the trace of both the African diaspora and the Iberian influences on the country. The Kaffirs - African slaves deported by the Portuguese - introduced African sounds, while the Portuguese brought their musical traditions and instruments (cavaquinho, mandolin, violin, tambourines). The baila, reminiscent of Caribbean calypso, became the ultimate popular music and dance. The sarala gee (also called light classical music) is a combination of Indian inspired music, either classical or close to Bollywood productions, with Sinhalese lyrics and a slight pop accent. In the early 1960s, the music label Sooriya Records, with founder Gerald Wickremesooriya, were determined to put into light proper Sri Lankan music. Wickremesooriya invented the "new sound of Ceylonese pop" and quickly, the label's hits were broadcasted on Radio Ceylon, the number one radio for a long time. Sooriya Records's catalog reflected the diversity of Sri Lankan musical styles of the times: Anglo-Saxon influenced Sinhalese pop stood next to the baila or the sarala gee. Traditional instrumental music, were also edited by the label. This selection, mainly constituted of titles from Sooriya Records's catalog, presents the most popular artists of the times.
2 CD Set $24

TOGO SOUL 70: Selected Rare Togolese Recordings From 1971 To 1981 (Hor Casa 047; France) Hot Casa present Togo Soul 70: Selected Rare Togolese Recordings From 1971 To 1981. A treasure-trove of rare and unusual recordings, mostly recorded in Lomé during the '70s - a fusion of traditional voodoo chants, raw soul and Afro jazz. Finding these tracks and their rights holders hasn't become any easier even after few trips all over this west African country bordered by Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso. With Togo Soul 70, Hot Casa have selected 13 tracks, a snapshot of hundreds of rare and often forgotten tapes from the most prolific, professional and exciting phase of the country's recording history, including international stars like Bella Bellow (who even performed at Maracana Stadium in Brazil), or Roger Damawuzan, referred to as the James Brown from Lomé, and forgotten tapes and brilliant songs in the Mina, Kabyié and Fon languages. Many of the tracks featured here are peppered with innovation and experimentation, highlighting how diverse the music scene in Togo was at the time, even if the political context influenced their creation. A must have for all music lovers. This selection was used as the soundtrack for the documentary Togo Soul 70, directed by Liz Gomis and DJ Julien Lebrun. Features: Akofa Akoussah, Napo De Mi Amor, Aimé Orchis Mathey, Toite Sandja, Gabelo, Wini & Fefe, Adamah & Agbote, Vewonyi DD, Dk Pilo and Yta Jourias.
CD $17

LP Section:

JEFF PARKER - Slight Freedom (Eremite 065; USA) Slight Freedom, Jeff Parker's first ever solo record, presents the first opportunity to hear the guitarist in fully self-revealed circumstances. Recorded in 2013 and 2014 in the Hollywood Hills as he relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles, Parker combines the dark tonal palette and percussive attack he's known for with real-time processing elements and field recordings, deftly crafting a unique world of solo guitar music - multi-lingual, mysterious, alive with extraordinary sonic events, with a sturdy intelligence in charge and a raw home-style vibe. Jeff Parker is a longtime member of Tortoise. He creates works that explore the contrary relationships between tradition and technology, and improvisation and composition. Slight Freedom is yet another defining moment for Parker in 2016, a year that already includes a brilliant ensemble album (The New Breed) and Tortoise's 25th anniversary tour and record (The Catastrophist). Parker's title composition sets the albums cavernous mood. Terse lines and ricocheting loops morph into a gnarly ambient section that resembles Neil Young droning out over a copy of Discreet Music (1975). Parker creates a different sort of ambient space in his take on Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids", bending the melody around a bossa nova rhythm into a Moodsville tone poem. Parker makes an extraordinary long-form statement out of Chad Taylor's "Mainz", a piece he first recorded with Taylor and bassist Chris Lopes on the album Bright Light In Winter (2011). Twice the length of the trio recording, the multi-layered soliloquy finds Parker leaping from the high rung to damn near orchestral heights, pushing his techniques and concepts to their breaking points. It's one of the great solo performances you'll hear from a musician this year. To say "Lush Life" comes with formidable baggage is an understatement. Parker achieves instant classic status with a rendition that sounds beamed-in from a decommissioned satellite - burned out, covered in space grit, yet still formally nuanced and beautifully reflective of Strayhorn's world-weary lyrics. Mastered by Helge Sten at Audio Virus. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl by RTI; Presented in a heavyweight Stoughton "laserdisc" sleeve, printed by Stoughton; Silkscreened by Alan Sherry of Siwa, who also silkscreened the labels and the inner sleeves; Edition of 850.
LP $30

KWANGKAY - Funerary Music Of The Dayak Benuaq Of Borneo (Sublime Frequencies 106; USA) Numbering less than 1000 people, the Dayak Benuaq from the Eastern Kalimantan region of Indonesian Borneo still practice many of their traditional ceremonial customs. This album of field recordings presents the music associated with the kwangkay, the secondary mortuary ritual celebrated by the Dayak Benuaq, recorded live on location by Vincenzo Della Ratta. According to the Benuaq belief system, upon death the soul of the human being is transformed into the liau, associated with the physical body, and the kelelungan, associated with the intellect or the head. Both the liau and the kelelungan temporarily reside in a sort of cosmic location, connected respectively with the bones and the skull of the deceased, who has entered a state of deep unconsciousness, as yet neither pertaining completely to the realm of the living, nor to that of the dead. Music plays a key role within the kwangkay, as it is crucial for guiding the liau and kelelungan spirits to their final destinations. It is also intended to please the spirits of the dead by providing them with entertainment. This ritual includes a night dance performed for the spirits and accompanied by a musical piece known as the ngerangkau. These rites and ceremonies are often dedicated to several deceased persons and are held within a house belonging to one of their family members. Featured here are two different versions of the ngerangkau, with their long, trance-inducing rhythmic gong patterns. There are two more tracks on the album which are not specifically related to the kwangkay. "Titi Mati" is a gong piece commonly played to proclaim the recent death of a villager. And finally, a nocturnal soundscape of a village by the river Mahakam, a channel of transport and communication which is essential for the local people of the Benuaq territories. Limited edition LP; includes insert of text and images by Vincenzo Della Ratta.
LP $20

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Music Of The Bahnar People From The Central Highlands Of Vietnam (Sublime Frequencies 107; USA) Presenting a collection of music from the Bahnar people who live in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The Bahnar are famous for their rich musical culture and this is perhaps the first-ever release to introduce the full range of Bahnar musical instruments and styles, including gong ensemble, bamboo zither, bamboo xylophone, bamboo fiddle with mouth resonator, and folk songs. Melodic and hypnotic, this music was selected from recordings made in the Kon Tum province from 2006 to 2015 by Eisuke Yanagisawa. One of many highlights of these recordings is a most unusual and stunning instrument - the bamboo fiddle with mouth resonator - which creates an effect that is on one hand an organic auto-tuner of sorts and on the other Peter Frampton coming alive on his 1970s talk-box. The Bahnar's music has been passed down through the ages in each village but is now endangered because of cultural assimilation related to changes in their lifestyles and living environment. These recordings preserve for us the vestiges of a traditional music culture that might no longer be heard in the near future. Includes performances by Kaly Tran And His Ensemble, A Wen, A Thut And His Ensemble, Gong Ensemble Of Kon Kotu Village, Y Tham & A Hieu, A Thao and Gong Ensemble Of The Long Loi Village. Limited edition LP; includes insert of text and images by Eisuke Yanagisawa.
LP $20

FRED FRITH Sale! Pioneering guitarist and founding member of Henry Cow, Art Bears, Skeleton Crew is doing another weeklong residency at The Stone this week - December 6th - the 11th. If you live the NYC area, you don’t want to miss some or all of these sets. My favorite set so far was the trio of Ikue Mori, Ches Smith & Mr. Frith last Tuesday. The duo with Laurie Anderson this Saturday also looks to be great!

Here’s the sale… take $1 off of any disc on the list and check your stock of Fred Frith Cds since all are recommended! If you take 5 or more, you can take $2 off of each CD! You must mention this sale via e-mail or in-store if you want that discount. Remember that a number of these CDs are no longer available like those on labels: Spool, Poise or Ninth World


LOTTE ANKER/FRED FRITH - Edge Of The Light (Intakt 237; Switzerland)

ANTHONY BRAXTON/FRED FRITH - Duo (Victoriaville) 2005 (Victo 100 ,Canada)

LINDSAY COOPER/FRED FRITH/GIANNI GEBBIA/LARS HOLLMER - Angels on the Edge of Time (Dischi di Angelica IDA 031 ,Italy)





FRED FRITH & EVELYN GLENNIE - The Sugar Factory (Tzadik 7623 ,USA)

FRED FRITH - To Sail, To Sail: Solo Acoustic Guitar (Tzadik 7625 ,USA)

FRED FRITH - Clearing: Solo Guitar (Tzadik 7605 ,USA)

FRED FRITH With CARLA KIHLSTEDT/WU FEI/GINO ROBAIR et al - Eye To Ear III [sndtcks] (Tzadik 7521 ,USA)



FRED FRITH/JOHN ZORN - Late Works (Tzadik 7634 ,USA)

FRED FRITH TRIO With JASON HOOPES / JORDAN GLENN - Another Day in F*cking Paradise (Intakt 267 ,Switzerland)

FRED FRITH/EVAN PARKER - Hello, I Must Be Going (Victo 128 ,Canada)

FRED FRITH/MICHEL DONEDA - Fred Frith/Michel Doneda (Vand'Ouevre 1440 ,UK)

FRED FRITH - Propaganda (Fred FRO/ReR 13 ,U.K.)


FRED FRITH With WUI FEI/ANANTHA KRISHNAN/MARQUE GILMORE et al - Clearing Customs (Intakt 176 ,Switzerland)


FRED FRITH/CHRIS BROWN - Cutter Heads (Intakt 124 ,Switzerland)

FRED FRITH/RENE LUSSIER - Nous Autres (Victo 01 ,Canada)

FRED FRITH - The Happy End Problem: Music For Dance Vol 5 (Fred FRA 05/ReR ,USA)

FRED FRITH/ANNIE LEWANDOWSKI - Long as in short, walk as in run (Ninth World ,EEC)

FRED FRITH - Impur II: Nation Unique (Fred FRFC 02/ReR ,USA)

FRED FRITH/ANNE BOURNE/JOHN OSWALD - Dearness (Line 16/Spool 118 ,Canada)

FRED FRITH With TOM CORA/BILL LASWELL/RENE LUSSIER/JOHN ZORN et al - Step Across The Border [sndtck] (Fred FRO 03/ReR ,USA)

FRED FRITH - Live In Japan (Fred FRO 12/ReR ,USA)

FRED FRITH - Impur: Music For 100 Musicians, Mobile & Audience (Fred FRFC 01/ReR ,USA)

FRED FRITH/JEAN-PIERRE DROUET - Improvisations (Transes/Buda Musique 012 ,EEC)

FRED FRITH/JEAN-PIERRE DROUET/LOUIS SCLAVIS - I Dream Of You Jumping (Victo 072 ,Canada)


FRED FRITH - Cheap At Half the Price (Fred FRO 06/ReR ,USA)

FRED FRITH With JOHN ZORN/TENKO [UENO]/CHRISTIAN MARCLAY/JIM STALEY - The Technology Of Tears: Music For Dance Vol 1 (Fred FRO 11/ReR ,USA)


FRED FRITH AND JOHN BUTCHER - The Natural Order (Northern Spy 060 ,USA)


FRED FRITH/KEEP THE DOG - That House We Lived In [2 CD set] (Fred FRA 03/ReR ,USA)
2 CD Set $20.




KATHARINA WEBER/FRED FRITH/FREDY STUDER - It Rolls (Intakt 248 ,Switzerland)


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for December of 2016:


12/9 Friday
8 pm - Laurie Anderson (keyboard, violin, voice) & Fred Frith (guitar, objects)
10 pm - Ava Mendoza, Fred Frith (guitars) & Okkyung Lee (cello)

12/10 Saturday
8 pm - Zeena Parkins (harp. el. harp) & Fred Frith (piano, guitar)
10 pm - Yuka Honda (synthesizer, electronics) Yoshimio (drums, voice) Fred Frith (piano, guitar)

12/11 Sunday
8 pm - Nate Wooley (trumpet) Tania Chen (piano, electronics) Fred Frith (guitar)
10 pm - Tania Chen (piano, electronics) Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Fred Frith (guitar)

A special Stone Residency double-bill: the SF based duo IMA will play every night at 8pm and the brilliant NY cellist Michael Nicolas will play every night at 10pm! - DEC 13-18

12/13 Tuesday
8 pm - IMA + Brian Chase + Chuck Bettis - Brian Chase (drums) Chuck Bettis (electronics) Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Amma Ateria (electronics)

12/14 Wednesday
8 pm - IMA + Shayna Dunkelman + Ava Mendoza - Shayna Dunkelman (drums) Ava Mendoza (guitar) Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Amma Ateria (electronics)
10 pm - DUOS AND TRIOS - Craig Taborn (piano) Joe Morris (guitar) Michael Nicolas (cello)

12/15 Thursday
8 pm - IMA + John Zorn + Ikue Mori - John Zorn (sax) Ikue Mori (electronics) Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Amma Ateria (electronics)
10 pm - QUARTET - Ikue Mori (electronics) John Zorn (sax) Michael Nicolas (cello) plus a special guest

12/16 Friday
8 pm - IMA - Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Amma Ateria (electronics)
10 pm - DUOS AND TRIOS - Ches Smith (drums, vibes) Kenny Wollesen (drums, vibes) Michael Nicolas (cello)

12/17 Saturday
8 pm - IMA + Erik Friedlander + Pauchi Sasaki - Erik Friedlander (cello) Pauchi Sasaki (violin) Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Amma Ateria (electronics)
10 pm - DUOS, TRIOS AND QUARTET - Mark Feldman (violin) Michael Nicolas (cello) Mark Helias (bass) Trevor Dunn (bass)

12/18 Sunday
8 pm - IMA + Annie Lewandowski + Zeena Parkins - Annie Lewandowski (piano) Zeena Parkins (electric harp) Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Amma Ateria (elec)
10 pm - TRIO - Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Amma Ateria (electronics) Michael Nicolas (cello)

There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Dec 09
6:00PM RITA AND THE METER READERS PLAY HAYDN, SCHUMANN, AND DOHNANYI Margarita Rovenskaya, piano; Adrianne Munden-Dixon, violin; Carrie Frey, viola; Julia Henderson,
9:00PM PAUL JONES SEXTET - Paul Jones, tenor sax; Alex LoRe, alto sax; Matt Davis, guitar; Glenn Zaleski, piano; Johannes Felscher, bass; Peter Kronreif,
10:30PM ALEX LORE QUINTET - Alex LoRe, alto sax; Aaron Parks, piano; Rick Rosato, bass; Allan Mednard, drums

Sat Dec 10th
12:00AM TOM CHANG QUARTET - Tom Chang, guitar, comp.; Mitch Marcus, tenor sax; Sam Minaie, bass; Nate Wood, drums
9:00PM & 10:30PM TOM CHANG QUARTET - Tom Chang, guitar, comp.; Mitch Marcus, tenor sax; Sam Minaie, bass; Nate Wood, drums

Sun Dec 11th:
8:30PM JANE IRA BLOOM EARLY AMERICANS - Jane Ira Bloom, soprano sax; Mark Helias, bass; Bobby Previte , drums

Mon Dec 12th:
8:30PM FEATHERY: Lena Bloch, tenor saxophone; Russ Lossing, piano; Cameron Brown, bass; Billy Mintz, drums

Tues Dec 13th:
8:01PM CAROLINE DAVIS - Caroline Davis, sax; Marquis Hill, trumpet; Julian Shore, piano; Tamir Shmerling, bass; Jay Sawyer, drums

Wednesday Dec 14
8:00PM URI GURVICH QUARTET - Uri Gurvich, alto sax; Manuel Valera, piano; Edward Perez, bass; Francisco Mela, drums
9:30PM FRANCESCO GEMINIANI QUARTET - Francesco Geminiani, tenor sax; Remy Le Boeuf, alto sax; Desmond White, bass; Daniel Dor , drums

Thursday Dec 15
6:00PM RIA CURLEY & CHUCK LAMB GROUP - Ria Curley, vocals; Chuck Lamb, keyboards
8:01PM EMI MAKABE QUARTET - Vitor Gonçalves, piano, accordion; Thomas Morgan, bass; Nate Wood, drums; Emi Makabe, voice, shamisen, comp.
Emi Makabe Quartet image

Friday Dec 16
6:00PM ANDREW SCHILLER TRIO - Hery Paz, tenor saxophone; Dayeon Seok, drums; Andrew Schiller, bass, compositions
9:00PM & 10:30PM JOHN HEBERT QUARTET - John Hebert , bass; Jen Shyu, voice; Ben Monder, guitar; Billy Drummond , drums

Saturday Dec 17
Albert Marques, piano; Ran Livneh, bass; Ari Hoenig, drums
9:00PM & 10:30PM MATT PAVOLKA BAND - Ben Monder, guitar; Pete Rende, piano;

Sunday Dec 18
8:35PM NEW BRAZILIAN PERSPECTIVES: LIVIO ALMEIDA GROUP Livio Almeida, tenor sax, flute, sop. sax; Adam O'Farrill, trumpet; Edward Perez, bass; Zack O'Farrill, drums


I-Beam Presents:

Friday, December 9th 12:00 AM
Jacob Sacks + Orlando Hernandez
Jacob Sacks – Piano
Orlando Hernandez – Tap

Saturday, December 10th 8:30 PM
Jacob Sacks + Orlando Hernandez (Night 2)
Jacob Sacks – Piano
Orlando Hernandez – Tap

Saturday, December 17th 8:30 PM
Billy Martin – drums and percussion
Chris Cochrane – guitar and…
Kato Hideki – Bass

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.


Shapeshifter December Schedule:

Dec 9
8:30p - Coal Again - The Tribecastan Holiday Show
John Kruth – Mandolin, Mandocello, Flutes, Banjo, Portuguese Guitar, Harmonica, Sitar, vox
Jeff Greene – Yayli Tambur, Nyckleharpa, Ukulele, Marimba, Double Flutes…
Boris Kinberg – Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Marracas
Kenny Margolis – Accordion, Organ / Chris Morrow – Trombone
Premik Russell Tubbs – Lap Steel, Guitar, Alto Sax, Clarinet…
John Turner – Trumpet / Ray Peterson – Bass / Kirk Driscoll – Drums

Dec 11
An Evening of Uncompromised Cross-Cultural Progress Jazz & Beyond
7:30p Eyal Maoz & Yaron Stavi
8:30p Beledo & Special Guests
9:45p Gilad Atzmon & the Orient House Ensemble feat. Yaron Staavi w/ special guest Amina Figarova

Dec 12
8.15 - Matédors and Elsa Nilsson Quartet
Elsa Nilsson Quartet 7 pm
Elsa Nilsson - flutes
Jeff McLaughlin - guitar
Amanda Ruzza - bass
Lautaro Burgos - drums

Dec 13
7p Haruna Fukazawa Quitet- guest; Steve Wilson
Haruna Fukazawa - flutes
Steve Wilson - alto sax, Soprano sax and flute
David DeMotta - piano
Michale O'Brien -bass
8:15p - Shu Odamura Trio
Shu Odamura: guitar / Yoshiki Yamada: bass / Yutaka Uchida: drums

Dec 14
7pm: Kaoru Watanabe: Néo 音緒 - ft. Yuta Sumiyoshi of the Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble KODO w. Gamin and Fumi Tanakadatew

Dec 15
7p Eskimo Wave
8:15: Dubovoy/Warpeha
Alexander Dubovoy, piano; Zosha Warpeha, violin

Dec 15 - Tony Glausi
9:30p - Tony Glausi Quintet

Dec 16
815p - Sara Serpa & City Fragments
André Matos- guitar
Erik Friedlander- Cello
Tyshawn Sorey- drums
9:30pb - Marko Djordjevic & Sveti - Julian Pollack - piano, Evan Marien - bass, Marko Djordjevic - drums and compositions

Shapeshifter is located at
18 Whitwell Place in Brooklyn, NY
R train to Union stop


Sound It Out series @ Greenwich House
Concerts, Dec 2016

Thursday, December 15, 8:00 p.m. – Powerhouse Double-Bill!
Mara Rosenbloom Trio + Sean Conly’s Re: Action+1
Mara Rosenbloom, piano; Sean Conly, double-bass; Chad Taylor, drums
Sean Conly, double-bass; Michaël Attias & Tony Malaby, saxes; Kris Davis, piano; Gerald Cleaver, drums

Greenwich House Music School:
46 Barrow Street, just west of 7th Avenue South in New York City’s West Village; /, 212-242-4770


ECM Concerts Upcoming in December, Not to Miss!

Friday, December 9th at 7:30
Le Poisson Rouge - 158 Bleecker St, NYC
tickets at

Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm
At National Sawdust in Brooklyn
80 North 6th St. (Take L train to Bedford)
tickets at


NY Forward Festival 2016
Brooklyn Dec 9th, 10th, 11th
375 Lorimer St
Brooklyn, New York 11206


Friday December 9th
MP Landis Paintings
6:00pm - Gene Moore + Daniel Moore + Gene Janas
Gene Moore (guitar)
Daniel Moore (electronics)
Gene Janas (bass)
6:45pm - Mary Anne Driscoll and Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter (winds)
Mary Anne Driscoll (piano)
7:30pm - Bichi - Tobias Wilner (solo electronics)
Adam Lane Trio
Darius Jones (alto saxophone)
Adam Lane (bass)
Vijay Anderson (drums)
8:45pm - Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure, Federico Ughi
Daniel Carter (winds)
Tobias Wilner (electronics)
Djibril Toure (bass)
Federico Ughi (drums)
G Calvin Weston
Improv Messenger album release party
Grant Calvin Weston (drums and electronics)

Saturday December 10th
MP Landis Paintings
6:15pm - Hot Date
Chris Welcome (synthesizer)
Shayna Dulberger (tape collage)
7:00pm - Aella
Patrick Breiner (tenor saxophone)
Max Goldman (drums)
Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Federico Ughi
Daniel Carter (winds)
Patrick Holmes (clarinet)
Matthew Putman (piano)
Federico Ughi (drums)
8:30pm - Maria Chavez
Solo turntable performance
9:15pm - Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, Federico Ughi
Daniel Carter (winds, piano)
Watson Jennison (winds, piano)
William Parker (bass)
Federico Ughi (drums)

Sunday December 11th
MP Landis Paintings
5:45pm - Gabriele Meirano (China)
New Vintage Sessions album release party
Andreas Günther (tenor saxophone, flute) (Germany)
Gabriele Meirano (piano)
6:30pm - Nick Lyons
Nick Lyons (alto saxophone)
Patrick Holmes (clarinet)
Kazzrie Jaxen (piano)
Adam Caine (guitar)
7:15pm - Ancestral Duo
Luke Stewart (bass, percussion, electronics)
Jamal Moore (woodwinds, percussion, electronics)
Federico Ughi
Heart Talk album release party
David Schnug (tenor saxophone)
Mike Irwin (trumpet)
Jeff Snyder (electronics)
Federico Ughi (drums)
8:45pm - Remembering Connie Crothers
Richard Tabnik (alto saxophone)
Harvey Diamond (piano)
Ken Filiano (bass)
Roger Mancuso (drums)
9:30pm - The Listening Group
Daniel Carter (winds)
Nick Lyons (alto saxophone)
Patrick Holmes (clarinet)
Claire de Brunner (bassoon)
Jeff Snyder (electronics)
Stelios Michas (guitar)
Jonah Rosenberg (piano)
Zach Swanson (bass)
Federico Ughi (drums)

Independent music based in Brooklyn, New York


patrick brennan's transparency kestra

Thursday, December 15 — open rehearsal 6pm — concert 7pm

El Taller Latino Americano — 215 E 99th St, Manhattan — $10 donation.

Featuring: Eli Asher - trumpet & slide trumpet, patrick brennan, saxophone & composition, Haruna Fukazawa - flutes & piccolo, Stephanie Griffin - viola, Brian Groder - trumpet, Lloyd Haber - percussion, Jerome Harris - bass guitar, Jason Kao Hwang - violin, Adam Lane - bass viol, David Sidman - guitar, Justin Wood - flute


This from Cellist LEILA BORDREUIL:

Issue Project Room, Friday December 16th at 8 PM, for the premiere of Memory City, my newest composition for large ensemble and multi-channel amplification.

The ensemble will feature Nate Wooley (trumpet), Anne Guthrie (french horn), Chris McIntyre (trombone), Michael Foster (saxophone) and Ben Bennett (perc)
Opening: Leila Bordreuil - solo multi-channel cello set.

Other Upcoming performances:
January 4th @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn
--Leila Bordreuil/ Michael Foster
--Sunk Heaven
--Julia Santoli
--Arian Schaffee

January 6th @ Arts for Arts, Manhattan
--Leila Bordreuil/ MIchael Foster
--Jason Kao Hwang
--Tony Malaby/ Ben Gernstein/ Tom Rainey

January 14th
@ All Ears Festival, Oslo

January 16th
--solo @ Mayhem, Copenhagen

January 18th @ Cafe Oto, London
--Leila Bordreuil Solo
--Thomas Ankersmit

January 20th @ Occii, Amsterdam
--solo cello - Leila Bordreuil


Important Message from Manny ‘Lunch’ Maris, DMG Alumni:

DMG's Manny 'Lunch' Maris, who has supported many musical ventures, recording and performances, throughout the decades, asks for help on something personal: PLEASE SUPPORT THIS BOOK!

“I am not in any way receiving any monies from this, not now or at anytime in the future, after it is published and in bookstores/webstores/Amazon, etc. I have personally donated a large amount to get it done as well.” - MannyLunch snider-the-cia-spider-by-john-t?ref=email

... and, also, might you please post this link anywhere /everywhere (FB, blogs, etc) it is even barely appropriate ..or even not at all! - with some commentary/intro from you in your own words commending it ? (even if you cannot personally add to the fund amount)


The Adventures of Snider, The CIA Spider is a fabulously funny epic poem about a spider who is a big thinker with a fantastic plan for his life: becoming a CIA spy! Our spider, Snider, leaves his wife Wanda and their 26 children on the Irrawaddy River, while he sets out on a banana peel boat headed to Washington D.C. in pursuit of his dream. snider-the-cia-spider-by-john-t?ref=email

"The One Teacher Who Changed My Life, the legendary ‘Godfather Of Homeschooling’ John Taylor Gatto, both NY City and NY State Teacher Of The Year recipient, wrote this satirical epic poem (150 pages) children’s book in the sixties - it functions as a fabulous fairy tale for children, and incisive black comedy of the ‘intelligence’ community for adults - so relevant then and particularly more so now!

John gave this speech when accepting the 1990 NYC award - the second of three, ’89, ’90, and ’91:
When awarded the NYS award, for the second time, in 1991, he instead used the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page to post his resignation letter, ‘I Quit, I Think’:
revised here:

Since quitting, John Taylor Gatto ( ) has written a series of award-winning books, including Dumbing Us Down - The Hidden Curriculum Of Compulsory Schooling; The Underground History Of American Education; and Weapons Of Mass Instruction.

He will be 81 this December 15th, and has been bedridden these last few years as the result of a stroke. We - meaning myself, the publisher, and several hundred of his students from the ’60s to the 90’s for whom, like myself, he was ‘The One Teacher Who Changed My Life’, want to have him see this book in print, in his hands - if only an advance copy - by Christmas 2016. WON’T YOU PLEASE HELP?"

For only $15 - though we hope you go higher in support - you’ll receive a copy of this 150+ page book postpaid! We bet you like it so much, the kids are gonna have a hard time getting it away from you!

(I might add, many, many of John’s students went on to do great things: writers, illustrators, founders of publishing houses, and venues, including the Nuyorican Café, and MannyLunch starting Lunch For Your Ears. All have cited his specific presence as an educator in their lives as being a key spark for choosing creative self-determined independent paths)