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DMG Newsletter for August 11th, 2017

In Some Far Place, Many Light Years in Space
I’ll Wait for You
Where Human Eyes Have Never Seen
We will Build a World of Abstract Dream
And I’ll Wait for You..!
We are Still Waiting for Sun Ra to Return
To Lead us out of the Land of Nod

In the Meantime, Check out these Important Discs from:

The Righteous Return of Sun Ra’s ‘The Magic City! MZM: Myra Melford / Zeena Parkins / Miya Masaoka! Zeena’s Music for Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics! Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp 7 CD Set! New from FMR: Paul Dunmall/Matt Shipp/John Edwards/Mark Sanders! Tipple: Frode Gjerstad / David Watson / Kevin Norton!

Steve Beresford/Trevor Taylor/Ian Brighton! Alvin Fielder/Damon Smith/Joe Hertenstein Qt! Orion Tango: Tim Motzer/Meehan/Carlstedt! Krzysztof Penederecki! Phil Ranelin! Stan Getz/Gary Burton/Chet Baker Qt! Andrea Belfi! Cecil Taylor! Amalgam 3 CD Set! The Last of the Ken Vandermark Momentum Stone Boxes!



Sunday, August 13th:
6pm: CHRIS PITSIOKOS - Solo Alto Sax - Welcome Home from Euro Tour Set!
7pm: BRANDON LOPEZ - Solo ContraBass!

Sunday, August 20th:

Sunday, August 27th:

Rare Tuesday, August 29 Set:
6pm: RAYMOND MacDONALD & GEORGE BURT - Sax & Guitar from Glasgow!

Sunday, September 3rd: Two Debut CD Release Sets in One Night
Violin / Guitar / Bass Clarinet / Drums

 Sunday, September 10th:
Two Bass Clarinets / Acoustic Bass / Drums!

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy

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DMG Newsletter for August 4th, 2017

If the News is Fake, Then Who do We Believe?
Lies and More Distractions, Are We are All Being Deceived?!?
When This Era is Over, Will We all Feel Relieved?
We Certainly Hope So, Since We do Need a Break…

Time for Another DMG Newsletter Blast
Of Creative Music from Around the World,
So Take Some Time to Consider and Dig In to the Sounds of:

Ken Vandermark / Nate Wooley Shelter! Pan-Scan Ensemble: Lotte Anker / Julie Kjaer / Sten Sandell / Paal Nilssen-Love..! Lean Left: Terrie & Andy Ex! Vinny Golia ‘ Ken Filiano Ensemble! Three from Relative Pitch: John Butcher/John Edwards/Mark Sanders! Fred Van Hove & Roger Turner! Magda Mayas & Jim Denley!

Carol Liebowitz/Claire de Brunner/Daniel Carter/Kevin Norton! Tony Geballe’s Zero Times Everything! More from Leap of Faith & Their Off-shoots! Tony Williams Lifetime With John McLaughlin & Larry Young Live! Klaus Schulze! The Fall! Controlled Bleeding! C-Schulze! Suzanne Ciani! Plus Magma on Vinyl and a Barry Guy 7”!?!



Sunday, August 6th:

Sunday, August 13th:
6pm: CHRIS PITSIOKOS - Solo Alto Sax - Welcome Home from Euro Tour Set
7pm: BRANDON LOPEZ - Solo ContraBass

Sunday, August 20th:

Sunday, August 27th:

Rare Tuesday, August 29 Set:
6pm: RAYMOND MacDONALD & GEORGE BURT - Sax & Guitar from Glasgow

 Sunday, September 10th:
Two Bass Clarinets / Acoustic Bass / Drums

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy

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DMG Newsletter for July 28th, 2017

July Comes to an End
And soon it is August, My Friend
Another Weeks Worth of Sonic Delights from
These Master Musicians and Composers:

Roscoe Mitchell Trios: Craig Taborn / Tyshawn Sorey / James Fei / Hugh Ragin / Jaribu Shahid / Tani Tabbal! Ikue Mori With Sylvie Courvoisier / Okkyung Lee / Jim Black! The Return of Progressive Greats: Miriodor & Cheer-Accident! Alexandra Grimal/Duboc/Ceccaldi!
Lazro/Cappozzo/Lasserre! Morton Feldman! Michael Pisaro! Maria de Alvear!

Plus Historic Discs from: Sun Ra & His Arkestra! Gruppo Di Improvvisazione! Patto With Ollie Halsall! Grant Green! Blue Mitchell! Lester Young! Mike Bloomfirld & Mark Naftalin! Delaney & Bonnie & Friends! The Byrds! Delroy Wilson! Rare LPs from Pharaoh Sanders! Joe McPhee & Bryan Eubanks! Christian Wolff! Carl Stone, Phill Niblock and Pat Thomas!

Plus a Big Relative Pitch CD Sale!



 Sunday, July 30th:
6pm: PABLO DIAZ and PAULA SHOCRON - From the Argentinian Underground - New CD on HATology!
7pm: JESSE DULMAN & LEONIC GALAGANOV - Tuba $ Percussion

Sunday, August 6th:

Sunday, August 13th:
6pm: CHRIS PITSIOKOS - Solo Alto Sax - Welcome Home from Euro Tour Set!
7pm: BRANDON LOPEZ - Solo ContraBass!

Sunday, August 20th:

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy

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DMG Newsletter for July, 21, 2017

Hot and Steamy or Cool and Dreamy,
Will Creative Music Save us from Alternative Facts?!?
Let’s Find Out…
Check Out New Music from:

Tyshawn Sorey / Cory Smythe / Chris Tordini! Simon Nabatov / Max Johnson / Michael Sarin!
Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan! Noah Kaplan / Joe Morris QT! Rarities from Einstein Records: Jim Staley With John Zorn, Joey Baron, William Parker, Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp, Shelley Hirsch,

The Long Lost KMB Jazz Label Sale: Joe Morris Solo! Sabir Mateen & William Hooker! Ideal Bread! Matt Lavelle & Ras Moshe! Super-Rare New Unplayed Vinyl from: Polly Bradfield & Eugene Chadbourne! Don Cherry & Krzysztof Penderecki! Michael Garrick Quartet! Half Japanese! Dollar Brand! Robin Holcomb and Butch Morris!

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DMG Newsletter for July 14th, 2017

Take some time from your busy day to Check out New Music from:

King Crimson: ['Elements 2017’ 2 CD-Set & ‘Heroes’ CD-EP! Erstwhile Goodies: Keith Rowe / Michael Pisaro & Graham Lambkin / Taku Unami! Brandon Seabrook: Marika Hughes / Chuck Bettis / Eivind Opsvik..! Brian Marsella: Cyro Baptista/Marshall Allen/Meg Okura..!

14 CDs from Clean Feed & Shhpuma: Eric Revis/Ken Vandermark/Kris Davis/Chad Taylor! Nate Wooley/Chris Pitsiokos/Brandon Lopez/Dre Hocevar! Max Johnson/Susan Alcorn/Kris Davis/Mike Pride! Joachim Badenhorst/Susan Santos Silva LAMA! Angelika Niescier Qt: Maroney/Ilgenfritz/Drury! Rob Mazurek Solo! Roots Magic! Platform: Xavier Charles..! Marco Von Orelli: Big Bold Black Bone!

JG Thirwell/Noveller: Xordox! Plus Historic Discs from John Cale & Band! Rolling Stones! Guy Clark! Alex Chilton! Link Wray! LPs from: Univers Zero! Bruce Langhorne! Movie Gold Restocks and Even More..!



Super Rare Night Saturday, July 15th Set:
6pm: HENRY KAISER - Solo Electric Guitar!

Sunday, July 16th:

Sunday, July 23rd:

 Sunday, July 30th:
6pm: PABLO DIAZ & PAULA SHOCRON - From the Argentinian Underground - New CD on Hatology!
7pm: JESSE DULMAN - Solo Tuba

Sunday, August 6th:

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy

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DMG Newsletter for July 7th, 2017

Peter Brotzmann/Steve Swell/Paal Nilssen-Love Live III! Detail 1982: Frode Gjestad/Johnny Dyani/John Stevens! Joe McPhee/Damon Smith/Alvin Fielder! Two Evan Parker QT’s: Mikolaj Trzaska/Joh Edwards/Mark Sanders! Barry Guy/Maya Homburger/Zlatko Kaucic! Agusti Fernandez Celebration: Nate Wooley/Joe Morris/Mats Gustafsson/F-M Uitti..! Paul Dunmall New Trio!

SexMob (Steve Bernstein/Briggan Krauss/Tony Scherr/Kenny Wollsesn) & Burnt Sugar Arkestra - 2 Great Studio Efforts! Annea Lockwood! Keeril Makan! Plus Archival & Reissue Rarities from: The Residents! Snakefinger! Chrome! LP’s from Mike Cooper! The Cosmic Jokers! Terry Fox! R. Buckminster Fuller! Maria Rita! The Spirit of Indonesia and Early Traditional Instruments of Asia and Lots More..!

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DMG Newsletter for June 30th, 2017

Attention DMG Newsletter Subscribers:

For some strange reason, many of you never received ‘Part 1’ of last week’s newsletter, which was transmitted on Thursday (6/22/17), when you usually send it out. And a number of you got ‘Part 2’ twice?!?!

In the future, when you get one part of the newsletter and not the other part, PLEASE just respond to the part you got and ask for the one you didn’t. As long as it is during working hours, it will get sent to you ASAP. Also, don’t forget that you can always read it on-line on our website usually within a short time of e-mail transmission. thanks for your understanding and support. -

I have included a handful of reviews from last week’s newsletter since I’m sure that some of you missed these listings the first time around. thanks for your understanding, Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

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DMG Newsletter for June 23rd, 2017

After a Drenching Downpour on My Birthday Celebration Last Monday
In between two sets of Spiritual Jazz, We went outside The Stone and
Lo and Behold, the Rain had stopped and the Setting Sun Reappeared
A Beautiful Rainbow Emanated in the Distance, My Oh My Oh My!
It was one of those Transcendent Moments that We won’t forget anytime soon…

In there meantime, you can check out these Discs from:

David Sylvian / Rhodri Davies / Mark Wastell! Riverside: Dave Douglas/Steve Swallow/Chet & Jim Doxas! Ryan Keberle & Catharsis! Gato Libre: Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii/Yasuko Kaneko! From Cantaloupe: Bobby Previte Terminals Quartets!

John Luther Adams Canticles! David Lang / Molly Barth! Contact/Brian Eno’s ‘Discreet Music’! Arto Lindsay! Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay! Dan Tepfer / Thomas Morgan / Nate Wood! Adam Kolker / Steve Cardenas / Billy Mintz!

Rhys Chatham & Oneida! Dominique Eade & Ran Blake! Invisible Guy: Michael Coleman & Ben Goldberg! Machine Mass Does Jimi Hendrix! Diego Barber! Amirtha Kidambi Elder Ones! Come On! Plus Rare Vinyl from Dorothy Ashby Roberto Musci, Maria Teresa Luciani & Ragnar Johnson!

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DMG Newsletter for June 16th, 2017

The William Parker Quartets: Rob Brown / Cooper-Moore / Hamid Drake / Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson! The David S. Ware Trio in 2010: William Parker & Warren Smith! Matthew Shipp Solo! Amir ElSaffar Rivers of Sound Orchestra! Aruán Ortiz Solo! Louis Sclavis Quintet!

Silke Eberhard Trio! Uri Caine & The Lutoslawski String Quartet! Ugly Beauties: Marilyn Lerner / Matt Brubeck / Nick Fraser! Arve Henriksen! Lea Bertucci & Leila Bordreuil! Patrick Higgins’ Bachanalia! Kelly Moran’s Piano Preparations! Two from Max Nagl!

Plus Archival Discs from Albert Mangelsdorff: Don Cherry, Lee Konitz, Karl Berger, Wolfgang Dauner & Elvin Jones! Frank Zappa Palladium 1981! TackHead! Robert Ashley! Dieter Moebius! Haino Keiji LP Rarity! The New York Contemporary Five: John Tchicai & Archie Shepp and Cream!

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DMG Newsletter for June 9th, 2017

The Willem Breuker Boxes Have Finally Arrived! Steve Coleman’s Natal Eclipse! Tim Hagans & NDR Big Band Tribute to John Cassavetes! Gordon Grdina / Francois Houle / Benoit Delbecq Qt! Hear in Now: Mazz Swift / Tomeka Reid / Silvia Bolognesi! Leap of Faith Orchestra!

Four from Tani Tabbal! Evan Parker / Wolfgang Fuchs / Hans Koch / Louis Sclavis CD Rarity Returns! Four Books from Buddy’s Knife: Silent Solos! William Parker / Henry Grimes / Noah Howard / Roy Nathanson! Plus Essential Vinyl from Terry Riley! Faust! Had Fair & Kramer! Arve Henriksen and More..!

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DMG Newsletter for June 2nd, 2017

Raoul Bjorkenheim Triad! Lindsey Horner Solo/Duo! Simon Nabatov Trio! Amina Baraka & Red Microphone with Ras Moshe! Scott Robinson & Aska Kaneko! Joseph Bowie & Oliver Lake! Louis Hayes Sextet with Charles Tolliver & Gary Bartz! Cal Massey Tribute to Coltrane!

Rob Mazurek/Mwata Bowden/Douglas Ewart! Marquis Hill/Jeff Parker Qt! Magic Malik/Jeb Bishop/Tyshawn Sorey! Plus Historic Recordings from: Linval Thompson! Alton Ellis! I-Roy! Flatt & Scruggs! More from Love Slave and More from Nimbus West!

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DMG Newsletter for May 26th, 2017

The Elton Dean Quintet: Harry Beckett & Paul Rutherford! Han Bennink Trio: Joachim Badenhorst & Simon Toldam! Guus Jansen & Lee Konitz / Michael Moore / Wolter Weirbos! Ab Baars / Ig Henneman / Dave Burrell! Ernst Glerum Omnibus!

Jan Nijdam Kwartet: Tobias Delius / Michiel Scheen! Paul Van Kemenade / Jasper Van’t Hof / Maria Portugal! Gravitones & Strings! Tristan Honsinger / Nicolas Caloia / Joshua Zubot! Christian Lillinger & Tobias Delius! Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger! Peter Garland!

LP’s from John & Alice Coltrane! Raymond Scott! Orlando Julius & the West Coast Pop Experimental Band! Plus the Return of Discs from Horace Tapscott & the Nimbus West Label!

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DMG Newsletter for May 19th, 2017

Craig Taborn & Ikue Mori! Peter Brotzmann & Heather Leigh! Ten from Clean Feed: Mario Pavone/Dave Ballou/Tony Malaby/Oscar Noriega/Peter McEachern/Mike Sarin! Mat Maneri / Evan Parker / Lucian Ban! Rova/Henry Kaiser/Kyle Bruckmann Play Steve Lacy’s Sax Special! Meridian Trio: Nick Mazzarella/Matt Ulery..! David Stackenas Solo Guitar! Stale Storlokken/Thomas Stronen!

Pre-orders for Willem Breuker Kollektief 11 CD Set! Historic: Billy Bang Solo from 1979! Two essential from Hans Reichel! Rudiger Carl/Gunter Christmann Trio! Black Cube Marriage with Rob Mazurek & Steve Jansen! Leap of Faith! Tony Conrad! Trad, Gras Och Stenar! Tony Conrad Rarities! Kevin Drumm 6 CD Set! New from Neos: Vinko Globakar! Edward Ka-Spel!

Restocks from ICP Orchestra! Jewels & Binoculars Tribute to Bob Dylan: Michael Moore/Lindsey Horner/Michael Vatcher! Lee Perry! John Hartford. Three LP Rarities from Peter Brotzmann/Fred Van Hove/Han Bennink Albert Mangelsdorff! 3 from Ned Rothenberg Double Band with Thomas Chapin! Lee Perry!John Hartford! Charelmagne Palestine!

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DMG Newsletter for May 12th, 2017

Elliott Sharp / Mary Halvoson Marc Ribot! Peter Evans / Christian Lillinger / Petter Eldh / Wanja Slavin! The Ben Goldberg School! Brian ENO’s Reflection! Louis Sclavis / Dominique Pifarely / Vincent Coutois! Myk Freedman / Patrick Breiner / Kenny Warren!

Happening with Thollem McDonas! Debo Band! Qwanqwa! The Runcible Quintet: Neil Metcalfe/John Edwards! Paolo Bacchetta / Piero Bittolo Bon! Plus Archival Discs from Arthur Lee & Love! Arthur Blythe 4 Essential Albums = 2 CDs! Joe Harriott & Co.! Bob Downes With John Stevens! Cluster! Trad, Gras,Och Stenar! More and More!

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DMG Newsletter for May 5th, 2017

Yet Another Great Weeks Worth of Sonic Delights from:

Alice Coltrane’s World Spirituality! Mat Walerian / Matthew Shipp / William Parker! Cuong Vu 4-Tet with Bill Frisell! Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble! Jaimie Branch’s Fly or Die: Tomeka Reid / Jason Ajemian / Chad Taylor! New from FMR: Paul Dunmall / Liam Noble / John Edwards / Mark Sanders! George Lewis/Rob Burke/Paul Grabowsky/Mark Helias! John Cage’s Radio Music! Szilard Mezei Trio! Maggie Nicols Duo! Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet!

John Abercrombie/Marc Copland/Drew Gress/Joey Baron! New from Makigami’s Hikashu! New from Auand: Zeno De Rossi! Piero Bittolo Bon! Aunad Family 50th Release! Pascal Comelade! Sun Ra & Jac Berrocal 7” Singles! Faust! Albert Ayler! Max Roach! Paul Gonsalves! Bert Jansch! Jon Gibson! Arnold Dreyblatt! And more ans more..!

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DMG Newsletter for April 28th, 2017

DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY Turns 26 and Celebrates Our Longevity!

This Monday, May 1st will be the 26th Anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery! That’s right, you heard right! We opened our doors on May 1st of 1991 in the East Village at 211 East 5th (between 2nd & 3rd Aves), having no idea how long we would last considering that there were upwards of a hundred record stores in Manhattan alone at that time. Now there are less than a dozen!?!

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DMG Newsletter for April 21st, 2017

John Zorn’s Final Book of Angels: Volume 31: Brian Marsella Trio & Complete ‘Book of Angels’ Sale! JR3: Olaf Rupp / Rudi Mahall / Jan Roder! Thollem McDonas & Rob Mazurek! Dave PEK’s Chicxulub Trio! New from Sunnyside: Mike McGinnis / Art Lande / Steve Swallow! Kurt Rosenwinkel & Eric Clapton! Rebecca Martin & Guillermo Klein! Enrico Pieranunzi & Bruno Canino!

Plus Archival Discs from Miles Davis Sextet - Fillmore West, 1970! Bill Evans / Scott LaFaro / Paul Motian Trio 1960! Albert King & Dickie Betts! Rare LPs from Don Cherry / Karl Berger Quartet - 1967! Pierre Henry’s ‘Maléfices’! Bert Jansch! Ken Ikeda & David Toop! More and more!

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DMG Newsletter for April 14th, 2017

A Good Passover and Happy, Healthy Easter Greetings to
All Who Celebrate These Holidays.
Here Comes the Sun so Let’s Have Some Fun
And Savor the Sounds that Help Heal and Inspire Us All
So Here is a New List of Sonic Delights to Check out:

Roscoe Mitchell & Yuganaut! Oliver Lake & Flux String Quartet! Elliott Sharp / Tectonics - 2017! Jenny Scheinman / Bill Frisell OST! Nate Wooley’s Syllables 4 CD Set! Two from Tisziji Munoz with Dave Liebman/John Medeski/Paul Shaffer! Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society! Richard Pinhas!

Three from Maurizio Brunod w/ Miroslav Vituos! Leap of Faith at DMG CD!
Plus historic/archival music from Fuzzy Haskins & P-Funks All-Stars! John Coltrane Quartet DVD! Robert Ashley 2 CD Set! Velvet Underground! Peter Kuhn LP! Damo Suzuki and More!

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DMG Newsletter for April 7th, 2017

April Showers are on their Way, A Little More Sunshine Every Day
You Need some Serious Sounds, That’s what I heard you Say…
More Music New and Old from these Gifted Musicians, Composers and Sonic Specialists:

Reunion: Evan Parker / John Russell / Ian Brighton / Philipp Wachsmann / Marcio Mattos / Trevor Taylor! Ted Daniel / Marvin Sewell / Charlie Burnham’s Tribute to King Oliver! Martin Philadelphy/Jamie Saft/Tom Abbs/Kresten Osgood! Led Bib! Biggi Vinkeloe’s Jade - New Spiritual Music! Zeitkratzer Performs Kraftwerk! Ten More Lovely Music Reissues! LP Only Section: John Coltrane & Ennio Morricone and a Big Chet Baker CD Sale!

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DMG Newsletter for March 31st, 2017

The Sun Finally Came Out Today, Spreading Warmth and Sunshine
Took a Seniors Exercise and a Chair Yoga Class at the Y and felt Better
The Doctor Says that I am in Pretty Good Shape for My Age (almost 63)
So, Here I Go, Here We Go with Another Weekly NEWSletter of Deep Listening
So Much to Hear and So Little Time to Listen Closely and More Than Once…
Check Out Great Discs from:

Henry Kaiser / Bob Bralove /Chris Muir! Bob Downes Open Music with Barry Guy! The Residents & Eric Drew Feldman! Charles Hayward! This Heat - Live 80/81! Aram Bajakian & Dalava & Peggy Lee! Nicola L. Hein & Emilio Gordoa! Three from Wanderweiser: John Cage & Luigi Nono!

Historic Recordings from Milt Jackson! Sonny Stitt! Brother Ah! Nana Vasconcelos! Orchestra Baobob! Franco & Le Tpok Jazz! More Great CD Reissues from Lovely Music and a Giant Leap of Faith CD Sale!

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DMG Newsletter for March 24th, 2017

The Weeks go by so Fast
We turn around and they're Past
It is Creative Music that Keeps us Alive
So Let’s See what’s in store this week at DMG:

John Zorn Composer Series! Alex Cline Flower Garland Orchestra 2 CD Mini Box-Set! Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures! A Dozen Discs from Clean Feed: Tony Malaby/Mat Maneri/Daniel Levin! Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day Qt! Angelica Sanchez Trio! Michael Attias Quartet!

Rob Mazurek! Samo Salamon/Achille Succi/Julian Arguelles..! Kaja Draksler Octet 2 CD Set! Trespass Trio! Carlos Bica Azul & Jim Black! Zack Clarke Trio! Daniel Levin/Haker Flaten/Corsano Trio! Sebastien Ammann/Michael Attias Qt! The Urge Trio: Tomeka Reid/Keefe Jackson/Christoph Erb! Steve Jansen!

Plus Historic Discs from Eugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black! Herbie Hancock/Marsalis Brothers/Tony Williams! Freddie King! B.B. King! Prince Far I! Conrad Schnitzler/Pole! Nine More Lovely Music CD Reissues: Robert Ashley/Joan La Barbara! ‘Blue’ Gene Tyranny! David Rosenboom & Anthony Braxton! Plus loads of Great Vinyl!

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DMG Newsletter for March 17th, 2017

Where does it Begin and How will it end?!?
Confused or not sure or who knows..where or when?
Snow storms today, Disasters Coming our Way?
It is just another Day in the Life of Those who Need
Creative Music to help us Survive, to keep us Alive,
With New Music from These Folks to help us turn the Tides:

Ned Rothenberg & Hamid Drake! William Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio! Whit Dickey / Mat Maneri / Matthew Shipp! Elliott Sharp & Zeitkratzer! Alfred 23 Harth & Kazuhisa Uchihashi! Miles Okazaki / Craig Taborn / Anthony Tidd / Sean Rickman! Eivind Opsvik Overseas V: Tony Malaby / Jacob Sacks / Brandon Seabrook / Kenny Wolleson! Gary Lucas & Toni Dezso!

Amina Claudine Myers! Two from Philip Gibbs! Leah Paul with Chris Speed & Mark Feldman! Plus Archival Music from Spiritual Jazz 7! More Lovely Music Reissues! LP’s from Luc Ferrari! Painkiller (John Zorn/Bill Laswell/Mick Harris), AMM, Zeitkratzer! Albert Ayler & Octopus from ESP on cassette!?! And much more!

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DMG Newsletter for March 10th, 2017

Too Busy Thinking About the State of the World
To Spend Time Dwelling on Things We Can’t Change
Better to Reflect and Think of the Things that Make us Smile
Every Day is a Celebration of Life so…
Listen to the Sounds that will Help Heal Us Once More
Another Week’s Worth of Treasures…
So Hear What’s in store:

Keith Tippett/Tom Jackson/Benedict Taylor/Ashley John Long LTD Edition CD! Harris Eisenstadt With Anna Webber/Sara Schoenbeck/Nate Wooley/Brandon Seabrook..! Johannes Bauer & Peter Brotzmann! Ken Vandermark’s DEK Trio! Trio 3: Andrew Cyrille/Oliver Lake/Reggie Workman! Satoko Fujii Solo Piano 2 CD Set! Two Great Franklin Kiermyer Quartets! Spunk Return!

Axel Dorner/Dominic Lash/Roger Turner! Andrea Parkins & Brain Chase! Rich & Carson Halley! Julie Slick’s EchoTest! Two from Tim Motzer! Sun Ra Definitive Singles Collection! Bulent Arel! More Restocks from the Lovely Music label! Lightnin’ Hopkins! Michael Hurley! The Velvet Underground and More//!

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DMG Newsletter for March 3rd, 2017

The Weeks get Weirder as Time Goes On
While the Music Remains Hopeful for those who Need to Listen
Check Out This Week's Treasures from This Cast of Musicians & Magicians:

Craig Taborn Quartet With Chris Speed! Two from Satoko Fujii: Kaze Sextet & Orchestra Tokyo! Rob Price Trio! Three from Leap of Faith! Seven from Leo: Ivo Perelman/Karl Berger/Mat Maneri/Joe Morris/Gerald Cleaver! John Butcher Trio Kimmig!

Simon Nabatov Plays Monk! Frank Gratkowski & Sebi Tramontana! Alex Von Schlippenbach & Bertand Denzler Trio! Kent Carter & Itaru Oki! Two from Mode: Alvin Lucier & Langston Hughes!

Historic Recordings & Restocks from Lovely Music! Frank Zappa 1974! Chicago Blues! Jorge Ben! Three Great Albums from Peter Brotzmann/ Fred Van Hove/Han Bennink Albert Mangelsdorff! Barney Wilen! Dorothy Ashby! Ed Sanders! More and More and More..!

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DMG Newsletter for February 24th, 2017

February Fades into March as the Chills Turn into Sunshine
Its Time for Spring to Break through from the Long Winter’s Grip
Time for Some New Sounds to Help Inspire and Soothe the Weird Vibes
So Check Out This Weeks Growing List of Important Discs from:

John Zorn/Simulacrum Six Trevor Dunn & Sara Serpa! Harriet Tubman [Brandon Ross/Melvin Gibbs/JT Lewis] Wadada Leo Smith! Paquito D’Rivera & the Vitral Sax Quartet! Gary Smulyan! Vitor Goncalves! Glenn Zaleski Trio! Victor Provost! Karl Nyberg & Bone Machine!

Harvey Mandel! Davy Mooney/John Ellis/Jon Cowherd/Matt Clohesy/Brian Blade! Seven New Discs from the Neos Label! Krokofant! Skullflower! A Dozen Reissued Gems from Be! Jazz: Albert Mangelsdorff! Irene Schweizer! Brotzmann/Van Hove/Bennink! Tomasz Stanko! Krzysztof Komeda! Dave Pike Set! Eje Thelin and Even More!

Plus Archival Discs from Ry Cooder! Little Feat! Eddie Hinton! Nurse with Wound! The Last of the Masada Studio CDs! And Lots More!

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DMG Newsletter for February 17th, 2017

This Week’s Sonic Menu Features Tasty Treats from:

Stephan Crump / Ingrid Laubrock / Cory Smythe! Aki Takase & David Murray! Four from Cuneiform: Microscopic Septet/Chicago/London Underground/Thinking Plague/Ed Palermo Big Band! Stuart Popejoy/Steve Swell/Avram Fefer/Sarah Bernstein/Kenny Wolleson! Iconoclast!

Ross Hammond Solo 12-String! Jon Irabagon New Trio! Plus Historic/Archival/Restocked discs from: Terry Riley Classic 2 CD Set! Karen Dalton! Duology Andrew Cyrille! Marco Eneidi’s Cosmic Brujo Mutafuka! Big Ellery Eskelin Collection of Rarities! FMR Sale and LP’s from Diz & Bird! Marcel Duchamp! And even more..!

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DMG Newsletter for February 10th, 2017

This Week's Menu Features
Another Cornucopia of Challenging Sounds from Around the World
The Music of Exploration, The Sounds of Hope,
We Need the Spirit and Inspiration Now, More Than Ever, So Dig In:

Matt Mitchell Performs Tim Berne for Solo Piano! Mostly Other People Do the Killing Steve Berstein/Dave Taylor/Brandon Seabrook! Stephan Crumb’s Rhombal: Adam O’Farrill/Ellery Eskelin/Tyshawn Sorey! Tiger Trio: Myra Melford/Joelle Leandre/Nicole Mitchell! Joelle Leandre 10tet!

New from Not Two: Return of the Nu Band: Heberer/Whitecage/Fonda/Grassi! Peter Evans/Agusti Fernandez/Mats Gustafsson! Liudas Mockunas/Rafal Mazur/Raymond Strid! Ballister: Dave Rempis/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Paal Nilssen-Love! Joel Futterman Solo! Lajos Dudas Trios!

Plus Historic Discs from: East of Eden! Conrad Schnitzler! Mike Cooper! Charles Hayward Duo! Jim O’Rourke Duo! 2 from Phil Milstein & Thurston Moore! John Fahey & His Orchestra! And Even More Dynamite Treasures..!

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DMG Newsletter for February 3rd, 2017

No Silly or Sly Poems today
Nothing Special Left to say
Can’t comment on the world as it is
Since Reality is Stranger than Fiction Right Now!

Just Another Newsletters Worth of Discs to Explore from:

Vinny Golia/Oliver Lake/Ross Hammond/Adam Lane! Ellery Eskelin/Christian Weber/Michael Griener! Jim Black New Quartet! Matthew Shipp Trio and John Butcher/Thomas Lehn/Matt Shipp! Ten Releases from Clean Feed: Mats Gustafsson & Craig Taborn! Daniel Levin QT!

Chris Pitsiokos QT! Lisa Mezzacappa Sextet! Angles 9! John McNeil/Jeremy Uden Hush Point III! Nico Letman-Burtinovic Split Cycle! Blaise Siwula & Luciano Troja! Sean Ali Solo Bass! George Lewis & Splitter Orchestra! John Tilbury/Christian Wolff!

Plus Historic/Archival Recordings from Marion Brown/Brandon Ross QT! Massacre! Ornette Coleman Complete Early Albums! Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons! Sonny Stitt! Albert Ayler! George Russell! Jefferson Airplane and much more!

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DMG Newsletter for January 27th, 2017

My Favorite Signs at the Million Woman March in NYC Last Saturday:
Resistance is Not Futile so Organize and Resist!
What we Want is an Honest Leader, Not a Knucklehead Daily Tweeter!
This is What a Real Democracy Looks Like!

The Sky May Be Gray, But There is a Ray of Sunshine Emanating from These Discs:

Hideo Yamaki / Bill Laswell Dave Douglas! New from Tzadik: Garth Knox & Saltarello Tio - Book of Angels - Vol 30! Tisziji Munoz & Dave Liebman Octet! Gary Lucas New Hungarian Trio! Meredith Monk! Linda Sharrock/Zinman/Rosen/Rechtern!

Jeff Platz & Daniel Carter! Steve Reich & So Percussion! Philip Corner! Renaldo & the Loaf! The Necks! Plus Archival Music from Frank Zappa! Bud Powell! Townes Van Zandt & Guy Clark! My Cat is an Alien & Jean-Marc Montera! Mike Cooper and Much More..!

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DMG Newsletter for January 20th, 2017

Do protests matter?
Will our Voices be heard?!?
The Million Women March on Washington
Will be something to Remember for Those who Went
In Spirit and in Action…

Going Uptown to Be with the Masses and
Show Solidarity This Saturday - Where will you Be?

Medicine for the Soul, Manna for the Ears and Mind
Continuing to Inspire Those Who Make the Time to Listen…
Presenting New Sounds from These Fabulous Folks This week:

New from Not Two: Joelle Leandre 8 CD Box Set: Evan Parker/Irene Schweizer/Agusti Fernandez..! Steve Swell/Peter Brotzmann/Paal Nilsson-Love! Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/Mark Sanders Deep Whole Trio! Mars Williams/Waclaw Zimpel QT! Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio!

New from FMR: Paul Dunmall Quintet with Hamid Drake! Alvin Fielder/Frode Gjerstad/Damon Smith! Carrier/Lampert/Pain! Three from Finland’s finest Mikko Innanen! 2 CD Set from Fredrik Nordstrom & Gerald Cleaver! Keiji Haino/Jozef Dumoulin/Teun Verbruggen!

Please Historic Records from Lol Coxhill! Sir Richard Bishop! Richard Pinhas! K. Leimer! Marc Barreca! Betty Davis! Demon Fuzz! The Staple Singers! Abbey Lincoln! Lavern Baker and more!

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DMG Newsletter for January 6th, 2017

No poems Today, Nothing witty to say
The “real” news is ridiculous enough
So, choose your sonic medicine from 
The DMG Cabinet of Curiosities 
As it is Filled with All Kinds of Great Stuff!
Ken Vandermark Momentum: Stone 6 CD Set with Courvoisier/Laubrock/Corsano/McPhee/Swell/Wiik/Kurzmann..! The Mothers of Invention ‘Uncle Meat’ Variations & Rarities 3 CD set! Paul Dunmall Brass Project! Szilard Mezei Tiszan Innen Ensemble Gem! David Haney Trio 2 CD set! Tisziji Munoz/Lou Soloff/Paul Shaffer Paradox Sextet! 
Michael Musillami Duo Tribute to Wayne Shorter! Charlie Haden & Liberation Music Orchestra Final Treasure! Thurston Moore Cassette Rarity! Plus Six Sonic Jewels from the Great Greek Thirsty Leaves Electronic Music Label! Eliane Radigue Restocks and More..! 

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DMG Newsletter for December 30th, 2016:

Happy New Year to All!

Your friends at DMG would like to wish all who receive our newsletters and who come to visit us a Healthy and Happy New Year! Thanks for Your support! 

We know that these are Trying Times but remember that:

Music is the Healing Force of the Universe! - Albert Ayler 

There are no new releases to mention this week so we will give you and myself a break from writing and reading reviews. I am currently working on my year end recommendation list and trying to listen to as much as possible. In the meantime, we are will have a sale on a handful of labels: DIW & Avant from Japan, Straw2Gold from NYC, Konvoj from Sweden and the last Leap of Faith review from the current batch. 

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DMG Newsletter for December 23rd, 2016


Happy Hanukah! Merry Christmas! 

Crazy Kwanza & Happy New Year to All!

The Final Week of 2016 is Now Here so say Goodbye… 

To All that Got us Down and Hello to All that Inspires Us to Rise Above:


BassDrumBone: Mark Helias/Gerry Hemingway/Ray Anderson 40 Year Celebration! Knuckleball: Daviel Levine/Mark Hannaford/Devin Gray! Three More CDs from the Leap of Faith entourage! Andrea Neumann/Sharif Sehnaoui/Michael Thieke/Michael Vorfeld! Richard Youngs! 


Thollem McDonas/Pauline Oliveros/Nels Cline LP! Plus Historic discs from: Bert Jansch! David Crosby & the Dead! Nurse with Wound! Paul Chambers! Ahmad Jamal! Art Farmer and Even More!


Plus a Great, Long, Jewel-filled Used CD List & Sale!

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DMG Newsletter for December 16th, 2016:

Closing in on the End of the Year
And a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season to All
Check out our List of this Week’s Essential Jewels:

Chris Corsano / Sylvie Courvoisier / Nate Wooley! Evan Parker & Andrea Centazzo 1977 Rarity! Silke Eberhard Trio/ Charles Mingus Tribute! Christoph Gallio’s Day & Taxi Return!
Max Nagl Nonet! Three More from Leap of Faith! Plus Historic Discs from: Charles Mingus! John Cage/Christian Wolff! Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe! Milt Jackson! Merzbow! James Brown Plus an amazing Relative Pitch 50th release sale!

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DMG Newsletter for December 9th, 2016

The Holidays are a Creeping Up So Don’t Delay
Buy Some Music for a Rainy Day
If you need some inspiration, Well here is the place
Take some time to reconsider, this is not a race…

Musica Elletronica Viva 50 Year Annivserary Live Set! Heroes Are Gang Leaders! Three from Jeff Platz/Blaise Siwula/Dmitry Ishenko/Dave Miller! Carol Leiboowitz/Bill Payne/Nick Lyons/Eve Lindal! Pascal Comelade! Frederik Nordstrom! Iancu Dumitrescu/Either Or Ensemble! Salvatore Sciarrino! Paul Jacobs! Thollem McDonas & Mad King Edmund!

More Essential Classic Jazz from Enlightenment: Jackie McLean/Hank Mobley/Bud Powell & Donald Byrd! Rarities from Spirit! Mandrake Memorial! Pete Seeger & Big Bill Broonzy! Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers 1987! Tapper Zukie! And a Dynamite FRED FRITH sale!

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DMG Newsletter for December 2nd, 2016

Just got Back from Florida where the Sun felt So Great!
I needed that Warmth, the Ocean and the Beach in the Orange State
Good Vibes from my Mom, my Sister, My Aunt and Step Family felt swell
But December is Here and The Cold Winds will blow
It is Raining Today, but It Might soon turn to snow
The Music we Love Helps us to Feel Better, This I do Know
So Check out What’s Come in the Week - Sonic Medicine for us all:

Two Gems from Anthony Braxton: New Duo with Miya Masaoka & All-Star Quintet Reissue Rarity! Michel Edelin’s Flute Fever With Nicole Mitchell & John Betsch! New from Hatology/Now: Morton Feldman/James Tenney/Jackson Harrison Trio! Henry Kaiser & Alexei Pliousnine! Chris Pitsiokos Quartet! Bob Drake! Ossatura! Pablo Diax Quinteto! Paula Shocron & Enrique Norris!

Plus Rare Archival Recordings from Sun Ra Arkestra! Keiji Haino! Merzbow! Harry Bertoia! Yoko Ono! Peter Baumann! Two from Ry Cooder! More Enlightenment Reissues: John Lewis! Paul Chambers! Gerry Mulligan! Art Pepper! Oscar Pettiford! Hampton Hawes! Slapp Happy! And Much more!

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DMG Newsletter for November 25th, 2016

Post-Thanksgiving Blues/Celebration of the Music We Love and Need 
Something to Help Us All Smile and Forget about the Daily News… 
A Short Stack of Great Discs from: Thanksgiving Used CD/LP/DVD 25% Off Sale!

7 from Clean Feed: Evan Parker/Daunik Lazro/Joe McPhee! Mark Dresser Seven: Nicole Mitchell/Marty Ehrlich/Michael Dessen/Jim Black..! Ned Rothenberg/Mark Feldman/Sylvie Couvoisier! Steve Swell/Gebhard Ullmann/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Michael Zerang! Dre Hocevar/Sam Pluta/Metta Rasmussen/Lester St. Louis! 

Eve Risser White Desert Orchestra! Motif with Michael Thieke/Havard Wiik..! More with Joe McPhee: Ingebrigt Haker Flaten/Raymon Boni/Andre Jaume! Kirk Knuffke & Jesse Stacken! Pierre Dorge New Jungle Orchestra! Dizzy Reece 5 CD Set! Back in stock A.D.D. Trio (Steve Arguelles/Robert Dick/Christy Doran! Plus Lots More Vinyl! Plus 482 Music Sale Continues!  

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DMG Newsletter for November 18th, 2016

The Sun is Still Shining and Will Break through the Clouds,
A Million Marchers Chanting, Watch out for the Crowds,
It feels like The Fall and the Winter is Coming,
Singing Songs of Protest, Many guitars are a’ strumming

Time to check out DMG’s New List of Dynamic Discs from:

New from Not Two: The DKV Thing Trio: Mats Gustafsson/Ken Vandermark/Ingebrigt Haker Flaten/Kent Kessler/Hamid Drake/Paal Nilssen-Love! Paul Flaherty/Steve Swell/C. Spencer Yeh/Weasel Walter! Agusti Fernandez & Rafal Mazur! Daniele D’Agaro’s Tribute to Ornette Coleman! Tzadik: Shane Parish! Ned Rothenberg & Z’ev!

Bobby Previte/Jamie Saft/Stephen O’Malley..! Christof Kurzmann & Mats Gustafsson! Peggy Lee’s Film in Music! Fond of Tigers 5! Eric Hofbauer Quintet Ives Tribute! Plus Archival Discs from Lee Hazelwood! Sun Ra! Peter Kowald Quintet! Borbetomagus! John Cage! Graham Bond & Pete Brown! LA Free Music Society and much more..!

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DMG Newsletter for November 11th, 2016

Have you heard the News?
We got them Post-Election Blues
Time to Protest and Fight
For the Ideals we think are right!

To help inspire us, check out New Sounds from:

Solo Discs by John Zorn! Thollem McDonas! Henry Kaiser/Alexei Pliousnine/Marco Eneidi/Jon Raskin/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Gino Robair/John Hanes! Jack Wright & Zach Darrup! Van Der Graaf Generator! Jah Wobble & Keith Levene! Sun Ra Meets Merzbow! Steve Reich / Terry Riley!

The Delegation! Ingrid Laubrock’s Serpentines Reviewed! Michel Redolfi! Nadja! Francisco Ali-Brouchoud! Plus Archival Discs from Michael Snow! Dexter Gordon! Queen Ida & the Bon Temps Zydeco Band! Washington Phillips! Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra! Moondog! Bun-Ching Lam! Conrad Schnitzler and Ryuichi Sakamoto!

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DMG Newsletter for November 4th, 2016

A relatively short but great list of new & rare titles from:

4 from Emanem & PSI: Evan Parker/Mark Nauseef/Toma Gouband! Veryan Weston Solo Organ! Jimmu Giuffre 3 Rare Reissue! Spontaneous Music Orchestra 2 CD Set! John Zorn’s Classic Guide to Strategy Vol 4 delayed! Stick Men (Tony Levin/Markus Reuter/Pat Mastelotto)!

Jack O’ the Clock + Fred Frith Return! Chris Cundy/Hannah Marshall/Dominic Lash/Mark Sanders! Two from Leo: Rotoazaza: Rudi Mahall/Christian Lillinger & Tim O’Dwyer/Carl Hubsch! Large LP Only Section and Big 482-Music CD & LP sale!

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DMG Newsletter for October 28th, 2016

Happy Halloween, So Have some Fun!
Listen to Some Special Sounds when your work is Done
Ghosts and Spirits, Wizards and Demons
Get Together, Dance and do some Screaming!
Read the News, Don’t get the blues,
It’s time to choose Some Great Music by:

King Crimson On & Off the Road 19 Disc Box Set! Mary Halvorson Octet: Irabagon/Laubrock/Finlayson/Garchik/Alcorn/Lightcap/Fujiwara! Taylor Ho Bynum Plus Tet: Wooley/Hobbs/Laubrock/Swell/Lowe/Hoggard! John Escreet/Evan Parker/John Hebert/Tyshawn Sorey! The Core Trio + Matthew Shipp! Anna Webber Trio: Matt Mitchell & John Hollenbeck!

Oren Ambarchi! Warren Smith & Edith Lettner! Jason Stein/Paul Giallorenzo/Frank Rosaly! John Dikeman/William Parker/Hamid Drake LP! Magda Mayas/Damon Smith/Tony Buck! Isabelle Duthoit & Georg Graewe! Lydia Lunch & Weasel Walter! Donny MaCaslin Quartet/Quintet! Enrico Pieranunzi QT! John Gibson!

Plus Historic Discs from: Annette Peacock & Paul Bley! Conrad Schnitzler! Embryo Returns! Thurston Moore & Tom Surgal! Joan Baez! Glencoe! The Ramones! Amir Ziv/Marc Ribot/Cyro Baptista/Shizad Isnmaily! Hasil Adkins and Much More!!!

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DMG Newsletter for October 21st, 2016

Indian Summer or something quite like it
Nice to Feel the Sun Shine in the Middle of the Fall
Time to Take a Walk and Breath in Some Fresh Air…
And Consider the Secret/Sacred Sounds of DMG’s Weekly Newsblast
Pepperment Platters and Dynamite Discs Meant to Inspire Us
So keep reading and find something you want to discover from these Fine Folks:

David S. Ware & Matthew Shipp! Evan Parker/John Russell/Alex Ward/Pat Thomas/John Edwards Mopomoso 4 CD Set! Tisziji Munoz/John Medeski/Ra-Kalam Bob Moses 2 CD set + Two more gems from the Ra-Kalam label! Three from CvsD: Early Eugene Chadbourne/John Zorn/Tom Cora! Joe McPhee & Andre Jaume!

Tristan Honsinger with Sean Bergin/Toshinori Kondo/Michael Vatcher! Alex von Schlippenbach/Evan Parker/Paul Lovens Trio & Ingrid Laubrock Serpentines About to drop! The Westerlies! 3 from Wandelweiser: John Cage, Radu Malfatti & Sergio Merce!

Plus Historic Discs from: Charles Mingus - Complete - Three - 4 CD Sets! Two Kenny Burrell Complete 4 CD Sets! Nina Simone LP! Bob Marley & Wailers! Tony Allen! 482 Music CD Sale!

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DMG Newsletter for October 14th, 2016

A Plentiful Bounty of Sonic Delights
Is Listed and Described Herein from These Musical Wizards:

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quintet! Alex von Schlippenbach/Evan Parker/Paul Lovens in Warsaw! Ingrid Laubrick Serpentines: Peter Evans/Miya Masaoka/Dan Peck/Sam Pluta/Craig Taborn/Tyshawn Sorey! Bobby Kapp/Matthew Shipp! Marc Ribot & Young Philadelphians: Mary Halvorson/Jamaaladeen Tacuma/G Calvin Weston! Dave Douglas/Frank Woeste QT!

Guy Klucsevsek! São Paolo Underground! Darcy James Argue Secret Society 3rd CD! New from FMR: 3 from Paul Dunmall/Philip Gibbs/Liam Noble/John Edwards/Mark Sanders/Trevor Taylor..! Amalgam CDs Return! 3 from BPA: Damon Smith with Fred Van Hove/Peter Jacquemyn/Sandy Ewen/Weasel Walter & Alvin Fielder! The Delegation on ESP!

Bushman’s Revenge! Ravi Shankar! Three from Neos & Ergodos! King Crimson’s ‘Beat’ & ‘Three of a Perfect Pair’ Reissues! Tim Buckley! Psychic TV! Plus an Impressive selective of Vinyl: Henry Threadgill, Tyshawn Sorey & Jason Stein!

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DMG Newsletter for October 7th, 2016

The World of Wonders Continues to Expand
With New Sonic Adventures throughout Our Great Land
The More We Seek, The More We will Find
So Keep Your Eye and Ear on the DMG Newsletter
It is the Only One of Its Kind
Which Features Dozens of Treasures Every Week…
From these Musicians & Magicians:

Rova/Orkestrova Tribute to Butch Morris! Andrew Cyrille QT: Bill Frisell/Richard Teitlebaum/Ben Street! Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense: Miles Okazaki/Matt Mitchell/John Hebert/Carl Weinrib! Duck Baker Trio: Alex Ward & John Edwards! Omar Tamez/Angelica Sanchez Qt! 2 from Frank Zappa (Legit) Road Tapes Venue #2 + 200 Motels DVD!

Plus Rare Restocks & Reissues from Don Cherry! Cecil Taylor! Michael Mantler & Jazz Composers Orchestra! Butch Morris Conduction # 70! Tim Berne & Hank Roberts! Cosmosamatics! Vinny Golia Quintet! Ran Blake Solo! Steve Lacy & Michael Smith! And a Healthy Dose of LP-Only Items!

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DMG Newsletter for September 30th, 2016

October begins and Fall is here
The sky is overcast and the air is cooler
Great discs keep pouring in
So check out this week’s manna from:

John Zorn 5th Simulacrum: Matt Hollenberg/John Medeski/Kenny Grohowsky! Eloping With the Sun: Joe Morris/William Parker/Hamid Drake! Two from Intakt: Barry Guy/Marilyn Crispell/Paul Lytton! Christoph Irniger Pilgrim! Andrew Cyrille & Bill McHenry!

Free Nelson Mandoomjazz! Alex Ward & Forebrace! Harold Budd & Eraldo Bernocchi! Plus Archival Discs from: Fred Frith/Rova Sax Quartet! Henry Kaiser/Charles Noyes/Sang-Won Park! Sahib Shihab! The Velvet Underground! Camberwell Now and More!

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DMG Newsletter for September 23rd, 2016

A Pretty Tough Week in More Ways than One
Feel Like We’re Sinking and Wish I Could Run
Winners or Losers, Just Wish it Were Done
Watching this Farce is No Longer Fun

Our Newsletter is Here so Why Not Rejoice?!?
With Dozens of Great Discs, You Have a Big Choice…
Check Out Our Suggestions, the Sounds Will Delight
Give Them a Chance to Settle in, the Flames will Ignite:

A Near Dozen from Clean Feed: Peter Brotzmann & Black Bombain! Elliott Sharp/Taylor Ho Bynum/Brad Jones! John Butcher & Stale Solberg! Two John Lindberg Trios! Steve Noble/Luc Ex/Jon Rune Strom/Thomas Johansson..! Vinny Golia & Ross Hammond! Joe McPhee Solo Alto Sax! Joelle Leandre & Theo Ceccaldi! Alan Licht & Brian Chase! Moonbow with Tomo Jacobson & Kresten Osgood from Denmark! Bushman‘s Revenge! Plus Archival Discs from Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters! The Ramones! Eek-A-Mouse! Jack Rose Reissued LPs! And Guerrilla Toss LP! Plus Two Amazing Rarities from Pharoah Sanders / Sam Rivers / Hamid Drake / Adam Rudolph & Harris Eisenstadt!

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DMG Newsletter for September 16th, 2016

Tired of Burning, The Tides are Turning
For Fall’s Cooler Weather We are Yearning
The Cool Breeze Feels Great and Makes Us Feel Better
Time for that Weekly Disc-Filled Newsletter
Featuring a Frenzy of Treasures from these Folks:

Peter Brotzmann/Steve Noble/John Edwards! Weasel Walter Large Ensemble: Henry Kaiser/Steve Swell/Peter Evans/Chris Pitsiokos..! Eri Yamamoto Trio! Satoko Fujii & Joe Fonda! Two from Richard Pinhas: Tatsuya Yoshida & Merzbow/Barry Cleveland & Michael Manring! Gong’s Rejoice! I’m Dead! John Cage! Kevin Volans! Silver Apples!

Brand X Live 1977! Two from Albert Ayler/Don Cherry/Sonny Murray/Leroi Jones..! Fred Anderson QT - Vol 4! Thomas Brinkmann! Dorothy Ashby! Don Cherry Complete Communion Live LP! The Shaggs! Musique Concrete: Pierre Boulez/Luc Ferrari/Bernard Parmegiani/Pierre Schaefer..! Two from Jef Gilson! Paul Panhuysen & Maciunas Ensemble! Yes and Even More..!

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DMG Newsletter for September 9th, 2016

Summer’s Almost Gone & Fall is About to Begin
Here Comes Another Newsletter, So It’s Time to Dig In
And Check Out the Great Sounds with Many Discs to Spin
The Key to the Magic Treasure of Special Sounds is Found Within:

King Crimson 2016: Radical Action 3 CD+ Set! Albert Ayler - Spirits Rejoice T-Shirts! Kris Davis Duos: Bill Frisell/Tim Berne/Julian Lage/Craig Taborn/Angelica Sanchez/Don Byron..! Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble! Henry Kaiser/Alan Licht Qt! Miroslav Vitous Tribute to Weather Report! Three from Aram Bajakian! Ben Wendel!

Elew: Eric Lewis/Reginald Veal/Jeff “Tain” Watts! Alvin Curran LP! Sam Shalabi & Alan Bishop LP! Plus Historic Recordings from: Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band! Third Ear Band & Roberto Musci! Wayne Kramer & Pink Fairies! Manuel Gottsching! MX-80 Sound & Mars! Plus a Big Nel Cline & Cryptogramophone CD Sale!

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DMG Newsletter for September 2nd, 2016

September Starts with a Modest List of Grand Gems from:

Nels Cline ‘Lovers’ 2 CD Set: Erik Friedlander/Zeena Parkins/Julian Lage/ et al! Illegral Crowns: Mary Halvorson/Taylor Ho Bynum/Benoit Delbecq/Tomas Fujiwara! Nate Wooley Argonautica: Ron Miles, Cory Smythe..! Steve Buschemi & Elliott Sharp! Battle Trance II!

Quinsin Nachoff/David Binney/Matt Mitchell/Kenny Wollesen! Eric Revis With Orrin Evans/John Ellis/Gerald Cleaver..! Sara Serpa & Andre Matos! Amazonas: Biggi Vinkeloe! Julius Eastman! Barney Childs! Helmut Lachenmann! New on Wanderweiser: John Cage/Alvin Lucier/Christian Wolff/Jurg Frey! Tamer Abu Ghazaleh! Mia Dyberg & Kamilla Kovacs!

Archival Discs from: James Luther Dickinson! Klaus Schulze! Controlled Bleeding! Paul Bowles Book/Box Set! The Shaggs! Pauline Oliveros & Musique Nouvelles! Peter Brotzmann’s Full Blast and Lots more..!

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DMG Newsletter for August 26th, 2016

A Short Yet Exciting List Astounding Discs from These Fine Folks:

John Zorn’s Commedia dell’ Arte! Ava Mendoza’s Unnatural Ways! Naked City LP Reissue! Paul Dunmall Sunship Quartet! Pauline Oliveros/Roscoe Mitchell/John Tilbury/Wadada Leo Smith! Terry & Gyan Riley/Tracy Silverman! Christian Wolff/Robyn Schulkowsky/Apartment House! Billy Mintz/Tony Malaby/John Gross/Roberta Piket/Hilliard Greene!

Plus Archival Discs & Reissues from Arthur Williams/Toshinori Kondo/Peter Kuhn/William Parker/Denis Charles! Wadada Leo Smith’s Reflectativity! Frank London’s ‘The Debt’! The Return of Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host CD! The Tempo Anthology of Fifties British Jazz:

Dizzy Reece/Tubby Hayes/Ronnie Scott..! Frank Zappa Boston 1974! Rare Sonny Murray LP with Albert Ayler & Don Cherry! Sahib Shihab’s Jazz Party! Maya Homburger & Barry Guy! Pierre Henry! Otto Luening! Vladimir Ussachevsky and a Short but Strong USED CD list!

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DMG Newsletter for August 19th, 2016

Another Blistering Hot and Humid Week
When will it End? Please tell me my Friend
Try to Cool Down with the Simmering Sounds of These Folks:

Don Cherry/John Tchicai/Irene Schweizer/Leon Francioli/Pierre Favre! Jim Black Trio: Elias Stemeseder/Thomas Morgan! Ivo Perelman/Mat Maneri/Joe Morris/Gerald Cleaver! Abbey Rader/Peter Kuhn West Coast Quartet!

XT: Seymour Wright & Paul Abbot! Nate Wooley/Chris Corsano 3-Drum/Bass Quintet! Two from Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel! The Dead C! Walter Marchetti! Jean Schwartz! Zeitkratzer! Robert Ashley! Ashra Box! Keith Tippett’s Centipede! And much more..!

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DMG Newsletter for August 12th, 2016

It is Too Humid and Hot to Deal With But The Great News is This
It is Another Newsletter Filled with Important Music & Strange Sounds from These Folks:

Erik Friedlander / Shoko Nagai/ Satoshi Takeishi! Uri Caine / Mark Helias / Clarence Penn + Kirk Knuffke! Nick Fraser Quartet With Tony Malaby! Matty Harris Double Septet with Vinny Golia! Healing Orchestra! Buck Curran! Two from Marcos Campello! Three Gems from Camilo Angeles: Animal Ceramico & Sales de Bano! More Books back in stock from Joe Morris & Stuart Broomer! Plus Archival Recordings from Bob Dylan! Dungen! Rapoon! Renaldo & the Loaf! Klaus Schulze & Peter Namlook!

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DMG Newsletter for August 5th, 2016

The Great Deluge of Dynamite Discs Continues

With Essential, Challenging and Transformative Music from:

Rare Anthony Braxton All-Star Quintet from 1979! Duck Baker & Eugene Chadbourne! Spontaneous Music Ensemble Reissue 1966-67! Kent Carter Riviere! Steve Lehman & Selebeyone! Cuong Vu Meets Pat Metheny/Stomu Takeishi/Ted Poor! Miroslav Vitous Tribute to Weather Report! 

Dominique Pifarely Quartet! Percy Jones MJ12 New Quartet! Abbey Rader QT + Kidd Jordan! Hedvig Mollestad Trio! Maja SK Ratke! Fire! Orchestra! Eivind Aarset! Hakon Kornstadt Trio! Penderecki/Rudnik! Gyorgi Ligeti/Tristan Murail! Helmut Lachanmann! Iannis Xenakis! David Shea! Herman Nitsch!

Plus Archival Discs from: Miles Davis - Tokyo 1973! Three Boxes from Cannonball Adderley! Derek Bailey/Joelle Leandre/George Lewis/Evan Parker! Tony Williams Lifetime Remix! Sun Ra & Peter Brotzmann Rare LPs! 

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DMG Newsletter for July 29th 2016

It’s Hotter than Hell, Can’t You Tell? So Get Out of the Heat and Get a New Treat! Short but Sweet and Good Enough to Listen to… Check Out What’s Come in This Week:

Two from Jacob Sacks with Andrew Bishop/Dan Weiss/Jacob Garchik! Three from The Rocco John Iacovone Quartets! Five from Sunnyside: Guillermo Klein/Black Arts Collective/Chris Cheek/Denny Zeitlin! Henry Kaiser/Nels Cline Review & Free DL Gem!

Plus Archival CDs from: Bob Brookmeyer! Jimmy Giuffre! Jim Hall! Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake! Wes Montgomery ‘Full House’! Sonny Rollins & Don Cherry! Archie Shepp/Bill Dixon Quartet! Four Freshmen! Kevin Ayers! Pete Brown & Piblokto! Caravan CD+DVD! Ornette Coleman LP! Half Dozen from Vinny Golia! Two from Fred Anderson and Two from Khan Jamal and A Few More Rarities!

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DMG Newsletter for July 22nd, 2016

Another Weeks’ Worth of Challenging Sounds from The Following Folks:

Two from John Zorn: Sacred Visions & AutoYno’s Flauros! The Keith Tippett Octet! Blazing Flame: Steve Day/Keith & Julie Tippett(s)! Steve Swell Quintet! Two with Vinny Golia: Rich Halley 5 & Duo with Ken Filiano! Michael Marcus/Theo Jorgensmann/Krzysztof Quintet! Uwe Oberg & Silke Eberhard! Two More from Blaise Siwula!

Astor Piazzolla on Neos! Bernie Worrell Duo! Killick Hines & Henry Kaiser! Plus Archival Discs from King Crimson! Gil Evans & Jaco Pastorius! Milton Marsh & David S Ware! Brother Ah! Clark Terry 4 CD Set! Azymuth! It’s Beautiful Day! Koko Taylor! Revolutionaries! Robbie Basho Tribute - Volume 2! Penny Rimbaud! Steve Roden Box Set! And a Cosmosmatics/Sonny Simmons/Michael Marcus Out-of-Print CD Sale!

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DMG Newsletter for July 15th, 2016

Another Dynamite List Great Discs from All Over:

Four from Relative Pitch: Ab Baars/Ig Henneman/Ingrid Laubrock/Tom Rainey! Joe Morris Power Trio! Jessica Pavone & Catherine Sikora Solo CDs! Three from Henry Kaiser: Paul Plimley/Nels Cline/Weasel Walter/Jim Thomas..! Two from Tisziji Munoz: CD + DVD!

Ivo Perelman Qt! Nine from Clean Feed: Lotte Anker/Sten Sandell/Susan Santos Silva/Whit Dickey & Kirk Knuffke/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Carate Urio Orchestra/Cortex & More..! Alchemy Sound Project with Salim Washington! Four from Leap of Faith! Three from Blaise Siwula! Pansonic! Ash Ra Temple! Nurse With Wound! Iannis Xenakis! John Cage and Much More..!

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DMG Newsletter for July 8th, 2016

The Summer is Sizzling,
Can You Feel the Heat?
Its Another Newsletter
And Its Filled with Treats... from:

Barry Guy Blue Shroud Large Ensemble 4 CD Set! Generations Quartet: Oliver Lake/Michael Jefry Stevens/Joe Fonda/Emil Gross! Jason Roebke Octet: Greg Ward/Keefe Jackson/Jason Stein/Josh Berman/Jason Adasiewicz/Mike Reed! Two from Peter Brotzmann: William Parker & Hamid Drake & Defibrillater! Laurie Anderson! Dave Douglas’ Dark Territory! Herb Robertson Trio!

Aaron Bennett/Darren Johnston/Lisa Mezzacappa/Frank Rosaly! Three from MIA Legend Peter Kuhn: Toshinori Kondo/Arthur Williams/William Parker/Denis Charles! Greg Ward & 10 Tongues! Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids! Jeff Parker Trio! Pauline Oliveros & Musiques Nouvelles! Chris Brown! Merzbow! Daniel Higgs LP & Much More..!

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Newsletter July 1, 2016

Happy July 4th Weekend to all who care & watch out for the fireworks!
We will be open for a short day on Monday, July 4th, perhaps til 3 or so...

A Short List of Dynamite Discs to Consider
Plus a Long List of CD Sale Items to Ponder…

Keith Rowe & Martin Kuchen! Two Omar Tamez Quintets: Herb Robertson/Steve Swell/Ben gerstein/Joe Fonda/Harvey Sorgen/Jay Rosen! Martin Philadelphy’ Retrograde! Two from Chicago’s Milk Factory Records: the 3, 5, 7 Ensemble and Restroy! Plus Historic Discs from The Residents & Snakefinger! Betty Davis! Klaus Schulze! JJ Jackson! Steve Lacy & Don Cherry! Steve Reich! The Cramps! And a Fantastic Large CD Sale List!

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News Letter June 24, 2016

Another Cornucopia of Great Music from These Great Musicians:

Fred Frith Trio! Sylvie Courvoisier/Mark Feldman/Evan Parker/Ikue Mori! Robert Dick Solo Contrabass Flute! Mari Kimura Performs Michael Harrison & Hannah Lash! The Claudia Quintet! Deus Ex Machina! Nate Wooley Seven Story Mountain Orchestra - V!

Merzbow/Haino Keji/Balazs Pandi! 7 from FMR: Paul Dunmall/Philip Gibbs/Ashley John Paul! Trevor Watts & Stephen Grew! Paul Lovens & Stefan Keune! Two from Frode Gjerstad’s Trip to South America! Fennesz & Jim O’Rourke! Acid Mothers Temple! Lydia Lunch & Marc Hurtado!

Plus Archival Discs from: John Surman/Terje Rypdal! Oregon! Thelonious Monk ’65! Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook! Sun Ra Arkestra! Iggy Pop & David Bowie! Sonic Youth! Kate & Anna McGarrigle! Weather Report DVD! Jack Rose! And More & More..!

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Newsletter June 10, 2016

Vision Fest Twenty-One Continues to
Provide Us with a Hopeful Vision of the Future
The Communal Spirit of Creative Music Flourishes There…

It’s Time for Another Weeks’ Worth of Treasures from These Folks:

Mats Gustafsson MG 50 Box Set! Peter Brotzmann’s Full Blast! 4 from
Hatology: Albert Ayler/Don Cherry Qt! Ellery Eskelin Organ Trio! Christy
Doran/Hank Roberts/Marty Ehrlich/Ray Anderson! Slam: Paul Dunmall/Mark
Sanders Sextet! George Haslam & Mario Rua!

Linda Sharrock & Itaru Oki! Two from Dave Rempis with Joshua Abrams &
Avreeayl Ra! 2 from Joachim Badenhorst: Carate Ursio & Celano/Baggiani
Group! The Sync: Sylvaine Helary/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Eve Risser/Mike Reed!
The Dwarfs or East Agouza: Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi!

Plus Archival Discs from Sun Ra! Horace Silver! Tackhead! Leo Kottke! Rare
R&B! All Types of Psychedelic Oddities and Much More! Plus Many Rare LPs!

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Newsletter 5/13/16

DMG May 13th, 2016 Newsletter!

The Sun is Out & Spring has Sprung! 
Time for Us to Listen to What is Being Sung 
Words of Wisdom and Sounds of Mystery 
Put Your Ear to the Globe and Hear the History: 
With Another Wild & Wooly Assortment of Great Discs from: 

James Blood Ulmer/G Calvin Weston/Amin Ali! David Cross & Robert Fripp! Thumbscrew: Michael Formanek/Mary Halvorson/Tomas Fujiwara! Rez Abassi & Junction! Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey! Michael Bisio & Kirk Knuffke! Bill Frisell/Eivind Kang/Thomas Morgan/Petra Haden/Rudy Royston! 

Kali Z. Fasteau/Kidd Jordan/Mixashawn Rozie! Yoni Kretzmer/Jason Ajemian/Kevin Shea! Defunkt Live! Jack DeJohnette/Ravi Coltrane/Matt Garrison! Avishai Cohen/Bill McHenry Quintet! Nik Bartsch Mobile! Alan Ferber! Glenn Branca Symphony 13! Pita! Mani Neumeier Talking Guru! Adam O'Farrill! Dan Blake! 

Plus Archival Recordings from: Larry Young in Paris - ORTF Recordings! Sun Ra Rare LP set! Ground Zero! Red Square! Vivien Goldman! Helios Creed! Unsane! Michael Chapman LP, Revolutionaries, Leroy Smart, Derrick Morgan & More! 

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New Releases! 4/29/16

DMG April 29th, 2016 Newsletter!

DMG Turns 25! 
We're Still Here and We're Still Not Jive! 
So Check us Out and Come on Down! 
We still Got Records, CDs, DVDs and Books! 
So visit us please and have a good look! 

And Check Out This Week's Menu of Discs: 

Mike Sopko/Bill Laswell/Thomas Pridgen! Yoni Kretzmer Five: Steve Swell/Thomas Heberer/Max Johnson/Chad Taylor! Phillip Wilson & Olu Dara! Jimmy Lyon/Karen Borca Quintet Rare Reissue! Thurston Moore/Frank Rosaly! Joe McPhee 7"! Zeena Parkins/Nate Wooley/Vera Westera/Bojan Vuletic! 

More from Wandelweiser Edition: John Cage/Michael Pisaro/Jurg Frey! Three from John Tilbury! Jack Dupon! Plus Historic Discs from Frank Zappa! Janis Joplin! Otis Rush & Buddy Guy! The Ramones! Sly & Robbie! Weather Report! Klaus Schulze! Nurse with Wound! Turkish Experimental Music & Much More! 


Wow! A quartet of a century and still going strong! When we opened in May of 1991, I didn't realize how long we would be around, providing folks with challenging sounds, year after year. We've seen the Downtown scene evolve and grow into a worldwide phenomenon, while hundreds of record, book and magazine stores have closed. Why us?!? Creative music is still an inspiration to those who take the time to listen. Information/opinion overload has left us exhausted and at times cynical. The spirit within the music remains hopeful so keep listening... 

This Sunday, May 1st is are actual 25th birthday so we will indeed celebrate with two sets of music, wine and snacks. Please join us and spread the word, a great time is guaranteed to all who show up. It is true that the last few years have been difficult, but we will survive thanks to a team effort: you and us together. Anyone who would like to make a contribution for our survival, it would be greatly appreciated. Our homepage has several options to do this. If you order from us regularly, we still appreciate your business. Record collectors: We have priced and put out more than a hundred record albums in the past month or so, in the bins as well as on Discogs. I have also repriced many CDs and LPs to move. Please come visit, I know you fill find some buried treasure..! 

We have collected some dozen albums & CDs which are signed by different Downtown/Avant artists and are still seeking more. We hope to offer 25 of these items, one for each year of our existence, to those customers who are autograph collectors and who can afford them, sometime soon so stay tuned. Thank you all for your continuing support. Live long and prosper!- Bruce Lee Gallanter, Dave Miller & Chris P at DMG

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