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DMG Newsletter for December 30th, 2016:

Happy New Year to All!

Your friends at DMG would like to wish all who receive our newsletters and who come to visit us a Healthy and Happy New Year! Thanks for Your support! 

We know that these are Trying Times but remember that:

Music is the Healing Force of the Universe! - Albert Ayler 

There are no new releases to mention this week so we will give you and myself a break from writing and reading reviews. I am currently working on my year end recommendation list and trying to listen to as much as possible. In the meantime, we are will have a sale on a handful of labels: DIW & Avant from Japan, Straw2Gold from NYC, Konvoj from Sweden and the last Leap of Faith review from the current batch. 


The FREE DMG Weekly New Music In-Store Series Continues on Sundays with:

 Sunday, January 1st, 2017 is New Years Day so there is also no in-store

This Monday, January 2nd 2017: 

New Years Celebration to Kick Off 2017 With Something Special!


7pm: Party Time to Celebrate the New Year with Snacks, Spirits & Good Vibes!

 Sunday, January 8th, 2017:


7pm: DANIEL LEVIN / HENRY FRASER - Cello & Contrabass

 Sunday, January 15th:

6pm: SAM NEWSOME Solo Soprano 

 Sunday, January 22nd:



 Sunday, January 29th:

6pm: HAG: BRAD HENKEL / SEAN ALI / DAVID GROLLMAN - Trumpet / Contrabass / Snare Drum

7pm: MAKOTO KAWASIMA - Solo Alto Sax

8pm: BLAISE SIWULA / ERIC PLAKS - Saxes & keyboard

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a former Buddhist temple & beauty salon. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine.  Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Cosy


BREAKING NEWS! From John Zorn About the Future of The Stone!

The one constant in NYC is CHANGE and after 13 years in the East Village and 7500 performances THE STONE will be closing its doors. FEBRUARY 2018 will be our last month at Avenue C and 2nd street. We hope to secure a new location and discussions are proceeding but as yet nothing has been definitely decided. 

All of us at THE STONE extend heartfelt thanks to the musicians who have performed here, the volunteers who have kept it running, our patrons who have given generously to help cover our expenses and to our audience for its support. We do hope you will all enjoy this last year in our historic underground East Village location and that you will all follow the music wherever it leads. Venues come and go but the music continues on forever!  - John Zorn, artistic director of THE STONE 


Last Leap of Faith Review (for the new batch), Listed but Not Reviewed last Week:

LEAP OF FAITH With PEK / GLYNIS LOMON / BOB MOORES / DEI XHRIST / YURI ZBITNOV - Basepoints (Evil Clown 9123; USA) This set was recorded live at the Outpost inn Cambridge, MA in November of 2016. For this session we again get the core trio of Dave Peck (reeds, horns & metals), Glynis Lomon (cello & voice) and Yuri Zbitnov (drums & percussion) plus Bob Moores on trumpet and Dei Xhist on vocals. Mr. Moores appears on several more recent Leap of Faith projects while I hadn’t heard of this vocalist before now. This set starts out quietly with just trumpet, cello and percussion, most haunting. Slowly, PEK’s assorted rare reeds and Ms. Xhrist’s somber voice come drifting in. The density and intensity slowly increasing to a simmer. This set or disc is some 70+ minutes long and takes a long while to build into something else. For the first long section, we hear a mysterious blend of somber trumpet, spacious percussion, distant odd mumbled vocals and eerie echoed sounds. It one is patient, the mystery slowly unfolds, one section at a time. There are a number of highlights here from Moores’ expressive trumpet to some great, bizarre vocals from Ms. Xhist and Ms. Lomon. This is one of the more restrained, less demanding sets by Leap of Faith and probably a good place to start for a future fan. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG    

CD $10  (Leap of Faith will be back at DMG on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017, don’t miss them!)

End of the Year Sale for a Few Labels: Straw2Gold Productions, All prices lowered!

DEREK BAILEY - Playing for Friends on 5th Street - Playing For Friends On 5th Street: Live At Downtown Music Gallery(Straw2gold 002; USA) Length: 51 minutes/NTSC. Dedicated to Irving & Stephanie Stone. Filmed and produced by Robert O'Haire. This monumental in-store performance was one of the true highlights of the 11 years that DMG survived and prospered at its original space at 211 East 5th St. We've done nearly 1000 in-store sets since we opened our doors in May 1991, but this one was VERY VERY special! When Derek Bailey told me that he would like to a solo set at DMG, I was honored and amazed. He had just gotten a new acoustic guitar, the 'guitar of his dreams' as he put it, and wanted to try it out in front of some friends. It took place December 29th, 2001; he recorded his Tzadik 'Ballads' CD that very same week, as well as playing on the latest version of Zorn's Cobra. Advertising was done just cryptically and mainly word of mouth; our old store couldn't fit more than 35 for a regular gig, but over 60 people crammed in for this! Derek was immensely charming, both playing that lovely new acoustic guitar in his own phenomenal and unique way, and even told a couple of short tales for everyone's amusement - you just have to hear how he quit his job as a clerk in a musical instrument store [the mountain of guitars]! Our good friend and longtime Chadbourne documenter, Robert O'Haire, has done a fabulous job of capturing this intimate set just right. (Never thought I'd see my own smiling face (bottom left) on the cover of a DVD!) - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

DVD $16

EUGENE CHADBOURNE'S G.O.I.D.With BRIAN RITCHIE/VICTOR DeLORENZO/BRIAN JACKSON/MOLLY CHADBOURNE//ROBERT O'HAIRE, dir - G.O.I.N. (Get Out Of Iraq Now): April Fool's In Holland 2006 (Straw2Gold 03; USA)109 minutes/NTSC. 3 hour bonus MP3 materials on the same disc Eugene Chadbourne spent the '80s playing with such "new wave" icons as The Violent Femmes and Camper Van Beethoven, along with his seminal group Shockabilly. These two concerts feature The Violent Femmes' Brian Ritchie and Victor DeLorenzo. Joined by Brian Jackson, who made his mark playing with Gil Scott-Heron, the G.O.I.N. Quartet plays an impressive set of moody jazz and pointed protest in Amsterdam's beautiful Bimhuis Theater. The G.O.I.N. band is quite simply one of the most solid in Eugene Chadbourne's long career. Without a doubt, the concert captured herein is nothing short of excellent. The DVD features the band smoking live and speaking out in conscience on twenty-one tracks (21) with a range of cover tunes from the likes of Albert Ayler, Gil Scott Heron, George Gershwin, John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders. As well as originals written by Dr. Chad played with his amazing band. This DVD includes 109 minutes of beautiful and scenic concert footage from Amsterdam's Bimhuis Theater. It also includes three (3) hours of additional audio material from the entire Bimhuis concert as well as select tracks from the Plusetage concert. This material is in MP3 format and is easily transferable from the DVD to a home computer and then to MP3 players such as ipods for portable use. This DVD most importantly captures an enigmatic performance of friends and compatriots enjoying themselves onstage making a pointed political protest against an unjust war. The tunes they choose and the message brought forth from the music is beautiful, and defiantly a call for peace. April Fool's In Holland 2006 Dr. Eugene Chadbourne- guitar, banjo, vocals Brian Ritchie- Electric washtub bass with no washtub, one string bass, shakuhachi flute Brian Jackson- piano, and flute Victor DeLorenzo- drums Molly Chadbourne- vocals & birdcalls Recorded March 31 & April 1 2006 at Bimhuis & Plusetage by Robert O'Haire Produced and Directed by Robert O'Haire 109 minutes - stereo-DVD-NTSC- All Region

DVD $12

EUGENE CHADBOURNE & JIMMY CARL BLACK - Jack and Jim - 2001: A Spaced Odyssey (Straw2Gold 001; USA) Recorded live in Rotterdam, Holland on September 9th, 2001. This set was originally released as a CD-R, with the video version thought to have been lost. Dr. Chadbourne (aka Jack) and Jimmy Carl Black performed together for many years, often touring Europe and occasionally in the States. I caught them a few times at The Stone and was mighty pleased to do so. Many of you know Jimmy Carl Black as the original drummer for the Mothers of Invention, the most influential, underground rock band of the sixties (1965-1969). When Frank Zappa broke up the Mothers in 1969, Jimmy Carl Black formed Geronimo Black and later the Grandmothers as well as working with Captain Beefheart. This DVD is 99 minutes long and contains 24 songs! Like many older music freaks in their sixties, both Dr. Chadbourne and myself, owe a great debt to the original Mothers of Invention. Due to being only 15 in 1969, I had only one opportunity to check out the Mothers live at the Atlantic City Rock Festival in August of 1969. The duo cover many songs from either Frank Zappa or Captain Beefheart, so it is great to finally hear these songs live! Some highlights include: “Willie the Pimp” & “Mom and Dad” by Zappa and “Orange Claw Hammer”. “My Human Gets Me Blues” and “Click Clack” by Beefheart. There are a number of inspired covers as well by Jimi Hendrix, Willie Dixon and Merle Haggard. There is a good deal of humor involved, something we desperately need in times of darkness.- Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG    

DVD $12

DOM MINASI & HANS TAMMEN - Alluvium (S2G 009) Featuring Dom Minasi and Hans Tammen on guitars. Both of these guitarists come from much different sets of experiences although they both play some type of experimental guitar. Dom Minasi comes from more of a jazz background which include two early (in his own career) albums for Blue Note, which he prefers to forget about. After a long hiatus from recording, he returned to become a more risk-taking free improviser playing with a number of Downtown's best players. Mr. Tammen is known for his unique guitar-in-lap or on-the-table experimentations as well as working with a different crowd of Downtowners and European musicians. Hans is also known to work with dancers, a guitar quartet and plays an analog synthesizer. This is a studio recording and all of the 16 tracks on this disc are relatively short (all but one are under four minutes). Both men are playing hollow-body jazz guitars often with the volume turned down. The title track is first and the sound is dense with layers of twisted strumming. With the volume often turned down, it sounds as if they are playing acoustic or perhaps semi-acoustic guitars. Often one guitarist will play an odd repeating phrase while the other embellished it with a series of somehow related bent notes. For the first few pieces, neither guitarist uses any devices to alter their tones. Instead, they play more bent notes, quick strumming bits and insert the odd twists and turns in unlikely places. It is rare to hear Mr. Tammen play any sort of jazz-lines lines but here Mr. Minasi does influence him to play some jazz-like chords. Whatever they do, nothing sounds forced or too difficult to appreciate without a scorecard. The balance between the occasionally dense and more spacious sections is just right. For the last few years, Mr. Minasi has been releasing his music mostly as downloads. It is great to actually hear him and Mr. Tammen in a better recording situation and on a disc that is not so compressed. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

CD  $10

JOHN SINCLAIR & HOLLOW BONES With ELLIOTT LEVIN/RAS MOSHE/ ANDERS NILSSON/ALEX OBERT/MICHAEL WIMBERLEY - Honoring The Local Gods (Straw2Gold 06; USA) Featuring John Sinclair - poetry, Elliott Levin & Ras Moshe on saxes, Anders Nilsson on guitar, Alex Obert on acoustic bass and Michael Wimberly on drums. John Sinclair has long been a legendary figure in America for a variety of reasons. He has lived through many skins as a poet, author, original manager for the MC5, revolutionary, outlaw who was scapegoated & did time & was championed by John Lennon. Mr. Sinclair is also a jazz scholar and radio personality. Over the past decade he has been fronting different spontaneous music ensembles as collaborators for his incisive words. I was honored to have him perform at the first DMG location on 5th St and have checked him out live on numerous occasions. This disc was recorded live in November of 2009 at Local 269 and recorded & released by our good pal Robert O'Hare. For this set, Mr. Sinclair gathered an all-star ensemble of a number of Downtown's favorite musicians. Sinclair has a voice like an ancient prophet, his words closer to the essence of jazz than anyone I've heard in recent memory. The band spins around him magically, spiritually and never overwhelming the words. The bowed bass and guitar swirl around one another sympathetically on "Consequences" before the saxes come slow burning underneath while Sinclair talks about the righteous influence of John Coltrane. The pieces flow into one another like waves upon waves growing organically. Sinclair does a tribute to Thelonius Monk ("Monk in Orbit") and tells a strange story about Allen Ginsberg introducing Monk to LSD. Hmmmm. The band play lines from different Monk tunes like "Rhythm-A-Ning", "Ruby, My Dear" and "Nutty", morphing from one section to the next. Both Elliott & Ras play some powerful tenor, solos & together while the great Anders, Alex and Michael rhythm team stretch out and search for the miraculous lift-off. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

CD $10

EDGAR OLIVER - The Hermit & Other Poems (Straw2Gold 005; USA) Starring in and featuring the poetry of Edgar Oliver with music composed by Michal Szostalo and performed by Daniel Levin on cello. Edgar Oliver is a Downtown-based stage & film actor, poet, performance artist and playwright. I hadn’t heard of Mr. Oliver before filmmaker Robert O’Haire gave me a copy earlier this week (late December, 2016). This film begins with Mr. Oliver walking down the street in the Village and going then going upstairs to his apartment. Mr. Oliver reads his poetry in his study in a calm, thoughtful voice. His poems sound autobiographical and he makes observations about his life and what has touched him. Daniel Levin’s lone cello accompanies him as he reads, providing grace, poignancy and just the right amount of subdued feelings so that we can think about Mr. Oliver’s voice and words. There is one long poem called “The Hermit” and some 21 shorter poems. All illuminating in one way or another. It is great to hear a softer. calmer voice once in a while with so much shouting going on in the news. - BLG   

DVD $10


We got a Swedish label named Konjov in June of this year (2016) and sold through about half of their releases. After reviewing each and listening to them a number of times, I am impressed with all six releases so far. See reviews below. Before we get any new titles in stock, we are running a sale to sell off what is left so here it is: All are highly recommended if you are into to challenging music!

All six titles are now $14 each, $2 off of the regular price! We have limited quantities of each so grab what you can while our supply lasts. 

KONVOJ ENSEMBLE With LOTTE ANKER / EVAN PARKER / OLA PAULSON / LIUDAS MOCKUNAS / STEN SANDELL / JAKOB RIIS / ANDERS UDDEKOG - Mira (Konvoj Records; Sweden) Featuring: Lotte Anker: alto & soprano saxes, Evan Parker: tenor sax, Ola Paulson: alto and baritone sax, Liudas Mockunas: clarinet and bass clarinet, Sten Sandell: grand piano & voice, Jakob Riis: computer, real time processing and Anders Uddeskog: drums and percussion. “This line up is an eccentric collection of freedom seekers with self-imposed formal requirements and energy management - as one reviewer so cleverly and correctly put it a few years ago. The extended version of the ensemble (feat. Evan Parker and Sten Sandell) played together for the first time during a residency at the festival Music Around in Malmö and Copenhagen 2012. That time, it resulted in the acclaimed album ‘Colors Of’. And now they’re back! Gathered around a collection of graphic scores and interactive methods, the ensemble uses their skills as sound explorers, to navigate through a complex musical organism. Mira is composed/constructed by Ola Paulson and Jakob Riis, on commission by the project Inter Labs, and was broadcasted live on Swedish Radio in connection with the Sound of Stockholm Festival in 2014.” I listened to the first disc from the Konjov Ensemble when I got a copy from Evan Parker last year and was most impressed. Their second discs has just arrived and it is even more incredible. The instrumentation of this international collective features four reeds, piano, electronics and percussion. This disc consists of 7 movements and utilizes a graphic score. Although sections sound free, there are some tight, directed moments that sound great. Even with four strong reeds players, the score keeps things focused and free of the more chaotic extremes. There a number of more sparse sections which also sound directed, keeping the balance between the many extremes well chosen. Sten Sandell’s work inside the piano is one of highlight of this disc, as well as ever-shifting reeds and superb percussion. It will take us a while to fuller absorb the many layers and nuances of what makes this so wonderful but as of my third listen, I am already knocked out. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

CD was $16, now $14

KONVOJ ENSEMBLE With LOTTE ANKER / EVAN PARKER / OLA PAULSON / LIUDAS MOCKUNAS / STEN SANDELL / JAKOB RIIS / ANSERS UDDESKOG - Featuring Evan Parker & Sten Sandell (Konvoj Records; Sweden) Featuring Evan Parker & Sten Sandell (Konvoj 01; Sweden) Featuring: Lotte Anker - alto & soprano saxes, Evan Parker - tenor sax, Ola Paulson - bari sax, alto horn with sax mouthpiece, Liudas Mockunas - bass saxophone & bass clarinet, Sten Sandell - piano, Jakob Riis - computer, real time processing and Anders Uddeskog - drums & percussion. The first release by Konvoj Ensemble is in a meeting with the legendary British reed player Evan Parker and the Swedish pianist Sten Sandell playing an about 52 minutes long improvisation - or let's call it an investigation(!) - based on a series of graphical sketches and instructions.

CD was $16, now $14

GUSH [MATS GUSTAFSSON / STEN SANDELL / RAYMOND STRID] - The March (Konvoj Records ,Sweden) Gush is: Mats Gustafsson: soprano & tenor saxes, Sten Sandell: piano and Raymond Strid: drums, cymbals & percussion. Very few things need to be said about Gush. With their abstract compositions, dissonances and free improvisations, they have already found their way into the ears of most of the daring listeners. Gush was a central force in establishing the scene for free improvised music and free jazz in Sweden in the late 80’s. The group and its musicians have since continued to strongly affect, mold, deform, develop, embroil and transform both the sound of their music as well as its audience. Gush have been around since the late 1980’s and recorded a half dozen discs, all of which are no longer available. You no doubt know saxist Mats Gustafsson from his work with The Thing. You should also know of keyboardist Sten Sandell from his work with Fire! Orchestra, Evan Parker and Paal Nilssen-Love. The equally busy Raymond Strid has worked with Barry Guy New Orchestra, Ken Vandermark and Trespass Trio. The music here is pretty extraordinary, focused and spirited. It was recorded live at Inter Arts Center in Malmo, Sweden in May of 2013. Each of the three pieces is long and take their time to evolve through different sections, sometimes erupting, sometimes calming down to more restrained parts but always as one dynamic force. One the best improv discs or sets I’ve heard this week. Gush are grand! - BLG/DMG

CD was $16, now $14

BOMB [With OLA PAULSON / ANDERS LINDSJO / ANDERS UDDESKOG] - The Subject (Konvoj Records 10 ,Sweden) Featuring: Ola Paulson: alto sax, Anders Lindsjö: six string bass guitar and Anders Uddeskog: drums & percussion. Bomb is/are an impressive trio of shrewd Swedish improvisers from Malmo. This disc was recorded live in 2015 and it captures the trio in full force. Bassist Anders Lindsjo plays guitar in the trio Halster while saxist Ola Paulson is also a member of the Konvoj Ensemble and runs the Konvoj label. After an explosive opening salvo, the trio calms down to a stark section before building up to more intense wailing. I am reminded of The Thing, also from Scandinavia and Zu from Italy, both of whom perform hardcore improv at its best and have the same instrumentation. This is obviously a group effort since all three are integral to the tight, combined sound. I like the way this trio takes their time to build into some frenetic conclusions, always tight, focused and filled with energy. Bomb seems like a perfect name for them. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

CD was $16, now $14

HALSTER [ANDERS LINDSJO / ADAM PERSSON / MATTIAS NIHLEN] - Mindfulness (Konvoj Records 008; Sweden) Featuring Anders Lindsjö, Adam Persson & Mattias Nihlén on electric guitars. “This is the release of an article better described as probably one of the most challenging psych-impro guitar trio albums around. Halster is the place, the space, the collective that reinvents itself every Monday night at six o’clock in downtown Malmö. An ominous occasion where the guitar meets its faith in the art of live free improvisation.” The only member of this trio that I know is Anders Lindsjo who plays bass guitar in Bomb, another trio on the same label as this. The picture on the flip side of the disc has the trio with their faces painted in silly heavy metal-like poses. It sounds like all three guitarists use assorted devices to alter their sounds and know how to blend into a strong well-woven stream. In a blindfold test, I might’ve guessed Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser or Nels Cline. For the first couple of pieces, the trio play more restrained yet quietly disorienting way. Eventually things get more interesting as the sounds get more alien or experimental sounding. Considering that some guitarists have a tendency to overplay when working with other guitarists, this trio sounds like they respect each other and give themselves breathing space to make a consistently fascinating and focused blend. Halster are a must for guitar freaks worldwide. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

CD was $16, now $14

LIUDAS MOCKUNAS & JAKOB RIIS - Uncertain Statistics (Konvoj Records; Sweden) Featuring: Liudas Mockunas - saxes & clarinets and Jakob Riis - laptop & mixing board feedback. The Lithuanian reed player Liudas Mockunas and the Danish laptop musician Jakob Riis have been playing together since the early 2000s in different groups such as Toxicum, Copenhagen Art Ensemble and Rød Planet. Their collaboration as a duo resumed in 2010 after some years on hold. Two dedicated musicians in an unreserved tribute to free improvised music, and to the energy in the interaction between acoustics and electronics.

CD was $16, now $14


Large DIW & Avant CD Sale: 

We are Now winding down on our copies of these Japanese import CDs, few if any will ever be reissued on CD so grab these before they disappear for good. All titles have been reduced in price so... 

Purchase 1-4 items & take $1 off of each

Purchase 5 or more and take $2 off os each one 

ARCADO STRING TRIO [MARK FELDMAN/MARK DRESSER/ERNST REIJSEGER]- Live in Europe (Avant 058; Japan) Live In Europe documents an amazing group that should be mentioned in the same breath with the String Trio of New York, the Kronos Quartet and even Le Quintette du Hot Club de France. The Arcado String Trio (Mark Feldman (vln), Ernst Reijseger (cello), Mark Dresser (b)) are these incredible musicians who are not just virtuosos, but highly accomplished in a variety of styles. Their original compositions, written by all three members, have one foot in contemporary classical, the other foot swinging furiously.

CD $12

DUCK BAKER//HERBIE NICHOLS - Spinning Song: Plays The Music Of Herbie Nichols (Avant 040; Japan) Duck Baker, a crackerjack on the finger-picked acoustic guitar, has recorded numerous solo albums on the Kicking Mule and Shanachie labels, showcasing his mastery of a diversity of traditional folk, blues, ragtime and jazz styles. This wizard has played with artists ranging from Jim Kweskin to J.J. Cale, from Stefan Grossman to John Zorn. Baker's subtle and sensitive renditions transform Nichols' oblique masterpieces -- those hearing Nichols' music for the first time may find it hard to imagine these tunes in any other context than folk guitar. Spinning Song is an absolute treasure.

CD $20

JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY/AYIBOBO - Stone Voudou: Live (DIW 462; Japan) Jean-Paul Bourelly guitar with: Chico Boyer, Bonga Gaston, Hacques 'Doudou' Chancy, Jimmy Rock, Rosna, Muneer B Fennell, Mathias Agbokou, Kenny Martin. A big, bold mix of influences with jazz horns, Haitian singers and drummers, flashy electric guitar and the hip drumming of Ju Ju House. Jean-Paul Bourelly looks back to his own ancestry in Haiti. This is great international dance music!

CD $8

JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY & THE BLUWAVE [BLUE WAVE] BANDITS With JOHN STUBBLEFIELD - Blackadelic-Blu (DIW 883; Japan) Jean-Paul Bourelly (g, vo, subatomic guitar bass, keyboard bass), "Kundalini" Mark Batson (key, vo), Blue Black (rap), Carl Bourelly (prog, key), John Stubblefield (ts), Mark Peterson (b), Alfredo Alias (ds, back vo), Kevin "K-Dog" Johnson (ds), Djinji Brown (sample prog) Recorded at East Hill, Planet Recording and Eastside Sound, NYC in November 1993 through January 1994. More cosmic funk from this great undiscovered master of new guitar, Think of Jimi Hendrix mixed with Parliament filtered through a hip jazz sensibility. It's an amazing blend - Bourelly has written music and lyrics for most of these ten gems.

CD $12

DOUGIE BOWNE With JOHN MEDESKI/FRED HOPKINS - One Way Elevator (DIW 920; Japan) Recorded at Sear Sound, NYC in 1994. Dougie Bowne is an adventurous and colorful percussionist, known for his work with Lounge Lizards, Holly Cole, Cassandra Wilson, Cibo Matto and many others. One Way Elevator is his first album as a leader (and composer) and it's both a classic trio album and a complex and rewarding musical statement. It's certainly one of the most original piano trio albums! The band includes: John Medeski of the very successful Medeski, Martin & Wood. Here he plays piano instead of his usual Hammond B-3 organ and the results are stunning and very different! Fred Hopkins, a mainstay of modern music who came up in the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) and was the bassist with the acclaimed group AIR. He has worked on countless sessions with the likes of David Murray, Oliver Lake and many more.

CD $12

EUGENE CHADBOURNE/MARK DRESSER/SUSIE IBARRA/JOE MORRIS - Pain Pen (Avant 044; Japan) This is both avant-jazz guitar explorers Eugene & Joe's debuts as co- leaders for Zorn's (Avant) label - both guitarists had played their first duo together at Eugene's guitar fest at Tonic last summer and this all-star quartet got together in the studio for this cd also for their first time. Actually, Dr. Chad has been playing more banjo in recent years, an interesting choice since I can't recall anyone else playing free-jazz banjo. When Eugene does play electric guitar on this endeavor, both he and Joe do a fine job on swirling layers of lines & notes into a dense web of activity - moving through slower sections of cascading waves into thick sections of quick, spiraling mountains of notes. The Mark & Susie rhythm team is also a first, but makes perfect sense, since they both love to explore extended sounds - with Mark bowing & rubbing the strings into submission and Susie's gongs & cymbals providing a fresh response. On the second piece - all hell breaks loose - Eugene sounds like he is harshly rubbing the guitar strings with some metal object and even utilizing occasional feedback, while Joe also spins off a mass of quick & frenzied notes, the entire quartet takes off for the stratosphere! There are also a number of duo & trio sections which emerge from denser sections. Sometimes Joe will lead the rhythm team through a somber jazz oasis and Eugene sometimes takes detours through blues and bluegrass areas. At times, it sounds as if there are two different duos playing at the same time, one must work hard at hearing the connections, which seem to run underneath the dense din. This makes for an extremely challenging listening experience, which I rewarded when it often comes together in a focused storm. - BLG

CD $10

CHRIS COCHRANE With ZEENA PARKINS/ANN RUPEL/MARC ANTHONY THOMPSON - Bath (Avant 042; Japan) Chris Cochrane has worked with Fred Frith, Bob Ostertag, John Zorn, Derek Bailey, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, is a member of Curlew, and was a founding member of the band No Safety. Bath is the first album under his own name and features Hanna Fox (Babe The Blue Ox), Zeena Parkins and Ann Rupel, with Marc Anthony Thompson and Dudley Saunders. With Bath, Chris Cochrane has created the Pet Sounds/Trout Mask Replica of the 1990's. Improvisation, noise and psychedelia are woven together into 18 songs touching on life and love in NYC. A seminal work of the Gay / Lesbian Queer Core scene, Bath is an important and compelling recording by one of downtown's greatest unsung guitar heroes.

CD $8.00

ANTHONY COLEMAN With ROY NATHANSON/GUY KLUCEVSEK/DOUG WIESELMAN - Disco By Night (Avant 011; Japan)Anthony Coleman (p, key, sampler), Roy Nathanson (ss), Doug Wieselman (cl), Guy Klucevsek (accordion), James Pugliese (ds), Gisburg Smialek (voice) . Composer Anthony Coleman is better known as a jazz pianist and leader of his versatile groups Selfhaters, the Sephardic Tinge trio and Lobster And Friend (with Roy Nathanson) and for his work with composers Glenn Branca and John Zorn. On his earliest (1992) and most compelling recording, Coleman's twisted compositional genius comes to the fore. Disco By Night is the ultimate statement about his Yugoslavic experiences, a tragic and doomed meditation on the clash between tradition/ethnicity and modernization / Westernization in Eastern Europe. Wonderful music to make you wonder.

CD $10


CD $15


CD $12

EASSIDE PERCUSSION [ESP: JIM PUGLIESE/CHRISTINE BARD/MICHAEL EVANS] - ESP (Avant 073 ,Japan) Featuring: Christine Bard, Michael Evans and Jim Pugliese are three of the busiest percussionist on the downtown scene, having worked with everyone from Steve Reich and Philip Glass to Evan Parker and Karen Mantler and God Is My Co Pilot. Together, they are EasSide Percussion and here in their debut recording they explore a world of acoustic and electric percussion not yet imagined. Chains, bamboo clackers, water jars, Korean Shaman bells, Almglocken, Pachinko balls, mini-gamelan, lamp shades, oven parts, toys, Theremin and countless other instruments and everyday objects are used as sound sources in this dynamic suite of 20 compositions that range from musique concrete, modern classical to funk, rock and out-and-out noise. I like it ugly like this - Allen Ginsburg

CD $10

JAD FAIR & THE SHAPIR-O'RAMA - We Are The Rage (Avant 052; Japan)”Although these 23 soliloquies in 46 minutes are a little long on noize-will-be-noize guitar, umpteenth collaborator Kim Rancourt (of When People Were Shorter and Lived in the Water, since you asked) does the 42-year-old boy wonder a favor by sticking up for himself. In fact, while nothing tops the climactic love poem only Jad could have written ("Her eyes are the color of a Slurpee"? "She smells as good as pizza"?), it was Rancourt who gave him the definitive "I Comb My Hair With My Hand." And who sings several of the best soliloquies here all by himself. B+” - Robert Christgau

CD $8

GOD IS MY CO-PILOT [SHARON TOPPER/CRAIG FLANAGIN/FRED LONBERG-HOLM/MICHAEL EVANS et al] - Mir Shlufn Nisht (Avant 032 ,Japan) God Co is: Sharon Topper (vocal, instruments), Craig Flanagin (g, ds), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Alex Klein (b), Michael Evans (ds), Siobhan Duffy (ds). Mir Shlufn Nisht is God Co's most delightful and entertaining recording; an eclectic pot pourri of Klezmer tunes, Finnish folk melodies, Russian ballads and the like, all delivered with God Co's inimitable post-everything sensibility. Sharon's heartwarming vocals and Craig's loose improvisational arrangements keep guest musicians Anthony Coleman, Andy Haas and Elliott Sharp on their feet dancing and wailing to some of the world's most timeless folk songs.

CD $6


CD $15

GROUND ZERO [OTOMO YOSHIHIDE/UCHIHASHI KAZUHISA/MATSUBARA SACHIKO M] - Plays Standards (DIW 420 ,Japan) Otomo Yoshihide turntables, guitars, etc; Uchihashi Kazuhisa guitars, effects, etc; Matsubara Sachiko [Sachiko M] sampler; Kikiuchi Naruyoshi saxophones; Tanaka Yumiko shamisens, voice; Nasuno Mitsuru electric bass; Uemura Masahiro and Yoshigaki Yasuhiro drums and percusion. Other than Null & Void, this is the most fully realized album from Ground Zero, one of many projects master-minded by ambitious gadfly-turntablist/stellar guitarist Otomo Yoshihide. Although this Japanese band includes two drummers, a sampler-player, and a shamisen (Japanese stringed instrument) player, the real voice is saxophonist Kikuchi Naruyoshi, whose wails and bleats lead most of the songs here. As far as cover albums go, it's obviously not as historic as Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country and Western, but it's much smarter than Guns N' Roses The Spaghetti Incident?. An impressively diverse brew is served up and reconfigured. Some highlights are Chilean protest singer Victor Jara's "El Derecho De Vivir En Paz done as a driving waltz, torch-class "Those Were The Days" done as a maelstrom, jazz pianist Steve Beresford's "The Bath of Surprise" recorded in audio-verite in an actual bathtub, a lovely sweeping tribute to singer Sakamoto Kyu, a John Philip Sousa march that would make Monty Python proud and a 'Roland Kirk version' of "I Say A Little Prayer." All of which bespeaks of Yoshihide's kaleidoscopic vision of Eastern/Western music, especially appealing here as it's presented in a song-based format that grounds the avant excursions. (Just the version of Shed a Little Tear is worth the whole CD!) - Jason Gross

CD $15

GEOFF KEEZER TRIO With JAMES GENUS/TONY REEDUS - World Music (DIW 609; Japan) Geoff Keezer (p), James Genus (b), Tony Reedus (ds), Rudy Bird (per). Recorded at Sound On Sound, NYC on January 5, 1992. Keezer first came to the attention of the jazz world as a teenage pianist in Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. He plays in the hard-bop tradition and has strongly developed as leader, pianist and composer. This recording from 1992 finds him in the company of two in-demand sidemen for great interpretations of classics and more of the leader's tunes. It's Only a Paper Moon by Harold Arlen, Black and Tan Fantasy by Duke Ellington, the traditional Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair and more.

CD $10

HELGE LIEN TRIO With FRODE BERG/KNUT AALEFJAER - Asymmetrics (DIW 630; Japan) Comprising brilliant originals, piano solos and trio playing by pianist Helge Lien, bass player Frode Berg and drummer Knut Aalefaer, Asymmetrics is maybe the best piano trio album to ever come from Norway. Alright, comparisons like that are a bit dodgy, especially considering the extremely high quality of piano trios spawned by this country's flourishing jazz milieu, past and present. But when it comes to establishing a common musical expression where piano virtuosity and master musicianship join together in compositions, each one better than the last, and where the different moods are created and expressed so intensely yet calmly, no album comes close. The fact that the trio, which has existed since 2000, delivers impecible playing is the least outstanding element of the album. The trio's former records, show how Lien, Berg and Aalefjaer have perfected their collective musicianship, each of them developing his strengths as an individual instrumentalist. So it's hardly surprising that they now have the artistic clout that only the very best posess. Whether they're pounding out energetic impressionistic power or painting shamelessly beautiful ballads, this trio delivers substance all the way.

CD $8

MATERIAL [BILL LASWELL With MICHAEL BEINHORN/FRED FRITH/CHARLES K NOYES/DAVID MOSS/MARK E MILLER] - Live From Soundscape (DIW 389 ,Japan) Recorded live at Soundscape on October 16, 1981. The personnel that night: Bill Laswell on electric bass, Michael Beinhorn on electronics, Fred Frith on guitar and Charles K. Noyes, Mark Miller and David Moss on percussion. Material initially started out as a noise-groove quartet with Bill Laswell, Cliff Cultreri, Michael Beinhorn and Fred Maher around 1978; after Cultreri and Maher left, Mr. Laswell added new members at each gig, the group name becoming more a metaphor for an ever-evolving umbrella which constantly changed shape, size and color, genre-wise, rather than a specific list of musicians or style of music. The spirit of experimentation continued with elder statesmen like Derek Bailey and Sonny Sharrock at one gig, and Olu Dara & George Lewis at the next gig. It was a truly exciting time and Verna Gillis' Soundscape on far west 52nd Street was most often the place to be. I attended just about every gig by all of these early downtown icons. According to my notes, the other set that night was a primarily acoustic set by a differing Material lineup. On this electric set, both Bill Laswell and Fred Frith were continuously altering the sound of their instruments with alligator clips, using slides, and allsorts of string abuse heretofore unseen. Charlie Noyes (as in "noise") was a minimalist drummer of sorts, Mark Miller was an unpredictable, often explosive post-rock drummer who use to light his hands on fire or throw fire crackers in the audience. It used to take David Moss upwards of three hour to set up his unique percussion racks which included Bertoia sounds sculptures, aluminum foil, steel drums and other stuff too weird to describe. This one-hour continous performance is titled "Chaos Never Died" and I guess that about sums it up. I thought that I had seen everything but those early Downtown gigs made me realize that almost anything might happen. Listening to this music now, it is not as chaotic as it sounds at first. There is a distinct method to the madness, these cats were inventing a new vocabulary or language. The only thing missing for me is John Zorn's bird calls. Outstanding, infuriating, alien and absolutely uncompromising, this important document is truly an adventure in listening!" - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

CD $15

MARIE McAULIFFE'S ARKSEXTET With ROB HENKE/RICH PERRY/CHRIS WASHBURNE/DAVID HOFSTRA/KEVIN NORTON//BURT BACHARACH - Refractions: Plays The Music Of Burt Bacharach (Avant 070; Japan) Another unrecognized gem! It turns out that John Zorn was so impressed with Ms. McAuliffe’s arrangement of a song from the Burt Bacharach tribute on Tzadik, that he asked her to do any entire CD of Bacharach covers. Outstanding!

CD $10

DAVID MURRAY With JAMES BLOOD ULMER/FRED HOPKINS/SUNNY MURRAY - David Murray: Recording NYC 1986 (DIW 802; Japan) Featuring: David Murray (ts), James Blood Ulmer (g), Fred Hopkins (b), Sunny Murray (ds). Recorded at Sound Ideas, New York City on May 10, 1986. This is his Murray's memorable first album for DIW. Two songs by Butch Morris followed by four more songs by David Murray. These members cannot make the sound of this album ordinary, and this convey the appeal of Murray straight. We can recognize that his attitude is consistent from the time of this album to the later sincere tribute album to Jazz giant. "Hmmph! Strangled translation above. Just know that this is one of those singular GREAT JAZZ records you could ever hear/own - the roots are here, as well as modern explorative paths, taking it out while staying in - an amazing balancing act. (And a great gift, slyly challenging, for those who say they share your jazz interest, but aren't quite ready for some of DMG's weirder wares! - Manny 'Lunch' Maris

CD $15

DAVID MURRAY With JOHN HICKS/RAY DRUMMOND/IDRIS MUHAMMAD - Ballads For Bass Clarinet (DIW 880; Japan) David Murray (bcl), John Hicks (p), Ray Drummond (b), Idris Muhammad (ds) Recorded at Power Station, NYC on October 14 & 15, 1991. "Since Eric Dolphy brought bass-clarinet into jazz, this musical instrument came to be a touchstone, and playing this instrument means treading on a tablet Christ for many jazz saxophone players. Murray must be still only person who is free from spell of Dolphy when playing bass-clarinet. Centering great original songs on, all this work is made only by bass-clarinet. And his emotional play by John Hicks (p), whose support is gentle and shines, is so impressive." - translated from Japanese "Strangulated again - and Another ESSENTIAL recording. This isn't a fetish recording - one wonders that bass clarinet wouldn't be though of as Murray's main axe, and that's quite a statement, considering his awesome talents on the saxophone - but as we all might guess, bass clarinet just ain't sexy enough in the jazz world. But IT IS on this recording! Four originals by Murray, and one each by Wilber Morris, Idris Muhammad, and Kunie Mwanga. - MannyLunch

CD $15


CD $15


CD $15

MIKE NOCK With BRETT HIRST/TOBY HALL - Changing Seasons (DIW 628; Japan) On his first release for the Japanese DIW label, Australian [actually New Zelander] pianist and composer Mike Nock, along with Toby Hall on drums and Brett Hirst on bass, tread lightly on this introspective, universal theme of the changing seasons. Nock contributes four originals alongside shared credits with Hall and Hirst on "Communion," "Gravity Adjustment," "Changing Seasons 'Spring to Summer'," and "Changing Seasons 'Winter to Spring'." Nock's choice of cover material -- including Wayne Shorter's classic from his days with the Miles Davis Quintet, "E.S.P."; Richie Powell's "Time"; and the traditional "Black Is the Color" -- fit the overall hazy mood of the disc perfectly. For further investigation of previous Nock releases, check out his discs on the Naxos label. - Al Campbell, AMG

CD $8

'BIG' JOHN PATTON With JOHN ZORN/ED CHERRY/KENNY WOLLESEN - Minor Swing (DIW 896; Japan) Featuring John Patton (organ), John Zorn (alto sax), Ed Cherry (guitar) and Kenny Wollesen (ds). Produced by John Zorn & Kazunori Sugiyama. Recorded at Power Station, NYC on December 21, 1994. John Zorn has always been a fan of the funky tenor and organ music that was so much a part of the Blue Note label in the 1960's and 1970's. One of the most dynamic of the organists from those records was the so soulful John Patton; or Big John Patton as he was known then. Patton is still groovin' after all these years as this killer session with Zorn proves. He's more than just a funkmeister, though. Says Harvey Pekar, "You hear something familiar in his work and think you can predict where it's going, but it turns out you're not always right / he makes every note count." This is a very special and inspired album indee! Zorn's full range of alto sax sounds and techniques show how much he loves Patton's - listen to his phenomenal solo on "The Way I Feel" which Zorn also covered with Naked City on 'Live Vol 1: Knitting Factory 1989' on the Tzadik label. All of the tunes are Patton's except the great Tyrone, written by the late organist Larry Young. "An organ trio fronted by an avant-garde alto saxophonist like John Zorn isn't usually a combination associated with groove oriented soul-jazz. Luckily, on Minor Swing, organist Big John Patton and John Zorn encourage taking chances and opening the music up, while not going so far out as to overwhelm the intended fundamental groove. Zorn sounds comfortable and content, always maintaining his individuality, taking a cue from tenor saxophonist Harold Alexander who played in a similar "out" style on Patton's 1968 session for Blue Note, Boogaloo. Patton's second comeback date of the '90s features Zorn with Ed Cherry (guitar) and Kenny Wollesen (drums) on six originals and Larry Young's "Tyrone." Patton and Zorn embrace Young's influence by employing elements of harder edged post bop that a large portion of groove-soul organ players tend to avoid. Although this session may be much harder to obtain than his Blue Note dates, this '90s Japanese-only DIW release is highly recommended!" - Al Campbell

CD $15

ROUGH ASSEMBLAGE [V.C. With NORMAN YAMADA/MARK DeGliANTONI/ERIC QIN]//MARC RIBOT/LINDSEY HORNER/ANTHONY COLEMAN et al - Construction & Demolition (Avant 017 ,Japan) Inventive and refreshing explorations of rhythm, texture and process, with instrumentation including refrigerator/stove parts, pencil and eraser, sampler and 4 amplified basses. Performers include Marc Ribot, Anthony Coleman, Jim Pugliese, Christine Bard, Lindsey Horner and Chris Wood. Rough Assemblage was a five-year project of a collective of three young composers at New York's Mannes College of Music: Norman Yamada, Mark Degliantoni and the late Eric Qin (1967-1993). Yamada served for years as the organizer/prompter of the long-running Knitting Factory performances of John Zorn's game piece Cobra. His brass quintet, Mundane Dissatisfactions, has been recorded by the Meridian Arts Ensemble on Channel Classics. Mark Degliantoni has gone on to fame as the sampler player in the pop band Soul Coughing, and has also performed and recorded with Anthony Coleman, Roy Nathanson, Elliott Sharp and John Zorn. Eric Qin's work involved both the use of traditional and unconventional instruments and performing situations.

CD $8

DAVID SHEA With ANTHONY COLEMAN/SHELLEY HIRSCH/ZEENA PARKINS/IKUE MORI/JIM PUGLIESE - Shock Corridor (Avant 013; Japan) Splitting his time between Europe and the United States, David Shea has become one of the most well known sampler players in the world. He has released over seven critically-acclaimed CDs in the past five years and his creativity continues to shoot off in all directions. Shock Corridor was his debut recording. Released in 1992, David presents three sides of his multi-faceted compositional skills. In the title track he presents an unfolding collage dedicated to film director Samuel Fuller and is joined by an all-star band of Jim Pugliese, Shelley Hirsch, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Jim Staley and Anthony Coleman. Also included is a cartoon piece for two keyboards and a trio for samplers that ultimately points toward the direction he was to follow over the next several years. An important and varied first release by this exciting downtown composer.

CD $15

SMARNAMISA! RESIA VALLEY MUSIC - Folk Songs & Dances From North-East Italy [V.A.] (Avant 047; Japan) From beneath the Alps, near the Slovenian border in Northeast Italy, comes a gorgeous and haunting album of traditional dances, songs and fairy tales from the Resia Valley. 'Smarnamisa!' is the first compact disc of the music of Friuli, birthplace of Pasolini. The rough sawing drone of the citira (fiddle) and the bunkula (three-stringed cello) accompanied by rhythmic foot-stomping transport the listener to a medieval village in ages past.

CD $12

DAVE SOLDIER With CHOREA LASCIVIA/BEN NEILL/BOB BANNISTER/JAMES PUGLIESE/SAMM BENNETT et al - Smut (Avant 019 ,Japan) Twangy guitars, droning brass, and pornographic lyrics. Dedicated to Robert Mapplethorpe and David Wojnarowicz, these strange songs, adapted from homo- and hetero - erotic Latin poetry of the middle ages, create a medieval surf sound that will make you want to hit the beach with a copy of Catullus. Matarile, the second composition on this quirky CD, evokes 1990s New York the way Stockhausen evoked 1950s Cologne on Gesang der Junglinge. Using children's voices, rappers and city noises, Soldier structures this work like opposing mirrors in a barber shop; imitation upon imitation upon imitation ad infinitum. An assistant professor in the departments of Psychiatry and Neurology at Columbia University, Dave Soldier has been leading the Soldier String Quartet since 1985 and has collaborated with some of downtown's greatest musical luminaries. Among them Elliott Sharp, John Cale, Butch Morris and Ornette Coleman.

CD $10

STRATA INSTITUTE [STEVE COLEMAN/GREG OSBY/VON FREEMAN/DAVID GILMORE/KENNY DAVIS/MARVIN 'SMITTY' SMITH] - Transmigration (DIW 860 ,Japan) Featuring Von Freeman (ts), Steve Coleman (as), Greg Osby (as), David Gilmore (g), Kenny Davis (b), Marvin "Smitty" Smith (ds). Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY on January 1991. The Strata Institute is a name for what was essentially the M-Base All-Stars (Macro Basic Of Structured Extemporizations). an umbrella group that matched together many of the young players in the late '80s who were playing free funk, including most notably Steve Coleman and Greg Osby. The album is a tribute to Von Freeman who is added to make the group a sextet. This ensemble of 3 wind instruments thread its way through the acute rhythms of standards and blues tune, the play becomes unprecedented jazzy one and shows the fine contrast with aggressive play in the original.

CD $10

JUNKO SUMI With YUKO TAKADA/HIROYUKI SHIOTANI/KAZUHIKO TSUMURA/MASATOSHI KOI/KEISUKE OHTA - Junko Sings Japanese Nursery Rhymes (DIW 943; Japan) This album is not what you expect if you're going by title alone. Junko Sumi's somewhat raspy yet steamy sultry voice is backed by a grooving jazz band of Japanese musicians. The liner notes don't provide a translation of their names, but the label site does: heard are pianist Yuko Takada, saxophonist Hiroyuki Shiotani, guitarist Kazuhiko Tsumura, bassist Masatoshi Koi, violinist Keisuke Ohta, percussionists Masaki Yoshimi and Kei Wada, and occasionally harmonica played by Chikara Tsuzuki. Of this skilled group of musicians, the two percussionists are standouts on the tabla and kendang -- unusual as jazz instruments, but heard here on over half the cuts. And yes, despite the presence of these instruments and the fact that the songs are originally Japanese nursery rhymes -- sung here in English and, occasionally, Japanese -- this is most certainly a jazz album, and a sophisticated and upbeat one at that. ~ Joslyn Layne, AMG

CD $8

TENKO [UENO]'S DRAGON BLUE With OTOMO YOSHIHIDE/TSUNEO IMAHORI/KATO HIDEKI - Hade’s Park (Avant 075; Japan) Along with Yamataka Eye, Haino Keiji and Makigami Koichi, Tenko is one of the most intense and original vocalists to come out of Japan. A veteran of countless bands since the late 70's, Tenko has also worked in close collaboration with Fred Frith and Ikue Mori. This latest project is one of her best: an all-star band of some of the greatest musicians from the Tokyo underground. This second album, their first studio recording, features turntable wizard Otomo Yoshihide, guitar master Imabori Tsuneo, the ferocious drumming of Sotoyama Akira (replacing Tatsuya Yoshida) and of course the legendary Kato Hideki on bass. Blending intensity, quirkiness and improvisational unpredictability, Dragon Blue is one of Japan's most important underground bands. "All are totally on throughout this entire excursion of superb Japanoise improv. Brutal & fascinating!" - BLG

CD $10

TWICE TOLD TALES [LOUIE BELOGENIS/TONY MALABY/TREVOR DUNN/RYAN SAWYER] - Twice Told Tales (DIW 944; Japan) Featuring Louie (Prima Materia/Rashied Ali Duo/Trio) on tenor & soprano saxes, the ever-gigging tenor sax great Tony Dunn who works with Tim Berne & Angelica Sanchez, Trevor Dunn (El. Masada & Fantomas) on acoustic bass and Ryan Sawyer on drums. Over the past few years, both local tenor sax heroes, Mr. Belogenis and Mr. Malaby, stay incredibly busy both leading various bands and collaborating with a variety different musicians. Trevor is also one the busiest bassists on both acoustic and electric, working with dozens of bands and projects, with Zorn often using him for recordings, live improv situations and the occasional Cobra sessions. Ryan Sawyer has become the drummer of choice for a number of local players, from Bruce Eisenbeil onwards. Although this is an improvised session, the pieces and clarity of the sound, are focused and strong. Both Louie and Tony have dark, haunting tones on tenor and sound marvelous together swirling their blusters and sparks. Commencing with "Long Ago", the quartet begins cautiously with spacious notes hanging in the air, as they take their time to ascend together, floating on clouds of suspense. The bowed bass and minimal percussion gradually build beneath as the two tenors and occasional soprano saxes drift like ghosts together in a hypnotic dream-state. None of these pieces are longer than 8 minutes, so that nothing goes on for too long, this keeps things engaging throughout. All saxes have rich and expressive near-vocal-like tones, as if they are speaking in tongues, directly to our hearts and souls. All four musicians remain well connected and shift organically through different densities as this gift from the gods unfolds. Another exquisite offering from four of downtown's best.

CD $12


CD $20


CD $20


CD $15

VIVIAN SISTERS [LAURA CROMWELL/JAMIE SAFT/VANESSA HODGE] With ZEENA PARKINS/BRIGGAN KRAUSS - Vivian Sisters (Avant 079; Japan) The Vivian Sisters are obviously not sisters , but are multi-instrumentalists Laura Cromwell (from Dim Sum Clip Job & duo with Dorgon), Jamie Saft (Tzadik/Avant cds & Zorn collaborator) and vocalist - Vanessa Hodge. Their guests include Zeena Parkins, Briggan Krauss, Andrew D'Angelo, Adam Levy and Mr. Dorgon. Like Laura's previous band DSCJ, the Vivians Sisters have grown out of post-punk and wacky improv and into something different. The cd begins with a slightly warped music box playing its quaint melody over and over. "Worry" is a scary post-punk stomper with screaming vocals, sludge bass, cheesy organ and pounding drums. "Ether Bunny" has one of those fractured melodies played on pedal steel, guitar and drums, while "Lipgloss Iguana" has Jamie playing layers of twisted keyboards - the sound of dolls crying adds a sinister presence. "Guitar Department" does feature some fat, bent electric guitar warpage and heavy drums. I really dig the restrained suspense of "A Gift From France" - which only uses kalimba (for the melody), pedal steel, bass drum and minimal percussion. There are numerous short pieces here which seem to be interludes only dealing with one or two ideas at a time. Vanessa Hodge's spoken word vocal on "Satan Satan" describes a most disturbing scene of the torture and cannibalism of children - the accompanying drums, guitar and sax are equally disturbing. The one cover tune here is ESG's "You're No Good" which gets a stripped down Shaggs-like treatment with some great dubbed echoplex effects. The last piece is called "Jennie" and it is more minimal percussion, kalimba and occasional eerie keyboard sounds. Mood music for a post-apocalyptic dream perhaps? - BLG

CD $8

DAVID WATSON With JULIE BROWN/DOUG SAFRANEK/MICHAEL ATTIAS/ANDY HAAS/TONY BUCK/CYRO BAPTISTA - Skirl (Avant 077 ,Japan) You might recall bagpiper & guitarist - David Watson from the two self-produced cds he has out over the past few years reviewed here & featuring the likes of Ikue Mori, Kato Hideki and members of Machines For Making Sense from Australia. 'Skirl' features three bagpipe players, percussionists Jim Pugliese & Christine Bard (EasSidePercussion), Tony Buck (Peril) and Cyro Baptista w/ Beat the Donkey, plus the alto sax of Michael Attias, the didjeridu of Andy Haas (Avant cd) and the harp of Marjorie Fitts. Odd instrumentation, but not for an Avant release. While bagpipes are mostly associated with Scottish men in kilts, there have been a few players & composers who have done something different with this ancient folk instrument - jazz musician Rufus Harley in the sixties, new music composer Yoshi Wada, and even British free-jazz sax great Paul Dunmall played one at the Keith Tippett Mujician set at Victo this year. There was even an unexpectedly cool bagpipe fest at the old Knit with a compilation cd to follow. It seems as if (former New Zealander) David Watson has been working with bagpipes longer than almost anyone else. Beginning with a swirling array of layered bagpipes and percussion, creating a mesmerizing haze of drones. The percussion throughout this release is often rich in textures, mystery and drama, while the bagpipes also drone a rather hypnotic haze throughout. Two cuts feature the dense Brazilian carnival percussion ensemble Beat the Donkey with two bagpipes at the center of the storm - an amazing combination of sounds. A haunting treasure of cosmic drones - BLG

CD $8

SEAN WAYLAND With MATT PENMAN/JOCHEN RUECKERT - Colossus of Rhodes (DIW 626; Japan)Sean Wayland (p, organ on 9) Jochen Ruckert (ds) Matt Penman (b) Jesse Harris (g on 9) Recorded at March 20th and 21st, 2001 in New York "A gifted and original pianist/composer with his own harmonic language, Sean Wayland is one of the freshest voices to emerge from the current Australian jazz scene. With a strong background in both pop and classical music, Sean's spontaneity and freedom from cliche show a unique musical mind at work. Give a good listen also to Sean's outstanding rhythm section, German drummer Jochen Rueckert and New Zealand bassist Matt Penman, who play with a supportive and unflagging rhythmic drive throughout. Currently based in New York, this trio represents the best of today's emerging young jazz musicians, playing a creative, swinging music with an awareness of the past, while looking to the future.Step into the musical universe of Sean Wayland and hear for yourself!"- Mike Nock, Sydney, Australia.

CD $8

MASAHIRO YOSHIDA With ALLEN FARNHAM/RAY DRUMMOND - Uno (DIW 600/J-1001; Japan) Allen Farnham (p), Ray Drummond (b), Masahiro Yoshida (ds).Recorded at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NYC, September 25, 1995 This versatile pianist has done everything from accompanying singers Mel Torme and Suzannah McCorkle to work with Arthur Blythe, Joe Lovano, Junior Cook and Frank Foster. For the Concord label he both produced albums as well as made his own. In 1995 he joined the ubiquitous Drummond and drummer Yoshida for a terrific program of jazz and popular standards - Love for Sale, Willow Weep for Me, Round Midnight, Misty and more - plus his original title track.

CD $8

OTOMO YOSHIHIDE'S NEW JAZZ QUINTET [ONJQ] - Tails Out (DIW 946; Japan) Tails Out is another stunning release from Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet, and further integrates his love of fiery jazz and the Onkyo scene, which "puts much more importance on sound texture than on musical structure" (according to good folks at The album starts with a wonderful reading of Charlie Haden's "Song for Che" with great playing from the saxmen, Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Tsugami Kenta, who are almost constantly in an intense dialogue throughout the album. That segues directly into an original called "Reducing Agent" that's a burner with some fierce guitar from Yoshihide. There's a steady rhythm, but the playing is very free. "Solvent Waltz" is at once lurching and spastic yet very melodic, and those who are only familiar with Yoshihide's turntable squalls and blasts of guitar terrorism might be shocked at what an excellent guitar player he truly is. The James Blood Ulmer tune "Moons Shine" has a strong harmolodic flavor, with Yoshihide turning in a great, feedback-drenched solo. "Strawberry Fields Forever" gets a fabulous drunken brass band treatment, with Yoshihide again proving what a fine guitar player he can be, when he wants to. For the last two tracks, the quintet is expanded by Sachiko M's sine waves, and the vibraphone playing of Tamara Kumiko, and the sound shifts a bit. Mingus' "Orange Was the Color of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk" begins with nothing but sine waves before getting into the melody of this beautiful and gentle tune, which then segues into "Tails Out": more than ten minutes of lovely Onkyo-jazz bliss, and the longest cut on the album. Tails Out shares some kinship with Ground Zero's Plays Standards, but is far less berserk. The covers are fun, everything is extremely well played, and this band smokes (especially Kikuchi and Yoshihide), but the wildest inclinations of Ground Zero are reigned in here. Otomo Yoshihide is taking all the lessons he's learned from his myriad projects over the last 15 years and breathing new life into a slightly stale jazz scene. Highly recommended! - Sean Westergaard, AMG

CD $25 (Last few copies!)

Z'EV [STEFAN JOEL WEISSER] With GLENN BRANCA/WHARTON TIERS - Heads & Tales (Avant 034; Japan) Conceptual artist, dancer, musician, scholar and poet, Stefan Weisser began playing the drums at age 4. Moving to New York City from San Francisco in 1979, and adopting the name Z'ev, his work with performance/noise percussion broke new ground and drew the attention of rock symphonist Glenn Branca, dancer Simone Forti, guitarist Rudolph Grey and just about everybody related to the downtown scene. These recordings from the early nineties were created in New York with the assistance of long-time friends and collaborators Wharton Tiers and Glenn Branca. Showing his interests in newly developed technologies, drum 'n' bass, techno and hard-core dance beats, Heads & Tales is unlike any Z'ev recordings you've ever heard. Without compromising his commitment to intensity, his experiments here have taken a whole new turn. Heads & Tales promises to become his best-selling CD, earning him a whole new audience.

CD $10

ALVA [AIDA RULLOVA/LIZA WAKEMAN/MICHELLE ANDERSON] - Fair-Haired Guillotine (Avant 072; Japan) Alva met in Tampa, Florida. Using loud thoughts and small minds they play their instruments. And they laugh...On their debut album, the mysterious trio known as Alva twists creepy savant-folk melodies out of chamber instruments, toys, tapes and voice, navigating the psychic territory of nightmare and the unconscious. Recommended for those who like it strange. 

CD $10


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11pm: NEW YEARS'S EVE SPECIAL Featuring: Bill Laswell (bass), Milford Graves (drums) and special guest John Zorn (sax)!!! FORTY DOLLARS



MONDAYS The Stone is closed.

A change in Stone policy will begin January 2017. There will be ONE concert per night, Tuesday through Sunday. The concert will begin at 9PM. Admission will continue to be TWENTY DOLLARS.

1/2 Monday 

9 pm - CHRIS SPEED TRIO AND THUMBSCREW DOUBLE BILL!!- Chris Speed (sax) Dave King (drums) Chris Tordini (bass) and THUMBSCREW Mary Halvorson (guitar) Mike Formanek (bass) Tomas Fujiwara (drums)


Mr Jerry Granelli celebrates 76 years on the planet and 60 years of performance of improvised music.

1/3 Tuesday 

9 pm - Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the CD Sound Songs; Jerry Granelli (drums) Jay Clayton (voice) Briggan Krauss (saxophone); J Anthony Granelli (piccolo bass) and Jerry Granelli (drums, slide guitar, piano)

1/4 Wednesday 

9 pm - Double Trouble - Jerry Granelli (drums) Billy Hart (drums)

1/5 Thursday 

9 pm - What I Hear Now - Jerry Granelli (drums) Jane Ira Bloom (soprano saxophone), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Mark Dresser (bass)

1/6 Friday 

9 pm - TRIO - Songs From My Life - Jerry Granelli (Drums) , Jamie Saft (keyboards/piano), Brad Jones (bass)

1/7 Saturday 

9 pm - Badlands - Jerry Granelli (drums) Peter Epstein (soprano sax) Chris Speed (tenor sax, clarinet) Jamie Saft (piano, fender rhodes) J. Anthony Granelli (bass) Briggan Krauss (alto sax, baritone sax)

1/8 Sunday 

9 pm - SANDHILLS REUNION - Rinde Eckert (voice) Jerry Granelli (drums) Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Ned Rothenberg (bass clarinet) Andy Laster (baritone saxophone) Jeff Zeigler (cello) Christian Kogel (guitar) J Anthony Granelli (bass) TEXT By Rinde Eckert

There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone. 

Only music. All ages are welcome.

Cash Only at the door. There is no phone. 

There is no food or beverage served or allowed 

just a serious listening environment.

The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319

29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC                 

Friday Dec 30                    

9:00PM & 10:30PM  TOM RAINEY TRIO - Mary Halvorson, guitar; Ingrid Laubrock, tenor saxophone; Tom Rainey, drums

Saturday Dec 31              

8:30PM  NEW YEAR'S EVE WITH SHELIA JORDAN & CAMERON BROWN - Sheila Jordan, vocals; Cameron Brown, bass - $40 includes a glass of bubbly  

10:30PM  NEW YEAR'S EVE WITH SHELIA JORDAN & CAMERON BROWN - Sheila Jordan, vocals;  Cameron Brown, bass - $50 includes a glass of bubbly at midnight   

Monday, January 2nd:

8:30PM  AMRAM & CO  - David Amram, piano, french horn, flutes, composition & surprises; Kevin Twigg, drums; Rene Hart, bass; Elliot Peper, bongos

Tuesday Jan 03


Teri Roiger, voice;  Nick Hetko, piano;  John Menegon, bass;  Steve Williams, drums

9:30PM  VOXECSTATIC: ROSEANNA VITRO "SOUTHERN STANDARD TIME" - Roseanna Vitro, voice; Mark Soskin, piano, arrangements; Dean Johnson, bass; Tim Horner, drums; Mitch Stein, guitar; Don Braden, tenor; Ron Horton, trumpet

Wednesday Jan 04

6:00PM  MICHAEL LYDON AND FRIENDS - Michael Lydon, vocals, guitar; Ellen Mandel, vocals, piano; Mike Weatherly, bass, vocals; Nathan Pearson; Erik Bagger;  Barbara Porto, vocals

8:01PM  RALPH ALESSI AND THIS AGAINST THAT - Ralph Alessi, trumpet; Ravi Coltrane, tenor sax; Andy Milne, piano; Drew Gress, bass; Mark Ferber, drums

Thurs Jan 5th:

8:01PM  RYAN KEBERLE & CATHARSIS W/SPECIAL GUESTS - Ryan Keberle, trombone, melodica; Sofia Rei, voice; Ingrid Jensen, trumpet; Scott Robinson, tenor sax; Jorge Roeder, bass; Obed Calvaire, drums

Friday Jan 06                     

6:00PM  NEW AIRES TANGO - Malena Dayen, tango singer; David Rosenmeyer, piano

9:00PM & 10:30PM  APAP FEST: DAN WEISS TRIO - Dan Weiss, drums;  Jacob Sacks, piano;  Thomas Morgan, bass

Saturday Jan 07               

8:30PM  APAP FEST: DIDA PELLED QUARTET - Dida Pelled, voice, guitar; Julian Pollack, keys, piano; Or Bareket, bass; Rodney Green, drums

9:30PM  APAP FEST: ITAMAR BOROCHOV QUARTET  - Itamar Borochov, trumpet; Maya Kronfeld, piano; Rick Rosato, bass; Jay Sawyer, drums

Sunday, Jan 8th:

9:00PM & 10:30PM  APAP FEST: OR BAREKET QUARTET - Shahar Elnatan, guitar;  Nitai Hershkovits, piano; Or Bareket, bass; Jeremy Dutton, drums                ApAP Fest: Or Bareket Quartet image

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Buenos-Aires and Tel-Aviv, Or Bareket is currently one of the most in-demand bassists on the NYC jazz scene.


I-Beam Presents:

Tuesday, January 3rd 8:30 PM

The Out Louds

Tomas Fujiwara – Drums

Ben Goldberg – Clarinets

Mary Halvorson – Guitar

Sunday, January 8th 8:30 PM

Chris Jentsch NO-NET

Mike McGinnis’s MusicNOW Trio + Goldberg / Drye / Sacks

Wednesday, January 11th 8:30 PM 

8:30 pm - Goldberg / Drye / Sacks

Ben Goldberg – Clarinet

Brian Drye – Trombone

Jacob Sacks – Piano

9:30 pm - Mike McGinnis’s MusicNOW Trio

Mike McGinnis – Clarinet

Tom Rainey – Drums

Angelica Sanchez – Piano

Saturday, January 21st 8:30 PM 

Billy Mintz Two Bass Band

Ron Horton – Trumpet

Dave Scott – Trumpet

John O’Gallager – Saxophones

Adam Kolker – Saxophones

Brian Drye – Trombone

Curtis Fowlkes – Trombone

Masa Kamaguchi – Bass

Cameron Brown – Bass

Billy Mintz – Drums / Compositions

Sunday, January 22nd 8:30 PM

Sean Moran’s – Sun Tiger

Sean Moran – Guitar

Vinnie Sperrazza – Drums

Hank Roberts – Cello

I-Beam is located at  168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY:  Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street.  Walk down 4th ave to 7th street.  Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave.  We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.


This from Cellist LEILA BORDREUIL:

January 4th @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn

--Leila Bordreuil/ Michael Foster

--Sunk Heaven

--Julia Santoli

--Arian Schaffee

January 6th @ Arts for Arts, Manhattan

--Leila Bordreuil/ MIchael Foster

--Jason Kao Hwang

--Tony Malaby/ Ben Gernstein/ Tom Rainey

January 14th

@ All Ears Festival, Oslo

January 16th

--solo @ Mayhem, Copenhagen

January 18th @ Cafe Oto, London

--Leila Bordreuil Solo

--Thomas Ankersmit

January 20th @ Occii, Amsterdam

--solo cello - Leila Bordreuil


EVOLVING MUSIC SERIES  - January 2 - 22, 2017

Justice is Compassion / Not a Police State


The Clemente, Abrazo Interno Gallery

107 Suffolk St. New York, NY 10002 (near Delancey St.)

Admission: $10 per set / $7 poetry reading / $25 per night

Art Show - OASIS - Jo Wood-Brown /

Monday January 2

7pm: Dave Sewelson Quartet- Dave Sewelson - baritone sax / Ryan Frazier - trumpet / Devin Hoff - bass / Alex Cline - drums Special Guest Mike Watson - bass clarinet

8pm: Cleaver / Potter - Gerald Cleaver - drums / Chris Potter - tenor sax

9pm: Songs for Girshel - Cheryl Pyle / Premik Russell Tubbs / 

Tuesday January 3

7pm: Mennen / Lopez / Naidoo - Abraham Mennen - tenor sax / Brandon Lopez - bass / Kesivan Naidoo - drums

8pm: Rosenbloom / Cooper-Moore - Mara Rosenbloom - piano / Cooper-Moore - diddley bow, flute

9pm: Aruan Ortiz Quartet - Aruan Ortiz - piano / Darius Jones - alto sax / Marika Hughes - cello / Fay Victor - voice

Wednesday January 4

7pm: Irreversible Entanglements - Luke Stewart - bass / Camae Ayewa - spoken word / Keiur Neuringer - alto sax / Jamal Moore - tenor sax, percussion / Tscher Holmes - drums / Khalid Thompson - live painting 

8pm: Ras Moshe Ensemble - Ras Moshe Burnett - reeds / Larry Roland - bass  

Tor Yochai Snyder - guitar / Lisette Santiago - percussion / Warren Smith - vibes

9pm: Laubrock / Rainey - Ingrid Laubrock - tenor sax / Tom Rainey - drums

Thursday January 5

5pm: Jo Wood Brown OASIS Paintings Opening

8pm: In Cahoots - Ned Rothenberg - reeds / Mark Feldman - violin / Sylvie Courvoisier - piano

9pm: Lewis / Pirog - James Brandon Lewis - tenor sax / Anthony Pirog - guitar 

10pm: Yoni Kretzmer Trio - Yoni Kretzmer - tenor sax / Jason Ajemian - bass / Kevin Shea - drums

Friday January 6

7pm: Bordreuil / Foster - Leila Bordreuil - cello / Michael Foster - reeds

8pm: Jason Kao Hwang - violin

9pm: Larry Roland - poet

9:30: Tony Malaby's Up Against the Wall - Tony Malaby - tenor sax / Ben Gerstein - trombone / Tom Rainey - drums

Saturday January 7


7pm: held - Miriam Parker - dance / Tomeka Reid - cello

7:30: Jesus Papoleto Melendez - poet

8pm: Fay Victor's Peace Pipe - Fay Victor - voice, texts / Ben Gerstein - trombone

9pm: Michael Bisio Accortet - Michael Bisio - bass / Art Bailey - accordion / Steve Swell - trombone / Michael Wimberly - drums

Monday January 9 - Honoring Roy Campbell

7pm: The Nu Band - Lou Grassi - drums / Mark Whitecage - alto sax / Tom Heberer - trumpet / Joe Fonda - bass

8pm: 3 For Roy - Bryan Carrott - vibes / Hilliard Greene - bass / Michael Wimberly - drums

9pm: Pyramid Trumpets for Roy - William Parker - bass / Hamid Drake - percussion / Nabate Isles - trumpet / Matt Lavelle - trumpet

Tuesday January 10

7pm: Irabagon / LabroJon Irabagon - sax / Julien Labro - accordion

8pm: LathanFlinAli  - Lathan Hardy - alto sax / Flin Van Hemmen - drums / Sean Ali - bass

9pm: Andrew Drury Content Provider Trio - Andrew Drury - drums / Ingrid Laubrock - tenor sax / Briggan Krauss - alto sax

Wednesday January 11

7pm: The Benntet  - Bruce Williamson - tenor sax / Hui Cox - guitar / Michael Bisio - bass / Michael Wimberly - drums

8pm: Cooper-Moore / Behroozi - Cooper-Moore - strings, percussion / Daro Behroozi - reeds

9pm: Amirtha Kidambi Vocal Choir - Amirthda Kidambi / Jean-Carla Rodea / Anais Maviel / Charmaine Lee / Emilie Lesbros / Kristin Slipp

Thursday January 12

7pm: We Free Strings - Melanie Dyer - viola / Charles Burnham - violin / Gwen Laster violin / Lester St. Louis - cello / Hilliard Greene - bass  / Michael Wimberly - drums

8pm: Tomeka Reid Septet 8 - Tomeka Reid - cello / Mazz Swift - viola / Jason Hwang - violin, Sarah Bernstein - violin / Adam Hopkins - bass / Chris Hoffman - cello

Tomas Fujiwara - drums 

9pm: Jaimie Branch Trio - Jaimie Branch - trumpet / Brandon Lopez / Mike Pride - drums

Friday January 13 - MLK weekend

7pm: Andrea Wolper's Cento Project - Andrea Wolper - voice / Mazz Swift - violin / Adam Caine - guitar

8pm: Yuko Otomo - poet

8:30: William Hooker Trio With Louie Belogenis - tenor sax / Dave Ross - guitar

9:30: The Ghost - Michael Foster - reeds / Zach Rowden - bass / Derek Baron - drums

Saturday January 14 - MLK weekend

6:30: Patricia Spears Jones - poet

7pm: Chuma / Parker / Hwang / Yoshiko Chuma - dance / Miriam Parker - dance / Jason Kao Hwang 

8pm: Swift / McGinnis - Mazz Swift - violin / Mike McGinnis - reeds

9pm: Ken Filiano Trio - Ken Filiano - bass / Michael Attias - alto sax / TA Thompson 



Bill Cole and Alex Blake  

Tuesday, January 10 at 8pm

33 Bleecker St., just east of Lafayette