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DMG Newsletter for December 23rd, 2016


Happy Hanukah! Merry Christmas! 

Crazy Kwanza & Happy New Year to All!

The Final Week of 2016 is Now Here so say Goodbye… 

To All that Got us Down and Hello to All that Inspires Us to Rise Above:


BassDrumBone: Mark Helias/Gerry Hemingway/Ray Anderson 40 Year Celebration! Knuckleball: Daviel Levine/Mark Hannaford/Devin Gray! Three More CDs from the Leap of Faith entourage! Andrea Neumann/Sharif Sehnaoui/Michael Thieke/Michael Vorfeld! Richard Youngs! 


Thollem McDonas/Pauline Oliveros/Nels Cline LP! Plus Historic discs from: Bert Jansch! David Crosby & the Dead! Nurse with Wound! Paul Chambers! Ahmad Jamal! Art Farmer and Even More!


Plus a Great, Long, Jewel-filled Used CD List & Sale!






For the DMG Faithful: Thanks to all of you who sent us donations and words of encouragement last week, we greatly appreciate it! We are still accepting donations and will continue to do so as long as they are needed. 


Since shipping costs have gone up so much here in the US and especially outside the US, we will offer some advice for bringing the costs down. Domestic shipping (within the US): 1 or 2 jewel case CDs or up til 4 thin spine CDs usually ships first class mail: generally $4-$6, depending on the weight. 3 or more CDs (above 13 oz.) pushes the rate to priority which can be expensive depending on the distance from NY. You can always request media mail (with delivery confirmation) for 3 or more CDs and all vinyl. This usually runs $6-$9 and takes longer than priority mail. It is generally just as safe so it is your choice.  


Shipping outside the US is even more expensive. To save on shipping, you can request that all generic jewel cases be removed. Since it now costs about $15 to ship 1 jewel case CD outside the US, you may want to have us ship up to 4 CDs without the jewel cases or thin spines (like Hatology) for the same price for as one CD with the jewel card. We are also looking in other cheaper methods of shipping as well and will let you know. - BLG   






The FREE DMG Weekly New Music In-Store Series Continues on Sundays with:


 Sunday, December 25th is Christmas Day so there is no in-store


 Sunday, January 1st, 2017 is New Years Day so there is also no in-store


Monday, January 2nd 2017: New Years Celebration to Kick Off 2017 With Something Special!



 Sunday, January 8th, 2017:


7pm: DANIEL LEVIN / HENRY FRASER - Cello & Contrabass


 Sunday, January 15th:

6pm: SAM NEWSOME Solo Soprano 


 Sunday, January 22nd:




 Sunday, January 29th:

6pm: HAG: BRAD HENKEL / SEAN ALI / DAVID GROLLMAN - Trumpet / Contrabass / Snare Drum

7pm: MAKOTO KAWASIMA - Solo Alto Sax

8pm: BLAISE SIWULA / ERIC PLAKS - Saxes & keyboard


DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a former Buddhist temple & beauty salon. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine.  Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Cosy






And for this week’s Great New Discs:



BASSDRUMBONE With MARK HELIAS / GERRY HEMINGWAY / RAY ANDERSON + JASON MORAN / JOE LOVANO - The Long Road [2 CD Set] (Auricle 16+17; USA) This is the 40th anniversary of BassDrumBone who still consist of Ray Anderson on trombone, Mark Helias on bass and Gerry Hemingway on drums. Their guests include Jason Moran on piano and Joe Lovano on tenor sax. Forty years seems like a long time for any ensemble to exist but this is just not any ban but a very special one with their own sound. Throughout their long journey BassDrumBone have recorded some half dozen discs, each on a different label, just a couple of which are still in print. Gerry Hemingway moved to Switzerland a few years ago to teach, so the trio just gets together on rare occasions. And since each of these three fine musicians are leaders/composers & collaborators on their own, each brings something fresh into the trio whenever they play together. They rarely play with guests so this is indeed a special situation with each guest on three pieces. This two disc set includes both a studio and a live session. 

   Each member of the trio brings three or four of their own works, hence their wealth of experiences and influences are pretty diverse. Starting with Anderson’s “Oh Yeah”, the trio are swinging with a New Orleans second line groove, boy does that feel fine!?! The irrepressible Jason Moran adds a sublime yet soulful elegance to “Bungle Low”, just as Mr. Anderson plays that gut bucket horn, eventually turning into somber ghostly piano/trombone duet in a later section. Speaking of soulful elegance, Joe Lovano and Ray Anderson both play with a wonderful bluesy swagger on “BluRay”, which has a late night, laid back, barroom vibes that is bound to make one smile. All three of these men have worked with the great Anthony Braxton, a diverse, visionary composer & musician. Mr. Hemingway’s “Kemp” has an odd, Braxtonian flavor and is a collection of related fragments. I love the way things are stripped down to the bare essentials on “Tone L”, the spaciousness make every note count and breathe. That earthy feeling is there but we must fill in the space. The live set features just the trio playing two long pieces by Mr. Helias, which cover a lot of ground. Superbly recorded and often episodic, this is BassDrumBone at their best, taking us on two long journeys, one short story after another. This is often edge-of-your-seat sort of experience. I have always loved this trio and have caught them live on several occasions. This two disc set captures them at their finest, it is the best of many worlds: improvised & written, spacious & busy, blustery & intense and covering all areas in between. Another monument in a year of many jewels to behold. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG            

2 CD Set $16



* KNUCKLEBALL [DANIEL LEVINE / MARC HANNAFORD / DEVIN GRAY] - Knuckleball (Goldbolus 027; USA) Knuckleball features Daniel Levine on trumpet & compositions, Marc Hannaford on piano and Devin Gray on drums. In January of last year, a quartet called Antlers & Capillaries played here at DMG and was fronted by a fine young trumpeter named Daniel Levine. Just last week, we got Mr. Levine’s debut disc as a leader and it is something quite special. The pianist here, Marc Hannaford, is a new name for me but the drummer is our old friend Devin Gray, also a fine bandleader & composer with two discs out on Skirl and collaborator with Nate Wooley, Dave Ballou and Gary Thomas. This disc was produced by bass great Mark Helias who it is turns out is Mr. Levine’s stepdad. Mr. Levine wrote about half of the pieces here, the rest are group improvs. Starting with “Hoofstomp” the trio is focused, weaving a tight flurry of lines around one another. I dig the way “Creatures” is based on a slow, sort-of middle-eastern sounding phrase played over and over by the piano with the trumpet sailing on top and the drums speeding up and slowing down throughout, hence we get pulled in opposing directions, yet the central theme remains most hypnotic. The trio improvs here are consistently strong as the trio move together in tight cascades, completing each other’s lines and a robust tapestry. Mr. Hannaford plays some majestic chords on “Snow”, with the trumpet and drums playing their intricate lines together. At times it is difficult to tell the written pieces from the improvised ones since this trio works so well together, listening closely and responding sympathetically. When the trio slows down, they become more cerebral and eerie, casting a magic spell on those who can appreciate a more restrained inner fire. I look forward to hearing Knuckleball live and they will be here next month (January of 2017, see below). - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG        

CD $12


* Knuckleball will play a CD release performance here at DMG on Sunday, January 22nd at 7pm! 



While some folks get together with their friends or family to hang out, Dave Peck (a/k/a PEK), would rather get together with a handful of his chosen improvisers and record a session and/or play live mostly in the Boston area. Hence, the Evil Clown label now has some 100 recordings out!?! 


Here are Three More Swell Discs from the (not so) Evil Clown Empire: 


LEAP OF FAITH With PEK / GLYNIS LOMON / DREW WESLEY / YURI ZBITNOV -   Basepoints (Evil Clown 9120; USA) Featuring the three core members of Leap of Faith: PEK on reeds, double-reeds, theremin & percussion, Glynis Lomon on cello, aquasonic & voice and Yuri Zbitnov on drums & metals plus Drew Wesley & Grant Beale on guitars & electronics. It should come as no surprise by now that Dave PEK records and releases each and every studio and live session from Leap of Faith and all of their offshoot units. It seems relatively rare for Leap of Faith to include a guitarist, let alone two guitars but this is what we have here. This is a studio sessions and the guitarists take their time to come in, adding flourishes a few at a time. The first section features layers of percussion, metals & cymbals, as well as bellowing lover reeds and perhaps aquasonic (a bowed vase of sorts). The guitars slowly weave their sound into controlled chaos which is both intoxicating and somewhat disorienting. It takes a little while to step back, but I do hear a certain sectional development, which is punctuated by the crash of a large gong. In one segment midway, the cello, double-reed(s) and electronics blend into an intense, hypnotic mirage with a calm center. Much of this long section midway is restrained yet filled with some strange nuanced sounds: drones, hums, bowed strings and percussive fragments. This not Euro-style insect music or that Downtown diversity which draws from many influences or genres. Under-recognized master-drummer, Yuri Zbitnov is in fine form throughout much of this, taking a most impressive solo on one point. There is one section late in the piece when all five members do some vocal weirdness with a some echo added. It is another ridiculous high point, certain to make some smile and others perhaps wince. With so many fine discs under their collective belt (more than 100), how do they continue to release such genuine gems?!? The legend of Leap of Faith continues… - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG     

CD $10


LEAP OF FAITH With PEK / GLYNIS LOMON / BOB MOORES / DEI XHRIST / YURI ZBITNOV - Basepoints (Evil Clown 9123; USA) This set was recorded live at the Outpost inn Cambridge, MA in November of 2016. For this session we again get the core trio of Dave Peck (reeds, horns & metals), Glynis Lomon (cello & voice) and Yuri Zbitnov (drums & percussion) plus Bob Moores on trumpet and Dei Xhist on vocals. Mr. Moores appears on several more recent Leap of Faith projects while I hadn’t heard of this vocalist before now. This set starts out quietly with just trumpet, cello and percussion, most haunting. Slowly, PEK’s assorted rare reeds and Ms. Xhrist’s somber voice come drifting in. The density and intensity slowly increasing to a simmer. This set or disc is some 70+ minutes long and takes a long while to build into something else. For the first long section, we hear a mysterious blend of somber trumpet, spacious percussion, distant odd mumbled vocals and eerie echoed sounds. It one is patient, the mystery slowly unfolds, one section at a time. There are a number of highlights here from Moores’ expressive trumpet to some great, bizarre vocals from Ms. Xhist and Ms. Lomon. This is one of the more restrained, less demanding sets by Leap of Faith and probably a good place to start for a future fan. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG    

CD $10


MEKANIKS With PEK / BOB MOORES / DAN O’BRIEN / GREG GRINNEL / KEVIN DACEY / YURI ZBITNOV - Getting Down with the Klown (Evil Clown 9118; USA) Mekaniks is another of the Leap of Faith offshoot projects which features two core members: PEK on multiple single & double reeds, flute, theremin and Yuri Zbitnov on balafon, daiko & assorted percussion plus occasional LoF collaborators: Bob Moores on space trumpet & guitar, Dan O’Brien on clarinets, tenor sax & flute, Greg Grinnell on laptop & electronics and Kevin Davey on balafon, daiko, saxophone & percussion. This is another studio session recorded at Evil Clown Headquarters. 

   Mekaniks are a rare Leap of Faith offshoot sextet that only got together for this particular studio session. I recognize all of the names from assorted Evil Clown discs. Commencing quietly with layers of mysterious percussion, cymbals, metal, balafon (African xylophone) and perhaps electronics, the sound is most mesmerizing. When PEK switches to tenor sax, the intensity level increases, an eruption of spirits takes place. When PEK picks up a double-reed (shenai?), things go even further out as spinning cymbals and bits of echoplex are added for seasoning. There are a series of sections in which certain areas of exploration are dealt with. Tribal drums, other-worldly electronics, saxes and space trumpet all get their due and work well together. This is like a soundtrack to science fiction movie which moves back and forth in time, from ancient villages to modern day free improv madness, all connected to an invisible thread. Alter your reality today! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG    

CD $10



SIGNS OF THE SILHOUETTE [JORGE NUNO/JOAO PAULO ENTREZEDE] + RODRIGO PINEIRO / HERNANI FAUSTINO - Nu. (Bam Balam 039; Portugal) Sings of the Silhouette features Jorge Nuno on guitars and Jaolo Paulo Entrezde on drums plus guests: Rodrigo Pinheiro on piano and Hernani Faustino on bass. This duo hails from Portugal and left us with a couple of LPs earlier this year. They are joined by two distinguished guests, who also members of the RED Trio and can be found on some dozen discs from the Clean Feed and No Business labels. This disc starts out slowly and spaciously with suspense-filled electric guitar, piano, bass and drums. Building slowly in a mostly majestic way. The quartet sound great together as if they have been working together for years. Each of the four pieces here create a mood, evoking different spirits communicating with one another. “Tame” actually reminds me of a Gong-like space jam with acoustic piano instead of synths. Instead of any sort of predictable jazz improv, this disc sounds more like some spirited rock/jazz hybrid. The guitar and piano work especially well together, pushing and pulling and weaving several threads in a mesmerizing tapestry. Just about every week, some promo CD or LP shows up in the mail. I never know what sort of treasures will arrive here but I am glad when something unexpected and dynamic shows up. This is manna for the ears of adventurous listeners. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG  

CD $12



Mentioned several months and finally back in stock: 


DAVID ADES With TONY MALABY / MARK HELIAS / GERALD CLEAVER - A Life in a Day (Lionshare 20153; USA) Featuring David Ades on alto sax, Tony Malaby on soprano & tenor sax, Mark Helias on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums. When Mark Helias laid this disc on me the other day, I knew little about Australian saxist David Ades. After working with Tony Malaby, Gerald Cleaver & Mr. Helias for performances in Syney and Wangaratta, Mr. Ades came to New York in 2011 to record a quartet album with his New York all-star crew, the results of which came out as "A Glorious Uncertainty". Two years later, in September of 2013, although suffering some serious health problems, Mr. Ades again recorded with this same quartet, the results of which are this new disc called "A Life in a Day". Sadly, Mr. Ades passed away just two months later. "Slow Song" is actually laid back, somewhat solemn with some sublime, bluesy saxes from both Mr. Ades and Mr. Malaby. The ever nimble bassist, Mark Helias' soulful sound is at the heart, the central pulse of "Bark 'while both saxes dance slowly and play lush harmonies, the embers burring softly. Malaby moves to soprano for the quirky song "Removab", which keeps shifting tempos throughout, keeping the rhythm team on their toes as it changes. Malaby's soprano solo is mighty fine and it is always great to hear him wail on that sax. Mr. Ades writes songs that have this infectious, buoyant vibe at the center which is especially well-played by the swell Helias/Cleaver rhythm team. This disc is superbly recorded and well balanced so that all four members are integral to the group sound. Mr. Ades has also written a handful of convincing melodies that stay with you long after the disc ends since they ring true in the mind/memory. I hope to be able to find copies of the first quartet disc by this group, in the meantime this one is good enough to savor some some time to come. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

CD $13



NEUMANN/SEHNAOUI/THIEKE/VORFELD - Nashaz (Al Maslakh 0190; Lebanon) Five pieces improvised by Andrea Neumann (inside piano, mixing desk), Sharif Sehnaoui (guitar), Michael Thieke (clarinet), and Michael Vorfeld (percussion) on February 15, 2015. Recorded by Michael Thieke at Ausland in Berlin; mixed and mastered by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Recording Studios in Beirut. Artwork and design by Mazen Kerbaj. Inner artwork by Michael Vorfeld. Produced in Lebanon by Al Maslakh.

CD $26



RICHARD YOUNGS - The Rest Is Scenery (Redux 010; UK) For the uninitiated Richard Youngs is a classically trained pianist and guitarist, but musically he grew up in the shadow cast by punk rock. Adopting guerrilla recording techniques, the independent DIY ethic is at his core. He is a solo artist who also works with a diverse range of artists. He has collaborated with Scottish filmmaker Luke Fowler, Arts Foundation of New Zealand Laureate Award winner Alastair Galbraith, Portuguese organist David Maranha, and Japanese guitarist Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) among others. Since 1985, he has performed irregularly with Neil Campbell (A Band, Astral Social Club, Vibracathedral Orchestra). He was the bassist for Jandek's inaugural live performance at Instal in 2005, and plays as a duo with Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Magic Hour). He has performed floor spots at Hertfordshire folk clubs, and worked with members of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has recorded a modern pop album with Beyond The Valley Of Ultrahits in 2009, and composed a score titled Past Fragments Of Distant Confrontation for the BBC SSO in 2014. He was commissioned to write music for the art film The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott (2012), and his music has appeared in the 2013 feature film Drinking Buddies. He is the drum machinist of The Flexibles, singer of Amor, among many other things. Whether you're a long-time admirer of Young's work, or discovering him for the first time, there is much to enjoy about The Rest Is Scenery - a perfect introduction to one of Britain's great outsider artists.

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CD $15



EIGHTY-POUND PUG / ALEX LOZUPONE PROJECT - An EP, an LP and a Single (JaZt Tapes 061; USA) Personnel includes: David Tamura on tenor & soprano sax, Ayumi Ishito on tenor & soprano sax, Stefan Zeniuk on bass sax, Elijah Shiffer on alto sax, Borts Minorts & Rock Savage on drums, et al. Alex Lozupone’s ongoing collective are/is called Eighty-Pound Pug. The core personnel here are mainly a quartet with Lozupone on guitar/bass, David Tamura & Ayumi Ishito on tenor & soprano saxes and Paul Feitzinger on drums. The are some 10 guests here some of whom are on one tracks, others who are half of the 12 tracks. This disc was recorded at four different performance places in NYC. There is a certain ominous quality to this music which I find enticing at times and almost too much at other times. Vocalist Aubrey Smith bellows out her intense, squalling vocals, both impressive and disturbing.       

CD $10 



BRAZILIKA - Brazil & Beyond (Far Out Recordings Faro 185; UK) Far Out Recordings's iconic Brazilika series encapsulates the absolute paramount of Brazilian music. Celebrating landmark years of Far Out Recordings, previous editions in the series have seen exceptional, globally celebrated compilations from Kenny Dope, Giles Peterson (FARO 142CD, 2009), 4 Hero (2006) and Andy Votel (FARO 128CD, 2008). To mark the label's twentieth year, label boss Joe Davis has lovingly brought together his own retrospective of Far Out Recordings's most stunningly immersive music, illuminating the virtuosity of this host of Brazilian brilliance. Disc two is a forward thinking, twenty-seven track continuous mix, featuring new, exclusive and unreleased material among timeless dance-floor destroyers. The mix was compiled by Joe Davis and expertly mixed by DJ, producer and Brazilian music aficionado Spiritual South. Compiled by one of the world's foremost Brazil-ophiles, Joe Davis, Brazilika yields some of the most musically rich and culturally significant output from the label over the last two decades, drawing together traditional roots rhythms, bossa nova, samba, jazz, funk, folk and psychedelia, as well as productions and remixes by producers from around the world. Far Out Recordings is the result of two decades of passionate hard graft, developing artists and in turn creating an identity and sound for the label, Joe Davis would open a window to the magic of Brazilian music and culture for the world around. Maintaining the label's identity and niche, while covering a wide array of Brazilian musical productivity would be Joe's biggest challenge, a challenge that was achievable and ultimately most rewarding thanks to the talent, professionalism and creativity of artists like Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Joyce, The Ipanemas, Sabrina Malheiros, all of which are featured here and more. Like the Brazilika compilations of the past, this one provides a journey through the many moods of Brazil. Also features: Nicola Conte, Elza Soares, Clara Morena, Nina Miranda & Chris Franck, Democustico, Mauricio Maestro, Nana Vasconcelos, Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld, Arthur Verocai, Banda Black Rio, Caetano Veloso, Caetano Veloso, Danny Wheeler, Troubleman, Friends From Rio, Agaldo Kantor, TS Repman, Grupo Batuque, Sean Khan, Omar, 4 Hero, Alex Malheiros, Banda Utopia, Aricia Mess, Spiritual South, Dokta Venom, Ashley Beadle, Rubens Bassini, Daz I Kue, Carlos Dafe, Zero dB, Mamond, Mark Pritchard, The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra,Jazzanova, Binario Theo Parrish, Budgie and Paul White.

2 CD Set $16



DAVID CROSBY & THE GRATEFUL DEAD - David & the Dorks: 1920 Matrix Broadcast; EEC) 1970 was an exciting time in the music world. David Crosby was riding high on the early success of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, with two wildly successful studio albums and a plethora of legendary performances at the likes of Woodstock and The Monterey Pop Festival under his belt. The Grateful Dead has just released arguably their two greatest albums, 'Workingman's Dead' and 'American Beauty', and were fast gaining a reputation as the best live act around. Towards the end of the year these two creative forces combined for a one-off concert at The Matrix in San Francisco. Billed under the curious moniker David & The Dorks, it would mark the only time that a band featuring David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart would take to the stage together, and thankfully this broadcast recording still exists, enabling fans, even today, to enjoy a unique musical event. Performing a wide variety of material including tracks from Crosby's then upcoming solo debut 'If Only I Could Remember My Name', plus further cuts from across his catalogue, including many songs not at the time released on record, plus an inspiring version of the Dead classic 'Bertha', and a couple of blues traditional songs, this superb CD is testament to the quite staggering talent and creativity of these top drawer musical giants.

CD $15  (In stock next week)



BERT JANSCH - Strolling Down The Highway (Secret Records 147; UK) 2-CD and 1 DVD combo pack of Bert Jansch recorded live on April 22nd 2006 at Sheffield's Memorial Hall.Bert Jansch was the Jimi Hendrix of the folk world, an experience you would not forget in a hurry. A true romantic whose voyage of discovery would find an uneasy Scotsman traveling to London in the early 1960’s in search of greatness. Bert Jansch’s musical influences included acoustic blues legends Big Bill Broonzy and Brownie McGhee, whom Jansch first saw playing at The Edinburgh Howff Folk Club in 1960 and, much later, claimed that he'd "still be a gardener" if he hadn't encountered McGhee and his music.

Jansch was also strongly influenced by the British folk music tradition, particularly by Anne Briggs and, to a lesser known, A.L. Lloyd. Other influences included jazz artist Charles Mingus and this added additional flavour to the musical mix of influences.

   Bert Jansch was totally unique, an innovator in his own type of guitar playing influencing such great artists as Jimmy Page, Neil Young and Johnny Marr to name just a few. Bert Jansch died on 5 October 2011, aged 67, he was a legend for our times.

 “As much of a great guitar player as Jimi (Hendrix) was, Bert Jansch is the same thing for acoustic guitar…and my favourite” – Neil Young

“At one point, I was absolutely obsessed with Bert Jansch. When I first heard that LP (1965), I couldn’t believe it. It was so far ahead of what everyone else was doing. No one in America could touch that.” – Jimmy Page

2 CD + 1 DVD Set $24  (In stock next week)



NURSE WITH WOUND - The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt (United Dirter 130; UK) Available for the first time since being issued privately as a limited vinyl, United Dirter present the CD issue of this ultra-rare 2014 two track LP, The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt. The additional track "Circles Of Confusion" comes from the equally rare Silver Bromide LP (2013). Indulge yourself in these three immersive, ocean deep and intensely powerful tracks of sinister whimsy for the wretched. Yet another classic from the timeless and ever evolving Nurse With Wound. The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt comes in a deluxe six-panel digipak.

CD $18  (Not in stock until after New Years)



More Dynamite Jazz Reissue CD Box Sets from Enlightnment - In stock Next Week:


PAUL CHAMBERS - Complete Albums: 1956 - 1960 (Enlightenment 9099’ EEC) One of the most recorded jazz artists of the 1950s and '60s, Paul Chambers is among the founding fathers of modern upright bass. Equaled in his skill and ability on the instrument only by Charles Mingus and Oscar Pettiford, Chambers' virtuosic technique, impeccable timing and finely tuned intonation made him one of the most sought after session musicians of the bop era.

4 CD Set $18


AHMAD JAMAL - Complete Collection: Part 1: 1951-1959 (Enlightment 9023; EEC) American jazz pianist and composer Ahmed Jamal was born in July 1930. He began playing at the age of three, at seven he started lessons and at 14 he was playing professionally. At this point he was already recognized as a "coming great" by no less a talent than Art Tatum. Jamal began touring with George Hudson's Orchestra after graduating from High School in 1948 before moving to Chicago in 1950. He made his first records as 78 RPM discs in 1951 for the Okeh label with The Three Strings (later called the Ahmad Jamal Trio) alongside guitarist Ray Crawford and a succession of bassists. The Three Strings arranged an extended engagement at Chicago's Blue Note, but leapt to fame after performing at the Embers in New York where John Hammond saw the band play and signed them to Okeh. Jamal subsequently recorded for Parrot(1953-55) and Epic(1955) using the piano-guitar-bass lineup. The trio's sound changed significantly when Crawford was replaced with drummer Vernel Fournier in 1957, and the trio released the live album But Not for Me which stayed on the ten best-selling charts for 108 weeks and included Jamal's well known song "Poinciana". This four disc compilation brings together all the music Ahmad Jamal released during his first seven years as a recording artist, covering the period 1951 - 1958. Including the sides he made for Okeh, his one album for Parrott, his earliest albums for Epic and several records made for Chess offshoot Argo. Trained in both traditional jazz and European classical style, Ahmad Jamal has been praised as one of the greatest jazz innovators. Following bebop greats like Parker and Gillespie, Jamal entered the world of jazz at a time when speed and virtuosic improvisation were central to the success of jazz musicians as artists. Jamal, however, took steps in the direction of a new movement, later coined "cool jazz". He emphasized space and time in his musical compositions and interpretations instead of focusing on the blinding speed of bebop.

4 CD Set $18   


AHMAD JAMAL - Complete Collection: Part 2 - 1959-1962 (Enlightenment 9024; EEC) Ahmad Jamal was able to tour North Africa at the start of 1959 following the success of his Live at the Pershing: But Not For Me album, a trip he had wanted to make since converting to Islam in his early 20s. Born of Baptist parents, he was only introduced to Islam while touring Detroit in the 1950s. On returning to the USA his wealth also allowed him to purchase a restaurant and club called The Alhambra in Chicago. The club however lasted for a little more than a year. Much of Jamal's output between the years of 1959 and 1962 were recorded live at a variety of clubs and venues in Chicago and other US cities. One of his stand-out records from this period was the marvelous collection titled 'Ahmed Jamal's Alhambra', released in 1961 and containing performances recorded at his own club that same year, shortly before it closed. The album went on to be one of the trios most successful records. The follow up, another live set this time recorded in San Francisco, 'Ahmad Jamal at The Blackhawk', was equally well received and included his version of Irving Berlin's The Best Thing For You which became a live favorite thereafter. In 1962 The Three Strings disbanded and Jamal moved to New York City where, at the age of 32, he took a three year hiatus. He resumed touring in 1964 when he began playing with bassist Jamil Nasser with whom he performed and recorded until 1972. Now in his eighties, Ahmad Jamal has continued to play numerous tours and release numerous recordings. His most recently released album is Saturday Morning from 2012. This collection contains all of this jazz legend's recorded output as released between 1959 and 1962, featuring both live and studio recordings it is the perfect accompaniment to this label's earlier release 'The Complete Collection 1951 - 1958'. Together these compilations provide the most complete set of recordings by Ahmad Jamal yet to emerge, containing as they do every track released during the first decade of this true master's career.

4 CD Set $18 


ART FARMER - Complete Albums Collection: 1955-1957 (Enlightenment 9088; EEC) This collection contains the first eight albums, remastered and in their entirety, of Art Farmer's career as bandleader. Featuring five hours of sublime music and a host of guest appearances by some of the biggest names in jazz, this set makes the ideal introduction to one of the most brilliant players ever to pick up the trumpet.

4 CD Set $18    


ART FARMER - Complete Albums Collection: 1958-1961 (Enlightenment 9089; EEC) 8 complete albums from 1958 to 1961 document one of the most exciting periods in Art Farmer's career showcasing his exceptional musicianship and skill as bandleader. Boasting a plethora of appearances from other big names from the late 50s and early 60s jazz community, the result is a captivating listen as the abilities of this master jazz trumpeter develop across the contents of this selection.

4 CD Set $18  


ART FARMER - Complete Albums Collection: 1961-1963 (Enlightenment 9090; EEC) Containing eight complete albums, this set captures Farmer performing some of his most expressive music, both as band leader and as part of the now legendary Jazztet. In completion, this set presents the perfect introduction to Art Farmer's work with the flugelhorn, a catalogue which to this day sets the standard for this instrument's inclusion in jazz.

4 CD Set $18  



LP Only Section:


THOLLEM McDONAS / PAULINE OLIVEROS / NELS CLINE - Molecular Affinity (Roaratorio 042; USA) "Thollem McDonas : 'This is the third trio album Nels and I have made together, each time with a different 3rd partner. The previous two were The Gowanus Session with William Parker and Radical Empathy with Michael Wimberly. Though each session has been unique in itself (different prescribed approaches, the environment and of course the uniqueness that each individual brings), there are definitely overarching themes pollinating each album. As the instigator of each of these sessions, I've always been curious about the sonic experience created each time a unique combination of musicians gather. So, in a sense, this is really kind of a scientific experiment with a control and a variable. I also love the trio format: there's plenty of room for everyone, yet still many possible depths of complexity in relationships between the individuals. The three of us seemed immediately intertwined, psychically and sonically. An amazing place to record with amazing musicians/human beings. I think it all comes through in the recording... an experiment with fascinating results!' Pauline Oliveros : 'This recording brought us together for an unusual musical conversation. There was no plan or guiding structure. Thus the conversation set the pace between eGuitar, V accordion and piano. Each of us contributing, conversing in response to the other from our own individual perceptions. The music develops as a result of those moments of conversation. As different subjects are triggered or introduced the conversation shifts, turns and integrates making the music.' Nels Cline : 'It started on a beautiful sunny day in a rental car to Accord, NY, Thollem at the wheel, his lovely partner Angela riding shotgun. Thollem had instigated yet another miraculous and rather unexpected improvisatory recording session. This time, I was really going to meet the legendary Pauline Oliveros and improvise with her -- and Thollem, of course! We met at a market and caravanned it to a beautiful barn studio. Pauline was immediately welcoming and gracious -- a good start! A few improvisations, some bucolic photos, and precious lungfuls of sweet air later we were headed back to The City. How was that? Did that really happen?? Yes, it really did. A concentrated portion of our probing explorations is thankfully here, on this petrochemical slice: Molecular Affinity. It's a good thing!' Jacket & label are adorned with confocal microscopy images of a Coleochaete green algae, by Fernán Federici. Download coupon included."

LP $18



MORTON FELDMAN//LENIO LIATSOU - For Bunita Marcus (Godrec 027; Austria) Lenio Liatsou performs Morton Feldman's composition "For Bunita Marcus". In the 1980's, Morton Feldman composed two large-sized pieces for his favorite instrument, the piano. Both pieces, "Triadic Memories" (1981) and "For Bunita Marcus" (1985), clock in at about 90 minutes. Both compositions are excellent examples of the group of works that they belong to. "Triadic Memories" demonstrates the complexity and tonal opulence of Feldman's pattern compositions from 1977 through 1983, whereas "For Bunita Marcus" shows the stripped-down, almost dismissive structures of his last works created from 1984 to 1987. Feldman himself described "For Bunita Marcus" as a piece in which he "seriously grappled with the idea of meter. I was very interested in this whole problem of meter and the bar line. I was so interested that I started to write a piece in which I took meter very seriously. I saw that nobody knew how to notate. Sometimes, Stravinsky! In my notation I'm close to Stravinsky; that is, meter and rhythm actually being simultaneous and also being more grid-oriented, a balance between rhythm and meter. 'For Bunita Marcus' is essentially made up of just three-eight, five-sixteen and two-two. Sometimes the two-two would have musical content, which was at the end of the piece. Sometimes the two-two acted as silences, either on the left side or the right side or in the middle of the three-eight and the five-sixteen, and I was using meter as a construction, not rhythm but meter and the time, the length of what is going on." - Excerpt from liner notes by Sebastian Claren.

2 LP Set $35


BERNHARD LANG - Differenz/Wiederholung 2 (GodRec 039; Austria) Bernhard Lang's Differenz/Wiederholung 2 is a multi-media piece for amplified ensemble, three voices and video installation. While the music is filled with rocking-and-rolling, anti-grooving sound slaps, "scored free jazz", and crippled repetitions, three vocalists present texts (including rap) from Gilles Deleuze, William Burroughs and Christian Loidl, commenting on usual repetitive human habits and its nonsense. If Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica (1969) is a milestone of avant-rock, than Differenz/Wiederholung 2 is the same for contemporary music. The ultimate 21st century agenda of repetitions is soon going to be broken. 

LP $24


PHILIP JECK - Vinyl Coda I-II (GodRec 040; Austria) Philip Jeck works as a composer, multi-media artist, choreographer, but above all, he is most well-known as a turntable manipulator. At the end of '90s, he produced something which later would be considered a cult piece - his four part masterpiece Vinyl Coda. It is probably his most important work and the peak of his art; it defines not only his musical language, but also the entire turntable culture, as well as the deconstruction of vinyl. The work is nothing less than a powerful lo-fi symphony which, through magical looping, allows the listener to hear things they otherwise wouldn't hear.

2 LP Set $35


HSIN-HUEI HUANG - Solo (GodRec 037; Austria) Already established in the world of contemporary interpreters, with her debut release Solo, Hsin-Huei Huang presents her multiple pianistic abilities and approaches. Covering different composers through their very different styles, Huang offers mechanics through Bernhard Lang, virtuosity through Peter Savli and sensitivity through Matthias Pintscher, all of that with a fascinating amount of not only performing, but programming responsibility. Personnel: "DW 12 'cellular automata' " composed by Bernhard Lang, mixed by Wolfgang Musil, with Andrew Jezek as recording supervisor; "On A Clear Day" mixed By Christian Michl, with Heinz-Dieter Sibitz as recording supervisor; "Je Dois M'abbattre" composed by Peter Savli, mixed by Branko Skrajner, with Janja Velkavrh as recording supervisor.

LP $24


RASHAD BECKER - Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II (Pan 074; UK)

Rashad Becker's new full length album, Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II, is a newly developed continuation and exploration of work since his highly-acclaimed first volume (PAN 034LP, 2013). Incorporating more instrumental-sounding components, the record moves through both fluid and dissonant sounds, which take on different structural and sculptural challenges through carefully-layered compositions. Following Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I, Vol. II expands in various elements, distorted and warped, focusing in on the tension and energy of synthesized sounds that appear to exist, hauntingly physically. Known for his unrivaled attention to sonic detail across his work, Becker's unique techniques and expressive manipulations of sound are laid bare in an exhilarating new form, stylistically distinctive and uncompromising. The album is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. Artwork by Bill Kouligas.

LP $26






Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for December of 2016:



12/23 Friday

8 pm - SIMULACRUM - John Medeski (organ) Matt Hollenberg (guitar) Kenny Grohowski (drums) - John Zorn’s mindbending organ trio in a rare live appearance! NOT TO BE MISSED!

10 pm - MATT HOLLENBERG—SHARDIK - Matt Hollenberg (guitar) Nick Shellenberger (bass) Matt Buckley (drums) - World Premiere of Cleric and Simulacrum guitarist Matt Hollenberg’s new instrumental unit!






COME ON DOWN AND HELP THE STONE SURVIVE! - John Zorn will appear every night playing with a rotating series of some of the best musicians in town!


12/29 Thursday 


John Zorn (sax) and many special guests


12/30 Friday 


John Zorn (sax) and many special guests



BRING THE NEW YEARS IN EAST VILLAGE STYLE WITH A SPECIAL IMPROV CONCERT AT THE STONE! THIRTY DOLLARS - Thurston Moore (guitar) Okkyung Lee (cello) Ikue Mori (electronics) John Zorn (sax)


12/31 Saturday

8 pm - THURSTON MOORE—NEW YEAR'S IMPROV CONCERT - Thurston Moore (guitar) Okkyung Lee (cello) Ikue Mori (electronics) John Zorn (sax) William Winant (percussion) - ONLY ONE SET AT 8PM, GIVING YOU PLENTY OF TIME TO GET TO YOUR NEW YEAR'S PARTY AND RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH YOUR FRIENDS! THIRTY DOLLARS

11pm: NEW YEARS'S EVE SPECIAL Featuring: Bill Laswell (bass), Milford Graves (drums) and special guest John Zorn (sax)!!! FORTY DOLLARS


There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone. 

Only music. All ages are welcome.

Cash Only at the door. There is no phone. 

There is no food or beverage served or allowed 

just a serious listening environment.

The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis





The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319

29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC   


Friday Dec 23    

9:00PM & 10:30PM  MARTA SANCHEZ QUINTET - Roman Filiu, alto sax; Jerome Sabbagh,tenor sax; Marta Sanchez, piano; Allan Mednard, drums 


Saturday Dec 24               



Sunday Dec 25  

3:00PM  METROPOLITAN KLEZMER: SANTA KLEZ - Debra Kreisberg, clarinet, alto saxophone; Karen Waltuch, viola; Rachelle Garniez, accordion, piano & vocals;  Brian Glassman, double bass; Eve Sicular, drums, bandleader - Two Shows: 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.!


Monday December 26th:

8:30PM  SARAH BERNSTEIN QUARTET - Sarah Bernstein, violin, composition; Ron Stabinsky, piano; Stuart Popejoy, electric bass; Satoshi Takeishi, drums


Tuesday  Dec 27

6:00PM  TAMUZ NISSIM & GEORGE NAZOS BAND - Tamuz Nissim, vocals; George Nazos, guitar; Danny Weller, bass

8:01PM  ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO - Eri Yamamoto, piano; David Ambrosio, bass; Ikuo Takeuchi, drums


Wed Dec 28th:

8:01PM  MICHEL REIS TRIO - Michel Reis, piano; Eddy Khaimovich, bass; Peter Traunmueller, drums


Thurs December 29th:

6:00PM  YANIV TAUBENHOUSE TRIO - Yaniv Taubenhouse, piano; Rick Rosato, bass;  Jerad Lippi, drums

8:00PM  TEST SUBJECTS - Billy Test, piano; Ron Horton, trumpet; Marc Mommaas, tenor sax; Marty Kenney, bass; Curtis Nowosad, drums

9:30PM  CNQ - Curtis Nowosad, drums; Marquis Hill, trumpet; Andrew Renfroe, guitar; Michael King, piano; Barry Stephenson, bass


Friday Dec 30    

9:00PM & 10:30PM  TOM RAINEY TRIO - Mary Halvorson, guitar; Ingrid Laubrock, tenor saxophone; Tom Rainey, drums


Saturday Dec 31               

8:30PM  NEW YEAR'S EVE WITH SHELIA JORDAN & CAMERON BROWN - Sheila Jordan, vocals; Cameron Brown, bass - $40 includes a glass of bubbly  

10:30PM  NEW YEAR'S EVE WITH SHELIA JORDAN & CAMERON BROWN - Sheila Jordan, vocals;  Cameron Brown, bass - $50 includes a glass of bubbly at midnight   




I-Beam Presents:


Tuesday, January 3rd 8:30 PM

The Out Louds

Tomas Fujiwara – Drums

Ben Goldberg – Clarinets

Mary Halvorson – Guitar


Sunday, January 8th 8:30 PM

Chris Jentsch NO-NET

Mike McGinnis’s MusicNOW Trio + Goldberg / Drye / Sacks


Wednesday, January 11th 8:30 PM 

8:30 pm - Goldberg / Drye / Sacks

Ben Goldberg – Clarinet

Brian Drye – Trombone

Jacob Sacks – Piano

9:30 pm - Mike McGinnis’s MusicNOW Trio

Mike McGinnis – Clarinet

Tom Rainey – Drums

Angelica Sanchez – Piano


Saturday, January 21st 8:30 PM 

Billy Mintz Two Bass Band

Ron Horton – Trumpet

Dave Scott – Trumpet

John O’Gallager – Saxophones

Adam Kolker – Saxophones

Brian Drye – Trombone

Curtis Fowlkes – Trombone

Masa Kamaguchi – Bass

Cameron Brown – Bass

Billy Mintz – Drums / Compositions


Sunday, January 22nd 8:30 PM

Sean Moran’s – Sun Tiger

Sean Moran – Guitar

Vinnie Sperrazza – Drums

Hank Roberts – Cello


I-Beam is located at  168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY:  Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street.  Walk down 4th ave to 7th street.  Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave.  We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.




This from Cellist LEILA BORDREUIL:


January 4th @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn

--Leila Bordreuil/ Michael Foster

--Sunk Heaven

--Julia Santoli

--Arian Schaffee


January 6th @ Arts for Arts, Manhattan

--Leila Bordreuil/ MIchael Foster

--Jason Kao Hwang

--Tony Malaby/ Ben Gernstein/ Tom Rainey


January 14th

@ All Ears Festival, Oslo


January 16th

--solo @ Mayhem, Copenhagen

January 18th @ Cafe Oto, London

--Leila Bordreuil Solo

--Thomas Ankersmit


January 20th @ Occii, Amsterdam

--solo cello - Leila Bordreuil




EVOLVING MUSIC SERIES  - January 2 - 22, 2017

Justice is Compassion / Not a Police State


The Clemente, Abrazo Interno Gallery

107 Suffolk St. New York, NY 10002 (near Delancey St.)

Admission: $10 per set / $7 poetry reading / $25 per night

Art Show - OASIS - Jo Wood-Brown /


Monday January 2

7pm: Dave Sewelson Quartet- Dave Sewelson - baritone sax / Ryan Frazier - trumpet / Devin Hoff - bass / Alex Cline - drums Special Guest Mike Watson - bass clarinet

8pm: Cleaver / Potter - Gerald Cleaver - drums / Chris Potter - tenor sax

9pm: Songs for Girshel - Cheryl Pyle / Premik Russell Tubbs / 


Tuesday January 3

7pm: Mennen / Lopez / Naidoo - Abraham Mennen - tenor sax / Brandon Lopez - bass / Kesivan Naidoo - drums

8pm: Rosenbloom / Cooper-Moore - Mara Rosenbloom - piano / Cooper-Moore - diddley bow, flute

9pm: Aruan Ortiz Quartet - Aruan Ortiz - piano / Darius Jones - alto sax / Marika Hughes - cello / Fay Victor - voice


Wednesday January 4

7pm: Irreversible Entanglements - Luke Stewart - bass / Camae Ayewa - spoken word / Keiur Neuringer - alto sax / Jamal Moore - tenor sax, percussion / Tscher Holmes - drums / Khalid Thompson - live painting 

8pm: Ras Moshe Ensemble - Ras Moshe Burnett - reeds / Larry Roland - bass  

Tor Yochai Snyder - guitar / Lisette Santiago - percussion / Warren Smith - vibes

9pm: Laubrock / Rainey - Ingrid Laubrock - tenor sax / Tom Rainey - drums


Thursday January 5

5pm: Jo Wood Brown OASIS Paintings Opening

8pm: In Cahoots - Ned Rothenberg - reeds / Mark Feldman - violin / Sylvie Courvoisier - piano

9pm: Lewis / Pirog - James Brandon Lewis - tenor sax / Anthony Pirog - guitar 

10pm: Yoni Kretzmer Trio - Yoni Kretzmer - tenor sax / Jason Ajemian - bass / Kevin Shea - drums


Friday January 6

7pm: Bordreuil / Foster - Leila Bordreuil - cello / Michael Foster - reeds

8pm: Jason Kao Hwang - violin

9pm: Larry Roland - poet

9:30: Tony Malaby's Up Against the Wall - Tony Malaby - tenor sax / Ben Gerstein - trombone / Tom Rainey - drums


Saturday January 7


7pm: held - Miriam Parker - dance / Tomeka Reid - cello

7:30: Jesus Papoleto Melendez - poet

8pm: Fay Victor's Peace Pipe - Fay Victor - voice, texts / Ben Gerstein - trombone

9pm: Michael Bisio Accortet - Michael Bisio - bass / Art Bailey - accordion / Steve Swell - trombone / Michael Wimberly - drums


Monday January 9 - Honoring Roy Campbell

7pm: The Nu Band - Lou Grassi - drums / Mark Whitecage - alto sax / Tom Heberer - trumpet / Joe Fonda - bass

8pm: 3 For Roy - Bryan Carrott - vibes / Hilliard Greene - bass / Michael Wimberly - drums

9pm: Pyramid Trumpets for Roy - William Parker - bass / Hamid Drake - percussion / Nabate Isles - trumpet / Matt Lavelle - trumpet


Tuesday January 10

7pm: Irabagon / LabroJon Irabagon - sax / Julien Labro - accordion

8pm: LathanFlinAli  - Lathan Hardy - alto sax / Flin Van Hemmen - drums / Sean Ali - bass

9pm: Andrew Drury Content Provider Trio - Andrew Drury - drums / Ingrid Laubrock - tenor sax / Briggan Krauss - alto sax


Wednesday January 11

7pm: The Benntet  - Bruce Williamson - tenor sax / Hui Cox - guitar / Michael Bisio - bass / Michael Wimberly - drums

8pm: Cooper-Moore / Behroozi - Cooper-Moore - strings, percussion / Daro Behroozi

9pm: Amirtha Kidambi Vocal Choir - Amirthda Kidambi / Jean-Carla Rodea / Anais Maviel / Charmaine Lee / Emilie Lesbros / Kristin Slipp


Thursday January 12

7pm: We Free Strings - Melanie Dyer - viola / Charles Burnham - violin / Gwen Laster violin / Lester St. Louis - cello / Hilliard Greene - bass  / Michael Wimberly - 

8pm: Tomeka Reid Septet 8 - Tomeka Reid - cello / Mazz Swift - viola / Jason Hwang - violin, Sarah Bernstein - violin / Adam Hopkins - bass / Chris Hoffman - cello

Tomas Fujiwara - drums 

9pm: Jaimie Branch Trio - Jaimie Branch - trumpet / Brandon Lopez / Mike Pride - drums


Friday January 13 - MLK weekend

7pm: Andrea Wolper's Cento Project - Andrea Wolper - voice / Mazz Swift - violin / Adam Caine - guitar

8pm: Yuko Otomo - poet

8:30: William Hooker Trio With Louie Belogenis - tenor sax / Dave Ross - guitar

9:30: The Ghost - Michael Foster - reeds / Zach Rowden - bass / Derek Baron - drums


Saturday January 14 - MLK weekend

6:30: Patricia Spears Jones - poet

7pm: Chuma / Parker / Hwang / Yoshiko Chuma - dance / Miriam Parker - dance / Jason Kao Hwang - violin

8pm: Swift / McGinnis - Mazz Swift - violin / Mike McGinnis - reeds

9pm: Ken Filiano Trio - Ken Filiano - bass / Michael Attias - alto sax / TA Thompson - drums