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NEWSLETTER - January 25th, 2013

DANGER: WILL ROBINSON! Global Warming gets a Super-Boost from:

John Zorn: Filmworks XXV! John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble! Elliott Sharp Solo Acoustic! Gabriele Cohen! Curtis Hasselbring/Mary Halvorson/Chris Speed/Trevor Dunn! Lee Hyla! Rob Mazurek/Nicole Mitchell/Jason Adasiewizc! Barry Altschul/Jon Irabagon/Joe Fonda!

Thomas/Malaby/Staebell! Joelle Leandre & Jerome Bourdellon! Double Tandem: Ab Baars/Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love! Trio Derome/Guilbeault/Tanguay! Richard Barrett/Han-Earl Park! Guapo CD+DVD!

Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson! Ensemble SuperMusique! Thomas Borgmann/Wilber Morris/Reggie Nicholson! Gustafsson's Fire!Orchestra! Szilard Mezei's Tubass Quintet!

Arve Henriksen 7 LP Box! Art Zoyd! Motorpsycho 4 CD Box! Joane Hetu! Merzbow 10 CD Set! Alasdair Roberts & Friends! Dilloway/Drumm!

and, of course, that's not all of it!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues in 2013 With:


Sunday, January 27th Double-Header:
6pm: ALAN SONDHEIM/AZURE CARTER/CHRIS DIASPARRA! Weird Ethnic Instruments/Vocals/Saxes!

Sunday, February 3rd Double-Header:

Sunday, February 10th Triple-Header:
6pm: ANDY HAAS & KEN ALDCROFT - Sax/Electronics & Guitar; CD Release Set!

JUST ADDED - RARE Wednesday Set, February 13th:
6pm: MARK SANDERS - Solo Drums!

Sunday, February 17th:
6pm: FEDERICO UGHI & JEFF SNYDER - Drums & Electronics!

Sunday, Feb 24th:

Sunday, March 3rd Double-Header:
6pm: DAVID GROLLMAN & RYAN KRAUSE - Snare Drum & Voice!
7pm: YONI KRETZMER & JAMES ILGENFRITZ - Tenor Sax & Contrabass!

Sunday, March 10th:
7pm: BONNIE KANE & CHRIS WELCOME - Alto Sax & Guitar Duo!

Sunday, March 17th Triple Header:
6pm: EMMANUEL CREMER - Solo Cello!
7pm: TASOS STAMOU - Prepared Zither & Homemade Electronics!

Sunday, March 24th:
6pm: ROSS HAMMOND & CATHERINE SIKORA - Guitar & Tenor Sax!

Sunday, March 31st:


First New Tzadik releases for 2013!

JOHN ZORN - FilmWorks XXV: City Of Slaughter/Schmatta/Beyond The Infinite [sndtck s] (Tzadik 8305; USA) The first FilmWorks CD in almost three years (and perhaps the very last in the series) features three radically different musics for solo piano. Commissioned to create music for video installations in Moscow's Museum of Jewish History, Zorn has responded with a poignant Jewish-tinged score performed here by the virtuosic Israeli pianist Omri Mor. Also included is Rob Burger's beautiful solo piano performance of Zorn's landmark composition Beyond the Infinite (from The Goddess) and four rare film cues improvised by Zorn himself for Marc Levin's documentary Schmatta. An intimate and varied collection of music for solo piano.TZADIK ARCHIVAL SERIES
CD $14.

LEE HYLA - My Life On The Plains (Tzadik 8093; USA) Lee Hyla is a composer of rare power and versatility whose work combines the complexity of atonal classical concert music with the energy of experimental jazz, rock and improvised music. Truly part of the American tradition, his work is imaginative, fresh, and embraces a wide range of diverse influences. Lee Hyla's third Tzadik CD presents a collection of recent works large and small. Colorful and startling pieces filled with surprises and wild bursts of energy. This is a fabulous and varied program of concert music from a true American maverick! TZADIK COMPOSER SERIES
CD $14.

GABRIELE COHEN - Yiddish Melodies In Jazz (Tzadik 8172; USA) Gabriele Coen's second project for Tzadik explores the nexus of Jewish music and jazz through the work of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Cab Calloway, Shelly Manne, Terry Gibbs, Herbie Mann, Mickey Katz and more. Tapping into modern Yiddish swing, Coen's exciting arrangements and fabulous band has created a true melting pot music, bringing together a variety of jazz styles in this beautiful and lyrical collection. TZADIK RADICAL JEWISH CULTURE SERIES
CD $14.

BARRY ALTSCHUL'S 3DOM FACTOR with JON IRABAGON/JOE FONDA - The 3Dom Factor (TUM 032; Finland) Featuring Barry Altschul on drums & compositions, Jon Irabagon on tenor sax and Joe Fonda on acoustic bass. Earlier this month (January of 2013), there was a celebration at Roulette for the 70th birthday of master drummer Barry Altschul. This trio plus another trio (with Ray Anderson & Mark Helias) reunited after a long absence and word is that both sets were amazing! Mr. Altschul's current trio features three great musicians from different generations: Barry whose career began in the mid-sixties, Joe Fonda whose profile started in the seventies and Jon Irabagon whose is a member of the popular quartet Mostly Other People do the Killing and who has won much recognition (including the Monk award) in the current century. What is interesting is that Mr. Irabagon is more often known for playing alto sax instead of tenor, which he plays here.
Mr. Altschul, who worked with Paul Bley in the sixties and with Sam Rivers & Anthony Braxton in the seventies, has recorded only a handful of albums as a leader (a half dozen in nearly fifty years). This is his first one in 25 years. Mr. Altschul composed all but one of these songs with one cover by Carla Bley ("Ictus"). What is wonderful about jazz is that folks from different generations, cultures and scenes can blend their talents into a common language and make great music. This is what is happening here. Mr. Altschul's pieces both unite the forces here as the explore tightly together as one solid experience. This is not simply a sax-led trio, there is much more going on than that. There are no wink links here, each member of the trio is integral to the way they work so well together. Each piece provides different sets of challenges with structure, harmonies and solos. There is a seamless flow of ideas and consistently interconnected playing going on. When one person solos, the other two trade licks or ideas underneath so that there is a web which unites all three members throughout. "Irina" is the title track from a Soul Note album that Barry had in the eighties. It is a lovely ballad-like song with some lush & lovely tenor from Mr. Irabagon. This disc encompasses the history of jazz as each piece or section draws from different eras. I love the way "Be Out S'Cool" keeps changing tempos throughout, never staying in any one place as it evolves. Although Mr. Fonda solos on just about every song, he is well-integrated into the structure of each piece so that you don't realize if anyone is soloing or not. This is an immensely well-rounded and seamlessly integrated work that is filled with numerous surprising twists and turns. Happy birthday to Barry Altschul and special thanks for the gift you have bestowed upon us all. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $18

ELLIOTT SHARP - Momentum Anomaly: Solo Acoustic Guitar (New Atlantis 006; USA) Momentum Anomaly is the next in a series formally begun with Velocity of Hue in 2003 and continuing with Quadrature and Octal: Book One and Octal:Book Two but in reality extending back to my 1980 solo recording Rhythms & Blues and extending through 1984's Ir/Rational Music 1 & 2. These volumes are in some ways sets of etudes presenting technical possibilities and manifestations of various tuning systems and extended techniques. At the same time, I would consider them among the most personal of my music: a feedback loop between formalized concepts often based on extra-musical sources and that internal alchemy that takes place as the Inner Ear and muscles of musical memory and reflex pass messages and calls-for-action back and forth at faster-than-light speeds. Many of the gestures from these past works are so much a part of my sonic DNA that they are instantly recognizable, yet here, they are re-cast through the filter of a new tuning as well as the cumulative transformations in approach and technique that the composer accretes through acts of living and reflection. Momentum Anomaly in itself has many meanings, both nominative and descriptive, deriving from such varied founts as post-quantum physics and market analyses. I present it as the many forms of flow and how they may be interrupted so as to re-form on another plane in another guise, still always flowing.
"It is odd how some folks often pin a musician down based on one or two initial recorded or live experiences and think they know what to expect in the present or future. There is no doubt that some of Elliott Sharp's music is difficult or challenging to listen to. However, this is only one reaction to just a part of what Mr. Sharp does. Even Mr. Sharp's approach to playing his acoustic guitar(s) might fill someone with apprehension based on his intense tapping on the neck of the guitar. This is not the case here and I was surprised when listening to this disc earlier this week. Not that there isn't some distinctive tapping going on here. This disc is superbly recorded, the sound is warm and rich and up-close. The disc disc does begin with some quick tapping yet after an initial flurry, it starts to settle down. Mr. Sharp weaves various layers of lines simultaneously into an exciting tapestry that keeps changing patterns. He adds the occasional harmonics like punctuation or spice in just the right places and in surprising ways. One of the things that Sharp does which is unique is using an e-bow on his (acoustic) guitar which makes the string hum or drone similar to feedback. This adds a dark undertow which E# uses most selectively, sometimes a inserting hypnotic vibe which draws you in and keeps you transfixed. On "Chiral", Elliott adds a dreamy quality by allowing certain notes to float in the air and ring like distant bells. I haven't heard anyone do this before but it does add a magical quality which cast a nice spell over the entire piece. Certainly one of the best and most distinctive solo acoustic guitar endeavors of this or any other year. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $12

JOELLE LEANDRE & JEROME BOURDELLON - Evidence (Relative Pitch 1010; USA) Featuring Joelle Leandre on contrabass and Jerome Bourdellon on flutes & bass clarinet. Ms. Landre has played live and recorded in the duo situation more than any other combination. She has done dozens of amazing duos with George Lewis, India Cooke, Derek Bailey, Irene Schweizer and Barre Phillips, to name but a few. French flutist, Jerome Bourdellon, has worked with Joe McPhee, Roscoe Mitchell and Carlos Zingaro. This disc was recorded live at Theatre du Saulcy in France in November of 2011 and it consists of one solo by each musician and five duos.
This disc is superbly recorded and sounds rich in detail and warm in tone. The contrabass and flute sound perfect together as they share a similar timbre or texture. The balance and overall blend of both of these acoustic instruments sounds just right. Mr. Bordellon's solo is for bass flute and it has a most impressive sound, lush and similar to the way the wind howls with a mix of various layers. On the duo of bass clarinet and contrabass, it is hard to tell them apart (except for a few distinctive sounds), they are so similar in range. The longest piece is a solo contrabass and it a tour-de-force. Once again Ms. Leandre and her well chosen cohort, Mr. Bourdellon, reach deep inside and show how astonishing an acoustic duo can be. The entire disc and concert flows together as one continuous righteous work of art. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $14

JOHN HOLLENBECK LARGE ENSEMBLE With THEO BLECKMANN/KATE McGARY/GARY VERSACE et al - Songs I Like Alot (Sunnyside 1339; USA) Theo Bleckmann & Kate McGarry on vocals, Gary Versace on piano and John Hollenbeck on drums & direction. Composer/percussionist John Hollenbeck has developed a unique voice as a composer and arranger for large ensembles. On his new recording, Hollenbeck has taken seven personally loved songs written by other songwriters and arranged them for the esteemed Frankfurt Radio Big Band along with vocalists Theo Bleckmann and Kate McGarry. The eclectic program includes Hollenbeck's expansive takes on music by Jimmy Webb, Imogen Heap and Queen ("Bicycle Race"?!?). "I caught Mr. Hollenbeck's New York Large Ensemble last month (December of 2012) at Roulette and was completely blown away. Everything about was perfect: the original writing & arranging of some pop songs, solos by Tony Malaby & other Downtowners as well as the wonderful singing of Theo Bleckmann and Kate McGary! Mr. Hollenbeck has the knack for choosing just the right material to cover. I used to think that "Wichita Lineman" (by Jimmy Webb & a hot for Glenn Campbell) was corny song that I still dug but live and on this disc, I was nearly brought to tears from the riveting version. Like my Clarinet List (100+ of 20th Century's finest), I have been also working on a Big Band/Large Ensemble List for the past century that keeps on growing. All four of John Hollenbeck's Large Ensemble discs have been stunning and this one is no less grand so check it out right now!" - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

BEN THOMAS with TONY MALABY/AARON STAEBELL - Endless Mountain Region (Lungbasket; USA) Featuring Ben Thomas on bass, Tony Malaby on tenor & soprano saxes, and Aaron Staebell on drums. This was recorded live at the Rochester Art Center in November of 2010. Formerly Rochester, NY-based bassist Ben Thomas has just moved to NYC and left us his new trio disc. I didn't know of Mr. Thomas or his drummer, Aaron Staebell, before hearing this disc but we all know and love the mighty Tony Malaby. All three members of the trio contributed pieces plus there is a cover of Ornette Coleman's "Wru". This is a solid, strong and focused trio and each piece shows off another side. On "Longshot", the bass and drums are connected playing a constant flow or pulse throughout while the sax rides the waves in a fine, slow-burning mode on top. This is not a free/jazz effort but much more diverse with a different structure on each song. There are some free sections or loose parts which are selectively used. I dig the way the trio creates a slow, hypnotic aura on "Elephant in Labor" with ghost-like tenor sighs and eerie bowed bass and simmering cymbals. Although this is a live disc, there is no crowd sounds and the recording is warm and well balanced. "Two and a Half Hours" is long and winds its way through different sections with tempo changing as it evolves. Mr. Malaby sounds great on soprano here and plays a long, story-like solo. Malaby's epic length piece, "Sky Church" is episodic keeps the trio on its toes as it evolves through varies hills and valleys, twists and turns. This is a most ambitious effort on many counts and it is over an hour long to boot. Most impressive and well worth the price! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $10

DOUBLE TANDEM [AB BAARS/KEN VANDERMARK/PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE] - OX (Den 10; EEC) Featuring Ab Baars on tenor sax & B-flat clarinet, Ken Vandermark on tenor & bari saxes & B-flat clarinet and Paal Nilssen-Love on drums. This disc was recorded live at the Novara Winter Jazz Session in Italy in April of 2012. ICP saxist, Ab Baars, and Chicago saxist, Ken Vandermark, have recorded together on just a few previous sessions: with Misha Mengelberg (on Hatology), an Ab Trio with Ken (CD on Wig) and more recently this same trio with Mats Gustafsson added ( a 7" on Terp). So, there is some history here between all three players.
This is a strong, intense and focused session. It starts with Vandermark on some deep, dark bari sax with Baars twisting those high notes into tight shrapnel. The incredible Mr. Nilssen-Love is the perfect drummer for this trio as he balances the flow between both saxes like a master percussionist. He rubs or bows his cymbals adding an impressive eerie texture the the sax or clarinet squeaks, squawks or blasts. Sometimes Paal just lays out while either or both reeds players solo or duo together. There is a fine section for the two clarinets which is playful and somber like birds chirping together melodically. There is a lovely section about a third of the way through the first piece, with some sublime clarinet by Ken and superb mallet-work by Paal. This is not just some fire-breathing free/jazz but a much more balanced affair and splendid throughout its hour-long duration. Completely magical from the beginning to the end. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $17

New on Cuneiform!

CURTIS HASSELBRING With MARY HALVORSON/TREVOR DUNN/MATT MORAN/CHRIS SPEED/CHES SMITH/SATOSHI TAKEISHI - Number Stations (Cuneiform 356; USA) "A number station is a type of shortwave radio station characterized by their unusual broadcasts, which consist of spoken words, but mostly numbers, often created by artificially generated voices reading streams of numbers, words, letters, tunes or Morse code. They are transmitted in a wide variety of languages and the voices are usually female, although sometimes men's or children's voices are used. It is widely assumed that the broadcasts are used to send covert messages to spies." - Wikipedia
Intrigued and inspired by the mystery and fascination of these mysterious broadcasts, trombonist/composer Curtis Hasselbring leads an all-star septet which features these major players: Mary Halvorson (guitar), Trevor Dunn (bass), Matt Moran (vibes and marimba) and Chris Speed (tenor sax and clarinet), both of The Claudia Quintet, and dual drummers Ches Smith and Satoshi Takeishi. Number Stations is comprised of a brilliant set of pieces that display all of the great, singular attributes these preeminent musicians have to offer, with the unusual instrumentation ideally suited for Hasselbring's fascination with patterns that expand, contract and decay. In a sly echo of Spy Vs Spy skullduggery, the group often plays elements of the ensemble against each other. Hasselbring's pieces are highly propulsive while at the same time maintaining a degree of dark humor, ambient spaciousness and highly coordinated ensemble playing. The music has elements of new jazz as well as new rock and has wide appeal beyond just the hard-core jazz audience.
Nothing better illustrates the vaunted position Hasselbring occupies in the New York new music community than his ability to corral so many brilliant and sought after players to be a part of his ensemble!
CD $15

ROB MAZUREK OCTET With NICOLE MITCHELL/JASON ADASIEWICZ/JOHN HERNDON/GUILHERME GRANADO/CARLOS ISSA/MAURICIO TAKARA/THOMAS ROHRER - Skull Sessions (Cuneiform 349; USA) A major force on Chicago's singularly inventive music scene for two decades, cornetist Rob Mazurek has recorded with high profile artists such as Tortoise, Jim O'Rourke, Stereolab, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and is an intrepid sound explorer.
Skull Sessions combines two of Rob's groups: Sao Paulo Underground and Starlicker with additional personnel. The band is an international cast of masters, including drummer John Herndon (of Tortoise), vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz and flutist Nicole Mitchell, (both DownBeat poll winners on their respective instruments), Guilherme Granado on keyboards and electronics, Carlos Issa on guitar and electronics, Mauricio Takara on percussion and cavaquinho (Brazilian ukulele), and Thomas Rohrer on C melody saxophone and rabeca (a rustic Brazilian viola associated with the northeast). The fusion of these musicians ignites a beautiful cosmic burst!
The big bang that led to Skull Sessions detonated when the We Want Miles exhibition at SESC Sao Paulo requested that Mazurek devise a presentation related to his deep affinity for the music of Miles Davis. In characteristic fashion, he decided against recreating any of Davis's music, instead composing new pieces and rearranging earlier works for the Octet's particular personalities and unusual timbres. The resulting album is a exploratory album that puts great musicians and compositions together and trusts in them enough to simply let them go!
CD $15

GUAPO - History Of The Visitation [CD + DVD] (Cuneiform 354/55; USA) Prepare yourself for an experience that's simultaneously otherworldly and assaultive. Guapo's sound is based around ideas like controlled chaos, atonal harmony, uplifting darkness, and beautiful destruction. Nothing about the band or their work seems to adhere to even the most open-minded set of preconceptions about the meaning of umbrella terms like "rock", or "progressive", or even "experimental". But when you abandon the need to reconcile any of these concepts with each other, and simply let their latest album, History of the Visitation, speak for itself, everything becomes radiantly clear.
History of the Visitation is the ninth album from the forward-looking foursome. This album finds them following through on the kind of epic constructions that sprung forth from their albums like Five Suns and Black Oni. The record is dominated by the 26-minute tour de force "The Pilman Radiant", offset only by the 11-minute journey "Tremors from the Future" and the considerably more compact sonic sculpture known as "Complex #7". The band currently comprises drummer and founding member David J. Smith with mainstays Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs, Knifeworld) on guitar and James Sedwards (Noght) on bass, joined by recent addition Emmett Elvin (Chrome Hoof, Knifeworld) on keyboards.
In addition to the new studio album,this set include a live DVD of the group from their 2006 and 2007 USA and European tours. This is the only live footage of the band available to the public and features former member Daniel O'Sullivan of Ulver and Sun 0))).
After introducing the world at large to the gift of Guapo, when we released Five Suns in 2003, we are happy to be once again working with this extraordinary experimental rock band!
CD + DVD for $21

DYLAN RYAN'S SAND With TIMOTHY YOUNG/DEVIN HOFF - Sky Bleached (Cuneiform 357; USA) "Featuring Dylan Ryan on drums & compositions, Timothy Young on guitar and Devin Hoff on bass. What is interesting about this disc is that the leader and composer, Dylan Ryan, is the one we know the least about. He is a member of a band called Herculaneum (Chicago-based) who have CDs on 482Music and Clean Feed, both pretty great. This trio hails from LA and features former guitarist (Timothy Young) for Wayne Horvitz' great Zony Mash quartet plus the bassist (Devin Hoff) for Nels Cline Singers, Good for Cows and a Mary Halvorson quartet project. I must admit that I am a sucker for strong (guitar/bass/drums) power trios and this one is something else. Tasty, refreshing and with well-crafted songs. This is a solid, tight trio where all three members are integral to the overall sound. This is jazz/rock at its best. Mr. Ryan wrote or co-wrote all of the matetial here except for one cover by Paul Motian. I dig the way Mr. Ryan drums push the trio into more tempestuous waters on "Barocca" while Mr. Hoff plays some spirited bowed bass for a short bit. On "Mayan Sun" the trio gets heavier, bridging the sounds between Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience at times for a short bit. Guitarist Timothy Young layers a couple of guitars on a few of these pieces, adding distortion, echoplex or even backwards effects to fatten up the sound. When they slow down for "Soft Rain on a Dad Sea", they gets into a dreamier terrain with Devin's bowed bass drifting into a ghostlike sounds. Mr. Young uses those sly volume swirls (pinky or pedal?) here and there and most often effectively. 'Sky Bleached' is one of the best guitar trio offerings I've heard in a while, at least until the next the next Nels Cline Singers CD is released later this year." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $15

RICHARD BARRETT/HAN-EARL PARK - Numbers (Creative Sources 201; EEC) [Ltd time price; normally $16] Featuring Richard Barrett on electronics and Han-earl Park on guitar. Richard Barrett is a UK composer as well as an improvising electronic musician who plays in Furt, Forch and with Evan Parker, all of whom record for the Psi label. Originally UK-based guitarist Han-earl Park has been living in NY for the past couple of years and working with many Downtown players like Louise Jensen & Michael Evans (who he played with here at DMG last Sunday - 1/20/13), Harris Eisenstadt, Tim Perkis and Anthony Braxton. When Mr. Park was living in the UK, he worked with Paul Dunmall, Charles Hayward and invented a device called io 0.0.1 Beta, that played its own improvisations. An impressive resume for sure. Han-earl left us with this duo effort and I'm glad he did.
I dig the intense exchange between these two gifted improvisers. There are a number of bent sounds which make it hard to determine who is doing what. What electric guitar sounds I recognize are sharp, focused and quickly formed & let loose. Han-earl does not sound like a jazz guitarist and doesn't play any of those popular licks. More often he is playing a series of broken yet tight phrases which fit perfectly with Mr. Barrett's more rounded electronics. The fractured phrases that erupt throughout this disc often sound like just one musician playing by himself since we never know where one sound begins or ends or what it will turn into. There are a few rubbed string sounds which remind me of Fred Frith at times but that is the reference I can pull out of my own listening encounters. Otherwise this is duo is completely unique, exciting and engaging. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $14

New from Ambiances Magnetiques!
[in stock Tuesday]

ENSEMBLE SUPERMUSIQUE [JEAN DEROME/JOANE HETU/MARTIN TETRAULT/MICHEL COTE et al] - Bruit Court-Circuit (AM 211; Canada) Yet another great disc from Ambiances Magnetiques' all-star Ensemble SuperMusique. The lineup this time is Jean Derome & Joane Hetu on reeds, Emile Girard-Charest on cello, Guido Del Fabbro on violin, Vergil Sharkya on synths, Martin Tetreault on turntables, Alexandre St-Onge on electric bass and Danielle P. Roger & Michel F Cote on percussion. I've caught this ensemble live on several occasions and have always dug them since they have figured out a way to improvise based on certain internal directions. For this disc, five of the nine members have contributed pieces. The opening piece is Tetreault's "Malgre tout Face A" begins with a moderate-paced repeating rock beat with a variety of sounds interspersed. Snippets of spoken word French, turntable samples and strings are woven together. "SM" has layers of record or radio static (synth?) and strings being selectively manipulated into a mesmerizing swirl of colors. Occasionally a disembodied voice will float through, half sung, half spoken but haunting nonetheless. These pieces don't sound written although they do sound as if someone is directing since the changes in direction are so tight. What some of this reminds me of is a Zorn game piece from way back when (the eighties) although it is just as focused, it is not as quick cutting. Fascinating either way you look or listen to it. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $16

JOANE HETU With JEAN DEROME/ISIAH CECCARELLI/SUSANNA HOOD/ALICE ST-JAK-TOUGAS - La Femme Territoire Ou 21 Fragments D'Humus (AM 210; Canada) Featuring Joane Hetu on direction, voice, objects & melodica, Susanna Hood on voice & objects, Alice Tougas St-Jak on accordion, glockenspiel & voice, Jean Derome on flutes, alto sax, keyboard & voice and Isaiah Ceccarelli on percussion & objects. For the past decade, Ms. Hetu has been involved in a series of thematic works, each one different yet somehow related. The pictures in the 36-page booklet inside the CD show what looks like a serious operatic work involving musicians and dancers. Each of the 21 short pieces on this disc involves a text which is printed in the booklet in French. Most of the texts were written by Ms. Hetu with others taken from Shakespeare, Anton Chekov, Constatin Cavafy and Sophie Calle. Since my French is rudimentary at best, I can't tell what most of the texts are about. Since Ms. Hetu uses minimal instruments here (melodica, flute, accordion, sax & percussion), most of the sounds come from objects and voices. Still, the overall sound is most impressive, stirring, serious, focused and most often fascinating. There are a few layers of voices used minimally and selectively as well as objects like poured water, toys, dolls, a whistle, bells, a wine glass, assorted unseen percussives and things that we don't know without bring listed. Even without knowing what the words mean, I was still knocked out by the way this entire disc unfolds and evolves. My feeling is that Ms. Hetu is working towards creating an effective contemporary opera. If she ever gets the funding, she will no doubt be successful at illustrating a wonderful French-language production worthy of serious consideration. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to see and hear it staged at the New York City Opera House. Stranger things have happened. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $16

TRIO DEROME GUIBEAULT TANGUAY [JEAN DEROME/NORMAND GUILBEAULT/PIERRE TANGUAY] - Wow! (AM JZ 209; Canada) Trio Derome is a longtime working trio featuring Jean Derome on alto & bar sax & flute, Normand Guilbeault on contrabass and Pierre Tanguay on drums. I've always had a soft spot for this trio since they do jazz standards, with equal amounts of reverence and humor. For this, their fifth disc on the AM label, they cover songs by Earl Hines, Lennie Tristano & Eric Dolphy as well as a few originals by Mr. Derome. Starting with an Earl Hines song called "You Can Depend on Me", which features Mr. Derome on bari sax with a warm, charming tone. This song interpolates into Lennie Tristano's "Wow" which works quite well. Tristano tunes are often quirky and challenging and incorporate elements of bebop. The next piece is also a Tristano song called, "Dreams". This tune soars and swings like the finest of any bop songs, the trio is in fine form here. Quebecois drummer Pierre Tanguay is an under-appreciated master and his playing here and throughout is consistently inspired and uplifting. He takes a couple of solos here which are riveting, extending the melody with his ever-sympathetic drumming. Mr. Derome is featured on flute on his own "La Danse de Raphaelle". Derome is also an exceptional flutist and is completely enchanting on this slow-burning gem, his solo one of the best flute solos I've heard in recent memory. On "Mes Enfants" the bari sax and bowed bass shadow each other perfectly, creating lush, enchanting harmonies. The very first jazz album I bought (in 1972) was a 2-LP reissue of Eric Dolphy's 'Outward Bound' and 'Out There'. It completely blew my mind and it changed my life. The trio cover of the gems from that album, "The Baron" and do an amazing job! No easy feat with Derome's alto swinging hard, it makes me smile just to hear that familiar riff once more. Although Derome penned "Palestine", it does sound like a standard. His tone and playing on the bari sax is exemplary, touching and beyond belief. This dic ends with a rather a charming version of a silly old standard called, "The Best Things in Life are Free", which Mr. Derome sings on. Corny but cute and a nice way to bring this entire affair to a humble close. The cover features a humorous picture of the Trio smiling like naughty children on a sunny day outside. Fun for all parties involved. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $16

New on Rune Grammofon!

FIRE! ORCHESTRA [MATS GUSTAFSSON/JOHAN BERTHLING/ANDREAS WERLIIN + STEN SANDELL/RAYMOND STRIDDAVID STACKENAS/MAGNUS BROO/PER AKE HOLMLANDER et al] - Exit! [LP + CD] (Rune Grammofon 3091; EEC) 180 gram LP version with CD of the album. Fire! is a Swedish trio comprising Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Johan Berthling (Tape) and drummer Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums). Fire! is where they go to stretch their instrumental skills and to play outside their comfort zones, or collaborate with prestigious guests (see their previous Rune Grammofon releases You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago [2009], Unreleased? with Jim O'Rourke (2011), and In the Mouth a Hand with Oren Ambarchi (2012). Fire! Orchestra takes the project to the next level: a sonic behemoth comprising 31 members that should be unmanageable, but turns out to possess the elegance and lucidity of the righteous free-jazz big bands of the past. Charlie Haden's Liberation Orchestra. Carla Bley's Escalator Over the Hill. Centipede. Sun Ra's Space Is the Place. Chris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath. Freddie Hubbard & Ilhan Mimaroglu's Sing Me a Song of Songmy. All these classic landmarks come to mind as you listen to their monumental Exit!. This album was recorded in January 2012 at the headquarters of Fylkingen, the legendary Stockholm avant-garde music center. But before you go thinking this is an impenetrable free-jazz meltdown, listen again. Exit! follows in these mighty footprints, but it's also an odyssey that takes its own route, with post-rock/Krautrock diversions along the way. There is a way in to Exit!, and the way out is clearly sign-posted. Fire! is all about burning up tradition and blazing new paths and fresh approaches in improvised music -- approaches informed equally by garage punk, electroacoustics and the noise of heavy industry. Throughout both long halves of Exit!, Mariam Wallentin and Sofie Jernberg chant ritualistic lyrics written by Arnold de Boer of Dutch avant-rock institution, The Ex. The text, he explains, is about concrete and non-concrete space, "and about the possibility of improvising in actual space, and the ties, ropes and teachers in many online spaces and programs.
It's up to the various sorts of fire to define the real, surreal and unreal." Exit! might be a monotonous monolith of repetitive beats, or a tornado-eye of wild solos, but it has a point to make. Members include: Mats Gustafsson (alto/bass saxophones), Johan Berthling (electric bass), Andreas Werliin (drums), Sten Sandell (piano/electronics), Raymond Strid (drums), Mariam Wallentin (voice), Sofia Jernberg (voice), Fredrik Ljungkvist (baritone sax/clarinet), Andreas SXderstrXm (guitar), David StackenXs (guitar), Joachim Nordwall (electronics), Joe Williamson (bass) -- with Emil SvanXngen, Niklas BarnX, Magnus Broo, Emil Strandberg, Mats Xleklint, Per Ake Holmlander, Anna HXgberg, Elin Larsson, Christer Bothe'n, Jonas Kulhammar, SXren Runolf, Tomas Hallonsten, Joel Grip, Dan Berglund, Tomas Mera Gartz and Johan Holmegard.
LP + CD set for $24

COLIN STETSON & MATS GUSTAFSSON - Stones: Live At The 2011 Vancouver Jazz Festival (Rune Grammofon 2136; EEC) Here are two of the planet's most uncompromising and inventive young hornithologists and saxophonists, Colin Stetson and Mats Gustafsson. Mats Gustafsson is the uncompromising Swedish saxophonist famous for his no-holds barred style. Colin Stetson is a member of Arcade Fire's touring group, and his prodigious bass saxophone tones have been called on by a host of American alternative acts including Bon Iver, Tom Waits, Laurie Anderson, TV on the Radio, David Byrne, Feist, My Brightest Diamond, LCD Soundsystem, and many more. The four tracks on Stones were recorded live on stage at the 2011 Vancouver Jazz Festival. Miraculously, this explosive encounter was also their first meeting. From the long throaty drones that open "Stones That Rest Heavily" to the slithering and flutter-tonguing interplay of "Stones That Need Not," it's clear that this duo is intent on alchemizing their brass tubes into liquid gold. But they mainly use low-end instruments like the bass and baritone sax, which emit deep, warm vibrations. And unlike the more in your face free improvisation, there's an underlying tunefulness that draws you in and envelops you. "It was completely magic," remembers Mats. "All was there, the communication, the interaction, the music, the mystery..." The titles were partly inspired by the Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelof (1907-1968), of whom Mats says, "He is the foundation of Swedish modern poetry. There is so much music in the way he constructs his work. It is extremely inspiring, on all levels. Ekelof is the man." This is fire music that smolders in the dark. Perhaps this will give the elusive sax duo a new lease on life. After all, as Mats says, there's "no escape... nothing to hide... you just need to go out there and interact!"
CD $17
also available as a LP+CD set for $24

MOTORPSYCHO - Blissard: Deluxe Edition With Outtakes, Rarities, and B-Sides [4 CD Box Set] (Rune Grammofon 110; EEC) This 4CD luxury set is the second installment in an ongoing series of Motorpsycho re-issues that started with Timothy's Monster in 2010. In a 2011 poll Blissard (released in 1996) was voted the 25th best Norwegian album of all time by 100 Norwegian artists, making it the third most highly rated Motorpsycho album on the list after Timothy's Monster (which came in at 13) and Demon Box (placed at 21). There's no doubt that Blissard is one of their most experimental and alien albums. As Tommy Olsson points out in the booklet, Timothy's Monster was a tough act to follow, and Blissard was a tough record to make. It all started with night sessions in Trondheim in late 1994 with Helge "Deathprod" Sten as engineer and co-producer; the working title was When the World Sleeps. Nobody seems to know exactly when and why these recordings were dropped, but a European tour and new songs written as two-guitar pieces were probably key factors. After a couple of festivals and a short European tour in the summer, Motorpsycho decided a new studio environment was needed after years spent at Brygga Studio in their hometown of Trondheim. It was a well-rehearsed unit that headed for Stockholm's legendary Atlantis studio with the intention of making a "hi-fi" album, something that would prove difficult considering the band's previous sound ideals. Long sessions and various problems put a strain on things, but they managed to record 11 songs in an exhausting week. Mixing was completed the next week. Rodelokka Studio in Oslo was the next stop for re-recordings and overdubs; they even changed the key of The Nerve Tattoo and re-recorded all of its parts, except the drums, before finishing and mixing seven songs with Ulf Holand at the controls. The final album would consist of these seven songs, one Atlantis mix, an ambient guitar-loop piece by Deathprod, and a four-track recording from the initial Trondheim sessions. Released in February 1996 to all around positive reviews, it won them their first Norwegian Grammy. In addition to the original album this box set gives you two full albums of what could have been, a unique insight into the workings of this amazing band. Disc four is a selection of B-sides, rehearsal tapes, and studio doodlings never meant for release but still relevant in this context. Twenty-two tracks are previously unreleased.
4 CD Box Set for $35

ARVE HENRIKSEN - Solidification: Sakuteiki/Chiaroscuro/Strjon/Chron/Rarities [7 LP + 2 DVD Box Set] (Rune Grammofon 2137; EEC) Solidification includes his Rune Grammofon albums Sakuteiki (RCD 2021CD), Chiaroscuro (RCD 2037CD), and Strjon (RCD 2061CD), all with added bonus tracks AND THE BRAND-NEW ALBUM Chron - his first since Cartography - and ONLY AVAILABLE as part of this set. Rune Grammofon welcomes back Arve Henriksen to the label with this 7-LP vinyl box. Henriksen is probably Norway's most versatile musician of his generation, always on the move, always searching and exploring possible and seemingly impossible paths. From the Rune Grammofon catalog, he is known through eleven releases as a founding member of groundbreaking improv group Supersilent -- four with Food (two of them on RG) and three solo albums. He was a member of the Christian Wallumrod Ensemble and has played and recorded with a large number of Norwegian and international musicians, most notably David Sylvian and Dhafer Youssef. In 2008, he released the album Cartography on ECM. His debut Sakuteiki is very much a solo effort -- a pure, naked and highly personal set of lyrical beauty as far removed from Supersilent as possible. Produced at a point when time was running fast with too many projects as well as personal distractions, he needed to evaluate the past and find his way forward. Chiaroscuro was largely the result of a 2003 tour with live sampler and electronics manipulator Jan Bang and drummer Audun Kleive. It's more of a group effort and a more multilayered recording, also introducing Henriksen as the amazing singer he is. Strjon is a tribute to his roots and the beautiful surroundings of his small hometown Stryn in the northwest part of Norway. Similar to Sakuteiki, it's a quest for identity, both on a personal and musical level. Collaborators are fellow Supersilent colleagues Helge Sten and Stale Storlpkken. While Cartography can be seen as a follow-up to Chiaroscuro, Chron can be seen as a natural successor to Strjon. It reveals Arve Henriksen the explorer and discoverer; singing, playing trumpet, keyboards and drums as well as largely being recorded in various unlikely locations. The beautiful 24-page booklet includes extensive liner notes from Fiona Talkington and John Kelman.
The package includes two data DVDs with all tracks as 16/44 files, hi-res FLAC files and original master quality 24/44 or 24/96 WAV files.
7 LP + 2 DVD Box Set for $140

New on NoBusiness!

THOMAS BORGMANN/WILBER MORRIS/REGGIE NICHOLSON - Nasty & Sweet: Live at Tampere Jazz Festival 7th November, 1999 [Ltd Ed of 400; 2 LP set] (NoBusiness LP 57/58; EEC) Thomas Borgmann - reeds; Wilber Morris - bass; Reggie Nicholson - drums
2 LP set for $40

SZILARD MEZEI TUBASS QUINTET - Canons - 2nd Hoisting [Ltd Ed of 300] (NoBusiness LP 56; EEC) Four basses and one tuba! Ervin MALINA - double bass (right); Zoltan CSANYI - double bass (left middle); Erno HOCK - double bass (left); Szilard MEZEI - double bass (right middle); Kornel PAPISTA - tuba (center)
LP $28

and, back in stock..

THE GROUP [AHMED ABDULLAH/MARION BROWN/BILLY BANG/SIRONE [NORRIS JONES]/FRED HOPKINS/ANDREW CYRILLE] - Complete Live: Jazz Center Of New York, September 13 1986 [Ltd Ed of 1000] (NoBusiness CD 50; EEC) The Group, the cooperative quintet featuring violinist Billy Bang, reed player Marion Brown, trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah, bassist Sirone, and drummer Andrew Cyrille, is certainly one of the unaccountably overlooked bands in jazz. Unlike many of the all-star groups of the 1980s, such as New and Old Dreams, the Leaders, Sphere, and Song X, the Group never made a recording and rarely played outside the New York City area. But during the two years they were together from 1986 to 1987, they made some of the most significant and compelling music of the time.
With The Group: Live, NoBusiness Records corrects this historical oversight. The concert performance, which also features bassist Fred Hopkins, shows that the Group was not only an exciting band, but unlike many all-star groups that often played it safe, they were also an exploratory and innovative one. Recorded in performance at the Jazz Center of New York in September 1986, the music features compositions from band members Brown and Bang, as well as brilliant interpretations of Charles Mingus's Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, and a song by Miriam Makeba. Uniting two generations of the New York jazz avant-garde - elders Brown and Cyrille cut their teeth in the 1960s, while the remainder of the band came up in the 1970s loft scene - the Group easily encompassed different styles of composing and improvising. Brown is unfailingly free and lyrical on La Placita; Abdullah pushes bebop into abstraction on Goodbye Pork Pie Hat; and Bang is at his most explosive and bluesy on The Shift Below. Cyrille makes everything swing with his light but powerful touch. And in the only time they were recorded performing together, Sirone and Hopkins add a special rhythmic and harmonic depth to music. Not only are individual solos brilliant, but the band's collective approach creates telepathic interactions throughout the set. It's a performance of such sophistication and joyfulness that it seems incredible that this ensemble could have been overlooked for more than 25 years.
NoBusiness Records has also released a limited edition LP [that only contains three (52 minutes) of the five cuts found on the CD (77 minutes)]. In addition, only the CD release includes a detailed history of the band written by trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah and an extensive collection of previously unpublished photos and concert flyers.
CD $16
also available as LP for $28

MERZBOW [MASAMI AKITA] With KIYOSHI MIZUTANI - Duo [10 CD box set] (Tourette 32; USA) "Recordings from Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani. Kiyoshi was a member of Merzbow in the 80's and has made solo works since 1989, though main man Masami Akita has been the backbone of the band since 1979. These recordings are mainly from the '87-'89 era, but some of the earliest recordings were released in 1979. The first Merzbow tour abroad was in 1988 in Russia, featuring Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani. The second was in Europe (Holland, Germany, and France) in 1989 where Kiyoshi also joined some shows. During this period they were very active in duo sessions at local studios and made numerous recordings. Some of them were used as raw materials for Merzbow (solo works of Masami Akita) albums like S.C.U.M. (1989) but these original sessions had never been released until now. These recordings are also mirror works of solo recordings like Ecobondage ('87), Enclosure ('88), and Storage ('88)."
10 CD Box Set for $80

I WANT THE BEATLES TO PLAY AT MY ART CENTER! [V.A.] - Video from the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Archives 1968-2012 [DVD] (Prisma DVD 001; EEC) This DVD presents seminal works of music, performance, dance, theater and installation art from the nearly 50-year history of Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (HOK). When HOK founder Sonja Henie exclaimed that she wanted The Beatles to play at her art center, in essence, she expressed its founding ambition to produce and stage a lively cross-artistic program that captured the contemporary spirit of the day in live form. This release is filled with previously-unreleased material from HOK's history, and shows for the first time Kjartan Slettemark dressed up as a poodle in 1975, Mauricio Kagel's commissioned piece "Ex-Position" from 1978, and the brilliant recording of John Cage reading "Muoyce" in 1983. "And now we take the first step into the future." Former director Ole Henrik Moe added this bold statement when HOK opened its doors to the public in 1968. The museum of the future at Hovikodden would position dynamic time-based art alongside its collection of modernist masterworks of paintings and sculpture, demonstrating how the various forms art elaborate and collaborate with each other. Instead of expanding its art collection, the majority of HOK's budget would go to events and exhibitions, to the production of new time-based works, and not least, to document ephemeral art. I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center! presents a small selection from Henie Onstad Kunstsenter's video archives. The DVD contains a newly-restored version of Pal Bang-Hansen's promotional feature "A Forum of the Arts" from 1969, where amongst others, Arne Nordheim performs his commissioned work for HOK Solitaire. For the first time one can see what the Norwegian Studio for Electronic Music looked like in 1975 and view an excerpt from Terje Rypdal's opera "Orfeus vender seg og ser pa Eurydike." In addition, the DVD contains more recent productions with artists like MoHa!, KILLL, Stephen O'Malley, and Christopher Nielsen/Masselys. This release accompanies the exhibition I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center! -- Tidsbasert kunst ved HOK 1968-2011, opening October 28, 2012 at HOK with performances by Deathprod and Nils Bech. The exhibition and releases are curated by Lars Morch Finborud.
IMPORTANT! DVD is only available in European PAL format (not compatible with North American NTSC DVD players), region free.
DVD $20
also, Audio portion of above available as 2 LP set for $28

CD $12

ALASDAIR ROBERTS & FRIENDS - A Wonder Working Stone (Drag City 534; USA) "A collection of varied new epics, Alasdair's latest is by turns metaphysical, cosmological, phantasmagorical, topical, personal, and universal. This is Alasdair's most ambitious, fully-realized work to date (an extraordinary claim following the incredible excursions made on his recent releases Spoils and Too Long in This Condition). A Wonder Working Stone continues Alasdair's long-standing love affair and deeply creative interaction with the traditional music of has native Scotland (and beyond), offering an idiosyncratic and nuanced radicalization of that tradition. Indeed, he questions the very notion of 'tradition' in the modern age, with songs addressing topics such as mortality (as ever), life, love, sex, faith, and history. There is a meditation on loss -- the losing of self, of the music of the nation? -- that is belied and ultimately denied by the lively nature of the work. The arrangements of A Wonder Working Stone are dense with the music of friends, realizing the lifeblood of community, and throughout the album, they are presented with raucously cinematic flair. In the middle of it all, Roberts delivers his unique 'scordatura' finger style guitar and distinctive tenor vocals with the backing of a core group of among Glasgow's finest musicians -- Ben Reynolds (electric guitar), Shane Connolly (drums), Rafe Fitzpatrick (fiddle, rap), Stevie Jones (bass), and with special guest vocals from Olivia Chaney, as well as appearances from many other fine players on strings, brass, flute and accordion, all of which edify and expand the musical world of Alasdair Roberts and all those friends who listen."
CD $14

AARON DILLOWAY & KEVIN DRUMM - I Drink Your Skin (Hanson 260; USA) "CD reissue of 2001 recording, originally released on cassette by American Tapes. Kevin and I traded raw material at some point in 2001. After discussing a collaboration I found a cassette of unreleased material of myself messing with Renaissance (the band) 8-track loops on the floor of my car as I was getting ready to leave for home from a Chicago trip. A couple days later Kevin sent me a mini-disc of his own unreleased material. His disc was caked in spilled coffee or something. I managed to clean it enough to make 8-track tape loops of some of the sounds here and there. One track is myself using Drumm sound sources, and one track is Drumm using Dilloway sound sources. Edition of 500 copies packed in black poly-jewelcase with insert."
CD $13

ARNOLD SCHOENBERG - Erwartung (Wergo 6770; Germany) "In the early 1960s, Wergo launched a series that would become legendary in the history of contemporary music recordings. Studio Reihe Neuer Musik featured some of the most significant and cutting-edge compositions of the modern era. Many of the recordings in the series have never been released on CD and some have been unavailable in any form for many years. Arnold Schonberg's sprechstimme monodrama Erwartung is possibly the most famous title in the series. Soprano Helga Pilarczyk offers a riveting performance of one of the most important and influential works of the 20th century." Performed by Helga Pilarczyk (soprano), Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie, Hermann Scherchen. Includes a 76-page booklet.
CD $26

ART ZOYD [GERARD HOURBETTE/THIERRY ZABOITZEFF/JEAN-PIERRE SOAREZ/DANIEL DENIS/MICHAEL BERCKMANS et al] - Musique Pour L'Odyssee + 7 (Sub Rosa 364; Germany) This second Art Zoyd cult album has been unavailable for many years. Originally released in 1979, it is now re-released with new artwork and additional tracks. Released almost three years after Art Zoyd's first LP, Symphonie pour le Jour ou Bruleront les Cites (SR 330CD/LP), Musique pour l'Odyssee (trans. "Music for the Odyssey") presented a slightly different version of the band. The nucleus of Gerard Hourbette (violin), Thierry Zaboutzeff (bass guitar, cello, vocals), and Jean-Pierre Soarez (trumpet) is joined by percussionist Daniel Denis (who would remain a core member of the band for two decades), oboeist/bassoonist Michel Berckmans (of Univers Zero and Von Zamla), saxophonist Michel Thomas, and a second violinist, Franck Cardon. This line-up recorded an album much more cinematic than the first. The band found a new dimension in their sound, one that would remain present on subsequent releases. Art Zoyd's early and great works have been unavailable for such a long time that it's too easy to forget what a strikingly original and amazing band they were in their prime.
CD $16
also available as LP for $18

SICKNESS OF SNAKES [BOYD RICE + COIL: JOHN BALANCE/PETER CHRISTOPHERSON] - Nightmare Culture [CD ep] (Soleilmoon 180; USA) "Circa 1984, after the breakup of Throbbing Gristle, Boyd Rice went to London to record a one-off studio session with the duo of Geoff Rushton [aka John Balance] and Peter Christopherson [previously of Psychic TV], who had recently started releasing records as Coil. The trio called themselves The Sickness of Snakes and the recordings were released on a split 12 inch, with Current 93 taking the opposite side of the album. Now, more than 25 years after the original release, Boyd Rice is reissuing the three Sickness of Snakes tracks as a one-sided 12 inch record and a CD EP. Both editions are presented in lavishly printed sleeves, and include previously unpublished photos of Boyd Rice and Coil, and a new essay written by Boyd Rice."
CD ep for $15
also available as 12" Ep for $20

ALEMAYEHU ESHETE - Alemayehu Eshete (Mississippi 28; USA) "Known by some as the 'Ethiopian Elvis,' Alameyahu Eshete was the ultimate modernist. His music combined R&B, Ethiopian groove, soul, rock n' roll, and traditional Ethiopian music to create something truly unique. This LP features a collection of his 45's recorded between 1967 and 1974. Back to back true classics. The fourth in our continuing series of releases culled from the monumental Ethiopiques series."
LP $17

KESARBIA KERKAR - Kesarbia Kerkar (Mississippi 33; USA) "Known by some as the 'Ethiopian Elvis,' Alameyahu Eshete was the ultimate modernist. His music combined R&B, Ethiopian groove, soul, rock n' roll, and traditional Ethiopian music to create something truly unique. This LP features a collection of his 45's recorded between 1967 and 1974. Back to back true classics. The fourth in our continuing series of releases culled from the monumental Ethiopiques series."
LP $17

ROCKET INFINITY [v.a.] - The Global Rise of Rocking Music, 1942-62 [10" LP] (Mississippi 33; USA) "Rock 'n' roll's rise around the world from 78's, 1942 - 1962. A rousing eight song 10" featuring 'pre-rock 'n' roll' sounds from around the globe. Music that was influenced by early American rockin' music and, in turn, influenced the western world. You'll hear early Bollywood swinging rock from India, lively jazz from Zimbabwe, cumbia from Columbia, traditional music mutated into pop from Japan and Egypt, and even a polka. A real wild ride. Liner notes by Ian Nagoski. Old school 'tip on' cover. Limited one time edition. A co-release with our friends Canary Records."
LP $15



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