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NEWSLETTER - January 4th, 2013

Happy New Year from Your Favorite Bubbies at DMG!

Celebrate with New Audio-Headtrips from:
Mostly Other People Do the Killing! Anders Nilsson/Joe Fonda/Peter Nilsson! Andy Haas & David Moreno! Pere Ubu!

Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra! Cassiber! Luc & Brunhild Ferrari! Yoshi Wada! Jakob Ullmann 3 CD Set! Doug Carn! The Awakening!

Miles Davis Quintet: PLugged Nickel LP BOX! Rangda: Bishop/Corsano/Chasny! Can! Stars Of The Lid! Kraftwerk! Mystic Siva! Sandy Coast!

Last copies of a Rare Jerome Harris/Marty Ehrlich/Art Baron/Steve Nelson/Billy Drummond CD!

plus: 'Best Of' lists from DMG Denizens!



All Tzadik CDs, DVDs and BOOKS are 20% off now through 6pm NYC time Monday January 7th!
[EXCEPT the four The Stone benefit CDs - but that's still almost 700 items to chose from!]


All Innova CDs, DVDs, and BOOKS are 20% off now through 6pm NYC time Sunday January 13th



The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues in 2013 With:

THIS SUNDAY, January 6th, 2013 Double-Header:
6pm: THOMAS HEBERER & STEVE SWELL! Trumpet & Trombone Duo!
7pm: GAIN LUIGI DIANA / BEN GERSTEIN / MIKE PRIDE - Laptop/Trombone/Drums!

Sunday, January 13th Double-Header:
7pm: Two Basses Hit: JD PARRAN & KEVIN RAY - Bass Clarinet & Contrabass!

Sunday, January 20th Double-header:
7pm: GUILLERMO GREGORIO - Clarinets & Electronics!

Sunday, January 27th Double-Header:
6pm: ALAN SONDHEIM / AZURE CARTER / CHRIS DIASPARRA! Weird Ethnic Instruments / Vocals / Saxes! ESP & Fire Museum Recording Artists!
7pm: HANS TAMMEN / JOHN GROSS / JONAS TAUBER / BILLY MINTZ! Analogue Synth / Tenor Sax / Bass / Drums!

Sunday, February 3rd Double-Header:

Sunday, February 10th Double-Header:
6pm: ANDY HAAS - Sax & Electronics & KEN ALDCROFT - Guitar - CD Release Celebration!

Sunday, February 17th:
6pm: FEDERICO UGHI - Drums & JEFF SNYDER - Electronics!

Sunday, Feb 24th:
6pm: KARL 2000: DANIEL ROVIN - Tenor Sax / AUSTIN WHITE - Bass / DAVE MILLER - Drums!


Bruce's Top 50 Instrumental CD Releases of 2012

WADADA LEO SMITH With GOLDEN QUARTET & ORCHESTRA - Ten Freedom Summers [4 CD set] (Cuneiform 350-353; USA)


DKV TRIO [HAMID DRAKE/KENT KESSLER/KEN VANDERMARK] - Past Present: Live 2008-2011 [7 CD Box Set] (Not Two 900; EEC)



PETER BROTZMANN/ & With TRIO ROMA [MASSIMO PUPILLO/PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE] - Solo/Trio Roma: Live At The 27th Victoriaville Festival Of New Music, 2011 [2 CD set] (Victo 122/123; Canada)

EVAN PARKER/JOHN EDWARDS/EDDIE PREVOST - All Told: Meetings With Remarkable Saxophonists Volume 1 (Matchless 81; UK)

BILL LASWELL - Means Of Deliverance: Solo Acoustic Bass Guitar (Innerhythmic 24)


KALABALIK [RAOUL BJORKENHEIM/ANDERS NILSSON/GERALD CLEAVER] - Kalabalik: Live At Downtown Music Gallery January 2 2011 (DMG ARC 733; USA)

SAM RIVERS/DAVE HOLLAND/BARRY ALTSCHUL - Reunion: Live in New York - Columbia University May 25 2007 [2 CD set] (Pi 45; USA)

JOE MORRIS / AGUSTI FERNANDEZ / NATE WOOLEY - From the Discrete to the Particular (Relative Pitch 1008; USA)



TREVOR WATTS & VERYAN WESTON - Dialogues in Two Places [2 CD Set] (Hi4Head Records 010; UK)



NELS CLINE / ELLIOTT SHARP - Open the Door (Public Eyesore 121; USA)


TOM RAINEY TRIO with MARY HALVORSON and INGRID LAUBROCK - Camino Cielo Echo (Intakt 199; Switzerland)


CONNIE CROTHERS & DAVID ARNER - Spontaneous Suites: For Two Pianos [4 CD set] (RogueArt 37; EEC)

JOHN BUTCHER/MATTHEW SHIPP - At Oto [Ltd Ed of 500] (Fataka 2; UK)

ANGLES 8 [MARTIN KUCHEN/JOHAN BERTHLING/KJELL NORDESON/et al] - By Way of Deception - Live in Ljubljana (Clean Feed 256; Portugal)

WEASEL WALTER/MARY HALVORSON/PETER EVANS - Mechanical Malfunction (Thirsty Ear 57204; USA)

HAN BENNINK TRIO [with JOACHIM BADENHORST/SIMON TOLDAM] - Han Bennink & Co. (Ilk 192; Denmark)

KING PAWNS [KAZUHISA UCHIHASHI & HANS REICHEL] - Live In Berlin 2006 (Innocent 020; Japan)

JASON KAO HWANG [with TAYLOR HO BYNUM/JOE DALEY/STEVE SWELL/et al] - Burning Bridge (Innova 840; USA)

SCOTT ROBINSON DOCTETTE With RANDY SANDKE/TED ROSENTHAL/DENNIS IRWIN /PAT O'LEARY/DENNIS MACKEREL - Bronze Nemesis: 12 Fantastic Musical Adventures Inspired By The Amazing Works Of Doc Savage! (ScienSonic DOCTONE 1)



HENRY KAISER & KILLICK HINDS - Teuffel Tesla Duets (H(i)nds(i)ght 1; USA)

MICHAEL BISIO/MATTHEW SHIPP - Floating Ice (Relative Pitch 1005; USA)




MATTHEW SHIPP TRIO With MICHAEL BISIO/WHIT DICKEY - Elastic Aspects (Blue Series/Thirsty Ear 57202; USA)





IVO PERELMAN With SIRIUS QUARTET - The Passion According To G.H. (Leo 642; UK)

DAVID S. WARE/PLANETARY UNKNOWN [with COOPER-MOORE/WILLIAM PARKER /MUHAMMAD ALI] - Live at Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2011 (Aum Fidelity 74)

PETER BROTZMANN CHICAGO TENTET (+1?) - Walk, Love, Sleep: In Wuppertal @ Cafe Ada 2011 [2 CD set] (Smalltown SJ 174; EEC)


FERDINANDO FARAO & ARTCHIPEL ORCHESTRA With PHIL MILLER - Never Odd or Even (Music Center 323; Italy) FERDINANDO FARAO & ARTCHIPEL ORCHESTRA With PHIL MILLER - Never Odd or Even (Music Center 323; Italy)






Chuck Bettis's top 11 of 2012 in alphabetical order:

(when in Doubt, why only go to 10 when you can push it to 11?)

MICK BARR/KEVIN SHEA/TIM DAHL - Barr Shea Dahl (ugExplode 59; USA)

BURMESE - Colony Collapse Disorder (ugExplode 60; USA)

FUSHITSUSHA [HAINO KEIJI et al] - Hikari To Nazukeyo (Let's Name It Light) (Heartfast 13; Japan)

FUSHITSUSHA [HAINO KEIJI et al] - Mabushii Itazura Na Inori (Dazzling Mischievous Prayer) (Heartfast 14; Japan)

HIJOKAIDAN [JOJO HIROSHIGE et al] + AKIRA SAKATA - Made In Studio (Doubt 147; Japan)


STEVE MOORE - Light Echoes (Cuneiform 343; USA)

ONO RYOKO With TATSUYA YOSHIDA et al - Undine (Doubt 143; Japan)


TENELEVEN [NASUNO MITSURU et al] - Teneleven (Doubt 144; Japan)

JOHN ZORN - The Hermetic Organ (Tzadik 7399; USA)


Celebrate the New Year with a Kick-Start from the Fabulous MOPDTK!

MOSTLY OTHER PEOPLE DO THE KILLING [MOPPA ELLIOTT/PETER EVANS/JON IRABAGON/KEVIN SHEA] - Slippery Rock (Hot Cup 123; USA) Sixth f*cking fantastic disc from NYC's finest post/jazz quartet! Just in as we go to press this treasure arrived by pony express (or Moppa on his bicycle) BLG will review next week. You know and I know that this is one of those discs which will be played over & over throughout 2013, SO get your grubby mittens on this as quick as you can say "DMG will you set free!" - guess who? BLG.. and MannyLunch!
CD $13

ANDERS NILSSON/JOE FONDA/PETER NILSSON - Powers (Konnex 5293; Germany) Featuring Anders Nilsson on guitar, Joe Fonda on acoustic bass and brother Peter Nilsson on drums. This has been a great year for our pal and guitar great Anders Nilsson. First there was the much anticipated Kalabalik disc with Raoul Bjorkenheim & Gerald Cleaver on our own DMG/ARC label. Then a fine solo effort called 'Night Guitar' and then a superb duo guitar disc with Aaron Dugan called Hot & Cold from just a couple of months ago. And now this... astonishing addition!
Anders and his brother Peter have been playing together in various projects for the past decade, especially in the Aorta Ensemble. For this disc, Anders has organized a strong trio with acoustic bass giant Joe Fonda and his brother Peter on drums. This disc was recorded in a studio exactly one year (1/5/12) from the review I am writing presently. All of the pieces are original with each member of the trio contributing one or more pieces each. The opening piece sets the stage for things to come with an incredible, powerful jazz/rock groover. Yeah! Nothing I dig better than that fresh, exciting fusion sound of the seventies. Only with no cliches or obvious grandstanding of any type. This time with strong acoustic bass at the center and Mr. Fonda quietly vocalizing each note he plays for the mid-section. On Anders' "Tri-Cep" the trio keeps changing every few bars as they move through different sections, speeding up, slowing down, getting heavier at times as well, but always tightly wound. Mr. Fonda wrote the sublime song "China" which is a fine, laid-back ballad. I dig the way the rhythm team plays one repeating groove while Anders adds another layer of interconnected lines on top. "I've Been Singing" starts out with a great, simmering groove and memorable melody, blues-like with an incredible uptempo bass solo about midway when things unexpectedly shift. "Vodka Variations" features some eerie bowed bass, suspense-filled guitar and sizzling cymbals. The final piece, "Fish Soup" has Anders using some sonic seasoning on his guitar and giving it a swell, somewhat psychedelic sound. This piece has joyous, uplifting cosmic vibe ehich brings this fine disc to a strong conclusion. Anders, Joe and Peter do it again so dig in and join them for an exciting ride. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery [Limited time price; normally $16]
CD $14

SUN RA & His ASTRO INFINITY ARKESTRA - Cosmo Earth Fantasy: Sub Underground Series Vol 1 and 2 (Art Yard CD13; UK) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! "A classic Saturn experimental studio/rehearsal release, starting with eight delirious minutes of kora and piano frame -- almost certainly the Strange Strings instruments, whatever they were. And then Ra's signature clavinet of the period and an unidentifiable double-reed instrument, probably played by Marshall Allen. Enter the xylophone. I sense you're getting the picture; all in all, 21 great later-1960s minutes. Followed by a lyrical standard with Ra playing acoustic piano and John Gilmore saying what has to be said: a live recording, as is the next. Congas, bongos, Ra on Rocksichord and singing in the Ra-African style. Some fine straight ahead jazz follows -- with serious electric guitar and great tenor playing. And so it goes on, winding up with full-on Space is the Place Angel rant from Ra -- not the best sound, but heartfelt. A fine, eclectic collection with enough gems."
CD $17

ANDY HAAS/DAVID MORENO - Haas - Moreno [Ltd Ed of 100] (Studio Stereomo 01; USA) Featuring Andy Haas on sax, piri & fife and David Moreno on modular synth, Moog voyager & electronics. Longtime Downtown saxman, dijeridoo, and electronics player Andy Haas has been pretty busy over the past year recorded discs a solo effort, a duo with guitarist Ken Aldcroft and with an ensemble from Toronto, Canada. For yet another surprise, Mr. Haas has just left us with another unusual duo effort with analog synth specialist David Moreno. Right from the opening, Mr. Moreno sounds like he is using those sly seventies synth sounds somewhere in between Krautrock and Kraftwerk. Hypnotic sequencers bubbling and providing that swirling, liquid groove. Andy adds sax and flute (fife) lines to the great, infectious, pulsating grooves. Unlike some previous projects, Mr. Haas is not treating his sax with any effects so his sound is more pure and unadorned. Mr. Moreno deals with just one or two sequences at a time, keeping things more simple or focused. The pieces are relatively short so that a certain vibe can be established before it fades in the distance. The piri sounds like a double-reed and gives a sly snake-charmer like quality. Perhaps a bit of echo has been added to the piri, either way things become more mesmerizing on these pieces. On a couple of pieces, a small amount of reverb is added to the sax giving it a more dreamy sound. On the second side, the pieces are a little longer and more mysterious sounding. Andy's tone on alto sax has never sounded better, warmer or more enchanting then it does here. The overall vibe of this record is more trance-like than most things I usually review. It felt just right to slowly sail into another dreamworld forgetting about the usual stress-filled parts of life surrounding us all. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
LP $15

CASSIBER [HEINER GOEBBELS/ALFRED 23 HARTH/CHRISTOPH ANDERS/CHRIS CUTLER] - The Way It Was: Live Recordings and Studio Sketches 1985-92 (ReR C5; UK) "Cassiber (phonetically: 'a message smuggled out of prison') crashed like a locomotive into the 'Deutsche Neue Welle.' Founded by Heiner Goebbels, Alfred Harth, Christoph Anders, and Chris Cutler (his first major project after News From Babel), Cassiber managed to fuse materials and attitudes drawn from experimental rock, fringe jazz, punk, pop, plunderphonics, improvisation, close structure, and musique concrete into an energetic and complex form of studio (and then concert) composition unique in its fusion of highly diverse experimental approaches to form with risky, emotional, and expressive execution. Through a deep connection between instrumentation, form and topicality, their musical evolution tracked and anticipated the political and technological changes of their time. Thus, in the course of their ten years of intermittent touring and four records they evolved significantly through the high stakes energy of the earlier releases into their later, more complex and composed, studio works (by which time they had become a trio: Goebbels, Anders, Cutler) with access to the new (first) generation of polyphonic samplers. Highly radical, their music opened up song form by abandoning, extending, or crashing sideways into it -- and was built mainly out of noise, libido, high musicality and, uniquely at the time, a great deal of cultural debris. This CD collects unreleased live recordings and studio sketches [and is a preview of a forthcoming box set some months down the road], sequences like a typical concert and, as luck would have it, these turn out to be great recordings that paint the best -- and most devil-take-the-hindmost -- picture of this extraordinary, groundbreaking band."
CD $17

PERE UBU [DAVID THOMAS et al] - Lady from Shanghai (Fire 290; UK) "Smash the hegemony of dance. Stand still. Pere Ubu return with their first new studio album in over three years. The 35th anniversary of the group's debut (The Modern Dance). The album ushers in a new era in the history of Pere Ubu, with David Thomas and band continuing to provoke and shock listeners, further establishing them as one of the most innovative, progressive, and important bands of all time. Lady from Shanghai is an album of dance music -- it is the Ubu dance party."
CD $20

WOODEN WAND [JAMES JACKSON TOTH] - Blood Oaths of the New Blues (Fire 264; UK) "Blood Oaths of the New Blues is the Sunday morning 'wake and bake' record to last year's critically acclaimed Briarwood's Saturday night revelry. With his once-every-five-years proper rock and roll record out of his system, James Jackson Toth, aka Wooden Wand, retreated back to Alabama to record this spooky, heady follow-up: an album that demands close attention. This is music for quiet reflection and shares a worldview more in line with noise and doom metal artists than it does summer of love casualties and beach burnouts. Every Wooden Wand album trounces expectations, and Blood Oaths of the New Blues, thankfully, doesn't break that trend."
CD $20

GUNTER 'BABY' SOMMER With SAVINA YANNATOU/FLOROS FLORIDIS/EVGENIOS VOULGARIS/SPILIOS KASTANIS - Song For Kommeno [CD + Book] (Intakt 190; Switzerland) CD + 150 page booklet. Featuring Gunter Baby Sommer on drums & percussion, Savina Yannatou on vocals, Floros Floridis on soprano sax & clarinets, Evgenios Voulgaris on oud & yayli tanbur and Spilios Kastanis on bass. This splendid disc and thick booklet is an homage to the Greek village of Kommeno where in 1943, more than 300 innocent villagers were massacred by the Nazis. In an effort to come to grips with this atrocity, the mayor of this town decided a time of remembering what actually happened there. German free/jazz drum legend Gunter Baby Sommer was born during World War II, just prior to what had happened in the Greek village. Mr. Sommer came to Kommeno to play at a percussion festival and learned of the sad history of the town. After meeting the mayor and speaking with some survivors of the massacre, he decided to organize a quintet of Greek musicians to pay tribute to what had happened there. Two of the musicians here are names we should recognize: Ms. Yannatou has worked with Barry Guy and Peter Kowald and has a disc on ECM. Mr. Floridis has also collaborated with Peter Kowald, Nicky Skopelitis and Okay Temiz. The 150 page booklet is written in Greek and English and filled with stories from the survivors and how to come to grips with this tragedy more than fifty years later. The music is consistently strong and spirited, blending several streams, with Greek folk melodies, jazz and other musics impossible to pinhole. Touching, triumphant and healing is what I find within. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $20

Last copies of this Hard-To-Get CD!

JEROME HARRIS QUINTET With MARTY EHRLICH/ART BARON/STEVE NELSON/BILLY DRUMMOND - Rendezvous (Stereophile 013; USA) Composer Jerome Harris on acoustic bass guitar, with Marty Ehrlich alto sax, Art Baron trombone, Steve Nelson vibes, and Billy Drummond drums. Jerome Harris is a great guitarist & acoustic bass guitarist, who has played for Sonny Rollins, Jack DeJohnette and Ned Rothenberg's Double Band & Sync. Jerome's own records are few & far between, this was only his fourth release in 14 years. On 'Rendezvous' Jerome plays his Taylor acoustic bass guitar, a rarely used instrument with a warm & beautiful tone and composed all but one of the tunes here. This is Stereophile's (label & mag) first non-classical release and is lusciously recorded with warmth and clarity. Jerome has put together a solid quintet that seems to be having a blast, everyone contributing to the balance of swinging ideas and wealth of fine soloing. It is actually Jerome's beautiful composing and arranging that really makes one smile, each piece a gem of understatement and grace. The one cover is of "The Mooche" by Duke Ellington and it features an amazing old style trombone solo by Art Baron who played in Duke's last orchestra. This is a mostly straight ahead date, elegant in execution and radiant in its subtle glow. - BLG
CD $15 (Out of print, but we have it!)

RANGDA [RICHARD BISHOP/BEN CHASNY/CHRIS CORSANO] - Formerly Extinct (Drag City 529; USA) "How we can even claim that Formerly Extinct displays a greater fluidity than the well-oiled zero-to-60Khz hairpins of False Flag is a matter of debate around DC corporate HQ. It seems to depend on how you define the semi-metallic element of sound sometimes called 'sharp.' False Flag featured a tune called 'Serrated Edges,' which made sense in the knife-flying arc of that album. Sharp is a claw-like quality in generous supply on Formerly Extinct as well - a graphic picture in sharp focus, perhaps with cleaner edges yet unmistakably gruesome subjects. While False Flag found these slingers in a whirlwinded shred-fest, each trying to out do each other with what they brought to the Rangda lair (er, recording studio), Formerly Extinct blossoms like the home-grown hybrid of a three-headed beast well-practiced in its body. A lean 'n' amazingly mean, greased-up, child-eating machine. Born to the lower-income caste of the bohemian, Rangda maul the underbelly for fun and profit. Thank Kali that all they need is love! These songs, newfangled and shrouded by ancestral awakenings, bore deep into the layers of consciousness to divine meeting. Like, dig 'Majnun,' for instance. Everybody always talks about 'Layla,' but when does anyone ever pull 'Majnun' out the hat? Enter Rangda with sympathy for the obsessed. To them, the Persian wanna-be lover of classical lit and lore is worth more consideration than George Harrison's ex-wife! That's the way the Rangda madness lies. There's no value among the flies of the marketplace - unless you find a copy of Rangda's latest there. Formerly Extinct lives large, no matter how small the arch overhead."
CD $14
also available as LP for $17

LUC FERRARI & BRUNHILD FERRARI - Programme Commun [2 CD set] (Sub Rosa 363; Belgium) Sub Rosa presents two volumes of work from French composer Luc Ferrari and his wife and closest collaborator, Brunhild Ferrari. These two volumes are being released together and simultaneously, as a sign of continuation. For Luc Ferrari, this is the first full-length CD to come out after the trilogy Sub Rosa developed with him. What we have here is three substantial pieces: "Programme commun pour clavecin et bande magnetique" (1972), performed by Elisabeth Chonacka, "Didascalies" (1993) performed by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, Claude Berset, and Vincent Royer (in 2009) and previously available only on vinyl (note that "Didascalies" and "Didascalies 2" are two different compositions), and another previously-unreleased piece that he held dear, "Les emois d'Aphrodite" (1986-1998), performed by San Francisco's MC Band under his direction. Sub Rosa is also pleased to release for the first time the solo works of Brunhild Ferrari: "Derivatif" (2008), "Brumes du reveil" (2009) and "Tranquilles Impatiences" (2010), forming a trilogy on reconstruction from a memory that is still quite alive. These works are new bricks in the erection of a liberating oeuvre
2 CD set for $18

YOSHI WADA - Singing in Unison [3 LP set] (EM 1109; Japan) Singing in Unison is the latest in a series of recordings from acclaimed sound artist, composer, and performer Yoshi Wada. Recorded live over two nights in 1978, on March 14th and 15th at New York City's legendary performance space The Kitchen, Singing in Unison is a dramatic yet meditative work: modal improvisations for three male voices, singing, with great gravitas, in purposeful unison. These previously-unreleased recordings, featuring vocalists Richard Hayman, Imani Smith, and Wada himself are extremely powerful, with a glacial majesty and a sense of timeless wonder. Wada's earliest musical memories are of hearing Zen Buddhist ritual chants in his native Japan, and those memories are reflected in the deep vocalizations here; also evident is Wada's period of intense study with Indian master singer Pandit Pran Nath. Thus there is a definite "eastern" feeling to Singing in Unison, with further elements added by Imani Smith's Sufi background and Wada's interest in eastern European vocal styles, but the music is also informed by Wada's experiences in the Fluxus movement and as a member of the New York avant-garde community. The edgy atmosphere of 1970s New York City pervades these recordings, adding a hint of menace. Despite the fact that this is purely vocal music, fans of the slow-moving heaviosity of Sunn 0))) will appreciate Singing in Unison. Yoshi Wada has four previous releases on EM Records: Lament for the Rise and Fall of Elephantine Crocodile (EM 1074CD); The Appointed Cloud (EM 1076D); Off the Wall (EM 1078CD); and Earth Horns with Electronic Drone (EM 1081CD). This triple LP set features a complete version of both performances, March 14 and 15 (two and a half hours in total). Singing in Unison is a massive, monumental, monolith of vocal sound. 96khz/24bit digitally remastered. Liner notes written by Yoshi Wada, with English/Japanese text. Cover art by Yoshi Wada.
3 LP set for $72

JAKOB ULLMANN - Fremde Zeit Addendum [3 CD set] (Edition RZ 1026-28; EEC) Ranked #4 in the the Wire's Rewind 2012 best-of list. Three CD box collection with a 16-page booklet. "Experimental German composer Jakob Ullmann creates quiet music in order to give himself and his listeners the opportunity to hear more, and better. This comes about because our ability to hear is augmented when listening to quiet music. We hear better because we make an effort to hear better. That is why Ullmann likes to locate his sound-sources at the periphery, so as not to make it too easy for the ear. In order to let sounds develop and move in their own time, the pieces are usually longer than the general concert norm dictates. The opening minutes serve as the exposition of the tempo and the mode, to condition, as it were, the listening." --Bernd Leukert; Players include: "Disappearing Musics For Six Players (More Or Less)" (1989-1991): Maruta Staravoitava (flute), Pavlos Serassis (clarinet) Patrick Stadler (saxophone), Orsolya Sepsi, Eva Csizmadia (violin), Lucie Martin, Hans-Peter Schulz (clavier); "Solo I + II + III" (1992/1993/2010): Molly McDolan (oboe da caccia), Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (bassoon), Hans-Peter Schulz (organ), Assistenten des Organisten: Philipp Kusin, Markus Putzke; "Komposition Fur Streichquartett 2" (1997-1999): Pellegrini-Quartett: Antonio Pellegrini, Thomas Hofer (violin), Fabio Marano (viola), Helmut Menzler (violoncello); "PRAHA: Celetna - Karlova - Maiselova" (2004-2007): Jardena Fluckiger, Stimme (Gesang/Sprecherin); Christoph Bosch (flute), Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (bassoon), Helena Winkelman (violin), Oliver Margulies (viola), Ellen Fallowfield (violoncello), Clara Gervais (contrabass/percussion); Stephan Schmidt (voice), Leonardo Idrobo Arce (electronics), realization: Jurg Henneberger.
3 CD set for $48


New Black Jazz Reissues - Finally on CD!

THE AWAKENING [KEN CHANEY/ARI BROWN/FRANK GORDON/STEVE GALLOWAY/REGGIE WILLIS/ARLINGTON DAVIS] - Mirage (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1215; Japan) Ken Chaney (Keyboards), Frank Gordon (Trumpet), Richard Ari (Saxophones), Arlington Davis (Drums & Perc.), Steve Galloway (Trombone), Reggie Willis (Bass), Rufus Reid (Bass), Drasheer Khalid (Percussion) Anita Jefferies & Ben Wright (Vocals). The Chicago-based jazz sextet known as The Awakening was in the front line of the second tier of jazz combos active in the first half of the 1970s, amongst the Revolutionary Ensemble and the low-profile bands of, respectively, Sunny Murray, Hadley Caliman, Hampton Hawes, Billy Harper, Albert Mangelsdorff, and Fred Anderson. Who inhabited the top tier? Certainly the Art Ensemble Of Chicago and groups led by heavyweights Charles Mingus, Cecil Taylor, Elvin Jones, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, Sonny Rollins, Keith Jarrett and Phil Woods. The Awakening's jazz -- hard bop with side-trips into soul jazz, plus some free-jazz tonal expressionism -- wears its age well on their second and final Black Jazz album, Mirage.
CD $17

THE AWAKENING [KEN CHANEY/ARI BROWN/FRANK GORDON/STEVE GALLOWAY/REGGIE WILLIS/ARLINGTON DAVIS] - Hear, Sense & Feel (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1209; Japan) Ken Chaney (Piano & Electric Piano), Frank Gordon (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), Richard (Ari) Brown (Tenor & Flute), Arlington Davis (Drums), Steve Galloway (Trombone), Reggie Willis (Bass), Richard Evans (Electric Bass)
Young-Holt Unlimited broke up in 1974, but before then, Chaney had already moved on to his next project: a post-hard-bop sextet called The Awakening. The band updated the sound of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers by adding the still-new tones of electric piano; the repertoire reflected the brainy muscle of Woody Shaw, but also the trippy fusion of Pharoah Sanders.
And it had a promising cast, including trumpeter Frank Gordon, who would later join the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra; trombonist Steve Galloway, who spent nearly two decades in The Netherlands before returning to Chicago in the mid-90s; and tenor man Richard [Ari] Brown, who would soon drop his first name en route to becoming one of the city's most important and well-known AACM saxists. The Awakening sees the light of day again, escaping oblivion thanks to the reissuing of the Chicago-based jazz sextet's 1972 album titled Hear, Sense & Feel. While keeping attuned to John Coltrane's spirituality, the group follows a no-nonsense, straightforward jazz course with sidesteps into the freer jazz zones -- quite natural for band pianist Ken Chaney and saxophonist/flautist Ari Brown, given their involvement with the Afro-centric AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Music). CD $17

WALTER BISHOP Jr's 4th CYCLE With RONNIE LAWS/WOODY MURRAY/GERALD BROWN/BAHIR HASSAN - Keeper of My Soul (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1214; Japan) On his second and last Black Jazz album Keeper of My Soul (1973), Walter Bishop Jr. plays acoustic and electric pianos and organ with a sense of uplift, a quality characterizing the best soul-jazz of the day. Opening number "Soul Village" is a fascinating union of jazz and funk; today, it still sounds fresh in its immediacy. Here Bishop brings personality to his playing of a plugged-in piano, no easy task, while young saxophonist Ronnie Laws, a few years away from his descent into the disco-fusion abyss, captures in his solo some of the saxophone-generated warmth associated with his mentor, David "Fathead" Newman. The little-remembered vibraphonist Woody Murray handles himself well, and the funk rhythm section cooks.
CD $17

also available..

CD $17

DOUG CARN With JEAN CARN/GEORGE HARPER/CHARLES TOLLIVER/GARNETT BROWN/ALPHONSE MOUZON/EARL McINTYRE - Spirit of the New Land (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1208; Japan) Pianist Doug Carn's second Black Jazz Records album, Spirit of the New Land (1972), poignantly reflected the state of affairs in black America through explicit lyrics sung by his wife Jean and through the expert musicians' responses to life-altering societal developments in a hopeful time when the slogan "Black Power" carried real meaning. The album is flush with riveting modern jazz, which often leans toward the spiritually-inclined music of the John Coltrane Quartet on the classic album My Favorite Things. With George Harper's flute in gracious agreement, Jean Carn draws beauty out of the Miles Davis ballad "Blue in Green."
CD $17

also available..

CD $17

RUDOLPH JOHNSON With KIRK LIGHTSEY/KENT BRINKLEY/DOUG SIDES - The Second Coming (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1211; Japan) On his second Black Jazz release, the unjustly under-appreciated saxophonist Rudolph "Rudy" Johnson shows confidence in his direct, emotional approach to jazz. Staying true to John Coltrane and various hard bop inspirations, he's unconcerned with the soul, funk, or rock that so many other jazz artists brought to their sound in the early 1970s. Originally from Ohio, the Los Angeles-based musician works hard to get across his heavy, thick prose here with an exciting new group of musicians in place of the journeymen who were on his Spring Rain album a year earlier. The Second Coming does indeed benefit from the contributions of upright bass player Kent Brinkley, drummer Doug Sides, and pianist Kirk Lightsey -- all world-class musicians on the Los Angeles jazz scene with Johnson.
CD $17

also available..

CD $17

KELLEE PATTERSON With GEORGE HARPER/EVERETT TURNER/HENRY DAVIS et al - Maiden Voyage (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1212; Japan) Fans of classic soul have cause for celebration thanks to the reissuing of Kellee Patterson's 1974 Maiden Voyage album. Let's hope that in addition to appeasing the faithful, the reappearance of Maiden Voyage generates the interest of a new generation of listeners who are interested in honest and attractive music of the past. Produced by Gene Russell, accompanied by George Harper's sprightly flute and a subdued rhythm section, Patterson's lovely, sure-pitched voice fits the love song "Magic Wand of Love" and the boogaloo "Soul Daddy" well, as does her interpretation of lyrics specially fashioned for the Herbie Hancock instrumental "Maiden Voyage."
CD $17

GENE RUSSELL With CALVIN KEYS/HENRY FRANKLIN/LEON 'NDUGU' CHANCLER - Talk to My Lady (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1210; Japan) With any luck, the reappearance of Talk to My Lady will be savored by a sizable audience. For sure, Gene Russell should be a name familiar to committed and more casual fans of jazz and R&B made in the 1970s. It would be great, too, if the reissue gave boosts to the careers of two still-active musicians whom Russell employed for the recording date, Bay Area guitarist Calvin Keys and string bassist Henry Franklin, long an important player on the Los Angeles jazz scene. Talk to My Lady certainly does have its transcendent moments. There's Russell's bold transformation of the John Coltrane-identified "My Favorite Thing," where his Fender Rhodes gets matched in breakneck intensity by Franklin's standup bass and 20-year-old Leon "Ndugu" Chancler's drums. Playing acoustic piano, Russell sounds at ease with the funk of "Get Down" and, now plugged-in, he personalizes Gamble and Huff's "Me And Mrs. Jones" and Stevie Wonder's "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" with soulful feeling.
CD $17

also available..

CD $17

CD $17

CD $17

CHESTER THOMPSON With RUDOLPH JOHNSON/AL HALL Jr/RAY POUNDS - Powerhouse (Black Jazz/Snow Dog 1206; Japan)
CD $17


Check out Stars Of The Lid!

Just reissued..

STARS OF THE LID [ADAM WILTZIE/BRIAN McBRIDE] - The Ballasted Orchestra [2 LP Set] (Kranky 15; USA) 2013 repress, originally released in 1997. "The vinyl version of the second (or third, depending on how you calculate) Stars of the Lid album, their first for kranky, is finally being reissued. When kranky tried to reorder this title from our then vinyl manufacturer many years ago, we learned that the metal mothers had become oxidized and unusable, probably through poor care in storage. So we shrugged our shoulders and let it be. But with the recent resurgence in vinyl sales, the continued interest in the SotL catalog, and the promise of recent and future activity by the duo, here we are. The original 4 track cassette recordings (yes, 4 track cassette my friends) were remastered and new lacquers were cut, and the original artwork has been updated. The music itself shows Sotl with one of their first major transitions, from the found sound and guitar abstractions of their previous Music for Nitrous Oxide to a much more defined and refined compositional structure which would soon develop into the full blown miniature symphonies heard on later works. As an added bonus, the double LP vinyl version has 9 additional minutes of material not on the CD or digital versions. Sotl's first major statement as a sonic force to be reckoned with is now available on the analog format once more." Gatefold sleeve.
2 LP set for $21
also available as CD for $14

and remaining backcatalog..

STARS OF THE LID [ADAM WILTZIE/BRIAN McBRIDE] - The Ballasted Orchestra (Kranky 15; USA) Second or third album, depending on how you count. The music itself shows Sotl with one of their first major transitions, from the found sound and guitar abstractions of their previous Music for Nitrous Oxide to a much more defined and refined compositional structure which would soon develop into the full blown miniature symphonies heard on later works.
CD $14

STARS OF THE LID [ADAM WILTZIE/BRIAN McBRIDE] - Gravitational Pull vs. The Desire For An Aquatic Life (Kranky 20; USA) Reissue of the very limited LP that was on Sedimental label, with additional material added.
CD $14

STARS OF THE LID [ADAM WILTZIE/BRIAN McBRIDE] - Stars of the Lid and Their Refinement of the Decline [2 CD set] (Kranky 100; USA) "The long awaited new album from Stars of the Lid is finally ready for your sonic immersion. Painstakingly recorded, processed and assembled over the last five years, SOTL once again deliver a massive work filling two compact discs and three vinyl albums, clocking in at over two hours. While most albums of this length would be considered tedious at best, SOTL are arguably the only contemporary composers who can seemingly alter the time-space continuum simply through the playback of their organized sound. They take time itself and stretch, compress and turn it inside out, altering what would otherwise be an arduous test of nerves into an interlude of half awake dreams that ends too soon. In this album, SOTL picks up where The Tired Sounds Of... left off with an emphasis on melodic development, moving their epic soundscapes beyond mere drone and subsequently frustrating all the typical ambient cliches associated with their music. Perhaps the best references for this current work would be found in the score to the film Le Mepris by Georges Delerue, the orchestral works of Zbigniew Preisner, or the 1958 CSO/ Fritz Reiner recording of Hovhaness' Mysterious Mountain, specifically the third movement. But in the final analysis, such comparisons are superfluous at best, as Stars of the Lid have created a musical universe in which they are the sole inhabitant. Simply put, this album is a masterpiece."
2 CD set for $17

STARS OF THE LID [ADAM WILTZIE/BRIAN McBRIDE] - Avec Laudenum (Kranky 59; USA) "Stars of the Lid from Austin, Texas are Adam Wiltzie and Brian McBride (both guitars). They released in few years some of the purest records from Music For Nitrous Oxide to Per Aspera Ad Astra released on Kranky in 1998. Since Brian is living in Chicago, Adam became the main composer ?- using sounds Brian send to him to remix and create songs as well. Pure groovy droning ambience, these are tracks that think nothing of spending minutes between chord changes, but they are never (really never) boring; they pull you into such a hyper-alert hypnosis ?- it is absolutely thrilling and a perfect resolution to the tension set up by previous minutes. With the 'Atomium Suite', Stars of the Lid are in the summit of their art ?- pure deep inside thrills, more than brilliant guitars, soundscapes: transcendental sounds aiming for a celestial serenity, liquid mass coerced by invisible forces, enormous washes of phosphorescent sound pan through the murk like graceful leviathans."
CD $14

STARS OF THE LID [ADAM WILTZIE/BRIAN McBRIDE] - The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid [2 CD set] (Kranky 50; USA) "Are there other earthling-conjured soundworks rivaling the majesty of Henry Flynt's minimalist hillbilly fiddle fantasias or the heavens-rending power of Messiaen's works for organ? Undoubtedly, else why bother listening. But the only thing speaking at us right now from these charmed regions are the celestial airs of these Stars of the Lid. Alternately lulling and wielding a potency that wholly escapes 'experimental' musics, SOTL bring big, whomping chunks of sonic firmament with a sustaining, life-affirming sweep. For the most part the latest SOTL missive offers sound sources which refuse to readily reveal themselves. Treated strings, organ or backwards tubular bell runs -- it's simply a sublime chorus of instrument voices, irresistible as the undertow. Also gurgling up in the mix are whimpering pups, shuffling feet, Dictaphone-preserved foreign lecture hall blather, a city bus shouldering to an unsteady stop -- common enough stuff, but rendered here as the sounds of civilization heard distantly, the human receiver filtering everything through a palpable dis-ease that bespeaks a Higher yearning." -- Dean Blackwood
2 CD set for $17

STARS OF THE LID [ADAM WILTZIE/BRIAN McBRIDE] - Music For Nitrous Oxide (Sedimental 23; USA) "This was Sedimental's first CD release back in 1994. Robert Overtz (Ultrasound) mentioned this guy Adam who was doing amazing 4-track stuff at home. I think the name of the tape he gave me was called Ombudsman. The success of this release was a nice surprise and certainly having Joel at Cargo champion it, who was just getting Kranky going as well, certainly put us both out there. Ultimately, SOTL ended up at Kranky and are still making amazing recordings for them. Many say this is still their favorite Lid release, although I am partial to the Ballested Orchestra, too. It certainly remains a powerful touchstone for and precursor to, the post-whatever independent music scene and still sounds incredibly solid and undated today. Though Stars founder Adam Wiltzie has admittedly distanced himself from the release in artistic terms, he felt it was time to revisit and refresh the work with a new mastering job, as well as having new artwork designed by long-time visual collaborator, Craig McCaffrey. Sedimental has always kept the document in print in its original form with a remarkably steady stream of sales, but we welcomed the opportunity to update the release and make it more widely available to a new generation, so to speak."
CD $14


CAN [HOLGER CZUKAY/IRMIN SCHMIDT/JAKI LIEBEZEIT/MICHAEL KAROLI] - Live in Hannover, 11 April 1976 ('B13' 184; Italy) "High quality live FM radio broadcast from Hannover on 11 April 1976 featuring the 'pied piper' of the early seventies British hippy scene 'Magic Michael' (Michael Cousins) on vocals. Michael, like Rodney Bingenheimer, was more famous for who he knew than for what he actually did, although he did appear on the Greasy Truckers Party LP in 1972, the A Bunch of Stiff Records compilation in 1977, and also collaborated with members of the Damned. Michael had also auditioned to be Can's vocalist after Damo left the band, but was rejected, so it is interesting to hear what a post-Damo Can might have sounded like with Magic Michael at the helm." 140 gram clear vinyl in a PVC sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.
LP $30

CAN [HOLGER CZUKAY/IRMIN SCHMIDT/JAKI LIEBEZEIT/MICHAEL KAROLI] - Live at Aston University, Birmingham, 4 March 1977 ('B13' 185; Italy) "Extremely rare recording of Can performing live at Aston University in Birmingham, on March 4, 1977 and featuring the new addition of Rebop Kwaku Baah (the Ghanian percussionist well-known for his work with Traffic, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, etc.) and Roscoe Gee (a Jamaican bassist who had also recorded with Traffic). Holger Czukay, now freed from bass duties, began experimenting with an array of electronic sounds, which he also began adding to the mix in part to counterbalance Can's new supercharged rhythm section. This period was actually the band's most commercially successful, with their disco-infused single 'I Want More' topping the UK charts in 1976." 140 gram clear vinyl in a PVC sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies.
LP $30

KRAFTWERK [FLORIAN SCHNEIDER/RALF HUTTER et al] - Live 1971 [2 LP set] ('B13' 186; Italy) "Rare early Kraftwerk, now for the first time on double vinyl LP. Recorded live at the Gondel Kino (Gondola Cinema) in Bremen, Germany on 25 June 1971 (except for 'Interzone' recorded on the TV program Beat-Club on 22 May 1971), with a rare trio line-up of Florian Schneider, Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger (soon to be of Neu!). This LP represents one of the very few recordings in existence of that brief period in Kraftwerk history after Ralf Hutter had temporarily left the band and before Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger went on to form Neu! Before morphing into the motorik juggernaut they would soon become, Kraftwerk was nothing more than Rother on guitar, Dinger on drums, and Schneider on a tricked-out flute. Just listen to 'Heavy Metal Kids' to unlock the secret door to their past." Double 140 gram clear vinyl with multicolored labels in a PVC sleeve. Limited to 500 copies.
2 LP set for $58

MILES DAVIS QUINTET With WAYNE SHORTER/HERBIE HANCOCK/RON CARTER/TONY WILLIAMS - Live At The Plugged Nickel 22-23 December 1965 [5 LP box set] (Klimt 349; USA) "Miles Davis Live at the Plugged Nickel, now available for the first time in a deluxe five LP box set with liner notes. This box represents the most complete version available on vinyl of the Miles Davis Quintet's legendary Plugged Nickel performance. Twenty tracks in all with almost four hours of music taken from the seven sets Davis played during his two-night residency at Chicago's famous Plugged Nickel jazz club. It was also one of the very first recordings Miles made with his now legendary 'second' quintet, featuring Wayne Shorter on tenor, a 25-year-old Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Tony Williams on drums. For these performances, Davis played almost no material from his albums, focusing instead on his favorite standards. However, it is precisely because he is playing standards that listeners are able to hear just how groundbreaking this quintet was at the time. The music found here was so pioneering and influential that it still sounds new after over four decades! Do not miss your chance to own this piece of jazz history on vinyl." Hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies.
5 LP BOX Set for $120

POPOL VUH [FLORIAN FRICKE et al] - Affenstunde (Klimt 347; Germany) Numbered edition of 500 copies. Brilliant debut by the godfathers of ambient and world music, Popol Vuh! Originally released in 1970, Affenstunde (literally 'Ape Hour') was the first album by a German band to employ the extraordinary sounds of the Moog synthesizer. Blending electronics with traditional percussion instruments, Popol Vuh - led by the legendary multi-instrumentalist Florian Fricke - created a tribal and dreamlike blanket of sound that would go on to influence many-a-band on the krautrock scene and beyond. Popol Vuh would also soon famously begin to collaborate with Werner Herzog, composing many of the soundtracks to his films from this period (including Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Nosferatu and Fitzcarraldo)
"Affenstunde is the debut recording by composer and multi-instrumentalist Florian Fricke's Popol Vuh, named for the sacred Mayan text. It was issued on the Liberty label in Germany in 1970 and has been in print, off and on, in Europe, Japan, and even in the United States sporadically since that time. For those completely dislocated by Tangerine Dream's early experiments in sonic terror and dynamics, Affenstunde is somehow akin yet very different. Fricke's synthesizers are more interested in pulse and circularity, not utter dislocation and shock. The music here all seems of a piece, despite the different selection titles and the single percussion piece on the set, "Dream, Pt. 5" -- primitive hand drums run through the middle of the mix. Other than this selection, the entire album would have made a fantastic soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky's film Solaris. The sheer momentum of the title cut, which closes the album and integrates spacious electronic soundscapes, ever deepening tonalities, found taped choral vocals whispering in the background, and percussion is one of the most provocative pieces to come from the Krautrock generation. This is an auspicious debut, which holds up wonderfully in the 21st century. -- Thom Jurek, AMG"
LP $25

MYSTIC SIVA - Mystic Siva (Klimt 350; Germany) "Underground American psych at its finest: the now-legendary 1970 privately pressed Mystic Siva LP is one of the most sought-after artifacts in the whole psychedelic rock arena! But back in 1970 Mystic Siva were just a bunch of Detroit teenagers messing around in their parents' garage with a Hammond B3 organ and a wah-wah pedal. Little did they know that original copies of this album would one day change hands for thousands of dollars!"
LP $25

AMON DUUL - Meetings with Menmachines Inglorious Heroes of the Past.. (Klimt 351; Germany) "Ultra rare original artwork version of Amon Duul's (UK) Meetings with Menmachines Inglorious Heroes of the Past... This LP was originally released in 1983 on the small British label Illuminated Records (home to Sex Gang Children, Throbbing Gristle, etc.), with an album sleeve of original artwork that was soon inexplicably replaced by a mediocre band photo on all subsequent reissues. Menmachines was also the second of four all-new studio albums made by this UK-based incarnation of Amon Duul. The new Amon Duul featured John Weinzierl on guitar, ex-Hawkwind bassist Dave Anderson (both from Amon Duul II), ex-Van Der Graaf Generator Guy Evans on drums, and Julie Waring on vocals. For this LP the band moved away from the more free-form freakout of their earlier days towards a sound that was far more structured and derivative, with definite new wave/post-punk leanings."
LP $25

PSYCHIC TV [GENESIS P-ORRIDGE et al] - Dreams Less Sweet (Angry Love 25; USA) "Angry Love Productions is proud to present Psychic TV's 1983 classic Dreams Less Sweet, back on vinyl for the first time in over 20 years. Holophonic audio from the original UK vinyl masters with meticulously restored artwork. Features early PTV classics 'The Orchids' & 'White Nights.' Officially licensed through Sony UK."
LP $24

MOLAM [V.A.] - Vol 1: Thai Country Groove from Isan [2 LP set] (Sublime Freq 019; USA) Double LP reissue of the long out-of-print classic CD first released in 2004 -- the first modern electrified Molam recordings from the 1970s ever presented outside Thailand. This vinyl 2LP edition comes housed in a full-color heavy duty gatefold jacket with gorgeous original artwork and liner notes. "Molam is a multi-faceted folk music native to Laos and the predominantly rural Northeastern region of Thailand known as Isan -- home to myriad ethnic groups and provinces, and once a part of present-day Laos. Mo meaning 'master' and lam meaning 'song', molam literally translates into 'master singer', but it remains more of an umbrella term covering over a dozen types of lam styles in which male and female singers can be backed by a free-reed bamboo mouth organ called a khaen, indigenous lute-like instruments (the phin or the soong), a bowed fiddle called a sor and a percussion ensemble featuring finger cymbals and hand drums. Lam phun and lam sing are the two molam styles featured most prominently in this collection. Also in the musical family is look thoong, a slower, more tragic style, usually lamenting lost love and perpetual poverty. Examples are heard on tracks 10, 15 and 20. Costumed Isan comedy troupes called Talok incorporate hyper-eccentric molam and look thoong renditions with low, vaudevillian comedy and high social satire on stages and TVs throughout the country. Maniacal examples are heard on tracks 2, 8 and 11. The classic recordings featured here are selections from rare vinyl LPs, 45s and cassettes recorded in Isan and beyond between the 1970s and 1980s. This was a pivotal time when music of the region began to be electrified and integrated with Western instruments. When electric bass, effected guitars, electric organs, kit drums and horns played alongside the khaen and the phin. Molam had never sounded this way before -- and due to the typically ephemeral nature of the music industry and the introduction of the modern keyboard workstation, molam will never sound like this again."
2 LP set for $28

ABLAYE NDIAYE THIOSSANE - Thiossane (Discograph 3247952; EEC) Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane is part of the very fabric of Senegalese national identity, yet this is his first album recorded and released as lead artist. Joined here with members of Orchestra Baobab, legendary Congolese guitarist Papa Noel and Africando's Medoune Diallo. Thiossane is a rich addition to Senegal's Afro-Cuban musical heritage.
CD $17

DAWDA JOBARTEH - Northern Light Gambian Night (Sterns 1112; UK) Taking his musical training from a Mande griot upbringing, Dawda Jobarteh creates an intense contemporary vision of an ancient tradition. With the support of long-term friends and band members, Preben Carlsen on guitar, Nana Osibio on bass and Salieu Dibba on percussion and including some deeply personal statements, Dawda weaves his distinctive kora-playing through modern musical landscapes. Jobarteh's musical heritage carries considerable weight. His grandfather was Alhaji Bai Konte, the first kora player to take the instrument to the U.S.; Dawda's father is kora player Amadou Bansang Jobarteh and his uncles Malamini Jobarteh and Dembo Konte together 26 years ago recorded the seminal kora album Jaliya for Sterns Music.
CD $17

SEKOUBA BAMBINO - The Griot's Craft (Sterns 1117; UK) Sekouba Diabate is the son of Mande griots on both his mother's side and his father's. He was born and raised in the center of what was once the ancient Mande Empire, near the present-day border between Guinea and Mali, and in that region he was known for his strong, soaring voice by the time he was 16 years old. It wasn't long before his reputation reached the Guinean capital, Conakry, and in 1983 he moved to the coastal city to join Guinea's pre-eminent modern band, Bembeya Jazz National. Most of the others in the band were in their 40s, so they dubbed him Bambino -- the Italian for "baby." Why Italian? He's not sure, but Bambino has been his professional name ever since. Today Bambino is in his 40s himself and has been Guinea's biggest star for three decades. He has released five solo albums of contemporary African pop and made many guest appearances with Africando, the multinational salsa band. But he's never stopped being a griot, and his new album brings him and his fans back to the style that made him famous in his youth. The songs are all Bambino originals composed in traditional Mande forms and modes but with decidedly current themes, ranging from the perils of modern love to the heinous practice of female circumcision. Similarly, traditional Mande instruments -- kora, ngoni and balafon -- are deftly augmented by acoustic guitars and bass. Above all, though, is the griot's voice. By turns melancholy, tender, playful and impassioned, Bambino's voice -- one of the best in the world -- never fails to touch hearts and minds.
CD $17

MORENO BATAMBA And L'ORCH FIRST MOJA-ONE - Sister Pili + 2 (Sterns 3062; UK) Moreno Batamba is fondly remembered and sadly missed in Kenya, but like many of the most popular musicians in East Africa, he was actually from Congo-Zaire. He left home when he was 16 and began his career in Uganda. With the Congolese band Bana Ngenge he moved from Kampala, Uganda, to Nairobi, Kenya, in 1974. Four years later, Moreno was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, singing with the renowned Orchestra Safari Sound. Back in Nairobi, in 1983, Moreno recorded with the great Orchestra Virunga, his husky bass-baritone contrasting affectingly with Samba Mapangala's airy tenor. That same year he and his own Orchestra First Moja-One made their LP Sister Pili, two nine-minute songs on each side. It was Moreno's biggest success to date and was followed by a good run for a few years. A trip back home to Zaire interrupted his career for a while, but his 1993 album returned him to the Kenyan pop charts and headline engagements. Then, suddenly, he was gone -- dead after a brief illness at the age of 38. This CD, the first of Moreno's music to be released outside Africa, includes Orchestra First Moja-One's Sister Pili album in its entirety, supplemented by two extremely rare 1977 recordings of Moreno with Bana Ngenge. These six tracks make it perfectly clear why Congolese musicians were so popular in East Africa in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and why it's high time Moreno and his bands were heard around the world.
CD $17

LOVE LIVE LIFE + ONE - Love Will Make A Better You (Phoenix 3031; UK) There were several progressive psychedelic groups in Japan in the early '70s including the short-lived Love Live Life + One. The band played a few live gigs and released this lone album before disbanding. The group consisted of 9 musicians and the "plus one" seems to refer to vocalist Akira Fuse who had been a pop vocalist since the mid-'60s, appearing on albums since 1967. Most of the musicians were obscure except for keyboard player Hiro Yanagida, who was a member of the highly-acclaimed Foodbrain and later Strawberry Path, whose album When The Raven Has Come To The Earth was released the same year as Love Will Make A Better You, and guitarist Kimio Mizutani who was in the band People that released the massively rare Ceremony -- Buddha Meet Rock. Love Live Life + One's only record is a mix of blues-based psychedelia that pushes into progressive and even avant-garde realms at times, while the skronky sax-playing even recalls the edgier end of the jazz spectrum. An original, innovative and extremely rare piece of Japanese psychedelia
"Number six on the Japrocksampler Top 50, available again for the first time in over a decade!" "Commencing with singer Akira Fuse's goggle-eyed one-day-old-baby innocence, Love Live Life + 1's album opener 'The Question Mark' escorts us through an eighteen-minute free-rock R&B adventure like nothing before or since. Clanking harsher than even the title track of Funkadelic's Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow, and twice as long; cosmic as the Cosmic Joker's Galactic Supermarket, and gnarly as John McLaughlin's out-there-a-minute axe excursions on Miles's 'Right Off'' or his own Devotion solo LP, do these guys fight for their right to party! The mellower second side includes the insanely brilliant eight-minute epic 'Shadows Of My Mind,' in which Akira Fuse sings like some drunken Italian baritone, while atonal swooping strings and crazy brass support/undermine him; then it's off into a juggernaut bass-heavy clatterthon with duel-axe outrage of the highest level. And how about that title track whose catchy bastard licks unashamedly rip Sly's 'I Want To Take You Higher,' but still have you singing along with Fuse? The record closes brilliantly with the demented 'Facts About It All,' which opens like Fuse laying a grunting 6/8 James Brown/Eric Burdon ballad on us. But no, this miniature R&B opera says in 2 minutes and 56 seconds what prog bands took a whole side to say. All hail visionary genius Ikuzo Orita for uniting his fave guitarist Kimio Mizutani with the errant free-jazz Gibson 335 of Takao Naoi, whose brittle spittle pops permanent wheelies around these slippery rhythm tracks. Also hail Orita for recognizing the genius of these songs of sax player Kei Ichihara, for trusting Akira Fuse's professionalism and open-mindedness, and for seeing this 33-minute-long classic to its unlikely conclusion." - Japrocksampler Limited edition pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve with the original artwork and the original illustrated LP lyric sheet.
LP $24
aslo available on CD from Drone Sybndicate for $10

SANDY COAST - Shipwreck (Kismet 4036; UK) One of the earliest progressive albums to be recorded in Holland, this originally appeared in 1969 and has been compared to the work of KING CRIMSON and the MOODY BLUES. Its lengthy title suite is a notable early concept rock piece, while the other tracks find the band embracing a more concise and melodic style. It makes its long-awaited return to CD here, complete with four rare non-album bonus tracks.
CD $17

ALEXANDER'S TIMELESS BLOOZBAND - For Sale (Kismet 4035; UK) This Californian quintet gigged alongside many of the biggest names of the late '60s, including The Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield, and Canned Heat, but made little commercial impression themselves. This is the first CD release of their second (and final) album, a fine collection of electric blues with psychedelic and exotic flourishes.
CD $17

BRAINCHILD - Healing of the Lunatic Owl (Aurora 5027; UK) This progressive rock septet came from Somerset, and recorded their sole album in London in March 1970. Produced by Lennie Wright (drummer with The Web and Samurai), it originally appeared that October, when it sank without trace. In recent years, however, it has been acclaimed as one of the best prog obscurities of its time, with its tight jamming and incisive brass arrangements earning favorable comparisons with Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. It's presented here complete with a rare non-album bonus track.
CD $17

GOLIATH - Goliath (Aurora 5028; UK) This Manchester quintet blended rock, jazz, and psychedelia, with strong jamming elements and some wild guitar. Their sole album appeared in the UK in early 1971, but they split immediately afterwards when singer Linda Rothwell suffered a nervous breakdown. It's presented here complete with background notes, and is essential for lovers of lost progressive sounds.
CD $17

MUSHROOM - Early One Morning + 5 (Pilot 6008; UK) Original copies of this incredible album by Mushroom, the Dublin duo consisting of Pat Collins (violin) and Joe O'Donnell (everything else), fetch hundreds of pounds on the rare occasions that they actually come up for sale. Musically, Early One Morning..., originally released in 1973 on the Hawk label, is a real one-off, combining brilliant, heavy progressive rock and psychedelic Irish folk with blazing guitar leads battling with fiddle attacks. This new CD release features rare pictures and background notes and comes with five rare bonus tracks.
CD $17

NICK DRAKE - Family Tree [2 LP set] (Sunbeam 5041; UK) 2012 2nd ed. Comprising recordings made at Nick Drake's family home and in France before his 1969 debut, Family Tree offers a unique insight into a nascent songwriting genius. Spread over four sides of 180 gram virgin vinyl, its 29 songs range from folk standards and compositions by his mother Molly to early versions of future classics taped by his Cambridge friend and arranger Robert Kirby at Cambridge in 1968. Mastered at Abbey Road and featuring 29 rare tracks (one previously only available on iTunes), as well as a deluxe gatefold sleeve, rare photographs and a lavish insert including lengthy sleeve notes, this lovingly assembled set is sure to become a prized item amongst lovers of Nick Drake. First pressing is a numbered edition of 1000 copies and so limited and oversold, you may have to trade us a body part to obtain a copy. Non-numbered repress edition coming when these are gone...?
2 LP set for $32



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Other email services [Earthlink, GMail et al]: Place the domain " downtownmusicgallery.com " on your email filter's whitelist. You may need to search your email help menu for details on how to do this. Depending on software/version, they may call it a "whitelist," a "good list" or similar name. Adding the address dmg@downtownmusicgallery.com to your address book will help too.

AOL: IF YOU HAVE AN AOL MAIL ACCOUNT, GET RID OF IT! They block senders WITHOUT the consent of the user, and recently virtually all of our AOL newsletter subscribers have not been able to receive it, and attempts to whitelist us have failed! WE RECOMMEND you get a GMAIL or YAHOO account, and switch over!

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