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NEWSLETTER - February 17th, 2006



SOFT MACHINE [MIKE RATLEDGE/ALLAN HOLDSWORTH/KARL JENKINS/ ROY BABBINGTON/JOHN MARSHALL] - Floating World Live: 1975 (Moonjune 07) This CD marks the first release of a complete live performance by the Soft Machine's Bundles line-up featuring Allan Holdsworth on guitar. This concert, recorded for Radio Bremen on January 29 1975, consists of most of the Bundles material, which hadn't yet come out although in the can since the previous summer, plus a couple of band improvs and solo showcases for Mike Ratledge, Roy Babbington and John Marshall. That era of Soft Machine was unique in that, taking the band's long established tradition of continuous change to an extreme, when Holdsworth joined all the previous repertoire was abandoned, literally at once, in favor of brand new material written by Karl Jenkins and, to a lesser extent, Mike Ratledge. This made the new Soft Machine even more difficult to compare with its predecessors, and gave the band a well-deserved chance for critical reappraisal. At long last, reviewers stopped bemoaning the loss of the band's father figures to judge the new line-up on its own merits. As a consequence, positive reviews again began to pour in, and 1974-75 was to prove Soft Machine's second golden age in many respects.
"By the release of Bundles in 1975, Mike Ratledge was Soft Machine's only original member. With relative newcomer Karl Jenkins' with his increasingly dominant compositional role, there was little tying them to the classic line-up that released albums like 'Third'. But it was guitarist Allan Holdsworth, appearing virtually out of nowhere with a revolutionary melodic and harmonic approach--who placed this Softs incarnation on equal footing with earlier line-ups. Recorded for German Radio Bremen months before Bundles was released, 'Floating World Live' is a powerful live performance that, despite Holdsworth's dominating presence, provides plenty of space for all - proof that they were far looser and interactive in concert than 'Bundles' suggests. An exciting 75-minute set, Floating World Live demonstrates just how well-formed Holdsworth was this early in his career, and proves that critics writing this incarnation off as nothing more than riff-heavy fusion couldn't be more mistaken. " - JOHN KELMAN (Senior Editor AllAboutJazz.com)
I must admit that this is a truly sensational offering! Over 75 minutes long and really well-recorded with astonishing solos and ensemble playing from all five members of the later Soft Machine band. Besides playing a great deal of incredible guitar, Holdsworth also plays some lovely violin. Mike Ratledge, the only original member of the Softs, gets a chance to play one mind-blowing synth solo. Along with the Softs' 'British Tour '75' (on MLP) from last year, both of these are by far the best jazz/rock/fusion archival discs to emerge in decades. - BLG
CD $15

METHOD OF DEFIANCE [BILL LASWELL/DJ SUBMERGED/GUY LICATA] - The Only Way To Go Is Down (Sublight 1301; Canada) Legendary producer BILL LASWELL continues to hybridize music styles with his latest project METHOD OF DEFIANCE. New York City's finest blend of do it yourself/resist/outsmart/destroy comes together under one roof. METHOD OF DEFIANCE is bassist/producer BILL LASWELL, sound destroyer/DJ SUBMERGED, and Live drummer GUY LICATA. METHOD OF DEFIANCE's debut album The Only Way To Go Is Down features guest collaborators TOSHINORI KONDO, DR. ISRAEL, BOB BELDEN, ENDUSER and BUCKETHEAD!
CD $14

ERIK FRIEDLANDER w/ ANDY LASTER/STOMU & SATOSHI TAKEISHI - Prowl (Cryptogramophone 127) This is the fourth fabulous release by Erik Friedlander's great quartet formerly known as Topaz, born exactly one decade ago in January of 1996. The quartet still features Erik on cello & compositions, Andy Laster on alto sax & clarinet, Stomu Takeishi on 5-string fretless electric bass and his brother Satoshi Takeishi on percussion. Each of the nine pieces is based on different ethnic rhythm schemes and/or compositional ideas. This makes for a fascinating blend of cultural streams. On "Howling Circle", Satoshi plays this repeating two-note beat based on a Coucou rhythm from Guinea, the charming theme is played warmly by the cello and sax, with a couple of staggering solos. "Anhinga" has a touching melody based on a West African rhythm with sublime playing from the clarinet and the cello, which that wonderful pizzicato plucking that Erik so often employs. The title piece has a rather funky bass-line and another swell melody brings a smile to my face. Erik has indeed put together a magical quartet, as each musician ads something special and unique. Stomu's distinctive fretless bass always caresses the melodies and slides into the rhythms with elegance and creative spirit. Satoshi, who sits on the floor when he plays, also has wonderful way of blending the rhythm and melodic undertow of each piece with perfect balance. Downtown reed specialist, Andy Laster, has never sounded any more gracious and elegant. Our favorite cello wizard, Erik Friedlander, has written nine superb gems for this disc and plays some of the most luxuriant cello of his long and impressive career. - BLG
CD for $16

BEN GOLDBERG QUINTET - the door, the hat, the chair, the fact (Cryptogramophone 126) Featuring Ben Goldberg on clarinet, Carla Kihlstedt on violin & voice, Rob Sudduth on tenor sax, Devin Hoff on bass and Ches Smith on drums. Bay area-based clarinet hero, Ben Goldberg, seemed to have disappeared for a bit after three discs from the New Klezmer Trio, two with Junk Genius and a half dozen as a leader or co-leader, he is back a new all-star quintet and a swell new CD to savor. His fine frontline includes the ubiquitous Carla Kihlstedt who plays with numerous great bands from Two Foot Yard to the Tin Hat Experience (no longer a trio & with revolving personnel) to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Don't know the saxist, Rob Sudduth at all, but the rhythm team seem to get around quite a bit: Devin Hoff plays with Nels Cline and Ches Smith is in Trevor Dunn's hot trio.
Ben's writing recalls some of the better pieces that fell below the banner of third stream, a blend of modern jazz and classical ideas. "Song and Dance" has sort of Monk meets klez type of theme with short, concise solos from the tenor, clarinet and violin, with Carla even further out than usual. The bass and drums do a fine job of navigating some thorny twits and turns. The quintet slows down for "Long Last Moment", which features some fine, subtle interplay between clarinet, tenor and violin, moving around one another in thoughtful swirls. Even with no rhythm team under them (like "F13"), the frontline players remain connected while playing those quietly gnarly phrases. Carla's delicate voice sounds ghost-like on the haunting piece "Facts". Steve Lacy's ""Blinks" shows how the quintet moves through free and charted material with focused ease. Some of these pieces are like seem like collections of fragmented ideas, yet the more I listen, the more the connections become apparent. Ben Goldberg's music hovers between opposite ideas or approaches: spacious, quirky, unexpected twists and turns, shifting dynamics, well thought out and still free in sections, delicate and occasionally dark. It sounds like no one else's, but Ben himself. Mr. Goldberg's Quintet will perform at The Stone on Friday, Feb 24th at 10pm, the New Klez Trio will play at 8pm. On Saturday, February 25, Ben will play solo clarinet at 8pm at The Stone, the 10pm st will be Ben's new quartet with Ellery Eskelin. I hope see some of you there. - BLG
CD for $16

ANDREW HILL with CHARLES TOLLIVER - Time Lines (Blue Note) In 2006, with his first recording for the label since 1990, the innovative, acclaimed pianist/composer Andrew Hill begins his third era with Blue Note Records with his new quintet recording, TIME LINES. Hill first made a name for himself with a series of groundbreaking albums for the label between 1963-1970 that included 'Point of Departure', 'Black Fire' & 'Judgment'!
'Time Lines' finds Hill, at 68 years old, forever pushing forward at the helm of a vastly creative quintet that gives gorgeous readings of eight new Hill compositions and reunites him with the trumpeter Charles Tolliver, who was featured on several of Hill's early Blue Note sessions.
CD $16 [in stock Tuesday]

BUZZ'N'RUMBLE FROM THE URB'N'JUNGLE [V.A.] - Congotronics 2 [CD + DVD] (Crammed Craw 29/Ryko) Hot on the footsteps of Congotronics 1, here comes a fresh selection of even more amazing sounds, courtesy of no less than seven electro-traditional bands from Kinshasa, all especially recorded and produced by Crammed's Vincent Kenis: Sobanza Mimanisa, Kasai Allstars, Kisanzi Congo, Masanka Sankayi, Bolia We Ndenge, Basokin, Konono No1, and Tulu (only on the DVD)
CD + DVD for $17

CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO [ROB MAZUREK/CHAD TAYLOR] - In Praise of Shadows (Thrill Jockey 168) "The 9th Chicago Underground release and the fourth as a Duo, In Praise of Shadows finds cornetist Rob Mazurek and drummer Chad Taylor returning the focus to improvisation. While In Praise of Shadows is similar to Twelve Degrees of Freedom in concept the record deals with dyad relationships such as tension and release, space and density, sound and silence. It also plays with sonic contrasts, low tone and high tones as well as contrasting approaches juxtaposing free jazz with modern composition."
CD $14

DOM MINASI - The Vampire's Revenge [2 CD set] (CDM Records 1006) Featuring Dom Minasi on electric guitar, Ken Fiiano on bass and Jackson Krall on drums, with twenty guest soloists: Perry Robinson, Joe Giardullo, Mark Whitecage, Ras Moshe, Sabir Mateen, Joe McPhee, John Gunther & Blaise Siwula on reeds; Jason Hwang & Tomas Ulrich on strings; Herb Robertson & Paul Smoker on trumpets; Steve Swell on trombone, Borah Bergman & Matt Shipp on piano, Francois Grillot on bass 2, and Carol Mennie & Peter Ratray on voices. For Dom Minasi's fifth disc, he has expanded his trio to include some nearly two dozen guests, certainly a who's who of downtown's finest out/jazz cats.
Rather than a series of free/jazz blowouts, Dom has written material to give shape this music, as well as a great deal of space for many solos from the guests. Most of the pieces are pretty long and move through sections. It is interesting that Dom plays a 12-string acoustic guitar on the opening piece, "The Seduction", instead of his hollow-body electric jazz guitar. The ever-amazing clarinetist Perry Robinson is the first guest and both he and Dom weave their lines complexly around one another, as the Ken (bass) and Jackson (drums) spin their layers as well. On "Who's Your Dentist?", there appears to be trios playing simultaneously, interconnecting with each other creating structures that flow together organically. Joe Giardullo (soprano sax), Jason Hwang (violin) and Tomas Ulrich (cello) sound great sailing together as the Dom's trio weave their tight yet free web underneath and around the other trio. On four pieces that employ ten or more musicians, a conductor is used (Byron Olson) to help the ensemble flow together. These pieces are fascinating since the large groups often weave their sections tightly together, with layers of interplay and connected solos or parts make sense. Dom's partner, Carol Mennie adds the right amount of the human factor with her wordless vocals, odd bits of humor, wacky vocal sounds and other surprises are utilized just right on the two tracks where she appears. It is great to hear downtown's two finest avant-piano giants, Matt Shipp & Borah Bergman, both are featured on one track apiece and both add their own distinctive dark under-currents. Both rarely work with guitarists, so this is indeed a rarity. On the second disc, there are a couple of large ensemble pieces that are especially provocative. "Blood Lust" has swirling, gnarly, twisted lines for the guitar and piano (Borah), as well as strong contrapuntal writing for the ensemble minus the rhythm team. This entire double disc is a long and eventful epic of diverse proportions that must have taken a while to organize. Over two hours of immensely challenging music. - BLG
2 CD set for $22

4 GUITARS [THURSTON MOORE/LEE RANALDO/NELS CLINE/CARLOS GIFFONI] - Four Guitars Live (Important 80) "This was a rare quartet of guitar performance that took place August 8 of 2001 in a now defunct club in Brooklyn by Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Nels Cline and Carlos Giffoni. It's a crystal clear multitrack recording that was later mixed and mastered by producer Wharton Tiers. Infinite possibilities are explored as the signature styles of each of the group members create moments of tension, peace, violence, and run through every possible range of emotions. Psychedelic tunnels of sound echo through endless guitar lines, minimalism and maximalism both present in one moment, there are no solos and no selfishness, as four combine to create an unbelievable 40+ minute piece. A document of pure sonic exploration of a moment in time that will never be repeated by four of the most respected experimentalists of our day."
CD $16

JOHNNIE VALENTINO - Stingy Brim (Omnitone 15212) This is Mr. Valentino's second swell disc for Omnitone and it features Johnnie on guitar & mandolin, Mick Rossi on Hammond organ & harmonium, Bob Sheppard on clarinet & tenor sax, Randy Jones on tuba and Mark Ferber on drums. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Johnnie Valentino debut disc on Omnitone last year, since I know little about him before this, except that he has old disc out on Nine Winds, that I never heard. Johnnie was born & raised in Philly, but has been living in L.A. since the mid-eighties, doing a good deal of soundtrack work. Valentino's quintet here has unique instrumentation, guitar, reeds, organ, tuba (doing the bass parts) and drums. Opening with the title track which swings hard with the organ and guitar grooving together as the tuba plays those fast bass-lines. Johnnie is a gifted guitarist and has written great groove-infested songs here, with a number of inspired solos from the guitar and organ, as well as fine solos from the tenor sax and tuba. I dig the spacious and cerebral "Return", which features some haunting harmonium, organ, acoustic guitar, free-floating tuba and sublime mallet-work. The oddly titled, "Stone Balloons", features some mighty fine clarinet, and warm harmonies for the harmonium, tuba and guitar, as well as some of that mysterious Frisell-like echoplex guitar near the end. Another thing that sets this disc apart is that each piece creates a different mood or tells another short story. Local drummer, Mark Ferber, is a perfect choice as he does a wonderful job of working the ever shifting dynamics of each piece. Another splendid discovery from our good friend Frank Tafuri at Omnitone. - BLG
CD for $15

SUPERSILENT - 7 [DVD] (Rune Grammofon 2047; EEC) The Norwegian death-jazz improvising unit return for the seventh of their Supersilent series, this time in the form of a DVD release of a highly-anticipated live performance in Oslo on August 16, 2004. Members Arve Henriksen (trumpet, electronics), Helge Sten (audio virus), Stale Storlokken (keyboards) and Jarle Vespestad (drums) form a band that refuse categorization, with experiments in such disparate elements as ambient, jazz, electronica, rock, techno, noise and musique concrete. Critics have compared them to the Miles Davis band of the early '70s, and groups like Stockhausen, Einsturzende Neubauten and Can. Supersilent hadn't played the capital for quite some time and the line went around the block. With the uncertain knowledge that all Supersilent concerts are totally improvised, it didn't take long to hear that they were in excellent form and interplay, all captured by three cameras to black and white 16 mm film and recorded by Kai Andersen from Athletic Sound. Filmed by Norwegian multimedia artist Kim Hiorthoy, the black and white footage lends a filmic quality very rarely seen in concert DVDs. Constructed like an audio CD with visuals, there are no extras, no menus, no FBI warnings or meaningless graphics -- what you get is a pure, complete Supersilent concert from start to finish, 109 minutes. What you see and hear is how it was, no overdubs have been applied to the recording, but a couple of psychedelic hiccups have found their way to the film. The 6 "tracks" are divided so you can skip back and forth as on a CD. By using the audio button on the player's remote control you can chose between Dolby Digital and the slightly superior DTS sound alternatives, if your DVD player is ready for DTS. The sound is mixed by Deathprod in good old stereo. Please also note that this is a DVD-9 production, giving superior picture quality due to the disc having dual layers and more available space. What you hear and see is a multifarious, totally improvised, completely unique live performance from a group who define the best in bombastic Nordic sound. This is an NTSC format Region 0 DVD
DVD $23


The great INA-GRM box-set is no longer available and has now been replaced by five individual CD's, which are now available and listed below:

ARCHIVES GRM [V.A.] - Vol 1: Les visiteurs de l'aventure concrete (INA GRM 1031; EEC) Andre Hodeir, Pierre Boulez, Jean Barraque, Darius Milhaud, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Henri Sauguet, Edgar Varese, Andre Boucourechliev, Claude Ballif, Iannis Xenakis, Olivier Messiaen.
CD $15

ARCHIVES GRM [V.A.] - Vol 2: l'art de l'etude (INA GRM 1032; EEC) Artists include: Pierre Schaeffer, Monique Rollin, Michel Philippot, Philippe Athuis, Luc Ferrari, Francois-Bernard Mache, Mireille Chamass-Kyrou, Ivo Malec, Philippe Carson, Akira Tamba, Beatriz Ferreyra, Alain Savouret.
CD $15

ARCHIVES GRM [V.A.] - Vol 3: le son en nombres (INA GRM 1033; EEC) Artists include: Francois Bayle, Dieter Kaufmann, Jean-Claude Risset, Ivo Malec, Denis Smalley, Gilles Racot, Yann Geslin, Benedict Mailliard, Jean Schwarz, Francis Dhomont.
CD $15

ARCHIVES GRM [V.A.] - Vol 4: le temps du temps reel (INA GRM 1034; EEC) Artists include: Bernard Parmegiani, Ake Parmerud, Denis Dufour, Horacio Vaggione, Alain Savouret, Francois Bayle, Gilles Racot, Daniel Teruggi, Ramon Gonzales-Arroyo, Michel Redolfi.
CD $15

ARCHIVES GRM [V.A.] - Vol 5: le temps du temps reel (INA GRM 1035; EEC) Artists include: Bernard Parmegiani, Robert Wyatt, Francois Bayle, Alain Savouret, Jean Schwarz pour Carolyn Carson, Michel Portal, Boris Vian, Robert Cohen-Solal, Guy Reibel, Edgardo Canton, Christian Zanesi
CD $15


LUC FERRARI - Son Memorise (Sub Rosa 252; Belgium) This is the second of three Sub Rosa releases of instrumental works by this important artist. Luc Ferrari is considered one of the most legendary musical figures of the twentieth century, whose work and aesthetic continues to influence several generations of contemporary composers. Director of the Groupe de Recherche Musicales which he established with Pierre Schaeffer in Paris from 1958-1966, he is also one of the masters of musique concrete who influenced and expanded the genre with electro-acoustic instrumentation. Right from the start, the idea had been to release three very different CDs: one horspiel, one of concrete music (new and older pieces) and one CD of instrumental works. Les Anecdotiques was the first step: a vast sound-film of more than an hour that explores in 15 steps the intensity of re-composed sounds from his continual travel around the world, with electronic additional structures. This album is the second step -- one that offers a retrospective -- the previously unreleased "Promenade Symphonique dans un Paysage Musical" from 1976-78, the final "Presque Rien #4" and a fresh reflection dating from the last months of 2002, "Saliceburry Cocktail," a large-scale composition exploring the idea of hideout, scrambled listening -- a tortuous entanglement of concrete and electronic. The forthcoming third and final release will be three recent instrumental compositions for electronics, piano and viola which were recorded under Luc's supervision -- the last works he ever recorded, as he passed away in August 2005.
CD $15

Also available...

LUC FERRARI - Les Anecdotiques (Sub Rosa 207; Belgium) Even if his art is historically linked to the music concrete school, Luc Ferrari (born in Paris in 1929) is above all a man with a freedom of spirit rarely equaled in the history of music, who has repeatedly left what he excelled at for new territory still unexplored; thus he is par excellence the composer of new fields of investigation. Ferrari joined the Groupe de Musique Concrte in 1958 and remained a member until 1966; he collaborated with Pierre Schaeffer in setting up the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (1958). By 1963-4 he had begun Htrozygote, an extended tape piece in which ambient sounds unfold in narrative form, suggesting a dazzling variety of incidents, all unexplained. He was Professor of Composition at Cologne's Rheinische Musikschule from 1964 to 65. In 1965 and 1966 he produced Les Grandes Rptitions, a series of television documentaries with Grard Patris on the subject of contemporary music, specifically Olivier Messiaen, Edgard Varse, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Cecil Taylor. Luc Ferrari's diverse work and aesthetics continue to have a singular impact on the young generations of electronic musicians and artists. The corpus of his work is immense and includes hundreds of compositions of all kinds. "Les Anecdotiques", his last composition, is a vast sound-film of more than an hour who explores in 15 steps the intensity of re-composed sounds from his continual travel around the world -- with electronic additional structures.
CD $15

KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI - The Manuscript Found in Saragossa [ltd ed LP] (OBUH 024; EEC) "The score for Wojciech Jerzy Hass' motion picture The Manuscript Found in Saragossa was composed in 1963 by Krzysztof Penderecki, who back then was an avant-garde artist of the tumultuous spirit in search of his own musical voice. It acquired its final shape in Warsaw's Polish Radio Experimental Studio, then at its visionary best under the directorate of Josef Patkowski. The music for The Manuscript Found in Saragossa is a mind-bending mixture of uncontrollable electro-acoustics, sweeping and yet light baroque stylizations, daemonic soundings and grotesque illustrations. Released separately from the movie for the first time, after close to half of a century the score has lost none of its original magic. Quite the opposite - drawing its vital energy from literary and cinematic phantoms, it appears to exert some sort of a demiurgic influence upon the listener's imagination, which suddenly becomes awakened to the memories of previously unrealized images, experiences and emotions. The manuscript found in Saragossa seems to have no end... and so, paraphrasing the pious monk, I license myself to call out to all travelers of imagination: Pasheko! Pasheko! In the Name of Our Lord I command you to listen and dream!" - Wojcek Czern. Taken from original masters and released for the first time. Limited to 500 numbered copies in a gatefold, solid sleeve. Never to be repressed on LP or CD!
LP only $35 (very limited)

OHM [V.A.] - Early Electronic Gurus Of Electronic Music: 1948-1980 [DVD] (Ellipsis Arts 3694) This is the bonus DVD that was included with the 2nd edition [2005] of the 3 CD OHM box set. For those of you who already own the box set sans DVD, here is your chance to get this great 2&1/2 hour DVD without re-buying the whole thing over. "Two and a half hours of rare archival performances, interviews, animations, and experimanteal video works by the pioneers of electronic music, including: Clara Rockmore, John Cage, Jean-Claude Risset, Steve Reich, Morton Subotnick, Holger Czukay, Bebe Barron, Paul Lansky, Leon Theremin, Iannis Xenakis, Milton Babbitt, Laurie Spiegel, David Behrman, John Chowning, Robert Ashley, Max Mathews, Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Lucier, Mother Mallard, Robert Moog."
DVD $18

TIBETAN & BHUTANESE [V.A.] - Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music (Sub Rosa 230; Belgium) "Recorded by John Levy in 1971. This is the second part of the whole Levy 's enterprise: to capture not only the sacred music of the Tibetan ritual in Bhutan but all the aspects of folk music too. John Levy, an Englishman in Bhutan early seventies released by Lyrichord in mid-70', all the people who have listen to these vinyls know that it doesn't exist something more powerful, more prodigious and pure than them. John Levy was a London ethnomusicologist who took refuge in Tibetan Buddhism. So he had all the possibilities to record -- with his nagra-stereo -- all the rituals (even the most sacred). We can say that what is discovered here is unique and far behond all what was done after that. All the material is fully remastered and we propose the Levy's collection divided into two discs of ritual and chanting and one of instrumentals and folk music. After The great power of the rituals of the Drupka and Nyingmapa Order our double CD box (SR222 / 2005) here is: Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music. The second volume features performances on both Tibetan and Bhutanese lutes and fiddles, beautiful folksongs, and a part of a drama of Tibetan origin performed by a troupe of yak and cow herdsmen of eastern Bhutan. The latter is particularly compelling, the standout performer being Go-Te Do-Pe, who sings and accompanies himself on the dramnyen, a Bhutanese lute. His two songs bear an eerie resemblance to the blues of Junior Kimbrough and other Mississippi hill country musicians...A real blues of the top of the world."
CD $15


SUN CITY GIRLS - Static From The Outside Set: CFR 14 (Abduction 035) Created for the "On The Wire" Radio Lancashire show, aired only once and never archived, Static >From The Outside Set is a delirious roller-coaster ride through the prism of Sun City Girls audio archaeology. Hosted by the corpse of Mexican film legend Cantinflas, this 60-minute radio show is packed with unreleased SCG nuggets from studio tracks of classic cover tunes ("Gently Johnny" and "Gimme that Wine") to absurdist radio narratives ("Sacrifice in the USA" and "Lester's Dictionary"). Not since the halcyon days of Ken Nordine's word jazz programs have radio shows been prepared to fuck your mind with a blunt dagger, yet SCG are much more diabolical and have spiked the punch with plenty of morphine drip and a Demerol lollipop or two thrown in to ease the unease. This is a limited one-time pressing of 1000 copies. Volume 14 of SCG's Carnival Folklore Resurrection series.
CD $14

UNCLE JIM [ALAN BISHOP] - Superstars Of Greenwich Meantime (Abduction 034) This is a CD reissue of this previously vinyl-only, limited-edition 500-copy release, originally issued on the Black Velvet Fuckere label. Ruling at the perpetual pivot and pole of a peerless sound world over the past 25 years, the Sun City Girls are one of the few last Arab cowboys of genius. Superstars Of Greenwich Meantime is the premier long player from Uncle Jim (aka Alan Bishop) -- a smoked out X+Y= Fuck You dialectic. Rawer than Rudy Ray Moore, shrewder than Lenny Bruce, more spoken tongue wizard insanity than Lord Buckley and more deranged than Charles Baudelaire; this is Bishop's own personal anthology of black humour, filled to the brim with cranky diatribes backed up by bad ass musicians (including all of the Sun City Girls). A masterpiece of the SCG canon. Featuring Charles Gocher, Richard Bishop, Alvarius B, Liz Allbee, Andrew McGinnis, Specs One and Porest.
CD $14

POREST - Tourrorists! (Abduction 034) Abduction Records presents the fourth full-length release from Oakland, California's one-man detonator, Porest. Tourrorists! is a diabolical folk power-stew told through swirling Mid-Eastern psych-rockers, contraband cut-ups, illegal pop epics, instrumental songs of political sabotage and clever tales about travel, terror and more. This album is a lit-fuse, bound to be banned! Discover the awful truth about becoming a U.S. citizen. Bear witness to the tragic disco anthem of a Guantanamo escapee. Discover the inner-secrets of an emerging global cannibalism trade and get powerful information on some of the most exciting terror cells operating both in and outside of the United States today! Fivethousand Americans died to bring you this album...and 5,000 more will die if you don't buy it RIGHT NOW! Also featured are special musical guests including Finland's Aavikko.
CD $14

JAMES BLACKSHAW - O True Believers (Important 84) "When UK native James Blackshaw plays his 12-string, something spiritual takes place. This unassuming 23 year-old is transformed into a guitar god whose name belongs alongside the likes of Jack Rose, Steffen Basho-Junghans, and Glenn Jones. Making instrumental, solo, acoustic music that remains consistently interesting and moving is a difficult task. Yet, time after time, Blackshaw hits out of the park, constantly breaking boundaries in what could be conceived as a somewhat limited medium. O True Believers is the latest in a string of impressive releases, all with their own mood and inspiration. An untrained musician living in the isolated suburban environs of Greater London, Blackshaw draws inspiration not only from the early Takoma Records roster, but from sources as varied as the sublime film-work of Werner Herzog, the books of Richard Brautigan and an endless amount of music: free-jazz, '60s psych, drone, ethnic music and modern-day composers, to name a few."
CD $16

JOE COLLEY/JASON LESCALLEET - Annihilate This Week (Korm Plastics 09; EEC) "Colley and Lescalleet had never met before their grey week in Nijmegen. Though neither of these melancholic composers were prepared for the conflicts and compromise of this collaboration, they found common ground in rejecting the need for deep meaning or complex concepts. Forty-six minutes remain after harsh judgement from two perpetually dissatisfied artists. But what does it sound like? Amidst the detritus of yard sale junk and old, broken equipment, Colley and Lescalleet engage in the pursuit of resurrecting the essence of sound and exposing beauty that others discard. Locked away in the recording studio of Geluidwerkplaats Extrapool for ten days, they found music in the natural process of decay. These compositions seem weathered and eroded. Rather than aiming for excitement or dazzling expression, Colley and Lescalleet embrace the tedium of everyday life as something beautiful and compelling. This is music with a slow absorption rate and a high toxicity."
CD $18

HOWARD STELZER/GIUSEPPE IELASI - Night Life (Korm Plastics 08; EEC) "I primarily used cassette tapes and Giuseppe used a guitar, but we also both played synths and electronic doodads and microphones, and I made some tape recordings around the city that I brought back in to our improvisations. Our minds were open, and we experimented without deciding in advance what sort of album we might be making. We'd then take a long walk, go to the Nijmegen record shops (where Plurex records are still cheap!), have some lunch, maybe also a snack, and then start to edit out the good bits from the morning. We'd also add some effects and change some parts, use the recordings as source material in a small way. Then we'd return to the record shops to buy the records we hesitated on in the afternoon, have some dinner and relax. The next day, we'd wake up, have coffee, and do it again. Our pace of working and comfort matched quite well. For the final few days of the residency, we started to piece together our bits until they worked as compositions. Then we edited some more until the album emerged." --Howard Stelzer
CD $18


DON CHERRY'S - Multikulti [60 minute DVD] (Kultur 4007) Featuring Don Cherry on trumpets, melodica, keyboards, dousungooni & vocals, Peter Apfelbaum on tenor sax, piano & synth, Bo Freeman on electric bass and Joshua Jones on drums. Don Cherry was a true renaissance man, whose incredible career covered and help create modern & older jazz, bebop, free/jazz, African, Eastern & European music and anything else he chose to study and blend into his immense world-view. This wonderful DVD captures his classic quartet in Stuttgart, Germany in 1991. It is quite a magical set, since the band is so fine and Don a magical, deeply-musical being and gifted storyteller, who holds it altogether. Don seamlessly moves from muted trumpet to voice to melodica, yet the flow never stops. "Rhumba Multikulti" begins with Don on dousongooni, an African stringed thing and voice and Peter on flute. Its as if we have entered an African village, yet soon the rhythm team starts to groove on a reggae/funk vibe with some superb flute and muted trumpet interplay. I'm not familiar with either of the rhythm section players, yet they both play superbly throughout shifting between a wide variety of changing styles. Peter Apfelbaum, who now lives in NY, is also amazing throughout whether playing tenor sax, flute, piano or synth. When I caught him at the recent Don Cherry Fest at The Stone, I was especially blown away by his piano playing. His opening piano solo on "When the Rain Comes" is just incredible! Don takes a most soulful melodica solo on this tune, certainly an instrument we hear so rarely nowadays. "Multikulti" is a perfect name for this band since they combine so many different cultures, styles and genres in their own unique blend: jazz, funk, rock, r&b, blues, world, reggae, it is all in there somewhere. Add a fine version of Monk's classic "Bemsha Swing" to this already great gift from the gods. Don's charming voice is another magical ingredient here, as is his splendid, endlessly creative trumpet playing. Considering that Don Cherry's long career (from late 50's to the mid-90's) is spread across more than 135 known recordings, this is his only full-length DVD. You know what that means, my friends, you best grab this wonderful little gem before it disappears. - BLG
DVD for $18

HARVEY SORGEN/STEVE RUST/MICHAEL JEFRY STEVENS - Decade (Not Two 762; Poland) Featuring Harvey Sorgen on drums, Steve Rust on acoustic bass and Michael J. Stevens on piano. This is the third album led by Harvey with this trio, one of which was augmented by Herb Robertson and Mark Feldman [on Drimala]. Michael Stevens and Harvey Sorgen have been playing together for many years, going all the way back to the Mosaic Sextet, which also included Dave Douglas & Mark Feldman. The (Joe) Fonda/Stevens Group has nine discs out, all of which include Harvey. Bassist, Steve Rust, can also be heard on a previous trio effort on Leo called 'Novella', as well as a great quintet date on Drimala with Mark Feldman and Herb Robertson. This fine date, 'Decade' was recorded at The Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY, not far from where Harvey Sorgen lives. Although it appears to be an all improvised date, it is difficult to tell, since this trio plays so well together. Everything moves with organic grace and that creative spirit. Harvey's consistently inspired drums often start off many of the pieces, presenting an idea that the bass and/or piano respond to and work with, flowing together, interacting and combining forces. What is interesting here is that all but one of these pieces is short, under six minutes, so the trio often play a few ideas, set a mood, never overdoing anything. This doesn't stop them from going too far out, as can be witnessed on "Trilectic", which begins with the mysterious sounds of eerie bowed bass and pluckings inside the piano, yet still sails freely together. Another wonderful thing about this disc is that many of the pieces are quite restrained, calm and spacious, so that we never know when those little eruptions will occur, if they at all. Steve Rust, a longtime compatriot of Harvey's [the trio of Sorgen, Rust and Bob Windbiel made the very last of the original ESP albums, 'Outlet', almost three decades ago], is pretty amazing throughout this disc, often bursting with ideas, buzzing or banging on the strings intensely at times. Michael J. Stevens is also one of those outstanding and under-recognized heroes of the piano - from his tender moments to his explosive ones, he covers it all. A perfect and well-balanced 'piano trio' date in more ways than one.- BLG
CD for $17

THE FONDA/STEVENS GROUP - "Live at Alte Paketpost" (self-produced) This is the 9th fantastic disc from the great Fonda/Stevens Group and it features Herb Robertson on trumpet, Michael Jefry Stevens on piano, Joe Fonda on bass and Harvey Sorgen on drums. This great date was recorded live in Rottweil, Germany in December of 2003. Jeez, what a fine quartet this is! Fonda and Stevens split the compositions here, with three songs apiece. Michael's "The Stalker" opens with superb repeating line theme, with Joe's ebullient bass, Harvey's flowing drums, Michael's dynamic piano and Herb's fluttering trumpet sailing over the top. Joe's powerful bass is always at the center, he sings along softly, joyously holding things together. The mighty Herb Robertson starts off "There's a Very Fine Line..." with some of his crazed trumpet smears and intense sputters, as the quartet fly freely circling one another. Oddly enough, the group sings the one line of the song's title to a funky beat - getting the audience to clap along, but soon start swinging furiously, whoa! The unstoppable and unbelievable Her Robertson takes one of those over-the-top solos that would scare most other normal trumpet players. Joe Fonda takes one of those magnificent bass solos on "From the Source", which segways into "Relentlessness", a freer piece with Joe's inventive bass at the center, as the others swirl tightly around him. Michael's "Kultur Shock" has a delightful, more straight ahead theme with some fine piano from Mr. Stevens and another swell trumpet solo from Herb. The groovy disc ends with a hilarious song called "Memphis Ramble", a great, bluesy ditty in which Joe Fonda tells/sings the story of Michael's move down south. It makes a perfect ending for this joyous gig and this grand disc. - BLG
CD for $14

LUCIAN BAN & ASYMMETRY - Playground (Jazzaway 018/EEC) Featuring Lucian Ban on piano & direction, Jorge Sylvester on alto sax, Brad Jones on bass and Derrek Phillips on drums. Lucian is fine Romanian pianist, currently living in NY and a good friend of mine and Manny's. This is his third CD as a leader or co-leader with Alex Harding, after two on CIMP. His great quartet features Jorge Sylvester on alto sax, another local great who leads several bands, including a strong big band. Double-bassist Brad Jones has become of the most in-demand players in NY over the past decade, working with the Jazz Passengers, Dave Douglas, Misha Mengelberg and many others. Their drummer, Derek Phillips, has played with Dave Douglas, but more than that I couldn't tell you.
Lucian wrote all but two pieces here and each is special in its own way. "Hieroglyphics" opens with a quick, demanding theme that is constantly shifting tempos. No easy feat for the entire quartet who must stay on their toes as the changes constantly move. "Gentle Shifts Rain" is a mellow, poignant piece, which drifts gently by with a touching, delicate solo from Jorge's alto, direct from Johnny Hodges-land. Jorge's " "Playground" exciting, uptempo tune, that balances quick bopping sections with different bursts of shifting structures. Lucian's "Symmetry" is a short, sweet duo for alto and piano and it features some superb alto with a rich, warm tone supported by Lucian grand piano playing. "For Giuffre" is an exquisite, dreamy song, which seems to float freely into space. I dig the way "Travelin' With Ra" moves in mysterious ways, balancing between faster and slower sections and broken into unexpected parts that do fit oddly together as one whole piece. Sun Ra must be smiling somewhere out there. Shirley Horn's "Silence" is another gentle, spacious gem, with more of that gorgeous toned alto that Jorge excels at. "Go For It!" is an aptly titles tune that opens at a furious tempo and keeps the quartet on their toes as it shifts tightly and quickly over some complex changes. I dig the way Lucian's solo moves in bursts of energy, from quick to gradually slowing down to a quiet, majestic solo piano episode. The bass and drums both take impressive solos by themselves while keeping the flow of the piece moving forward most impressively and seamlessly. "Asymmetry" brings things to a grand close with a fine piano and alto sax duo, with both players caressing each other with sublime beauty. - BLG
CD for $16

YITZHAK YEDID TRIO - Inner Outcry (Musa 027/Israel) Featuring Yitzhak Yedid on piano, compositions & production, Ms. Ora Boasson on double-bass and Vlad Nedelin on drums. Israeli jazz pianist has two fine, ambitious discs out on the Between the Lines label and I had the good fortune to hear his wonderful trio up at the Guelph fest last year. He just played in town this week and left us with three different CDs. "Le'Emor" opens with a few notes hanging in the air and much suspense and spaciousness. The trio plays most skeletally, slowly building as the drama ascends quietly. The bass is bowed in a cello-like fashion, playing a haunting melody with the piano. In some ways I'm reminded of The Necks, with the way they use space and silence for the heightened affect of tension and release. Even the haunting melodies that Yitzhak writes and plays are stretched out over time, like a song in slow motion. When they finally erupt erupt on "Kidushin", it's as if some great force of nature has taken over and washed over us. Although Yitzhak wrote all of this material, it often sounds as if the trio is improvising parts of these pieces, there is fine balance between the two approaches. Tight sections are connected by spacious bits, but all are well arranged to flow together just right. No one seems held down to a specific role, this is not a normal obvious piano trio in any true sense. This adds much to the mystery, as things unfold. - BLG
CD for $12

RAS DESHEN [ABATTE & YEDID] - From Ethiopian Music to Contemporary Jazz (Treasure 170766/Israel) Ras Deshen is Abatte on sax & vocals and Yitzhak Yedid on piano. Abatte Barihun is an Ethiopian saxist who immigrated to Israel and here he works with Israeli pianist Yitzhak Yedid, who has a couple of fine discs out on Between the Lines, as with the krar player, Fentahon Melesse, on a couple of tracks. Now that the 'Ethiopiques' series has reached 'Volume 21', there is a great deal of Ethiopian music available to check out. I recognize a few of the pieces or at least the melodies from some of those of that series. Abbate and Yitzhak play these ancient sounding pieces with passion and solemn elegance. On "Batti", we hear Abatte sing this traditional song with his haunting, mellifluous voice, a lovely prayer-like song. Abatte's sinuous soprano sax sails superbly over Yitzhak's dark, torrential piano currents. The extraordinary duo is well-matched and a wonderful job of combining the ancient (melodies) with modern skills, that take them further out, yet retain their historic reverence. When Abatte switches to tenor on "Fikir", he reaches even deeper into the his heart and soul and sings this touching piece sublime spirit. Fentahon plays the kora-like krar on "Birtukane", which gives this piece an African blues vibe. One of things that stands out most here is that Abatte has he own unique sound/tone on both of hi saxes. Even the way he bends notes is quite distinctive. His voice has a similar timbre and sounds quite like his sax playing. There is an ancient sadness at the center of this music that difficult to deny and any of us that has had true sadness in his or her life, can certainly relate. - BLG
CD for $12

YITZHAK YEDID - solo piano/full moon fantasy (Musa 010/Israel) This disc was recorded in 1998, so I would imagine that it is Yitzak's first record date. Three pieces were recorded in Cambridge, Mass. and three pieces at the Ogen kibbutz in Israel, all but one written by Mr. Yedid. Commencing with "Remembering Yitzhak Rabin", a stunning, sad lament, hushed and achingly beautiful. The one cover, "Mohe Bhool Gaye Sanwariya", a northern Indian film song, was written by Naushad Ali and is next. It is another stark, poignant piece, using very few notes, but making each one count. On "The Pessimist Optimist", Yitzak, combines the lighter and darker sides of a haunting song of delicate memories. Yitzak has a way of holding on to a note or phrase and letting it softly resonate into a dream-like state, drifting like clouds across the sky, with the impending feeling of a storm in the distance. Mr. Yedid seems to embrace a variety of opposite feelings or moods, his work is both sad and hopeful, lovely and dark, contemplative and churning, soothing and quietly disturbing. - BLG
CD for $12



SUN RA & His INTERGALACTIC ARKESTRA - Outer Space Employment Agency: Live At The Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1973 (Total Energy 3021) Whoa! This is live from the legendary Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival in 1973 and it is one amazing concert!! Sun Ra's 16 piece Arkestra include 4 saxes, 2 trumpets, 2 bassists, 6 drummers or percussionists, plus the vocals of June Tyson & space age keyboards of Sun Ra himself. From the very first note of "Discipline 99," all completely explodes onstage with torrents of focused noise, blasting horns, keyboard and percussion insanity, preparing us for take - off from the planet earth on up to Sun Ra's home world - Saturn! John Gilmore goes for the jugular, unleashing shrieks & screams from his tenor like stampede of mad elephants. Things calm down for the melancholy blues of "Love in Outer Space, " while the horns create odd counter melodies to keep things slightly off balance. The bizarre quilt of dense frenzied voodoo percussion is featured on "Watusa" - this was probably a feature for Sun Ra's dancers, I can see them now with the their cosmic costumes in my mind's eye. The final medley includes a number of favorite tunes, as well as Sun Ra's special call & response testimony on the limits of mankind's place in the universe. Sun Ra's philosophy explained how to put the idle workers of post - industrial America back to work outside of the planet Earth. Better Mr. Ra than all the scummy politicians with their empty promises & fat wallets. Amen. "Don't give me that jive jack, slip it in your pocket 'til we get back. I'm running out to space just as fast as I can & I ain't got time to shake your hand!" - BLG
LP $10

SUN RA & His SOLAR-MYTH ARKESTRA - Life Is Splendid: Live At The Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972 (Total Energy 3026) "Sun Ra's legendary performance at the 1972 Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival -- his first appearance before a major U.S. audience -- presents his 'Space Is The Place' suite with brilliant contributions by John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, June Tyson, and the entire ensemble. Life Is Splendid is a previously unreleased performance, and from start to finish it is one of Ra's most dazzling presentations. The release, produced by John Sinclair, includes a 12 page booklet with liner notes and rare & unpublished photos."
LP $10

[the CD versions of the above two Sun Ra titles, previously issued by Total Energy, are no longer available at this time]



ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Mosaic (Blue Note) 2006 RVG re-master. w/ Freddie Hubbard, Curtis Fuller, Wayne Shorter, Cedar Walton, J Merritt. A magnificent album by the most explosive edition of the Jazz Messengers. The originals include Cedar Walton's intricate title tune played with fire and brilliance, Wayne Shorter's "Children Of The Night," Curtis Fuller's "Arabia" and Freddie Hubbard's "Crisis" and "Down Under." One of the most memorable records of an amazing era.
CD $12

DEXTER GORDON With SONNY CLARK/BUTCH WARREN/BILLY HIGGINS - A Swingin' Affair (Blue Note) Recorded two days after "Go" with the same rhythm section (Sonny Clark, Butch Warren and Billy Higgins) on August 29, 1962, this album is every bit its equal with splendid performances of Dexter's "Soy Califa" and Billie Holiday's "Don't Explain." 2006 RVG rmstr
CD $12

HANK MOBLEY With LEE MORGAN/HAROLD MABERN/LARRY RIDLEY/BILLY HIGGINS - Dippin' (Blue Note) 2006 RVG re-master. Lee Morgan, Harold Mabern, Larry Ridley and Billy Higgins join this great tenor saxophonist on this 1965 session featuring four Mobley originals, a beautiful ballad reading of "I See Your Face Before Me" and a terrific version of "Recado Bossa Nova".
CD $12

LEE MORGAN With JACKIE McLEAN/CURTIS FULLER/McCOY TYNER/BOB CRANSHAW/ART BLAKEY - Tom Cat (Blue Note) 2006 RVG re-master. It seems strange that the music on this CD was not released initially until 1980. Trumpeter Lee Morgan had an unexpected hit with "The Sidewinder" so his more challenging recordings were temporarily put aside. As it turns out, this was one of Morgan's better sets from the 1960s and he had gathered together quite an all-star cast: altoist Jackie McLean, trombonist Curtis Fuller, pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Bob Cranshaw and drummer Art Blakey. They perform "Rigormortis," McCoy Tyner's "Twilight Mist" and three of the trumpeter's originals including the title cut. The advanced hard bop music still sounds fresh decades later despite its initial neglect.
CD $12

HORACE SILVER QUINTET - Silver's Serenade (Blue Note) 2006 RVG rmstr. This is the last album by the great quintet that featured Blue Mitchell and Junior Cook. As on any Silver album, each tune is a gem. From the strolling, minor-blues title track to the funky "Let's Get To The Nitty Gritty" to the exotic "Dragon Lady," this is vintage, classic Horace at his best.
CD $12

JIMMY SMITH With KENNY BURRELL/PHILLY JOE JONES - Softly As A Summer Breeze (Blue Note) 2006 RVG rmstr. Recorded in 1958, but first issued in 1965 after Smith had left Blue Note, this trio album features Kenny Burrell and Philly Joe Jones on the first four tracks including a great version of Monk's "Hackensack." Added to the original album are a four BONUS singles sessions by this organ giant and then up-and-coming singer Bill Henderson.
CD $12


RICHARD THOMPSON - RT: The Life And Music of Richard Thompson [5 CD box set] (Free Reed 55/UK) "RT" is Free Reed's '4-CD plus 5th Bonus CD' celebration of the life and music of Richard Thompson . Unlike previous ' best-ofs' and single-label compilations, this set has been compiled with Richard's full co-operation and with unprecedented access to Richard's own archives as well as those of major Thompson collectors worldwide. It features the classic Richard Thompson songs, as well as recordings never heard before by even the most devoted of fans, and is made up entirely of previously-unreleased and extremely hard-to-find recordings. An essential purchase for any RT or Fairport fan, it includes superb 160-page biog/discography book, with a truly unique image archive. The first 5,000 copies sold include the offer of a 6th write-in CD!
5 CD set for $75

JOHN SURMAN - Morning Glory (FMR 495/UK) Featuring John Surman on soprano & baritone saxes & bass clarinet, Terje Rypdal on electric guitar, Malcom Griffiths on trombone, John Taylor on acoustic & electric piano, Chris Laurence on bass and John Marshall on drums. This classic early progressive/fusion gem was recorded live at the Marlow Theatre in Canterbury in December of 1973. Baritone sax giant, John Surman, had returned to England after a self-imposed retirement from his homeland and was back with a strong all-star sextet. 'Morning Glory' begins quietly, some great soprano sax from Surman, slowly building as the tension rises. Eventually as Surman plays a long soprano solo, he is joined by some powerful lead guitar and occasional trombone. The monster rhythm team is kicking it hard just right. Chris Laurence's nimble acoustic bass and John Marshall's powerful drums, work perfectly and push everyone higher and higher. Surman switches to bass clarinet and is most impressive on that axe as well. On the second piece, we find an incredible freer thing with mesmerizing trombone, bass clarinet, sick wah-wah & fuzz guitar and massive drums. Eventually the trombone, bass clarinet and guitar emerge from the inspired chaos and lock into a tight yet loose groove. The last piece, "Norwegian Steel Septimus", is a slow-moving sinister piece with some impressive yet scary guitar from Terje. Again, it goes through free terrain yet organically transforms through some tight, rocking sections. Terje is at his best here, playing his distinctive, demonic lines, with fast and furious glee. John Taylor's electric piano, Laurence's bass and Marshall's drums are also in fine form here. It ends with another incredible soprano sax solo from John Surman, who is also at his best. We only have a half dozen of these gems left until Trevor sends us the whole box that we need, and no one knows how long that could take. - BLG
CD for $16

KALAHARI SURFERS [SONY WARRICK] - Vol 1: The '80s (ReR KS1; UK) Reissue on CD of the classic 'Living in the Heart of the Beast' remastered and with some tracks remixed (but all improved!), plus extra tracks and half of the LP 'Bigger Than Jesus' brilliantly incorporated. All reprogrammed as a coherent whole. Politically sharp, musically, compositionally and technically innovative; a rare mixture of simplicity, complexity, musicality and documentary imagination. A classic.
CD $15

KALAHARI SURFERS [SONY WARRICK] - Vol 2: The '80s (Microdot 08; UK) Sony Warrick-all voices and instruments with Ian Herman-drums / Chris Cutler-words / Hamish Davidson-sax, brass arrangements, guitar / Brian Rath-drums / Joanna Weinberg-backing vocals / Rich van Heerden-sax. South Africa's Warrick Sony created an important body of political and socially charged songs on albums like "Bigger than Jesus," "Own Afffairs" and "Sleep Armed", the albums from which this compilation is drawn. This is the second volume in the reissue series of his work; the first is on Recommended Records, which also released his collaboration with South African poet Lesego Rampolokeng. His use of effects and sampling over compelling beats make these songs as interesting as they are pointed and socially aware.
CD $15

KAY HOFFMAN - Floret Silva (Robot 34; UK) "1977 avant/folk progressive masterpiece from minimalist composer Kay Hoffman. Includes collaborative performances from Jacqueline Darby and Gaio Chiocchio - members of the legendary, Italian progressive group Pierrot Lunaire. Originally slated for release on RCA/IT (Italy) in '78, the album was later rejected due to recording deadlines, release schedules, and requests by RCA for other artistic/musical considerations. The recordings were based on the 'Carmina Burana' - a collection of medieval poetry written by various authors of which little is known. Floret Silva was an attempt to find a voice for these anonymous authors in the late 1970's in Florence. Now, nearly 30 years after the completed sessions, Floret Silva blooms again...this time in the US. Available for the first time on CD with remastered sound. A lost (but now reclaimed) gem from the Italian progressive underground."
CD $15

SECRET OYSTER - Sea Son (Laser's Edge 1045) "For the first time on CD, the second album from the legendary Danish progressive jazz-rock supergroup Secret Oyster. Sea Son was originally released in 1974 on CBS and is now considered by many to be the pinnacle of the band's catalog. The fiery interplay between alto/soprano sax player Karsten Vogel, guitarist Claus Bohling and keyboardist Kenneth Knudsen parallel the work of their contemporaries Return To Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra. With a new rhythm section of bassist Jess Staehr (Brunin Red Ivanhoe) and drummer Ole Streenberg (Coronarias Dans) the band found equal footing in the world of rock and jazz."
CD $14

SECRET OYSTER - Vidunderlige Kaelling (Laser's Edge 1043) "Under exclusive world-wide license from Sony Denmark, The Laser's Edge is pleased to re-launch their long heralded reissue series with the first of six titles from the legendary Danish jazz-rock ensemble Secret Oyster. Considered a 'supergroup' by the Danish rock press, Secret Oyster originally formed in 1973. Notable members include Karsten Vogel (sax) and Jess Staehr (bass) from Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Kenneth Knudsen (keyboards) and Ole Streenberg (drums) from Coronarias by noted Danish choreographer Flemming Flindt to create the music for Vidunderlige Kaelling, the provocative ballet based on the erotic poetry of Jens August Schade. With contributions from ECM recording artist Palle Mikkelborg and Kasper Winding, the recording sessions resulted in their 3rd album, also released the following year in the USA as Astarte. Thirty years later it is considered a jazz rock classic that will appeal to fans of Soft Machine, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Return To Forever. This marks the first time that the Secret Oyster catalog has appeared in the compact disc format. With the co-operation of the band, Vidunderlige Kaelling features three previously unreleased bonus tracks and new liner notes from Karsten Vogel."
CD $14

JUSTEN O'BRIEN & JAKE - Time Will Tell (Radioactive 157UK) "The word is now finally out on the Time Will Tell album by Justen O'Brien & Jake. In recent years it's appeared on the want lists of serious collectors, and even the playlists of some underground radio stations in the U.S. Maybe they're onto something? Well, if U.S. West Coast- style rock with a tinge of the psychedelic is to your liking, look no further. Comparisons have been made to Bob Smith, Michael Angelo and D.R. Hooker, but you can dig deeper than that. There are certainly Arthur Lee's vocal stylings in there, and some of the rhythms of the music recall Love's Forever Changes period. On other tracks there is the haunting quality of H.P. Lovecraft, but this is no homage to the past: the sound of Time Will Tell is very much its own. The production, arrangement and musicianship are all first rate. There's some really precise guitar leads (with a touch of fuzz), backed up by some very intricate and 'spacey' keyboard work. The vocals are very strong too. They're not afraid to try harmonies either! A very modern-sounding rock/psych album indeed. A future underground classic? Only time will tell...
CD for $16

VULCAN'S HAMMER - True Hearts and Sound Bottoms (Radioactive 159/UK) "Privately released in 1973 (Brown BVH1) and limited to just 250 copies, this debut album by the Kent based four piece is very much made in the traditional English folk music style. 6 & 12 string guitars, fiddle, and tambourine are all featured alongside some excellent male/female harmony singing. Often compared to early Steeleye Span in their treatment of traditional folk, Vulcan's Hammer also fit nicely alongside Spriguns of Tolgus, Moths, Stone Angel and others from that now highly-collectable early '70s UK folk scene. There are jigs, the tale of John Barleycorn, stories of Old England as well as an ode to Middle Earth all to be found here.These are passionate performances too, with all the rough edges left in to give the album a loose, live feel. With prices now 'through the roof' for original copies (with the insert of course!), and the current interest in all things acoustic, now is the time to sample this piece of '70s UK folk history!"
CD for $16

GORDON JACKSON - Thinking Back (Sunbeam 5001; UK) Gordon Jackson's rare 1969 LP can almost be called a lost Traffic album. Produced by Dave Mason, it's a melodic distillation of folk, pop and psychedelia featuring the talents of Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason and Chris Wood. Also appearing are Jim King and Ric Grech (Family), Julie Driscoll, the Blossom Toes, Meic Stevens, Reg King and many others. A true lost classic, it is guaranteed to delight music fans worldwide. Never previously available on CD, and complete with bonus tracks. Mastered from the original 1/4" analog tapes.
CD $16

JULIET LAWSON - Boo (Sunbeam 5003; UK) "Released to critical acclaim but low sales in 1972, Juliet Lawson's sole album which originally appeared on EMI's Sovereign label has long been overdue reissue. An eccentric, infectious record that showcases her plaintive vocals and gift for melody, it features support from saxophonist extraordinaire Lol Coxhill as well as members of folk-rock legends Trees. Never previously available on CD. Complete with bonus tracks."
CD $16

LAZY FARMER - Lazy Farmer (Sunbeam 5005; UK) This 1975 ultra-rarity was released only in Germany. Featuring the talents of band member and British guitar legend Wizz Jones as well as ex-COB member John Bidwell, it's a haunting collection of beautifully-arranged folk standards and original songs, along with a handful of glorious cover versions. This release has been produced with the full collaboration of the band, as originals are now highly sought-after. This is the first chance to hear it without paying hundreds of pounds.
CD $16

MOONKYTE - Count Me Out (Sunbeam 5006; UK) Yorkshire's Moonkyte only made one album, and -- though it was supported by John Peel, who wrote the effusive sleevenotes -- it sank without a trace when it appeared on the tiny Mother label in 1971. This is extremely rare folk-psychedelia with originals changing hands for hundreds of pounds. Sunbeam is giving it its first official reissue, showing it to be a great lost British acid folk gem and an absolute treat for all lovers of acid folk and psychedelia.
CD $16

CLIVE PALMER - Banjoland (Sunbeam 5004; UK) Clive Palmer is a founding member of The Incredible String Band, a virtuoso banjo player and distinguished folk musician who recorded several classic albums with COB and The Famous Jug Band. At long last, British folk's "great lost album" is finally available, with the full collaboration of producer Peter Eden (Donovan, Bill Fay, Mick Softley). Recorded in 1967 and featuring contributions from guitar maestro Wizz Jones and legendary jazzman Mike Gibbs, Banjoland features a typically eclectic selection from Palmer's vast repertoire and is sure to thrill folk fans all over the world.
CD $16

SYNANTHESIA - Synanthesia (Sunbeam 5007; UK) London trio Synanthesia were only together briefly, but in that time they made an album that has subsequently been hailed as a lost classic. With original copies (from 1969) changing hands for hundreds of pounds, Sunbeam is delighted to give it its first official reissue, showing it to be a great lost British acid folk gem and an absolute treat for all lovers of acid folk and psychedelia.
CD $16

HAROLD BUDD - By The Dawns Early Light (Opal/All Saints/Hannibal/Ryko) 2005 rmstr with updated packaging. "Harold Budd's discs tend to end up in the new age section of the record store, because his music is generally pleasant, quiet and soothing. But where most new age composers go for the obvious (and sometimes saccharine) melody, Budd veers off into ambiguity; he also lacks the mystical bent that often goes along with the new age style. Instead, his compositional voice is more like that of a detached observer -- one who creates beauty without getting too involved with it. By the Dawn's Early Light finds Budd writing for various combinations of viola, guitar, harp and keyboards. All of the music is lovely, but not all of the compositions sound complete. In several cases, they sound like raw ideas rushed into the studio before their time. Guitarist Bill Nelson provides much of the interest throughout the album, and the sighing, slithery viola of Mabel Wong lends an occasional turn-of-the-century salon feel to the proceedings. The only really embarrassing moments occur when Budd -- whose voice sounds like an unfortunate cross between Garrison Keillor and Kermit the Frog -- reads his own poetry. Skip those tracks and you'll be fine." ~ Rick Anderson, AMG
CD $15

HAROLD BUDD/RUBEN GARCIA/DANIEL LENTZ - Music For 3 Pianos (Opal/All Saints/Hannibal/Ryko) 2005 rmstr with updated packaging. "Harold Budd has been a principal figure in the Californian avant garde since the early 1960s. His 1993 release, Music For 3 Pianos, is the result of a long-standing friendship with fellow Americans Daniel Lentz and Ruben Garcia. Inspired by Morton Feldman's multi-piano pieces, the trio continues to explore the space between music and silence with these six sketches for piano. Music For 3 Pianos is ambient music of the highest order, in which the echoes and silences mean as much as the notes themselves." ~ MusD, AMG
CD $15

HUGO LARGO [MIMI GOESE/HAHN ROWE/TIM PEACOCK/TIM SOMMER] - Drum (Opal/All Saints/Hannibal/Ryko) 2005 rmstr with updated packaging. 1st of only two pre-trip hop ambient late '80s pop releases by the enchanting singer Mimi Goese backed by 2 basses (Tim Peacock, Tim [pre MTV] Sommer) and violinist Han Rowe (Chunk, Bosho). Possibly named 'Drum' cause there aren't any on this record! Produced by Michael Stipe, who also adds some guitar. Try saying "Huge O Large O"! [If you like 'Ida' here's where they got their sound from; fans of 4AD vocal acts like Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance should hear this]
CD $15

The limited quantities that RYKO brought into this country have been exhausted, and we've had to find the few remaining copies through importers at higher cost [and it's now out-of-print in the UK as well!]
Therefore the price rise from $28 to $35

ROBERT WYATT - EPs: Bits/Pieces/Work In Progress/Animals/Remixes [5 CD set] (Hannibal/Ryko 1440; UK) This box, originally issued in 1999, collects together materials not found on any other CD albums, including previously unreleased gems!
Musicians involved here include Fred Frith, Dave Stewart, Dave MacCrae, Richard Sinclair, Nick Mason, Mongezi Feza, John Greaves, Gary Windo, Hugh Hopper, Laurie Allan, Steve Nieve, Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Philip Catherine, Evan Parker, Paul Weller, Chikato Sato, and Chucho Merchan.
Disc 1 - Bits: the rare long studio version of "I'm A Believer" and its b-side, Hugh Hopper's "Memories", the follow-up single "Yesterday Man", an alternate studio version of "Sonia", and a live version of "Calyx" Lane disc from the Drury Lane '74 show [only just recently released in its entirety]
Disc 2 - Pieces: A remastered version of the Costello-penned-for-Wyatt "Shipbuilding" and its two classic-jazz b-sides "Memories Of You" and "Round Midnight", "Pigs...(In There)" from the 'Artists For Animal' LP, and "Chairman Mao" from the ReR Quaterly Collection Vol 2 album.
Disc 3 - The 1984 'Work In Progress' ep in its entirety: "Yolanda", "Te Recuerdo Amanda", Peter Gabriel's "Biko", and the Hopper/Wyatt "Amber And The Amberines"
Disc 4 - Robert Wyatt's selfmade soundtrack to director Victor Schonfeld's 'The Animals' Film'
Disc 5 - Remixes/Reconstructions by Angie Dial and Nigel Butler of four cuts - "Was A Friend", Philip Catherine's "Maryan", "A Sunday In Madrid", and Kramer's "Free Will And Testament" - originally found on the 1998 'Shleep' album
Need we tell you that all this is essential listening? Nah, we knew you'd know! 5 CD set for $35




This Sunday, February 19th at 6pm:
Louie plays marvelous tenor & soprano sax & still works with Rashied Ali!
Shanir is one of the finest bassists to come to NY in the past decade and has worked with Satlah, Rashanim and in various John Zorn projects!

Sunday, February 26th at 6pm:
Michael is a fine bassist & composer!


is located at the NW corner of Avenue C & 2nd Street
Performances take place at 8 & 10pm from Tuesday - Sunday nights
There are no advance tickets, first come, first served, there is no phone
There is no food or beverage served, just a serious listening environment
Admission for each set is $10, unless otherwise indicated
Check out the website for The Stone at thestonenyc.com

February at The Stone is curated by Basya Schecter

2/17 Friday
8 pm - Raz Mesinai Project
10 pm - Halle Gafori (setar, vocals)

2/18 Saturday
8 pm - premiere of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb"s dynamic "Song of Songs" Cycle. Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (voice) and ensemble
10 pm - Alon Nechushtan's Talat Ensemble; w/ Alon Nechushtan (keyboard) Marc Mommaas (tenor/soprano sax) Matt Pavolka (bass) Jordan Perlson (drums)

2/19 Sunday
8 pm - Sway Machinery
Jeremiah Lockwood (guitar, vocals) Tomer Tzur (drums, percussion) Antibalas horn section. Hidden Melodies of the Jews of New york City. The idea is to present Cantorial pieces of the golden age, and especially the music of my grandfather, Cantor Jacob Konigsberg, in a new musical context.
10 pm - Amanda Monaco 4; w/ Amanda Monaco (guitar) Jason Gillenwater (tenor saxophone) Michael Bates (bass) Jeff Davis (drums)

2/21 Tuesday
8 pm
Christina Courtin's Running Kicks - Christina Courtin (vocals, violin) Mathias Kunzli (percussion, drums) Kyle Sanna (guitar) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass)
10 pm - Michelle Casillas' Ursa Minor
Michelle Casillas (voice) Robert DiPietro (bass) Rob Jost (drums)

2/22 Wednesday
8 pm - Anthony Coleman plays Mordechai Gebirtig
Anthony Coleman (piano) - Tzadik recording record release party.
10 pm - Yoel Ben-Simhon with the Sultana Ensemble - Yoel Ben-Simhon (vocals, oud, guitar) Leanne Darling (viola) Emmanuel Mann (bass), Harel Shachal (g clarinet, sax, zurna), Tomer Tzur, Brahem Frigane (percussion)

2/23 Thursday
8 pm - Eyal Maoz (guitar)
10 pm - Rashanim - Jon Madof (electric guitar) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Mathias Kunzli (drums)

2/24 Friday
8 pm - Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Trevor Dunn (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums) - New Klezmer Trio.
10 pm- Ben Goldberg Quintet - Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Rob Sudduth (sax) Trevor Dunn (bass) Ches Smith (drums) plus special guest violinist
$20 per set, $30 for both sets

2/25 Saturday
8 pm - Ben Goldberg Quartet
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Erik Friedlander (cello) Shazad Ismaily (perc/bass) Trevor Dunn (bass)
10 pm - Ben Goldberg Quartet w/ Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Ellery Eskelin (sax) Trevor Dunn (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

2/26 Sunday
8 pm - Anat Forte Trio - Anat Fort (piano) Gary Wang (bass) Roland Schneider (drums) - Compositions by Anat Fort.
10 pm - Valentin Silvestrov "Drama" for Violin, Cello and Piano
Jenny Lin (piano) Cornelius Dufallo (violin) Dorothy Lawson (cello)
Valentin Silvestrov's "Drama" for violin, cello and piano.

2/28 Tuesday
8 pm - Frank London (trumpet)
10 pm - Shanir Blumenkranz plays Masada Book Two
Shanir Blumenkranz (oud) and ensemble
Exotic new readings of John Zorn's Book of Angels.


This Saturday, February 18th @ 9:30pm

SUSIE IBARRA & ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ' 7000 Mysteries w/ Electric Kulintang:
Acoustic and electronic soundscapes, percussionists Ibarra and Rodriguez weave melodies and rhythms that evoke filipino folkloric trances in an excerpt of new pieces titled "7000 Mysteries"

Roberto Rodriguez: electronics, claypot, cajon la peru, drum-set
Susie Ibarra: acoustic and electric kulintang , percussion, compositions

Joe's Pub at 9:30pm - 425 Lafayette at The Public Theatre in NYC



Inspirations and Aspirations
February 17th and 18th (Fri and Sat) at 8pm
At The Kitchen - located at 512 West 19th Street between 10th & 11th Aves.

Leading an eighteen-piece ensemble, the versatile percussionist and composer John Hollenbeck presents new, surprisingly intimate, orchestral works that interweave diverse musical influences, ranging from minimalist composition to jazz-influenced free improvisation to ethereal ambient chants. The evening includes works inspired alternately by a monastic meditation guidebook, a Michael McClure poem, and Mahatma Gandhi.

This is an amazing big band that is incredibly diverse blending various threads from progressive, modern jazz, third stream and other serious areas! - BLG


Saturday, February 18 at 9:00 PM


at Cafe Grumpy: - 193 Meserole Ave. @ Diamond St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn 718 349 7623 - $5 per set, no minimum purchase Go to www.cafegrumpy.com for more on the Cafe.


New York City Premiere of

February 18, 2006, 8:30 PM
At ZANKEL HALL (underneath Carnegie Hall)
57th Street at 7th Avenue

DAVE DOUGLAS & KEYSTONE: New Music for Silent Films by Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle featuring
Dave Douglas trumpet, Marcus Strickland saxophone, Adam Benjamin keyboards, Brad Jones bass, Gene Lake drums, DJ Olive turntables


Tonic is located at 107 Norfolk Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets in Manhattan's Lower East Side, around the corner from Delancey F train stop

Saturday, February 18th-

Mon Feb 20th-

Wed Feb 22nd-
Floriculture is Chris Mannigan (alto sax), Carl Maguire (piano, compositions), Trevor Dunn (bass) and Dan Weiss (drums). "Carl Maguire is one of the best pianists and composers to emerge from the downtown network over the past few years."-- Downtown Music Gallery

Thurs Feb 23rd-
8pm - QUINSIN NACHOFF, JIM BLACK & MARK HELIAS + STRING QT. - CD Release celebration for a fine new disc on Songlines!

Sun Feb 26th-


Dee Pop presents: FREESTYLE JAZZ Every Thursday @ Jimmy's Restaurant
downstairs below Burp Castle - 43 East 7th Street - NYC - 212-982-3006 -

February 23

March 2



February 19, 2006 at 2pm - The Vision Club Series

Dog Day with Estelle Woodward & Jeff Arnal

Rara Avis: Anders Nilsson guitar, with Gordon Beeferman - keyboard, Seth Misterka - alto saxophone, guitar, Jeff Arnal - percussion

At the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center
107 Suffolk St. at Rivington, New York, NY
1 block north of Delancey (Delancey St. stop on the F train)


February 23-26
Third Annual Festival of New Dance/Music Works
at the 14th Street Y - 344 East 14th Street
TICKETS $20 per night - 4 Day Pass $50
Reservations/Audience Contact: 212-696-6681, info@visionfestival.org, www.visionfestival.org

Thursday, February 23, 7:30 pm
7:30 Moments from (Woom'en)n Project: Marlies Yearby (dance), Nioka Workman (cello)
8:00 Field: Felicia Norton (dance), Leroy Jenkins (violin)
8:25 Through the Walls of Memory: Nancy Zendora (dance), Daniel Carter (reeds & trumpet), Marilyn Sontag (visual art)
9:00 Merge: Gus Solomons jr. (dance), Todd Nicholson (bass)
9:20 Kidd Jordan (tenor sax), William Parker (bass)

Friday February 24, 7:30 pm
7:30 Nexus of Three Attention Spans: Gloria McLean (dance), Ellen Christi (voice), Kazuko Miyamoto (vis. art)
7:50 Healing the Children: Maria Mitchell (dance), Therese Folks-Plair (Musician / Storyteller)
8:20 Cycles: Elaine Shipman with Gabriel Zaragosa, Nadege Hottier (dance), Jackson Krall (drums)
8:40 Moments from (Woom' en)n Project: Marlies Yearby (dance), and Nioka Workman (cello)
9:15 Kidd Jordan (tenor sax), Roy Campbell (trumpet), Nioka Workman (cello), Jackson Krall (drums)

Saturday, February 25, 7:30 pm
7:30 Cursive: I Dance to Keep Things Whole: Yin Mei (dance), Wei Ligang (calligraphy, painting), Joe McPhee (reeds and trumpet)
8:00 DanceWordsSpeakPeace, part 2 - Water Over the Bridge: Patricia Nicholson (dance), Kidd Jordan (tenor sax), William Parker (bass)
8:30 Constellation: Higher Octave: K.J. Holmes (dance), Roy Campbell(trumpet)
8:55 Glass in My Mouth: Julian Barnett (dance), Alvin Fielder (drums)
9:15 Kidd Jordan (tenor sax), William Parker (bass), Alvin Fielder (drums)

Sunday, February 26, late afternoon - 5 pm
5:00 Glass in My Mouth: Julian Barnett (dance), Alvin Fielder (drums)
5:20 DanceWordsSpeakPeace, Part 3 - Lopsided Smile: K. J. Holmes, Yoshiko Chuma, Patricia Nicholson (dance) Billy Bang (violin), William Parker (bass)
5:45 To Get Rid of in Fall: Sonia Portugal (dance), Rob Brown (alto sax)
6:10 Cursive: I Dance to Keep Things Whole: Yin Mei (dance), Wei Ligang (calligraphy, painting) Joe McPhee (reeds and trumpet)
6:40 Improv MixUp (dancers and musicians Improvise together in varying combinations) Featured Dancers: Sonia Portugal, Julian Barnett, Patricia Nicholson, Yin Mei
Musicians: Kidd Jordan, William Parker, Roy Campbell, Alvin Fielder


Friday, February 24th, 2006 at 8pm:

Trio / Wet Ink Ensemble Annual Concert -- with CHRISTIAN WOLFF, LARRY POLANSKY AND KUI DONG.

At Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A West 13th St.

The tradition continues with Wet Ink's fifth presentation of New Hampshire's two-piano, one-guitar improv trio known simply as Trio. The group features veteran composer/performers Larry Polansky, Kui Dong, and Christian Wolff. The first half of the concert will feature members of Wet Ink Ensemble performing new works by Reiko Fueting, Alex Mincek, and Jeff Snyder.



March 16-19 - Sets at 8 & 10pm

Anthony Braxton (12+1)TET features:
Mr. Braxton (alto and sopranino saxes, compositions), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, trumpbone), Jessica Pavone (viola, violin), Jay Rozen (tuba, euphonium), Carl Testa (bass, bass clarinet), Aaron Siegel (percussion, vibraphone), Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano and c-melody sax, clarinet), Reut Regev (trombone, flugelbone), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon, shenai), Nicole Mitchell (flutes), Mary Halvorson (guitar) Stephen Lehman (alto & sopranino saxes) and James Fei (alto sax & bass clarinet)

At the Iridium Jazz Club -1650 Broadway (Corner of 51st)
reservations: 212-582-2121, www.iridiumjazzclub.com



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